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WSC 2021: Volunteer Elf Humiliated

Posted: Sat Jan 15, 2022 8:35 am
by mastergepetto
This is my first story. I have been nervous to post for some time but thought that the story contest was a good way to work through some of the rooky kinks before starting on my own prompts. Hope you enjoy and I am open to comments.

This is the Part 1. It is pretty tame and is mostly build-up. The remaining parts will be more graphic and will come soon (hopefully). I understand if I am late for this contest but will finish this story regardless of the deadline.


Abby Jacob’s life was perfect. Well, it was going to be perfect—she had only just completed her first semester at college. But what a semester it was.

After years of reigning as the hottest, most popular, and most unattainable girl in high school, she “took her talents to South Beach” and enrolled at a well-known private university in Southern Florida. All with her Daddy’s money, of course. There, she rushed the most elite sorority on campus and mere days after her initiation, was elected Vice-President of Recruitment, ensuring that she would pick and choose her lucky minions that would join her on her inevitable rise to the top. Yes, her assent to her rightful throne as the most popular girl on campus was essentially guaranteed.

The only blemish on her otherwise perfect life was her younger brother, Sam. No, he was not the typical dweeby and annoying younger brother who always got under her skin; she actually loved Sam. Her younger brother was different.
Several years prior, when Abby was in high school and her brother was in 5th grade, Sam was diagnosed with cancer. It was a terrible tragedy to an otherwise perfect family. Abby remembers countless nights visiting her younger brother in the local Children’s Hospital while Sam went through numerous rounds of Chemo. As stuck up as Abby seemed, she really cared for her brother and her family was close. Fortunately, by the end of his freshman year, Sam’s cancer was gone, and he was able to attend high school full time this past fall as a sophomore!
With Christmas break fast approaching, Abby was excited to return home to see her younger brother and ask him how he was enjoying high school. Of course, being the cool, older sister in college, she would constantly tease him and his nerdy high school friends, but that was all in good fun!

Abby stood groggily in her bedroom, tasseling her hair in the mirror to remedy the bed-head from her long sleep. She was enjoying the late mornings of sleeping in that Winter break without responsibilities offered. And… other things. As she ran her fingers through the top of her hair, her white sleep shirt rode up, exposing her long, tan legs and a cute pair of pink panties; her favorite comfortable panties to sleep in. A keen observer would notice that the bottom of Ms. Jacobs’ panties were soaked through, forming a darker pink camel toe around her pussy-- unintentional evidence of a late morning in bed well spent. Abby was not a keen observer.

Abby had adjusted well to life back at home during Winter Break. Although she missed the college parties and was eager to return to her college life in January, she enjoyed the lazy days at home, relaxing and recouping after an eventful first semester. Her parents pretty much stayed out of her way and her brother spent most of his time downstairs playing video games with his friends, Clayton and Scott. Of course, Clay and Scott would ogle Abby every time she made an appearance downstairs, but that was expected from two 15 year old boys seeing a hot college sorority girl. Abby highly doubted either boy had even kissed a girl before, judging by how they acted around her. She thought it was cute how they would just happen to need to grab a drink or snack every time Abby came down to the kitchen. She would often let them pour her a drink or grab a bowl for her, but she always made sure to never take it too far. She cherished her relationship with her brother and didn’t want him to think that she was using his friends for attention. However, she did enjoy watching Clayton spill his drink all over the table when she came down for lunch one day in just her bath robe. Thankfully, her brother was taking out the trash at the time and she was extra careful to not let either boy catch a glimpse of anything she did not want them to see.

As Abby finished finger combing through her hair, she adjusted her shirt down to cover the panties and decided to head downstair for breakfast. She felt safe heading downstairs in just her baggy shirt and panties because she knew that her brother and his pervy friends had spent the night at Scott’s house last night. There was some nerdy fantasy series that they planned to watch all weekend; Sam had talked about their marathon all week.

Abby entered the kitchen and grabbed some milk from the fridge for her morning cereal. She set the milk on the counter, opened the cabinet, and gazed up towards the bowls.

Why were the bowls always so high, she thought as she reached up for the cereal bowls. After a week of having cereal every morning and leaving the bowls in her room, the only bowl left in the cabinet was a small bowl in the back of the top shelf. Abby strained to reach the top bowl and felt her fingers reach around the lip of the bowl.

