The Berry Flavour of Life (Part 3 of... no idea yet :P )

Stories about girls getting pantsed, stripped and humiliated by anyone or anything.
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The Berry Flavour of Life (Part 3 of... no idea yet :P )

Post by Morgan13 »

Kink and slice of life, in various proportions, that's the only thing I can say, Enjoy :P

Everybody was calling this girl Berry. That was not her real name, her parents wouldn’t do something like that to their firstborn – instead, they gave her pretty normal name, Barbara, but from the beginning nobody cared. She was Berry. She grew up to be tall and athletic teen, with long, black hair, and cute face, even despite of having a nose that was little too big. Berry wasn’t the brightest girl ever born in the world, but you couldn’t call her stupid either. She was also nice, had a positive attitude and, above all else, had one important trait especially her parents valued: she adored her younger siblings.

The red-haired twins, Matt and Sue, were born when Berry was five years old and she developed her deep, sisterly love to them immediately. And when they grew a little, they started to love her with almost the same strength. And each other as well. They were all surprisingly harmonious siblings.

And that’s where our story begins.

That day, Berry was preparing herself to go out with some of her friends, she wore her favourite, loose blouse and comfortable jeans, when something she has rarely seen, occurred. The twins, sitting on the sofa, have suddenly started fight fiercely over a television set’s remote control.

What was going on, they were usually watching the same programs. Berry’s first idea was the kiddos started to hit the puberty – their age was more or less correct for that to happen. There’ll be more and more differences between them because of their gender. She could only hope it’ll not ruin their bonds completely.

Well, maybe not only that. She was their big, smart and experienced sister, after all… With that, somewhat sarcastic, thought, she came closer, grabbed the remote and sat between kids.

“What’s wrong with you today, nippers? I’m a bit busy but can’t stand you making such a noise without reason.” she said.
For the second time during last few minutes, her siblings surprised her negatively. Without a word they tried to get the remote back, although Berry’s reflex was too good for them. She has just raised her hand and kept the device out of their reach. She was not only older, she was also tall for her age, they were definitely not for their own.
“I’ll ask only one more time: what’s wrong?”
“Nothing!” yelled Matt angrily. The fury was almost shooting from his big, childish, green eyes. “I just want to watch the cartoons and she…”
“I didn’t do anything!” Sue was apparently as angry as her twin. But why?
“I’ve never done something like this to you,” said Berry “But maybe neither of you should watch the television? As long as you tell…”
Matt tried to jump up and grab the remote but with no success. Berry just moved a little bit. Although that was the moment when she lost sight of Sue for a second and that was enough. The small girl has pulled her hand under her sister’s blouse and started to tickle her belly button.

Berry started laughing uncontrollably. That was her ticklish spot and the twins knew that, they were all doing tickle fights dozens of times. Much more friendlier tickle fights, that is. But despite of being tortured, Berry didn’t move her raised arm.

And that was a mistake, because now Matt also started his own attack, on his sister’s armpit. She tried to tell them to stop, but was powerless.

Suddenly, Sue’s hand travelled higher on Berry’s body and ripped off her bra. The small girl quickly fled with her “trophy” to the bedroom. And locked herself there. Berry could only bang into the door.

“Give me my bra back! I have to go in five minutes!”

“Go without it, who cares!”

As if! With all the positive traits and attractiveness has Berry owned, she has always been very shy (if not even tiny bit paranoid) about her body, she would never left home without her bra. She sat on the floor and leaned back on the wooden door.

“This can’t be fucking happening!” she hissed. “Have you both lost your minds?!” she asked Matt without expecting any answer. The small boy stopped doing anything the moment his twin closed the door. He was only standing in the hallway and watching.

Suddenly, he started crying.

Sue opened the door hearing this, and Berry understood she wouldn’t go anywhere that day. Not just because of not having a bra. There was other reason and she learned it a minute later.

Her siblings have been bullied at school.
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The Berry Flavour of Life - the multi-part story by yours truly, I hope it'll grow and grow :)
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Re: The Berry Flavour of Life (Part 2 of... no idea yet :P )

Post by Morgan13 »

Part 2, enjoy :)

"No fucking way."

