Amy’s Life... Part One (Part Four Available Now)

Stories about girls getting pantsed, stripped and humiliated by anyone or anything.
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Re: Amy’s Life... Part Three F

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“Right Girls, I’ve done as best as I can, to get the marker off your faces.” Said the girls mum.

“Show me, Mary.” Said Nikki.

Mary took another photo to show Nikki.

“Well I suppose it’s not come off too bad. But what am I going to do with my hair? It’s a mess.” Said Nikki.

“And mine?” Said Lizzie.

“Don’t worry ladies. I’ll make a call to my hairdresser sometimes she does things at short notice and she lives not too far from your houses in London.” Said the mum.

A little while later they both had appointments to see the hairdresser that same day.

“Thank you so much for your help.” Said Lizzie.

“Yes thanks.” Said Nikki.

“No problem ladies. Katie, Sophie both of you apologise now.” Said the mum.

“We’re sorry.” They said together.

“I’ll see you ladies later. Drive safely.” Said the mum.

“We will and thanks for your help.” Said the girls.

“Well Lizzie and Dave, can come with us back to London so we can get to our hairdressing appointments. We’ll see you later Mary, and Derek.” Said Nikki.

“Ok sounds like a plan, it was nice meeting you all, we should do it again sometime.” Said Mary.

“Just without the haircuts.” Said Lizzie frowning.

Dave, Lizzie, Matt, and Nikki got back into Matts car and headed for London.

Meanwhile Amy had managed to get to the drinks machine and back without a single person seeing her naked.

She placed the teas on the table in the shoot room. Lauren, Mrs Bājin and Heath were sitting around the table discussing the shoot.

“You know, there’s a couple of other people we do shoots for. If you and Amy are interested, we could do a few more, later in the year.” Said Mrs Bājin.

Amy was shocked, she’d already been stripped naked for this shoot and her bum spanked, another shoot exactly like this could expose her even further.

“I’m sure Amy would love it, anything to make her feel better about the way she looks.” Said Lauren.

“We’ll give it some thought, here’s my contact details, on that card, my number, email that sort of thing. Don’t hesitate to call me. Looking at Amy today she’d be perfect. You might however consider removing her hair. It’d give her a better look. Anyway, Heath and I have to go now, but don’t forget to keep in touch.

Nice body Amy, hopefully we’ll work together again real soon. Come along Heath. See you both later.” Said Mrs Bājin.

“Bye.” Said Amy meekly blushing.

“Bye Lauren, Bye Amy, cute butt by the way.” Said Heath as he followed Mrs Bājin.

Amy blushed deeper red.

“Mum can I please get dressed now?” Asked Amy.

“Of course, here’s your clothes.” Said Lauren.

“Mum these aren’t my clothes!!” Said Amy.

“Of course they are silly. Who else’s clothes would they be?” Asked Lauren.

“Mum you must of mixed up bags, these are not my clothes, please, can you ask Mrs Bājin if she has my clothes?” Asked Amy desperately.

“Stop being silly, or I’ll make you go to the car as you are.” Said Lauren.

Amy put her hand in the bag and pulled out the pink shorts and Jigglypuff crop top.

“See mum.” Said Amy.

“Yes I see now, well what you’ll do is wear that for now with your trainers and socks and then we’ll ring Mrs Bājin to get your real clothes back at a later date. It’ll be ok.” Said Lauren.

“What about underwear? I haven’t got any?” Said Amy.

“Amy Baker, put them on this second or your going back over my knee young lady.” Said Lauren.

“But mum....” Amy started.

Lauren pulled Amy back across her lap. Amy tried to squirm, but Lauren was too strong.


Amy was so glad the room was empty apart from her and her mum. But suddenly the door opened and Heath had come back because he’d forgotten a lens. Amy blushed red, as her bum was getting redder. Every hit Amy was squealing in pain.

Heath stood holding the door open staring. Amy’s squeals must have been echoing into the hall beyond because a couple of the basketball players walked in through the open door, both girls also now staring at the completely naked Amy other her mums lap.

All three stood there mouths open, and Amy began to cry in humiliation and pain. Just when Amy thought it couldn’t get more humiliating in front of all three Lauren stood Amy up. She grabbed the pink shorts and made Amy step into them.

