My Sisters and Me

Stories about girls getting pantsed, stripped and humiliated by anyone or anything.
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Re: My Sisters and Me

Post by Executionus »

I love how both sisters in their jealousy of each other have now copied each other in their grooming habits, both afraid of Drew preferring the other style. If they ever wind up seeing each other bottomless like this I imagine the conversation will be nuts.
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Re: My Sisters and Me

Post by drew »

The road to Kevin’s house was long and winding – Katie wasn’t kidding about them living in the middle of nowhere. Toward the end, Katie, Maddy, and myself all felt nauseous due to sitting in the back of the van. We were relieved once we pulled onto his enormous property. I understand the appeal of owning so much land. It’s definitely peaceful and charming. But there’s no way I’d ever want to bother with maintaining it all.

The road turned to dirt and led us through the sprawling hills and fields to Kevin’s 4-story Victorian mansion. The house looked like it was over 100 years old, and could probably be used as a set piece in a horror film. As we pulled up, I saw a lot of our family members outside in the front yard, and sitting on the porch. I instantly noticed Kevin’s gorgeous wife, Amira, running up to greet us. She was wearing a t-shirt and jacket, and was carrying a couple of drinks in her hands.

“Finally made it,” Kevin announced. “This is your first time here, right Drew?”

“Yep. Place is pretty sweet Kev. Talk about an escape.”

“Thanks. Yeah, land is so cheap here. We figured get it now and it’ll only appreciate over time, if we end up moving after Amira’s residency.” He parked the van and opened the door. “Speaking of which – Hi Honey!” He called out to his wife. “Drew, this is my wife, Amira.”

I got out of the car to greet her. Her dark features were accentuated by the natural sunlight. Her jet-black hair was worn down. The long hours of residency didn’t seem to be affecting her as her skin was smooth and without wrinkles. Her sclerae was bright white which contrasted beautifully with her dark iris and pupils.

“Hello Drew,” She began. “Nice to finally meet you.” She handed me a glass of lemonade.

“Likewise,” I said.

“Katie! I’m glad you were able to make it. It’s so nice to see you again.” She handed my sister a drink and gave her a hug. I was a bit jealous…of both of them.

“How’s it going Amira? Everything okay at work with the pandemic?"

“Oh yeah, it’s been so crazy, I’ve had to actually stay over at the hospital a few times because we live so far away. And with Kiara being so little, that’s obviously not great. But we’re hanging in there.”

“Awwww. Where is the little girl!?” Katie asked.

“She’s up on the porch with grandma. Come on.”

All of us piled out of the car and greeted our other family members. Amira, and her and Kevin’s 4-year-old daughter, Kiara, were the only two I hadn’t yet met. Though it had been so long since I’d seen some of the others.

Our aunt Nancy was there. It was the first time I’d seen her since she and my mom walked in on Maddy naked in front of me. She smiled and gave me a hug, but there was a bit of coldness when she did so. She was there with my uncle Greg and their daughter Alex. Despite their family only living about a 2-hour drive from us, this was the first time I’d seen Greg and Alex in seven years.

Alex was born a year or so after Maddy. She was much plainer looking when compared to the other young women at our reunion. Her skin was pale and she had her light blond hair pulled into a ponytail. She wore black, horn-rimmed glasses, an oversized, thick, grey sweater and jeans. She gave Katie and I an awkward greeting before running off to hang out with some of my other cousins.

We entered the house which was surprisingly well-kept on the inside. It was mostly dark, hardwood floors throughout which creaked in certain spots, but nothing too egregious considering their age. There was an open great room with giant glass windows, a cozy fireplace, and furniture spread around it. The dining area was also huge – it had to be, considering the number of us staying here – and had one long table that stretched down the center. The stairwells were open and stretched from the first floor, all the way up to the ceiling of the fourth. There were square balconies on each floor that wrapped around, so you could stand on the fourth-floor balcony and look all the down to the first floor. It was pretty sick.

Katie and I walked upstairs to the third floor and took two of the remaining free rooms. We dropped our bags and went back outside to join the rest of the family. One of my uncles offered me a beer, which I accepted.

“Drew shouldn’t be drinking that, he’s only 19!” Nancy said.

“Aww c’mon Nance. He was old enough to serve his country, wasn’t he?” My uncle, Jim, replied.

“One beer isn’t going to hurt him, Nancy.” Amira smiled.

“Ha, see! Doctor’s orders!” Jim winked at me. I popped off the cap and took a swig. Nancy looked displeased, but didn’t say anything.

“You coming hunting with us tomorrow morning, Drew?” My grandpa Frank asked.

“Wouldn’t miss it. This place is perfect for it.”

“Oh yeah. We’ll come back with a haul.”

I talked with my grandpas and uncles a bit longer before going off to hang with some of my cousins. There was a group of 4 boys here, all around 10-14 years old. They were playing around the creek and fields. Chasing frogs or some shit. Keeping themselves entertained solely on their imaginations.

Alex was with them, and seemed to be having a good time, until I showed up. She was in the difficult position of having a little in common with Maddy and Katie, and a little in common with the younger boys, but not a lot in common with either group. My guess is she didn’t want so seem too childish hence why she got more serious on my arrival. I know she was very studious and was pushed to excel by her parents. I don’t think she played any sports.

Sensing her discomfort, I attempted to partake in my cousins’ juvenile shenanigans. I play wrestled with them, and acted like I was gonna throw them in the river. Alex relaxed, and began to laugh again. Katie and Maddy came over.

“Oh, Drew. You’ve finally found your calling!” Katie joked.

“I’d do this all day if I could get paid.”

“We know.” Maddy said. The three girls laughed.