Bingo, she thought, you’re mine now.

As she brought the bowl down, she turned around to face the kitchen island, making direct eye contact with a dumbfounded Clayton.
Clayton’s task was simple but he relished the opportunity. Sam’s mom had directed him to find Abby and give her the outfit that she was to wear at today’s volunteer event. Any chance to interact with Abby was time well spent in Clay’s book, even if the task was undignified.
His plan was to run upstairs and knock on her bedroom door, hoping that she would answer and offer him the slightest glimpse into that forbidden sanctuary. As he entered the house, however, he heard rumbling in the kitchen and decided to divert his attention there. As luck would have it, Clayton was in for a treat.
Abby turned and froze as she stared directly into Clayton’s eyes. She watched as his glance separated from her own, tracing her firm, 19 year old body up and down. She stood petrified, remembering the sleep panties she was wearing just below her white shirt. Her mind started raced, imagining the view Clayton had just witnessed.

Just moments before, as Clayton entered the kitchen, he was welcomed by the most incredible sight. There stood his best friend’s sister, Abby Jacobs (well less stood and more stretched), reaching for her morning cereal bowl wearing nothing but a flimsy white shirt and pink panties. The panties were obviously not the type she would ever wear on a date… or anywhere outside of the house. Surrounding the pink cotton was purple trim, framing her tight buns like a pink bouquet. Across the backside, in bold white letters read “KISS ME, I’M YOURS.”
As Abby realized the show she had just put on for this pervy teen, she finally worked up the courage to break the silence. “Wha.. What.. What are you doing here?” She stammered. As she spoke, she noticed that Clayton could not take his eyes off of her chest. Her eyes darted down to see what intrigued the poor high schooler.

A sinking feeling hit Abby’s gut as she looked down. She did not notice it in the dim light of her room but in the full light of the kitchen, Abby’s white shirt was completely see through. Abby’s eye bounced like ping-pong balls, jumping from right to left to right and back to left as she surveyed the situation. Her brown nipples cut like diamonds through her shirt and pointed directly at the dumbfounded Clay, who was eagerly memorizing every hidden detail of the brown beacons.

Abby quickly brought her hands to her chest, cupping each breast with her palms in order to deny Clayton any additional gratitude. Unfortunately, her sudden movement had unintentional consequences, her shirt riding up as she bunched it around her once private nipples, exposing the pink panties that lay just beneath the bottom hem of the white shirt.

Abby again traced Clayton’s gaze downwards. As she glimpsed at the pink fabric that tightly hugged her mons pubis and most private area, she noticed what she had failed to observe before. The bottom portion of her underwear had soaked through, leaving a dark, stark contrast to the bright pink fabric above. The inner skin of her thighs even glistened with he remnants of her adult activities. To make matters worse, the scent of Abby’s sinful morning routine wafted throughout the kitchen. Abby prayed that Clayton was too inexperienced to be familiar with her female scent and understand what her wet panties and thighs meant.

Abby looked back up at Clay, who seemed to think that if he just looked hard enough, the soaked panties would suddenly disappear. Clay spoke without diverting his glaze. “Your mom said to give you this.” Clay mumbled as he memorized every stich of Abby’s unmentionables. He swore he saw a drop of her juices run down her thigh. Abby looked down again and noticed for the first time that the spot directly covering her pussy was bleached white, demonstrating that this was clearly not the first time that she had soiled this particular pair.

Abby then looked at the green pile of fabric Clayton had placed on the counter. Suddenly, the realization hit her like a pile a bricks—today was Saturday and she was supposed to help her Mom at the Children’s Hospital. Her Mom had mentioned it earlier in the week, but Abby had spaced it out of her memory. As a favor for the excellent care that Sam at received that the Children’s Hospital, Abby’s family had agreed to volunteer at the annual Christmas party for the hospital, her father playing Santa, her mother playing Ms. Claus, and Abby, of course, playing the Christmas Elf!

Clayton finally broke his trance and brought his gaze up to meet Abby. “We totally forgot but we all gotta volunteer at the Christmas event for the Hospital,” he explained. “Your mom said that we need to leave by 11am to get everything set up! Its like 10:40 now so we gotta hurry! Also, with all the decorations and presents, we need to use your car. Go change really fast and then we will load your car with the spare items that don’t fit in the SUV.”