Amy wanted to run away and hide, when Lauren forced Amy to lift her arms into the air. Her non-existent boobs became even more so, as the JigglyPuff crop top got pulled on over her head and down.

Lauren then forced on Amy’s socks and trainers, before anyone spoke.

“You misbehave one more time today young lady, you’ll wish for a spanking. Do I make myself clear?” Said Lauren.

“Yes Mum.” Amy said through tears.

Amy’s cheeks were bright red, and she could see the two women basketball players smirking at her. Luckily no one had a camera this time. But all had seen her small boobs and hairy pussy.

“Wow I haven’t seen anyone spanked like that before.” Said one of the basketballers.

“I have my mum used to spank me all the time when I was her age.” Said the second player.

“How old are you both?” Asked Lauren.

“Oh we’re both sixteen.” Said the first player.

“You were spanked at fourteen?” Asked Amy.

“Haha, no I was nine like you.” Said the second player.

Amy flushed red. These two both thought she was nine despite seeing her bush.

“Well anyway we can’t stand around all day chatting. We’ve got to play basketball, do you have time to watch us? You’d be our guests.” Said the first player.

“I don’t know, Amy do you think you could behave yourself?” Asked Lauren.

“Yes mum.” Said Amy.

“Ok we’ll come as long as Amy is on her best behaviour. Are you coming Heath?” Asked Lauren.

“No I’ve just come back for my lens, have a good time and I’ll see you all later.” Said Heath grabbing the lens and running off.

“Ok looks like the four of us then. Please lead the way girls.” Said Lauren.
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Re: Amy’s Life... Part One (Part Three F Available Now)

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A surprise turn that Amy had an uneventful trip to the vending machine. I suspect this will be balanced out in developments to come.

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Re: Amy’s Life... Part One (Part Three F Available Now)

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Long time without news from Amy...
I hope that what Ms Bäjin said is going to happen. (“You know, there’s a couple of other people we do shoots for. If you and Amy are interested, we could do a few more, later in the year.”)..With poor Amy in a new shoot with some others kids, boys and girls. And unfortunately Amy will be the less dressed, perhaps the only one not dressed at all.
Thanks for your story
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Re: Amy’s Life... Part One (Part Three F Available Now)

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There will be more from Amy, I’m loving this set of characters. I’m taking my time to write it so I don’t lose enf material and at the same time making the story plausible to real life. I like to take my time in humiliating characters and there are so many opportunities with these characters I’ve not explored yet. A final part to this day will be published soon :)
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Re: Amy’s Life... Part Three G

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Matt, drove the two girls, to their appointment. Whilst he and Dave sat in the shopping centre restaurant checking out the hot girls that kept passing their table.

After the guys ate they then picked up the two girls who had their hair fixed with extensions and wigs, which would cover the damage till their own hair grew back.

Matt dropped Nikki back home then drove the other two to the train station where they boarded a train back to Brighton.

Nikki got in and went straight to her room feeling way too humiliated to see her dad or talk to him.

Meanwhile Amy and her mum were now driving back to London after watching the basketball game. Amy had been embarrassed when she sat there watching the girls play in just her Pokémon crop top and pink shorts.

After the girls game had finished, the players had taken Amy’s top off her again. Amy was bright red as she stood topless, and the girls passed her crop top around each other.

Each player signed the crop top with permanent marker, it took fifteen minutes for all the girls to sign it before giving it back to Amy. Amy wouldn’t have minded so much but the players boyfriends and parents were also in the changing room.

Amy had wished the ground had swallowed her whole when her mum made her raise her arms in the air to put her top back on. Finally Amy had left with her mum.

Amy sat in the front seat of the car, and was glad that her day was nearly over. She stared out of the window.

Suddenly she was back at the basketball game. It was half time and Amy found herself in her pink crop top and pink shorts. Amy was standing in the middle of the court, holding two of the players hands.

“Hey everyone, this is our mascot Amy Baker. She’s a nine year old from London.” Said the captain of the basketball team.

Amy saw everyone looking at her.