It was now the boys turn to be distracted. Katie and Maddy’s appearance rendered them a lot more quiet, and a lot more self-conscious of their behavior. While Alex was a cute girl behind her nerdy exterior, she didn’t hold a candle to my sisters. She also seemed more like the boys’ friend and playmate, as opposed to a hot older cousin that they didn’t know that well. The oldest of them, Brian, tried to show off.

“I’m sick of this, you guys are babies,” he said loudly, as he looked over in Katie’s direction.

“What?! You just said this was ‘badass’ like two seconds ago!” Phillip, one of the middle ones said.

“Shut up!” Brian shouted back at him. “You want me to beat your ass?!” Again, he looked at Katie.

But the girls ignored the bickering.

“Alex, I was hoping to hear you on the piano!” Maddy said, kindly. “Aunt Nancy was talking all about it. I have high expectations!”

“Uhh..well…yeah I guess I can play.” Alex responded, timidly.

The three girls hurried off. I made motions to follow them.

“Oh. Is Drew coming?” Alex hesitated.

“Nah. Girls only. Drew, go back to your WWE shit!” Katie said. She had a keen sense of when someone felt uncomfortable.

I went back to playing with the boys, laughing at them as they stared at the girls walking away.

Later that night, we gathered for dinner. There was roughly twenty of us in all, but Kevin and Amira had plenty of food for everyone. I couldn’t believe how well suited they were to host us. There were even enough bedrooms for Katie, Maddy, Alex, and myself to all have one to ourselves.

A few of us gathered for a show after dinner. It was a fantasy-driven show, and Maddy and Katie weren’t really into the genre. They had never watched it. But I loved it. It turns out, Amira did too.

“Oh my gosh I’m so happy you like it too Drew. Kev ‘tolerates’ it.” She said to me.

“I like it!” He overheard us from the kitchen, and yelled back at his wife.

“He has no clue what’s actually going on,” she whispered to me. I laughed.

Kevin and Amira snuggled up on the couch. I sat in a chair. Alex and Uncle Greg also seemed to be fans of the show, and were sitting on a two-seater.
About fifteen minutes into the show, Amira was proven right.

“Wait, who’s this guy again?” Kevin asked us.

“Seriously?” Greg asked him. “That’s the Lord of Karsonova. He’s Emy’s father!”

Amira made an overtly embarrassed look and glanced over to me as if to say See?

“Oh yeah, that’s right,” Kevin said, but we all knew he was lying.

The show ended on a cliff hanger as we all groaned. I had a good theory about where things were heading, and let my thoughts known.

“Barron is definitely going to end up being the killer. I think he’s actually Quatrina’s son. If that’s true, he has motive for everything.”

“YESSSS!” Amira exclaimed. “I’ve been saying it for weeks!”

“Really? I don’t know…he doesn’t seem important.” Greg argued.

“EXACTLY!” Amira and I said it in unison.

“I don’t know. What do you think Alex?”

“I mean…it does kinda make sense, the more you think about it.” She answered softly.

“Thank you, Alex!” Amira said. “Alright, that’s enough excitement for me. I gotta get Kiara to bed. Drew, Alex, we need to set up a group chat for the episodes down the road. Kev, once you figure out who Lord Karsonova is, you and Greg can have a good one too.”

“Ha. Ha.” Kevin let out a sarcastic laugh.

I made my way up to shower and went to sleep. The furnace was turned on, making the house cozy during the day, but incredibly uncomfortable in the night. I had to shed all the blankets except the thinnest one. It still wasn’t enough, and I slept in the nude.
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Re: My Sisters and Me

Post by drew »

When I woke up the next morning, my sheets were soaked in sweat. I got dressed and headed downstairs. Frank and Jim said good morning and handed me a cup of coffee. It was still pitch-black outside. The three of us gathered our hunting gear and made our way toward the woods.

It was a nice change up from the city. Peaceful and calming, surrounded by nature. We barely uttered a word the entire time. We bagged a few birds and the sun began to rise. Happy with our bounty and no longer trying to stay quiet, we talked more on the walk back to the house.

Once we got home, nearly everyone else had woken up. Thanksgiving was the next day, and the adults were busy getting food prepped for the big meal. Katie was also helping out.

“Oh, thank heavens!” She announced with fake jubilation when she saw the birds we were carrying. “The boys have saved us everyone! Thanksgiving is back on!”

“You’re damn right, young lady!” Grandpa Frank laughed. Katie winked at him.

Frank and Jim went to clean the meat. I overhead the piano and walked into the room it was coming from.

Alex was playing as Maddy sat beside her. Nancy wasn’t exaggerating, she was really fucking good. Though she stopped when I entered.

The young boys were playing video games in the same room. Brian, was again doing his show off routine.

“You don’t have to stop Alex,” I said.

“Yeah Alex. Your playing soothes my soul as I own these noobs!” Brian looked back at Maddy after he said it. “Hey, by the way Alex, you said you were gonna show us how to beat this part!”

“I uhhh. Did I?” Alex’s cheeks went rosy as she looked at Maddy and myself. She was again dressed in oversized clothing, this time with a hoodie on. Her straw-colored hair pulled into the same ponytail as the day prior.

“Yeah, c’mon Alex!” Adam, the youngest of the boys said.

“I don’t remember…” Alex evidently didn’t want Maddy and I to know about her gaming hobby. I’m not sure why. I loved video games and knew exactly how to beat the particular part the boys were talking about. But I was curious what Alex would do, and didn’t say anything.

“Jeeze, Alex you’re good at everything!” Maddy encouraged her. “Feel like I don’t have any talents compared to you.”

Brian whispered something into Phillip’s ear and the boys started cracking up. Maddy ignored them.