That was the thing Berry was telling herself the whole next day. The day, fortunately for Matt and Sue, free of school, so also of harassment.
Whoever the bullying brat was, Berry knew one thing: he shall pay dearly for her siblings' suffering. The problem was...she had zero information about him. Or maybe ever her. The nippers didn't want to tell anything more, they were horrified even by the sheer fact they told her they had been bullied itself. Berry had to get their tormentor's name from some other source. And in the neighborhood there was a dictum: "You wanna best info? Albino it."

"Albino" was a nickname of Adrian Rakdos, a white-haired boy who somehow always knew everything about everyone. Of course, he usually wanted money or some kind of its substitute for sharing and that's why Berry was not very happy to ask him for help. For she was broke that month and was afraid what "substitute" could the boy want.

Because he had a massive crush on her.

Other girls could probably use it for their own gain in this situation, but not Berry. She was too shy to exert her (admittedly, big and shapely) physical "assets" to get something from anybody. Especially from Adrian, whom she was a bit afraid of. Even despite of him being younger than her and apparently physically weaker.

Apparently. He could look small and weak but she had an occasion to see him defending himself once. He definitely knew how to do it.

But what is the girl to do, to paraphrase the song from Berry's favourite show "Frasier"? Her kiddo siblings needed her help. With her heart pounding, she knocked to "Albino's" door.

It was his mum who opened. Berry noticed he was very similar to her with one difference: their eyes. Adrian's mum had a very warm look, almost emanating with motherly kindness and everything. Her son's eyes were, for contrast, beady and sorta evil-looking.

Even more evil when "Albino" was looking at Berry, as she noticed, when she had been left alone with him in his room.

"Cute Berry" he said stolidly, when she sat down on the chair.
Her cheeks turned red immediately after hearing that. She wanted to answer, but he was faster and continued.
"I know why are you here. Your brother and sister, isn't it?"
"How... Oh, for god's sake, doesn't matter. I need the name of the brat that bullies them."
"They are bullied?"
That question floored her completely.
"You said you know!"
"No, cutie, I didn't. I said I knew why are you here. Because of your siblings, only they are so dear to you you would risk seeing me. That's obvious."
He was good. She started to understand how was he gaining all the information...
"So you don't know anything I need..." She stood up from the chair. "You didn't even know..."
"Or maybe I lied?"
It didn't make any sense. Berry was utterly confused. Why should he lie? On the other hand she knew his reputation - it would be strange for him not to know something.

She returned to the chair.

"Okay, Adrian..."
"Call me Albino, cutie."
She really wanted him to stop calling her "Cutie" but paved it over. She needed him.
"Okay, Albino. If you know, tell me the name."
"Gladly. But it's not that easy, you see."
"What?!" She stared to feel anger. She needed only the name!
"What do you want to do next? I know, not my business, but something tells me you're gonna find the kid and beat the crap out of him or her."
"You bet!"
"So you will need more data. I know not only the name but three other things necessary for your... quest!" He grinned. "Without them, well. You are gonna run into... difficulties. And I don't want you to be in trouble."

In his last sentence Berry felt emotions. For the first time since the beginning of their conversation. Was it his next trick? Her imagination? Tall girl's head started to hurt.

"Let's say I believe you." Now there was a time for the moment she was afraid of the most. "What do you want for" she asked.
"I guess you don't have money today, after all it's the end of the month. So I'm going to share not one but two secrets about myself with you for free. I love competing..."
"What?! How is this connected with..."
"Just allow me to finish, cutie. I love two things: competing and tickles. You will get a chance to get all the data about the bully you want to punish. But you will have to defeat me in a tickle duel."
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The Berry Flavour of Life - the multi-part story by yours truly, I hope it'll grow and grow :)
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Re: The Berry Flavour of Life (Part 3 of... no idea yet :P )

Post by Morgan13 »

Part three, the plot thickens :D

"What kind of joke is it?" asked Berry.

Albino grinned even wider.

"Not a joke, a game. Rules are simple: we tickle each other simultaneously, four times. Every time you laugh first, you have to take one part of clothing off. Every time I laugh first - I have to give you one of four pieces of information you need."
"You're sick, you know it?" she hissed.
"And you're even cuter when furious. But that's not all. I'm gonna record our duel!" he announced, turning the camera in his computer on. "If you win four times, I'll allow you to delete the material. Although even if not, I won't use it in my business - only to my own private enjoyment. Normally I don't limit myself like this but I..." His tone changed completely, now he was even faltering. "But you... You know, I like you."