“Usually our mascots change in the changing room, but we thought we’d surprise little Amy by changing her right here in front of everyone.” Said the Captain.

Amy looked absolutely shocked, and started to shake her head. The captain however grabbed Amy’s shorts and quickly pulled them down. Amy saw everyone in the room staring at her now naked pussy.

Amy couldn’t do a thing as the two girls holding her hands easily pulled her top off revealing her DD cup breasts now stood completely naked, the basketball team gathered around Amy and laid Amy on the floor.

Amy struggled as her shorts were removed completely. Amy laid there naked apart from her socks and shoes as everyone laughed at her. A crowd of people were staring at her. Amy squirmed and struggled.

“Right, before we dress Amy in her baby shark costume, I think she needs to be tickled.” Said the Captain.

“No, please.” Begged Amy.

The team started tickling her, and Amy started rolling across the floor laughing.

“No, stop tickling me, I’m going to pee.” Said Amy.

The team continued to tickle her.

“No stop nooooo.” Screamed Amy as she started to pee herself.

“Amy,” said a distant voice.

“No. Stop. I’ve wet myself.” Said Amy.

“Amy wake up.” Said the distant voice again.

“Huh, what, where am I?” Asked Amy.

“Amy wake up, you’re in the car, and you’ve just wet yourself.” Said Lauren.

Amy woke up and looked at her mum.

“What, I’ve, what happened?” Asked Amy groggily.

“You fell asleep. You had a dream. You’re in the car. I’ve pulled over at the service station but you’re soaking wet after wetting yourself. Now get up, out of the car, and I’ll take you to the bathroom.” Said Lauren.

Amy looked around disoriented but did as her mum said. Amy opened her car door and got out. Amy shut the door behind her.

“Right come with me.” Said Lauren.

Lauren took Amy by the hand and led her into the service station. Due to a eating area in the middle of the service station, which was surrounded by a wooden fence, Amy and Lauren had to walk past every shop and restaurant.

Amy’s soaking wet shorts were bringing her an awful lot of attention. Amy was bright red as people of all ages either pointed or laughed at her.

Amy was relieved when they finally got into the ladies bathroom.

“Right take your shorts off, and go into a cubicle. There go to toilet if you can, I’ll wait right here for you.” Said Lauren.

Amy took her wet pink shorts off and handed them to her mum before heading into a cubicle. Amy sat on the toilet and tried to go, before eventually giving up and returning to her mum.

“I’m sorry I didn’t need to go.” Said Amy.

“Ok no problem, go wash your hands.” Said Lauren.

Amy washed her hands in the sink, with soap and hot water before the hot air blower came on drying them. Amy then returned to Lauren. Lauren took Amy by her hand and headed for the door.

“Good let’s get back to the car, we’re only twenty more minutes from home.” Said Lauren.

“But Mum, I’m - I’m bottomless.” Said Amy.

Lauren was still heading towards the bathroom door with Amy’s hand in hers.

“And?” Said Lauren.

Lauren was now at the bathroom door and pulling Amy through it.

“Please Mum, I’m completely bottomless and people will see me.” Said Amy.

“You’re not completely bottomless you’re wearing socks and trainers aren’t you?” Said Lauren.

Amy looked down at her feet, not realising they had now left the bathroom and were passing people.

“Wow, mum that girls not wearing any bottoms.” Shouted a young boy with his mum.

“It’s rude to point at naked girls, Peter. I’m sure her mum has a good reason to parade her daughter, round the shops, bottomless.” Snapped the mum back.

Amy quickly looked up, there were people everywhere she looked. Everyone Amy saw, had grins on their faces or shocked expressions. Amy quickly put her spare hand over her pussy.

“Wow that girl is hairy.” Said a teen girl nearby.

“Nice bottom though.” Said a teen boy.

Amy had started to get redder, as everyone talked or commented about her.

“Mum, please, I need to wear something.” Begged Amy.

“Well young lady, if you wet yourself, and completely soak your shorts, and have absolutely no spare clothes what do you expect will happen?” Shouted Lauren bringing a load more attention to her daughter’s predicament.

“Oh my god, she wet herself.” Shouted a teen girl next to her.

“Isn’t she too old to wet herself?” Asked a teen boy.