“Ah come on you play soccer and run track!” Alex said. “My mom thinks sports are a distraction.”

“Well, I guess that’s paying off Miss 4.0.” Maddy said. Alex blushed again, and looked briefly over at me.

“Alex come on, we’re getting killed here!” Brian pleaded.

Reluctantly, Alex got up and made her way over to where the boys sat. She beat the portion on her first attempt, showing them the tricks. We watched them play a little longer before going our separate ways.

I was outside reading a book when I saw Amira arrive home from the hospital.

“Oh, hi Drew!” She greeted me as she got out of the car in her scrubs. A tight fitting, light blue pair.

“Hey. They don’t even give you the holiday off huh?”

“No sir. Not until Friday. I’d give you a hug but I have to get all this covid stuff off me first.”

“No worries.”

Being a physician, Amira was a stickler when it came to hygiene. She would get home from the hospital and immediately enter the mudroom to change out of her scrubs. The hospital-wear then went straight into the laundry.

“Hi sweetie!” Amira said excitedly. She had barely opened the mudroom door before Kiara came running to greet her.

“Hi mommy!” Kiara said. Amira lifted her into the air and gave her a big hug.

We all had a lighter meal for dinner, not wanting to overdo it before the thanksgiving feast. Afterward, we decided to have a game night, and gathered around the fireplace. We split up into teams, and my team ended up being myself, Phillip, Nancy, Frank, and Amira. At first, our team wasn’t doing so hot. And Katie let us hear it.

“Whenever you guys want to join us, feel free.” She mocked. She pointed to a whiteboard keeping score. Our team had zero points, and the others all had at least 4 each. Katie’s team, which included Alex, was in first place, with 7 points.

“It’s not fair!” Phillip pouted. “The teams aren’t even; they have the smartest two people!” He pointed at Katie and Alex.

“Now, now Phillip.” Nancy began. “Yes, they have Alex.” She completely disregarded Katie. My mom looked annoyed, but Katie didn’t give a fuck. “But we do have a doctor.”

It was odd the way Nancy said it. It certainly didn’t come off as complimentary. Amira noticed it, smiled at me and rolled her eyes.

I took charge the next round, offering a different strategy. Nancy instantly tried to shut it down.

“Oh, come on Drew. That will never work,” she said. “Had you gone to college you would know that.”


“There’s no need for that, Nancy. If you continue to put people down, I will ask you to leave.” Amira came to my aid.

But I didn’t need it. Nancy’s bitchiness had ignited my competitive spirit.

“Yeah, no it’ll work. I’ve seen it succeed with much more at stake than a game night. Also, you’ve led us to a big ol’ bagel thus far, Nance.” I said, as coolly as I could, pointing at the big, fat, zero on the board.

Fuck her

Amira smiled at me. Frank and Phillip agreed with my strategy and Nancy sulked in the corner. Round by round, our team clawed its way back into the game. We were now tied with Katie’s team. It was the final round.

“Oooooh I think Katie’s nervous!” Maddy pointed out.

“She is nervous!” I laughed along with Maddy.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Nancy glaring at me and Maddy laughing together.

I know you, you little pervert. Her stare said.

“It’s game night guys. Relax.” Katie scoffed.

The round was played. Amira and I were in sync, and we won again.

“Champs!” I announced as Katie groaned.

“Bullshit!” Brian blurted out. He was on Katie’s team.

“Watch your language, young man!” Nancy snapped.

“You guys knew the category!” Brian ignored her. He pointed to Amira and me.

“Indeed, we did!” Amira celebrated cheerfully. She did a little dance and gave me a high five.

“It’s alright Bri. We’ll get ‘em next time.” Katie winked at Brian. He flushed red, and suddenly, wasn’t so angry any more.
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Re: My Sisters and Me

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The night’s sleep wasn’t any better than the first. I sweated my way through it, before waking up early. I joined Frank and Jim for another cup of coffee. I walked over to a large, indoor pool that Kevin and Amira had had built in a separate shed.

I completed a swim session. The shed was heated, but the water itself was nice and cool. It felt soothing on my skin. As I was getting out and drying off, Frank was coming in to get some exercise of his own.

“Use it or lose it.” He said. He joints popped and cracked as he stretched.

When I got back to the house, Katie and Alex were in the kitchen.

“Where were you at?” Katie asked, noticing my damp hair and swimsuit. She was already dressed in her Thanksgiving attire: a light grey, well fitting sweater and black leggings. Alex was dressed similarly, though her sweater was darker and much baggier.

“Went for a swim.”

“Is that pool…clean?” Katie asked. She looked at Alex, who gave her a shy laugh.

“Of course, why wouldn’t it be?” I replied. Katie shrugged. “It feels so good in the morning after being in this sweat box all night.”

“Oh my god it’s SOOOO HOT!” Katie cried.

“It really is.” Alex agreed.

“I thought I was the only one! No one else said anything yesterday.”

“Yeah, well. Pool’s cold,” I said.

I went upstairs, showered, and got dressed. Once I was finished, I helped out with some of the meal preparations. Then I plopped my ass on the couch to watch some football. I watched the first half with my uncles, as well as Brian and Phillip. At halftime, Brian asked me to go throw the football in the yard with him. Phillip joined us.

We tossed the football around for a little while before Katie and Maddy came outside. Brian started throwing the ball a lot harder. He dropped a few that came his way and began cursing to himself. On one of his drops, the ball rolled over toward Maddy. She picked it up, and tossed a decent spiral over to me.

“And you said you had no talents,” I said.

“Throwing a football isn’t exactly gonna land me a scholarship Drew.” She and Katie laughed. We played catch for a little longer before going back inside for the second half of the game. The girls disappeared.