Now she was sure that was his trick, nobody can truly move from that diabolical confidence, charisma and evilness to that cute shyness. Cute? Berry has been falling to his brainwashing even being aware of it! She should leave immediately!

He noticed what had she wanted to do. Once more.

"What about your siblings?" he asked.
She bit her lips and closed her eyes for a few moments. He had a point. What about them? Poor kiddos tormented by bullies...
"Okay, let's get started."

Without any more comments, they grabbed each other's sides and started tickling. Fortunately for the brunette, that was not her ticklish spot. Unfortunately for her, neither was his. They were struggling for a minute more and started laughing virtually at the same time.
"Okay, so I think it will be fair if both of us gives the other something" winked Albino. "Take off your shirt, please."

"Fair, suuure" she thought, unbuttoning her yellow shirt. She was feeling dizzy of embarrassment, no boy had ever seen her pink bra decorated with hearts. And Albino? He seemed to be mesmerized, and that was even worse for her.
"Okay!" he snapped out of his strange state. "My turn. The kid you're looking for is dangerous cuz his parents can do lots. They're rich."
"That was one of your pieces of data?!" she pronounced last three words with clear disgust.
"If you win, you'll understand everything. See the wider picture, we can say, and the whole context, cutie. If you win. Round two?"

Instead of answering, she leaped to him and tickled him high on the stomach. He laughed.
"You're good!" he said. "And you clearly enjoy this as much as I do!"
"Second information!" she barked. She didn't want to think if his words were correct. Not now, not ever.
"Sure. The kid is rarely alone. He has a sibling too, as well as his small gang of other kiddos that want to have rich friend. You know, peer pressure and everything."
"So that's why you didn't want me to meet him only knowing his name."
"Exactly. Nec Hercules Contra Plures, my cutie."

The third round opened similarly to the first one: both Berry and Albino started ticking each other's sides at the same moment. Although now the boy had an advantage: he was tickling tall girl's bare skin. For that she lost.

"Jeans, please!" he grinned once more. "I like your choice of underwear even if the elements does not resonate with each other!" he commented cheerfully, when she pulled off her trousers and revealed black, laced knickers.
She tried to focus but was too distracted by shame and unable to protect her belly button in the next round. Her opponent quickly deduced it's her ticklish spot and attacked there. One touch of his hand and Berry started laughing maniacally.

That way, tall brunette lost again and had to take off her bra. She slowly unclasped it and covered her breasts with arms - in contrast, very, very quickly. Mortified, she understood one horrible thing: next round she'll have a choice. She will stop covering herself or won't be able to tickle Albino at all. Lose-lose situation.

But once again, he surprised her.

"The game has lost its purpose!" he announced. "The bully's name is Daniel Tarpell."
"What? Why are you..."
She had been so surprised that for a moment she forgot she's almost naked. What was even happening!?
"You will find him on that big, old playground near the entrance to the forest. You know, which one?"
"Yeah," she gasped. "The one unused since the mayor has founded brand new one, closer to the town center."
"Exactly that one. These kids have their own, let's call it base from the lack of better word, there. That's all I know."
"Why...why did you change your mind?" she asked. "I was losing."
"Cuz I wanted to help you."
"Believe or not, I don't care. By the way, aren't you going to dress up?"
Blushing even more that it was seemingly possible, she turned back and started putting on her clothes. And Albino continued her monologue.
"You've asked me why. Cuz if you had lost one more round, you would have lost your knickers and, believe me, one day you will take them off for me out of your free will."
"Don't count on it!" hissed Berry. He embarrassed her more than it was possible.
"I don't have to, cutie, I know it. And about the video..."
Video! She has forgotten!
"I will delete it after you leave "
"Yeah, you were losing but at the end I've stopped our duel, haven't I? Although I will do it myself so you will have to trust me."
Trust him. This strange, evil, manipulative...
Before she left, she had one last question.
"What was about that... "context"? That "wider picture"?
"You don't understand it, do you? You are going to beat that kiddo but he has influential parents, his own group of friends and terrain he knows much better than you do. He has got many advantages. Are you sure you can win?"
"I have to try, Adrian," she said. "For my siblings."

With these words she left, closing the door.
:D Smile all the time :D

The Berry Flavour of Life - the multi-part story by yours truly, I hope it'll grow and grow :)
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