“No look at her top, she can’t be more then twelve.” Said another teen girl.

“Besides look at her bum, she’s clearly been spanked.” Said another teen boy.

Lauren pulled Amy past more shops and people, but the whispers and laughter followed her. Amy grabbed her top and desperately tried to cover herself with it. Lauren pulled Amy further around the service station.

“Amy I’m giving you to the count of three, start walking properly or You’ll regret it even more then you already are.” Said Lauren.

Amy went redder still at the mention of her name, and Amy knew her mum meant what she said. Amy was so embarrassed however she continued to pull on her mum trying to release her hand so she could cover more.

“One. Two. Three. Amy Elouise Baker, I have had enough of you’re pulling. Come here.” Said Lauren angry with her daughter.

Amy felt herself tugged towards her mum. Lauren grabbed Amy’s crop top, and pulled it clean off and put it in her handbag. Amy burst into tears.

“Wow, she must be younger then she looks, she must be about nine or ten.” Said one teen girl.

“I’ve never seen a girl without tits.” Said a man.

“My baby sister has bigger melons.” Said another young man in his twenties.

Amy started to cry, but now willingly followed her mum. Amy didn’t try covering herself she just walked defeated and humiliated back to her mums car.

Amy climbed in the passenger side as her mum got in the drivers seat.

“Right put your top back on, and as soon as we are home you’re going straight to bed. You’ve been such a bad little girl, for me today.” Said Lauren starting the engine and heading for home.

When they arrived home, Amy got out of the car and ran upstairs to her bedroom. She was glad Nikki was nowhere to be seen.

Amy threw her socks and trainers off and then her Pokémon crop top. She ran to the shower, washed herself then went back to her bedroom.

Amy pulled on her pyjamas then took out her diary. Any wrote a brief description of her day, before putting her diary away again.

Amy thought about ringing Chloe but felt too embarrassed. So she took her book Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix from the shelf and began to read it. After reading two chapters Amy fell back asleep for the second time that day.
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Re: Amy’s Life... Part One (Part Three G Available Now)

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Great to see little Amy naked and humiliated in public.

I'm looking forward to her bring shaved, with her wetting herself this will aid her hygiene, especially when put in nappies, as well as her budding (haha) modelling career.
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Re: Amy’s Life... Part Four

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Amy, after her humiliating day, the day before, decided to spend the day, in her room watching films and reading books.

Nikki, was so embarrassed by her short hair, didn’t do much either. The highlight of Nikki’s day was Matt coming over and having an argument with her about Amy.

Chloe woke up at 9am, feeling bored she rang Amy, but Amy gave her a story about being ill. Chloe wanted to do something fun, so she decided to go swimming on her own at the local swimming baths.

Chloe packed her swimming costume and towel in her bag, and headed to the local pool. Chloe walked towards the girls changing room, but found Tiffany had grabbed her arm and stopped her from going in.

“What do you want Tiff?” Asked Chloe.

“You’re not allowed in there, it’s girls only.” Said Tiffany.

“Well I am a girl.” Said Chloe.

“What I meant was, it’s only for girls who aren’t into girls. Lesbians should use the boys locker room or change in the hallway. You’re only going in there to perv on us real girls.” Said Tiffany.

“I’m not, I am a real girl.” Said Chloe.

“What’s all the fuss about?” Asked Emily.

“Chloe here thinks she’s a real girl.” Said Tiffany.

“She looks like a girl to me.” Said Louise.

Louise and Emily were with Tiffany going to the pool too.

“No, she’s a lesbian. Do you want her seeing you naked and checking you out?” Asked Tiffany.

“I’m not checking anyone out.” Said Chloe.

“I’m not changing in fronting her.” Said Emily.

“Well, neither am I.” Said Louise.

“Fine stay out here and I’ll change first.” Said Chloe.

“Oh no you won’t.” Said Tiffany.

Chloe walked towards the changing room, just as Tiffany grabbed her shorts. Tiffany pulled Chloe’s shorts down to her ankles. Emily and Louise laughed. Chloe went red as she wasn’t wearing any panties. Chloe quickly pulled her shorts back up.