Near the mid-4th quarter, I got up and walked over to the fridge to grab a beer. I saw Kiara, running around the area.

“Hi Drew!” She yelled out. She was running around in circles with her arms in the air.

“Hey Kiara,” I answered back.

“My mommy’s home!”

I hadn’t seen Amira all day, but she did say she had to work. She must have just gotten off.

“She’s in there! And she’s nakey!” Kiara cackled. She waddled over to the mudroom door and pushed it open. “It’s Mommy’s BUTT!”

And it was. Amira was bent over tossing her scrubs in the laundry. She looked to be completely naked, with her little brown ass in my direct line of vision…

“Sweetie! Shut the door!” Amira yelped and turned to face her daughter – and myself.

I was blessed with a short-lived, full frontal shot of my cousin’s beautiful wife. Her breasts were average sized. Lemon-shaped with dark nipples.

“Drew!” She shrieked when she saw me. Her tits jiggled when she instinctively shot both arms across her chest. In doing so, she hung her pussy out to dry. It was well groomed, pretty, with black peach fuzz. “Oh Drew, I’m so sorry!” She gave an embarrassed laugh as she hurried over to the shut the door – her box still exposed. I was speechless, but grudgingly turned my head to be polite.

I grabbed my beer and could hear Amira lecturing Kiara from behind the door.

“Sorry Mommy,” Kiara said.

I went back to the couch as soon as possible. I tried my best to focus on the game as Kevin sat right next to me. If he only knew…

A confrontation with Amira was inevitable so I figured best get it over with. She was setting the table and I went over to help.

“Oh, hey. Thanks Drew.”

“Yeah, uhh about earlier…”

“Yes, I’m sooo sorry!”

Not sure why she kept apologizing…

“Sometimes, this one just gets a wittle too excited to see her mommy!” She picked Kiara up and tossed her in the air as the little girl giggled. “I keep telling Kev we need a lock on that door. Maybe NOW he’ll listen to me!”

“You told him?”

“Of course, Drew. Kiara was gonna tell him at anyway.”

“Right. But he’s not…mad?”

“Why would I be mad?” Kevin appeared from behind me. “Whole thing’s pretty funny if you ask me. Besides, accidents happen.”

“True. Hey…can we just keep this on the D L for now?” I asked. There were plenty of people I didn’t want hearing about it. Nancy, for sure. Maddy and Katie might react weird. My mom, obviously.

“We can try. Can’t promise Kiara won’t announce it though.” Amira said. She must have seen anxiety on my face. “RELAX Drew, it’s really not a big deal.”

I took Amira’s advice and acted as normally as possible during our big Thanksgiving feast. Kiara, having the attention span of a 4-year-old, didn’t even come close to bringing up what had happened earlier. We all gorged ourselves and went back to watching football afterward.

“Any chance we can get the temperature turned down tonight, Kev?” Our mom asked. It seems she too was struggling in the heat.

“Yeah, I’m sorry guys, our HVAC system has been having issues. It’s either this, or sub-50s. And I don’t have enough blankets if we choose the latter.”
There were collective groans.

We had some more drinks, but everyone was too tired for another night of games. It was an early sleep for most of us as the tryptophan kicked in.
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Re: My Sisters and Me

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I'm back.

A lot of new characters to adjust to with this Thanksgiving holiday gathering.

I like how you set up for Amira's exposure in this most recent part by making a point of describing her routine when she comes home from the hospital in the previous part. There was enough foreshadowing there to set off my 'potential exposure scenario' alarm. And the payoff with a fully nude Amira was a great way to cap it off.

On one hand, I'm hoping Kiara doesn't blab because it'll no doubt cause problems for certain members of the family. But on the other, if word reaches Katie and Maddy that Drew saw another woman naked... their competitive jealousy might strike up again with some rather pleasing results.

My 'potential exposure scenario' alarm is currently going off regarding that busted HVAC system. That's been built up over the last few installments. Drew's been sleeping naked since they arrived and I've got a feeling that he's not the only one. Maybe a late night fire alarm could create some more fun gratuitous exposure?
-Mick Gesitt of the Mountain
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Re: My Sisters and Me

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A really great story. I like the character line-up with their specific characteristics. Furthermore, I'm really enjoying the slow pace of this story allowing to really dive into it.
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Re: My Sisters and Me

Post by drew »

My sheets were once again damp in the morning, but I looked forward to swimming in the refreshing pool. I shared a cup of coffee with Frank and Jim, then put my swim trunks on and headed over to the detached shed.

I did a few laps and was starting to feel rejuvenated. I could feel my body burning through last evening’s spread. While I caught my breath on the side of the pool, the shed door latch went up, and the door swung open. Katie walked in, wearing a hoodie and sweat pants. Her silky brown hair was lazily tied into a messy ponytail. I shouldn’t have been too surprised to see her, given my advice from yesterday.

“Morning,” she greeted me.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Carpet Katie,” I said.

“Ha! Fuck off,” was her reply. She slid her hoodie up over her head revealing a skimpy black bikini top. The sweat pants dropped down easily and she had on a matching black bottom. “And you said ‘Muff Maddy’ wasn’t clever. Yours is way worse.”

“You had two weeks. I had two days.”

“Just a little education lesson for the guy who didn’t go to college,” she smirked. “Carpet begins with a C, not a K.” She said it very slowly, like she was teaching a toddler.

“Yeah…K is way harder than M.” There was a brief pause.

“What a bitch, right?” Katie switched the topic back to the college remark that Nancy had first made.

“Yeah…think it’s safe to say she doesn’t like me.”