Abby, eager to get out of the kitchen, grabbed the custom from the counter and ran upstairs, giving Clayton one last view of the words “I’m Yours” across her bottom as she passed.

Abby once again stood in her bedroom mirror. How could she be so careless, the thought. Years of forming her perfect image, never even allowing a boy the slightest glimpse of her unmentionables; years of wearing only the trendiest designer clothes, and some 15 year old high schooler had just seen her most embarrassing set of panties. They weren’t just embarrassing. They were mortifying. Kiss Me, I’m Yours?, Abby shuddered. That offer wasn’t even open to the college’s starting quarterback who’d be going pro after next season. Thank God its some dweeby highschooler and not someone from college! The thought. I’d be ruined! I will just burn this pair and no one will be the wiser. If he says anything, I will just deny it and give him a good pantsing! That will end his fantastical tale.

As Abby quickly applied her make-up, she heard her Mom yell from downstairs. “Abigail Evelyn Jacobs, if you are not down here in five minutes, I will tan your hide and I meant it!!!” Abby knew her mother’s threats were idle, but she still did not want to test her. This was an important day for her family and although she dreaded wearing the humiliating elf costume, she was eager to give back to the Hospital that had given her brother a second life.

Finally, at 10:57, Abby sprinted down the stairs wearing the comical elf costume. Clearly, the costume was made for someone a few inches shorter than Abby. Although Abby was thin and in good shape, the green costume was snug and wrapped arounder her torso like a bodycon dress. The bottom hem was made up of tough, frilly, silver tassels that barely covered her ass and crotch. Luckily, the costume came with white tights, which framed Abby’s long, tan legs perfectly.

“There you are!” Abby’s Mom exclaimed. “Quick, we’ve gotta load the final boxes into the truck of your car! There is no more room in the SUV.”

Not wanting to delay the group any more, Abby hastily popped open the trunk of her sedan. The trunk was full of paper and books from her semester at college. She quickly shoved the books and papers towards the back of the trunk, making room for the boxes that Clayton and Scott were holding.

“See, I told you” Abby heard Clayton whisper to Scott while the pair of teens stood holding the boxes directly behind her, “She wears girly pink panties with childish sayings on the back. As they say, all I need to do is kiss her and she’s all mine!”

“Duuuude” Scott replied, a little too laud and drawing the attention of Abby’s brother. “I can’t believe THE Abby Jacobs wears silly, pink panties. I thought college girls wore thongs! You can even make out the cum stains around her pussy, like you said.”

Abby realized her mistake a bit too late. In her haste to make room for the boxes, she had bent over and allowed her elf costume to ride up over her ass, exposing for the second time today the shameful phrase “KISS ME, I’M YOURS.” It was clear that in her rush, Abby did not have time to change underwear. The very panties that she hid in the back of her drawer, wearing only on those mornings when she had the freedom to explore her charms without worry of intrusion, were the very panties that she would have to wear in front of hundreds of kids for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, the white tights did nothing the hide her shame and even made the contrast of the bright pink panties worse. It was going to be a long day.

Re: WSC 2021: Volunteer Elf Humiliated

Posted: Sat Jan 15, 2022 8:35 am
by mastergepetto
[PART 2]

Re: WSC 2021: Volunteer Elf Humiliated

Posted: Sat Jan 15, 2022 8:35 am
by mastergepetto
[Part 3]

Re: WSC 2021: Volunteer Elf Humiliated

Posted: Sat Jan 15, 2022 10:42 am
by Eoworfindir
Congratulations on posting your first story here. I really enjoyed the build-up, and I hope you decide to post more parts as I'm intrigued enough to want to read more.

Re: WSC 2021: Volunteer Elf Humiliated

Posted: Sun Jan 16, 2022 3:36 am
by ely
congratulations for this first part which is really engaging, I will be happy to read the next chapter

Re: WSC 2021: Volunteer Elf Humiliated

Posted: Sun Jan 16, 2022 4:47 am
by Executionus
Man these elves just can NOT catch a break these days. Interesting start so far.