“You bitch, what did you do that for?” Yelled Chloe.

“I didn’t know you were bottomless you les.” Said Tiffany.

Louise and Emily just giggled.

“Would you please let me in the changing room do I can change.” Said Chloe.

Just then Tiffany’s brother Darren and two of his mates turned up.

“What’s going on?” Asked Darren.

“This lesbian wants to change with the girls. I say she should change with the boys.” Said Tiffany.

“Why?” Asked Darren.

“Doh, she’s a lesbian. She fancies girls. I’m not having her check out all the girls. It’s not right.” Said Tiffany.

“I’m not changing with the boys.” Said Chloe.

“Well your not changing with us girls.” Said Emily.

“I don’t want you spying on my naked body.” Said Louise.

“I don’t spy on other girls. I don’t check them out either.” Said Chloe.

“I know how to resolve this. Sorry Chloe.” Said Adam, one of Darren’s friends.

He went over to Chloe and picked her up over his shoulder. He then started to walk with her towards the boys changing room.

“No Adam, put me down. Put me down right now.” Screamed Chloe.

The three boys and Chloe disappeared into the boys changing room. Chloe was kicking, punching and screaming at Adam.

“Put me down you bastards. Put me down.” Screamed Chloe.

“I’ll put you down, but only if you agree to change in the boys changing room. The girls are right. A girl who likes girls shouldn’t change with them. You’re not checking anyone out, if you’re with us boys.” Said Adam.

“I’m not changing in here.” Screamed Chloe.

“Oh you thought we needed your permission. You have two choices, one you either change yourself in here. Or we change you.” Said Darren.

“Me personally would change myself.” Said Steven, Darren’s other friend.

“Oh please let me go change with the girls. I’m a girl.” Said Chloe.

“Fine, have it your way.” Said Darren grabbing Chloe’s bag off her back.

Adam still holding Chloe over his shoulder. Darren rummaged through Chloe’s bag. Adam walked over to a nearby bench and sat down pulling Chloe across his lap but holding her in place. Chloe continued to kick and scream.

“You know what this tomboy needs.” Said Steven.

“No what?” Asked Adam.

“A spanking on her bare bum.” Said Steven.

“No, please.” Begged Chloe.

Adam gently spanked Chloe’s short covered bottom.

The other two guys laughed. As Chloe squirmed.

“Ah here it is.”said Darren, holding up Chloe’s costume.

“No let me off.” Said Chloe red in the face from her spanking.

“Chloe, last chance. Take your costume, into one of those cubicles over there and change. Or we will strip you naked and dress you right here.” Said Darren.

Adam stopped playfully spanking Chloe. Chloe jumped up, grabbed her costume and ran into the cubicle locking the door behind her. The boys were already wearing their swim shorts so they just removed their shorts and put them in Chloe’s bag. Adam went over to the cubicle Chloe was in.

“Chloe, are you changed yet? Throw your clothes over.” Said Adam.

“Or do you want us coming over the cubicle door?” Said Darren.

Chloe quickly took her discarded clothes and threw them to the boys. Chloe then put her one piece swim suit on. Adam picked up Chloe’s clothes and added them to the bag. Darren locked the bag in a locker. Chloe now dressed in her black and red costume shyly opened the door and walked into the changing room.

“Wow, Chloe nice costume.” Said Adam.

“Yes great, it matches your blonde hair and brown eyes.” Said Darren.

“Shut up, where’s my clothes?” Asked Chloe.

“We’ve locked them in our locker, with our clothes. You can get them back once we’ve finished in the pool.” Said Adam.

“Come on Chloe.” Said Steven grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the pool area.

All four ran out to the pool and jumped in the water. They splashed around and mucked about until Tiffany, Louise and Emily joined them.

“Did the lesbo enjoy getting changed with her own kind?” Asked Tiffany.

“Shut up Tiffany.” Said Chloe red faced.

“Hey Tiffany let it go. Chloe was great, she hot naked in front of us and played games.” Said Steven.

The other two guys laughed, Chloe went scarlet and headed off to the slides. Tiffany, and the others followed. They all had fun on the slides, and the waves, and even played water volleyball together.