Katie laughed. “She’s a miserable old cow. I feel bad for Alex.” She eased her way into the water. “Ahhhh, you weren’t kidding this feels great.”
Katie dipped her head into the water and did a few laps of her own. I finished my workout and got out of the pool. The water dripped down my rippling muscles and I noticed my sister checking me out.

“Hey, by the way…. it’s gone anyway,” she said. She swam over to the stairs and emerged to the surface. She began walking toward me. Her hair was now wet and flowed down the front and back of her chest.


“It’s gone…so you can’t call me ‘Carpet Katie’ anymore,” she said the words ‘Carpet Katie’ in a deep pitched, scornful tone.

I stared at her before I realized what she was telling me.

“Ohhhh,” I said out loud out as enlightenment struck me.

“Ohhhh,” Katie mocked. We looked at each other for a bit.

“No, it’s not,” I eventually said.

“Yeah, it is!”

“Then prove it.”

“What!? Ew! No!” She said.

“Yeah, you’re bluffing. No way you did it here.”

“I swear!”

“Whatever you say, Carpet Katie!” I turned to grab my towel.

“Okay, fine….Here.” I looked back at my sister. She grabbed her bikini bottoms and slid them down to her mid-thigh. Holy shit!

Turns out…she wasn’t bluffing. For the first time ever, I had a well-lit, crystal clear view of Katie's freshly shaved vagina. It was smooth and symmetric, with a teeny-tiny slit at the bottom. She had her head turned away from me, and her eyes were squeezed shut in a bashful manner. She did this cute thing where she kept her hand close by her privates, knowing she should be covering, but not actually wanting to. “There….happy?”

She finally looked back at me, but left her bottoms down. She shifted her eyes to my trunks, which were slowly expanding in size.
“Yeah, you’re happy,” she smirked. She looked me in the eye, then back down to my rigid shorts, then back to my face. “I seem to remember you saying I was ‘disgusting’,” she softly echoed Maddy’s retort from a similar situation – not forgetting my harsh words in the ski resort hot tub.

“Can I see the top half?” I blurted out, dumbly.

She laughed. And possibly thought about it for a bit. “No,” she decided. “No, that’s….no.”

“Come on….what’s the difference? This –” I nodded at her flashing her pussy for me – “is worse, right?”

“You’ve seen it already.”

“Just a quick peak?”

“Not happening, bud.”

I didn’t see her budging on the issue, so I decided to create some more fun. As she should there with her guard down, I pounced at her, like a cat chasing its prey. I grabbed her bottoms and yanked them down to her ankles.

“Ahhh!” She yelped, but impulsively stepped out of the bottoms in order to not trip over them. I leapt back into the pool with my prize in hand.

“Drew!” Katie now covered her cooch and jumped into the pool after me.

We wrestled in the water. There was a lot of groping - from both of us. Feeling her smooth puss and ass rub up against me was heavenly. I felt her hands clumsily brush my dick a few times. Thank God the pool was cold, otherwise I would have came on the spot.

I swam over to the edge and propelled my self back up to the concrete deck, half her bikini still in my hands. She followed and I turned back to watch her come out of the water. She used both arms to pull herself out - meaning more priceless views for me. She gave me a playful grin as she saw me, once again, surveying her charms. It was so awesome she was FINALLY letting her guard down with me.

She strutted over to me, slowly and not bothering to cover. Half-naked and dripping wet, with her buck-naked vagina glistening in the light; she looked like a fucking super-model. I was lost in a trance. But we were both about to be shocked back into reality.

We heard chatter and the latch to the shed began to turn.

“Oh fuck!” We both said. I unconsciously dropped Katie’s bottoms. She had nowhere to hide and nothing to grab for cover, so she crouched behind me, using my body as a shield.

The shed door swung open and Brian and the boys came barging in. No adults, I let out a sigh of relief. The boys were wearing their swimsuits and had towels in their hands. It took them a minute to piece together the scene they just walked into.

“Sup, Drew,” Brian said.

“Hey guys,” I replied. Katie had her hands on my shoulders. Her head was ducked behind my own.

“Who’s behind you?” Phillip asked.

“Is that…Katie?” one of the others said.

“Yeah, yeah it is,” said Brian.

“Hi boys,” Katie said nervously. She peaked her head out and smiled at them.

“Why are you hiding back there?” Brian asked.

“Uhhh well….there was a little accident,” She shivered. “Why don’t you guys give me a sec, and I’ll tell you all about it.”

“Is that your bikini on the ground?” Adam was the one who saw it.

“What? No…that’s…no,” Katie fumbled.

“Holy crap it is!” Brian exclaimed. “Wait a second….are you….naked back there?”


“You are!”


At this point, trying to talk our way out the situation with these horny boys was futile. And so, a devilish thought crept its way into my brain.

“Hey guys, I got an idea,” I said. “Any of you have your camera phones?” They all nodded, and pulled out their phones with excitement.

“Don’t you fucking dare!” Katie whispered viciously into my ear. She dug her nails into my scapulae.

“You guys wanna see something cool?” The boys’ faces lit up in anticipation.

“Drew. I swear to God. I will fucking kill you! Drew, Please!” Her whispers grew increasingly desperate. Begging. She ran her nails down my back. I winced in pain but took hold of both her wrists. The boys had their phones locked and loaded….

“Taaa Daaa!” I jumped to the side and lifted Katie’s arms up into the air. She squealed in embarrassment as the boys’ cameras flashed.

“Holy shit! She’s BUTT naked!”

“Check out that BALD EAGLE!” Brian shouted with glee. He was probably the only one old enough to notice that.

Katie struggled with me for a few seconds before I let her go and jumped back into the pool. Not thinking, she jumped in after me.

The boys rushed over to the edge with their phones. They couldn’t see much now.