At 5pm they had all had enough, and were worn out. They all climbed out of the pool and headed back to the changing rooms.

“Hey Chloe, don’t forget to shower like the boys.” Shouted Tiffany.

“Yeah make sure you get the chlorine out of your vagina, boy does that stuff sting if left.” Shouted Emily.

The three girls laughed and headed into the girls changing room.

“Don’t worry about them Chloe, their only winding you up, you don’t have to get naked to shower .” Said Adam, trying to reassure her.

They headed into the boys changing rooms.

“Wait you want me to shower with you? I-I can’t. It’ll be so humiliating.” Said Chloe.

“You’re one of the boys Clo besides, we’ll let you shower in your costume.” Said Darren.

“I don’t want to shower with boys dressed or undressed.” Said Chloe.

“Oh you’re showering with us, you’re state of clothing is down to you. If you get in the shower voluntarily you can shower with you’re costume on. If you decide to fight or try and run, then it’s kit off, and we shower you.” Said Steven.

“You’re not giving me much of a choice are you.” Said Chloe.

“No.” Said Adam.

“Fine I’ll shower with my costume on.” Said Chloe.

They walked into the changing room and over to the showers. The boys turned the showers on, and Chloe joined them. The boys kept their shorts on too as the four took their shower. The boys handed Chloe a bottle of Lynx shower gel.

“What’s this for?” Asked Chloe.

“It’s shower gel. You rub it on and it cleans you.” Said Darren.

“I’m a girl. This is for men.” Said Chloe.

“Today you become a man.” Laughed Steven.

“I’m not using this.” Said Chloe.

“Fine. Pass it here Chloe.” Said Adam.

He took the bottle from her. Adam opened it and poured a bit in his hand.

“Chloe as you’re finished washing you may as well wait over by the wall.” Said Darren pointing at the wall next to the shower.

Chloe started to walk over to the shower wall, as Adam passed the gel to Darren and Steven. Chloe got to the wall and turned round just as the boys ran towards her. Adam grabbed a leg, Steven an Arm and Darren, her other leg. The three boys were covering her in the gel.

“No stop, please, it’s boys gel.” Said Chloe.

“Well now it’s Chloe’s gel. And if you don’t stop fighting us, you’ll lose your costume and wash naked.” Said Steven.

Chloe gave up fighting and let the boys put the gel on her legs and arms.

“Here.” Said Darren squeezing gel onto Chloe’s hands.

“What’s this for?” Asked Chloe.

“Your private parts and hair. Unless you want us to wash those womanly parts for you?” Said Adam.

“No, I can do it.” Said Chloe.

Chloe wiped the gel on her costume and under it into her private places. The boys did look away giving her some privacy. Red faced Chloe got into the shower with the boys and washed herself off. Finally they were all clean. Adam went to the locker and got out all their towels, before locking it again. Adam passed the towels out.

“Hey where’s my clothes?” Asked Chloe.

“You’re one of the guys Chloe. What we do is we take our costumes off. Dry ourselves on the towel. Then we get dressed.” Said Steven.

“But this towel won’t cover all my womanly parts.” Said Chloe.

“You can go in the cubicle. Once your costume is off and you’re dry pass your costume and towel out and we’ll pass you your clothes.” Said Steven.

Chloe looked at them all, and realised they wouldn’t back down.

“Fine.” Said Chloe storming off to a cubicle.

Chloe went in the cubicle and locked the door. Chloe then proceeded to take her costume off and dry herself with the towel before throwing both over the top of the cubicle.

“Guys, I’m ready pass me my clothes.” Said Chloe.

No one answered. In fact the changing room was silent. Chloe waited a few minutes.

“Guys, please give me my clothes, I’m starting to get cold.” Said Chloe.

“Who are you talking to? There’s no one else in this locker room.” Said a mans voice.

“What? Can you see my clothes? Who are you?” Asked Chloe.

“My names Greg, I’m about to go for a swim. I can’t see any clothes. What’s your name boy?” Asked Greg.

“I’m I’m Clover.” Said Chloe.

“Clover? That’s a strange name.” Said Greg.

“My parents are weird like that.” Said Chloe.

“Oh well, it’s obvious you’re friends are playing a prank on you, so I’ll leave you to it Clover, hopefully your friends will be back soon with your clothes. Bye.” Said Greg.

Chloe sat on the bench in the cubicle thinking. Surely the boys wouldn’t leave her in the guys changing room naked would they. Suddenly she heard tapping on the glass window at the top of the cubicle wall.

The window was above the bench she sat on and was on the outer wall. On this side was the cubicle on the other it was outside the building. The tap on the window came again. Chloe stood on the bench, but wasn’t high enough to reach the window.

Chloe stood on her tip toes and managed to get her eyes level with the window so she could see out. There was Tiffany, Louise, Emily, Darren, Adam, and Steven. Each of them holding a piece of her clothing.

“Hey Chloe, nice to see your head, feeling a bit naked are we?” Asked Tiffany.

“Please give me my clothes.” Begged Chloe.

“Well Chloe, you see we’d love to, but we’re going to give you questions, and tasks. You complete the tasks and get the questions right you get your clothing back. If you fail you lose clothes.” Said Tiffany.

“Please Tiffany, I’m naked, in a boys changing room.” Said Chloe.

“Will you play along, or do you want us to walk away?” Asked Tiffany.

“I’ll play along.” Said Chloe.

“First up your playing for your shorts.” Said Tiffany.

You’re first question is, which London based Football team plays in all royal blue football kits?” Asked Darren.

“Chelsea.” Said Chloe.

“Right.” Said Darren.

“Good, can I have my shorts?” Asked Chloe.

“Darren, you heard the lesbian, give her, her shorts.” Said Tiffany.

Darren chucked the blue shorts through the window. Chloe grabbed them and pulled them on. At least she was not completely naked.

“Right Chloe, for your socks, you have to answer the following question. Who was the last king of England?” Asked Steven.

“Urm George the sixth?” Said Chloe.

“Correct, here’s your socks.” Said Steven throwing the socks through the open window.

Chloe eagerly put them on.

“Well done Chloe, two out of two.” Said Tiffany.

“Please stop playing these games. I just want to get dressed.” Said Chloe.

“Fine. You want to stop playing games. Then here’s your task. If you want the rest of your clothes back, we will wait for you in the playground behind the baths. You have ten minutes to get there, or us and your clothes will be gone, and someone is going home in their shorts and socks. See you later lesbian queen.” Said Tiffany laughing and walking off towards the playground.

Chloe jumped down from her bench. She couldn’t leave the boys changing room topless could she? Suddenly she heard another tap on the window. Chloe jumped back up on the bench hoping Tiffany was back.

“Hey Chloe, I forgot it’s twenty five minutes past five.” Said Tiffany.

“So?” Yelled Chloe.

“It’s just that we want you in the playground by six. It’s Five thirty now. Oh and one more thing.” Yelled Tiffany.

“What’s that?” Yelled Chloe.

“In three minutes, well two minutes and twenty seconds.” Said Tiffany.

“What? Get on with it.” Yelled Chloe.

“Well in one minute the pool shuts and fifteen minutes after that the swimming baths get locked. See you in the playground.” Said Tiffany.

“You fucking bitch!!” Yelled Chloe.

Chloe turned around and jumped down. She pulled back the bolt on the cubicle door. She pulled the door wide and started running towards the changing room exit towards the reception. Unfortunately her foot caught on the bench in the middle of the room. Chloe tripped and fell flat on her face.

Luckily her hands caught her fall. Suddenly from the direction of the pool, she heard boys coming into the changing room. Chloe tried to get quickly to her feet. She stood up just as the first few boys came into view.

Like a deer caught in headlights she quickly covered her C cup breasts with her arms. A couple of the boys started laughing at her. Chloe wasn’t familiar with the boys changing room and in her desperation ran the wrong way back into the showers.

Boys were starting to surround her from all angles. Chloe tried looking for the exit to the reception she ran this way and that. Finally she saw the right way to go.

“Hey guys check this out.” Shouted a teen boy.

Chloe stopped and turned. The boy who had shouted was next to her. He grabbed Chloe’s shorts and pulled them to Chloe’s Ankles.

“Argh, you arsehole.” Screamed Chloe.