“Alright boys you’ve had your fun. Now get outta here!”

“We can wait all day,” Phillip said.

“So can I,” Katie said, with false bravado. We all knew she was trapped like a rat.

Katie continued to tread water, slowly heading to one side and the other. But the boys circled her like sharks, covering all 4 corners of the pool.

“Whatever. I’m not getting out in front of you guys. Eventually your moms are gonna call you for lunch.”

“Our moms are shopping.” Adam said. Katie’s smiled faded. And then, I remembered something.

“Oh shit, Katie….”


“This is around the time Grandpa Frank came swimming yesterday.” I told her.

“You’re lying.”

“Swear to God…This is gonna look bad for all of us.”

“Then go get my suit!”

“Well….it’s mostly gonna be bad for you,” I grinned.

“Uggghh, your’re such a dick,” she groaned.

“But seriously, he’s likely coming soon. They’ve already seen it and have video anyway. Just do it quick.”

She looked at me sternly for a bit, but I could tell she was becoming increasingly nervous. She quickly glanced at her surroundings and made her move.
She dove under the water and swam like a dolphin over to the edge where her bottoms lay. She exploded out of the pool and I was treated to a glorious view of her bouncing bare butt. As she stood up, I got a peak of her pussy lips from behind. They looked like two cute, miniature bananas from my point of view. Brian filmed from the front and she quickly covered with one hand. The other grabbed a loose towel and wrapped it around her waist. She grabbed her bikini and stepped into it.

“Show’s over, perverts!” She grabbed her clothes, threw him on, and stormed out of the shed with her middle finger in the air.

“Duuuuude. That was soooo awesome!” Brian said. “Thanks, Drew!”

“Anytime,” I laughed. “By the way….you guys better not show those to anyone.” I nodded at their phones. They agreed. I dried off myself and headed back towards the house.
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Re: My Sisters and Me

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Love most the new characters. Nice for Brian and his friends to get in on the fun! Slower pace usually isn't for me in an enf story but I do like the character building, it makes the payoffs more rewarding
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Re: My Sisters and Me

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I was on extra guard when I got my shower after swimming, just in case Katie tried to pull something. I made sure the door was locked and I brought my clean clothes into the bathroom so I wouldn’t have to exit into the hallway in a towel. When I unlocked the door and walked out, I saw her head peeking out from behind the room she was staying in. She quickly disappeared, and I heard her giggling like an idiot.

“Thought you were smarter than this, Katie,” I announced.

“Well, I thought you were dumber. Seems like we both misjudged each other,” she said, before shutting the door to her room. I heard the lock switch. She probably wanted to hide out for a bit.

I walked down the winding staircase to the first floor. Once I got there, I saw Brian and his cronies running around excitedly with their phones. They gave me an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Yeah, that was probably a mistake encouraging picture taking.

I put my finger over my lips, looking around to make sure no adults were close. The only people I saw were Maddy and Amira. Maddy waved me over to them.

“Amira’s realllllly got me second guessing choosing nursing as a major,” Maddy said.

“ALL healthcare, in fact,” Amira added.

“Why’s that? They make good money and it’s only a few shifts a week usually, right?”

“Yeah…but both of those things are for a reason, Drew. It’s a miserable job. Always staying late, always stressed, rarely ever get recognized for what you do. And dealing with the general public can be a pain.”

“What else should I consider, Drew? I really thought I was set on nursing.”

“Don’t know why you’re asking me, I didn’t go to college, as I’m sure you all remember?” I don’t know why I kept bringing this up. I wasn’t even that mad over it.

“Oh, that was so mean!” Maddy said. “I can’t believe she said that, you’re one of the smartest people I know!”

“Well, unfortunately when I say the ‘general public’, I mean people like her, Maddy. 9 out of 10 patients can be lovely… but you get a single one like that and it ruins your whole day.”

“That sucks”

“Yeah. You should talk to your sister, about it. She seems like she has a wonderful job. Where is she?”

“Yeah, where is she!?” Phillip squeaked excitedly. He and the boys had walked over to us.

“Ha! Hit puberty much?” Brian taunted him, and then glanced at Maddy for approval.

“I saw her upstairs in her room when I got out of the shower,” I told them.

“Yeah, maybe I’ll talk to her about it. She does have a lot of fun at her job. She just…I don’t know…doesn’t seem to be helping people? Which is why I thought nursing would be good for me,” Maddy said.

“I’m sure she helps plenty of people, just in different ways,” Amira said.

“She helped us!” Phillip said with enthusiasm. This dumbass. Amira looked at him quizzically.

“Oh, Alex! There you are!” Maddy cried out to her cousin who walked into the room, once again, dressed in her typical plain manner. “What do you plan on majoring in when you go to college?”

“…ummm I don’t know,” Alex glanced at me, then looked down and away. “I have time to decide - at least I think I do. But my mom thinks otherwise. She says I should start my applications and planning for stuff now.”

Of course, she does.

“You guys are boring,” Brian said, as he let out an obnoxious yawn. You’d think the little shit would’ve had enough excitement to last a lifetime in the morning. “Come on Alex, who cares about this crap. Come show us how to beat the next level! We also caught this really sweet turtle you should see!”

“Oh…uh…” Alex looked at Amira and again at myself. “Not right now guys. Maybe later.”

“Sucks to suck!” Brian said. “Let’s go find Katie guys!”

“Yeah!” Phillip said.

“You can go play with them if you want, Alex. We can chat after,” Maddy said. Alex blushed a bit.

“Why are they so obsessed with Katie all of a sudden anyway?” Maddy looked my way. I shrugged. She narrowed her eyes at me suspiciously.

“Anyway, what were you’d saying Alex? Any idea what you want to do after school?” I hoped to redirect the topic of conversation.