She let go of her breasts with her left hand and used it to cover her pussy as her right hand covered her tits. All the boys in the room were now staring at the naked girl.

“Chloe?” Asked one of the boys.

“What?” Screamed Chloe.

“Here.” Said the boy.

He grabbed a towel and covered the naked girl. Chloe was in tears of humiliation and totally hysterical.

The boy grabbed Chloe’s shorts and pulled them back up, before guiding her out into the reception.

“Chloe, where are your clothes?” Asked the boy.

“Oh, er, Robert, Tiffany took them. They forced me to change in there. Then left me naked. I’m so humiliated.” Cried Chloe, trying to control her sobbing.

“Calm, down, Chloe you’re safe now. Wait here, I’ll be back soon, I’ll bring you something to cover with.” Said Robert.

Chloe sat on the wall wrapped in the towel and wearing nothing but shorts and socks. In a few moments Robert had washed and dressed himself and returned to Chloe. He took his shirt off and gave it to her.

“Here, put this on, and I’ll walk you home.” Said Robert.

Chloe put the top on and walked home with Robert. Chloe told Robert all about how Tiffany had treated her.

“Tiffany is the biggest bitch in school. Someday she’ll get her comeuppance. I’m sorry so many saw you naked. At least your home now.” Said Robert.

“Thanks Robert, you’ve been a great friend. I’ll see you in school at the start of term.” Said Chloe.

“Yes you will. See you later.” Said Robert.

Chloe ran inside and had dinner. She then headed up to her room. She picked up her phone and dialled.

“Hello?” Said Tiffany.

“Hello, Tiffany.” Said Chloe.

“What do you want?” Asked Tiffany.

“My clothes back.” Said Chloe.

“But your home, tucked up in bed, with your boy shorts on.” Said Tiffany.

“Fine keep my clothes, but I need my trainers back.” Said Chloe.

“Ok, come over to my house tomorrow. I’ll give you, your trainers back.” Said Tiffany

“No tricks, no forcing me naked?” Said Chloe.

“It’s a good job, all of them boys had just come out of the pool. I mean, your breasts could be all over the internet by now.” Said Tiffany.

“It wouldn’t just be my breasts, one of the boys dropped my shorts.” Said Chloe.

“Wow, I bet that gave the boys a treat.” Said Tiffany.

“Shut up, Tiff.” Said Chloe.

“Aww don’t be angry with me babes. I’m sorry ok, and I’ll see you tomorrow.” Said Tiffany.

“Ok fine but no more stunts.” Said Chloe.

“Goodnight sweetie.” Said Tiffany.

“Goodnight Babes.” Said Chloe.

Both girls hung up the phone.

Chloe looked around her room. Her laptop sat on her desk, her bed was white, the walls were of a dark blue colour. Chelsea posters filled the walls. There was a few of female Chelsea players. Chloe had a light blue carpet. She walked bare foot over to her wardrobe and placed her hand underneath pulling out her picture of Camila Cabello and taking it over to her bed.

Chloe climbed into bed and lightly stuck the picture to her ceiling above her head. Chloe then pulled her knickers off and put her hands between her legs. Staring at the picture she started to work her clit, until she started moaning in pleasure.

After a few minutes Chloe came, she used her knickers to collect her juices, before putting her head on her pillow completely satisfied. Within a few seconds she was snoring loudly.

By ten o’clock Amy, Nikki, and Chloe were all fast asleep and snoring.
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Re: Amy’s Life... Part One (Part Four Available Now)

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Bit of a curve ball for part four. I was expecting the story to proceed by shuttling between Amy and Nikki. An interesting change in dynamic to add an unknown incident involving Chloe as victim.

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Re: Amy’s Life... Part One (Part Four Available Now)

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Great part, and it reminded me of a conversation from like 15 years ago with a lesbian that I was friends with. I asked her if she ever perved on hot chicks in the pool changing area. She told me "hell no". Her reason? Basically the only people that use those rooms at all are old and ugly. Hot girls just wear their suits all day and put on shorts over the bottoms when they leave. The depressed certainty in this girl's voice made it clear how long it took her to give up hope of finding an exception to that rule.
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