“I was actually thinking I’d like to something in entertainment.” She didn’t make eye contact with me, but it was the first full sentence she said to me the entire weekend.

“Really?” Amira blurted out.

“Well…behind the scenes stuff, yeah.” Alex paused, addressing Amira’s doubts. “Maybe writing, or directing. I think it’d be cool.”

“That would be so cool!” Maddy said. “Just don’t forget us when you’re famous!”

“Yeah, right” Alex’s rosy cheeks returned. “But my mom will never let me choose that as a major anyway, so who knows.”

“Don’t let her control your decisions, Alex.” Amira said. “Trust me, coming from a brown family, I know. It was just a fact that I was going to become a lawyer or a doctor. No other option. I did it and it’s…..okay. I mean I love my life and there’s aspects of my job that are fulfilling. But you never wanna wonder what if.”

At the end of Amira’s life-lesson I saw a blur of motion through the large windows in the great room. Katie was in hot pursuit, chasing the boys down. I had a feeling I knew why. Luckily, the girls didn’t see her.

“Yeah, Alex. That’s a good point.” Maddy agreed. “I know my mom’s not near as strict as yours, but she gets on me ALL the time. She never lets me do what I want.” Maddy gave me a quick smile before turning back to Alex.

“Both of your parents love you, and they really do mean well. You’ll see that one day. Just don’t be afraid to take chances when you’re young,” Amira started. “Within reason of course,” she felt the need to add.

“Good talk guys!” Maddy said.

I walked away from them, eager to see what was going on outside. On my way out, I saw Katie heading back to the porch. She was sweating, which was odd for a chilly day. But she was grinning.

“Your little perv friends couldn’t wait a full hour before showing off their porn to me,” she caught her breath. “Which means it was only another hour before they showed everyone else in the house.”

“Yeahhhh, sorry about that.”

“No harm done. Lucky for you, the evidence is gone. Cause if the little fuckers told anyone I was DEFINITELY bringing you down too….”

“Did you delete them from the deleted folder?”

“Oh yeah, I’m not an idiot. I mean could you imagine Nancy’s reaction? Oh boy, it would NOT have been pleasant.”

“Hahaha. Thanks.”

“Anytime,” she shook her head, matter of factly. She continued huffing and puffing and sat down on the porch swing.

I continued on down to the creek side where I found the boys. I think Phillip may have actually been crying. I couldn’t help but laugh at them.

“Why are you laughing, she deleted it!” Brian cried out.

“I warned you guys not to show anyone. Ya couldn’t last one hour, she said.”

“We only showed her! Who cares?! She already knew about it anyway, we weren’t gonna tell anyone else!” Phillip said.

“And now it’s gone forever!” Brian added. “You gotta help us get her again. Maybe when she showers!”

“Yeah!” The other three pitched in excitedly.

“Look guys. It’s probably not a good idea for you to have naked pictures of your cousin on your phones, anyway.”

“Yeah…it’s an AWESOME idea!” Brian gave Phillip a high five.

“It was only a matter of time before someone else found them, or heard about it. And then we’d ALL be in huge trouble.”


“So, take this as a lesson. Next time something exciting happens to you, just keep it to yourself, alright? It’s that simple. Just keep your mouth shut, and enjoy it. Understood?”

“Understood,” Phillip replied in a stern manner.

“Understood…but if you guys ever see Katie, Maddy, or Alex naked you better fucking show me!” Brian said. I rolled my eyes at his language.

“Ha. Alex. Yeah right. She probably swims with a sweater on,” Phillip muttered. The other boys laughed, and I left them to it.

I made my way back up to the house where I found Kevin, Greg, and Jim working in Kevin’s garage. I went to help them out. We drank a few brews as we worked.

“So Drew, Kevin tells us you had a little uh…incident with his wife yesterday?” Jim asked. The color dropped out of my face.

“Ha! Look at him! Greg said.

“Just a naked lady, son! You’ve seen one before haven’t ya?” Jim said, with glee. He spat out some tobacco.

I looked at Greg in fear. Please tell me Nancy didn’t tell him about the incident with Maddy. Dear God, please…..He didn’t say anything. Whew.

“You told them?” I asked Kevin.

“Just guy talk, Drew. Relax…. pretty nice though, right?” He winked at me.

“You definitely out-kicked your coverage, cuz,” I said, feeling the heat form in my face as I said it. My uncles chuckled.

I finished helping them and it was already time for dinner. Afterwards, we attempted to light a fire out in the backyard. The winds were picking up, so it took some time. Jim, Kevin, and I all struggled.

“All these boy scouts and they can’t even figure how to do something our ancestors mastered 2 million years ago,” Katie said. The other women laughed.

Eagle scout, Katie,” Jim corrected.

We continued to struggle, but eventually, the wood ignited in flames.

“whoooo!” My mom cheered.

The family spent the evening by the fire, telling jokes and stories and enjoying each other’s company. I - and I’m sure Katie - were nervous the boys would blab about the pool events. But they seemed to have learned their lesson on keeping quiet. They focused on making their smores, much calmer compared to their ecstatic high from the morning. I savored the fire as it was my last night at Kevin’s place. Amira, Katie, Jim, and I were the last four hanging out, before the weather caused us to pack it in.

The rain came down, and I actually welcomed it. I usually could sleep better with some white noise. I settled into my bed, and drifted off to sleep.....


The thunder blasted through the walls, waking me up from my slumber. I looked at my phone, it was only 4 AM.


It sounded really bad out there. While some light rain was good, it was going to be impossible to fall back asleep with the volume of this thunder.


The unmistakable sound of lightning splitting wood rang my ears. The wind howled against the house. I threw on some clothes and hurried out of my door to check on the others. Most of them were already up and making their way downstairs.

Katie and Maddy were both in skimpy little cotton shorts. Brian and the gang were creeping excitedly on their butts and legs from behind. I also saw Alex, wearing a hilariously oversized nightgown that draped down to her shins. She had on her signature black glasses and had already tied her blonde hair back.

Everyone was chatting nervously, trying to figure out what to do.

“It’s not tornado season, is it Kev? Jim asked. We had all made our way to the great room by this point, but it was still dark.

“In Kansas, all year is tornado season.” Kevin uttered. “But, no…they are usually in the spring.”

“I could’ve sworn I heard a branch fall,” I said. I saw Alex near the window. “It was over there, Alex, if you want to take a look.”

“Here, sweetie. Let me get the lights for you, so you can at least see where you’re going.” Nancy said.

Alex began walking closer to the window. Nancy switched the light on.

“Ugggggh,” there was a collective groan from the family as we all squinted to adjust our eyes.

“Well at least the power’s not out,” Greg said.

Alex was right near the window now. She pushed her face right up against it.

“I don’t really see anything,” she said, softly. She turned back around to face the family.


The wind blasted against the large windows, pushing them open. It continued to blow into the great room with great ferocity and crashed against Alex, who was still near-by. Alex’s large, loose night gown blew out of control, up and over her face.

“OHHHHHH!” The family gasped in shock as it was revealed that - likely due to the heat - Alex was not wearing ANYTHING underneath. And boy was she hiding some secrets under all that ill-fitting clothing.

Her boobies were bigger than I imagined. Her stomach was flatter than I imagined. Her pussy was…. balder than I imagined. Completely hairless, in fact. Bet her mom didn’t like that.

Her screams weren’t loud, but you could hear the panic in her voice as the wannabe entertainer put on a mortifying, butt-naked show for the family. I felt so bad for her, but she looked so good. She struggled to control her nightgown as the wind continued to howl against her. At the same time, she gawkily tried to cover up, but we still saw it all.

“Whoah!” Brian and his buddies cried out. They had zero shame, and rushed forward to get a better view of their geeky pal’s big tits and shockingly smooth, shaven coochie.

As everyone’s attention was on Alex and the boys, I widened my eyes, and took in some better looks myself. Alex’s pale boobs had large, pink areolas, and sat nicely on her chest. For not playing any sports, she looked to be in decent shape. Her creamy-ivory skin had no imperfections or discoloration - even down to her naked, bare vagina.

Needless to say, I was now hard-as-a-rock. I felt a hand rub against my dick. Startled, I jumped out of my trance, and saw Maddy standing next to me. Her eyebrows were raised and she had an accusatory grin on her face as she felt my erection. She quickly let go, not wanting to be seen, and shook her head, still smiling. But her smile quickly faded to a sympathetic look for Alex.

Greg had finally rushed forward and threw a blanket over his daughter. That’s when I saw her. Nancy. Oh shit. She was staring daggers through me, and was the only person not looking at the exhibition. Who knows how much she saw, but she looked as if she could murder me right there on the spot.

“Come on,” she said coolly, to no one in particular.

Greg had finally got Alex under control and I saw her face. It was beat-red with humiliation. She did a quick look around the room, confirming to herself that everyone had seen everything. She dropped her head in embarrassment and walked over to Nancy.

“I don’t think my family’s safe here right now,” Nancy continued, still staring at me. “Kevin, Amira. Thank you for your hospitality, but we’ll be leaving.” And that was it. The three of them went upstairs, grabbed their luggage, and were out of the house within ten minutes. None of us even had a chance to say goodbye.

My mom and Frank tried to calm people down, but there was no going back to bed at this point. That was obvious. So, they started cooking a big breakfast for everyone. I went upstairs to clean up and get stuff ready for our own departure. Katie and Maddy were outside my room.

“Heard you enjoyed that, huh Drew?” Katie looked at me. She wasn’t laughing or smirking though. She actually had the same jealous look on her face that I had seen when Maddy was exposed.

“Yeah, he did!” Maddy laughed. She didn't seem the least bit jealous.

“Come on…that’s just…. natural. I can’t help it. Shut up you guys,” I said. Maddy continued laughing and went back to her own room.

“Was it ‘just natural’ yesterday morning with me?” Katie whispered to me.

I thought about it for a bit, before just saying it. “No.” I replied, truthfully.

She turned away from me and shut her door. I’m pretty sure I saw a smile creep across her face as she did so.

I went back downstairs and overheard Phillip and Brian having a heating discussion in the game room.

“Dude, I told you. They ALL shave!” Brian said with excitement. “The hot ones anyway…. ask Drew.”

I got the hell out of there as quick as I could, not wanting anything to do with that debate.

I scarfed down the hearty breakfast that was prepared for us and began saying my goodbyes to the family. I finally got a hug from Amira. Kevin winked at me when she did it. I rolled my eyes at him. We loaded our bags into the car and Kevin drove us to the airport. My mom, Katie, Maddy, and myself flew back to the city. I dozed off as Maddy rested her head on my shoulders. I couldn’t believe the run I was on, seeing all my hot family members nude.

Maybe I should reconnect with my dad after all. I can’t even tell you how many smoke-shows he has on his side of the family….
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Re: My Sisters and Me

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I realized I had read and loved all your postings to this story but had only thanked four of them. I just went through and made sure I thanked all of them and managed to get you to over 100 thanks total. I love this story, please don't quit anytime soon! I'm hoping you're just taking a well deserved break right now with all my heart, "My Sisters and Me" has been all I've had to look forward to at the end of the day for a good while now. Take care!
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