Trapped in the Shower -- Part 15 (June 21)

Stories about girls doing the pantsing, stripping and humiliating to boys.
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Re: Trapped in the Shower -- Part 4

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Need more!!
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Re: Trapped in the Shower -- Part 4

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You really are turning up the temperature very nicely here Executionus!
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Re: Trapped in the Shower -- Part 4

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I don't usually like ENM stories, but this is hitting my buttons, good work so far
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Re: Trapped in the Shower -- Part 4

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dublinjohn wrote: Tue May 24, 2022 5:51 pm I don't usually like ENM stories, but this is hitting my buttons, good work so far
Honestly the more I worked on the outline of future parts, the more I really wanted to embarrass the hell out of the girls just as much as the guy. That's going to make this much longer than I originally planned, but it's worth it. This story will probably end up with a pretty equal ENM to ENF ratio by the end of it.
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Re: Trapped in the Shower -- Part 4

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Executionus wrote: Tue May 24, 2022 8:29 pm
dublinjohn wrote: Tue May 24, 2022 5:51 pm I don't usually like ENM stories, but this is hitting my buttons, good work so far
Honestly the more I worked on the outline of future parts, the more I really wanted to embarrass the hell out of the girls just as much as the guy. That's going to make this much longer than I originally planned, but it's worth it. This story will probably end up with a pretty equal ENM to ENF ratio by the end of it.
I approve this message :D
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Trapped in the Shower -- Part 5

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Part 5:

I can barely believe that I just had the courage to say all of that out loud! I just dared all three of my best friends to strip naked behind towels precariously held by the other two, while their hands were also held outwards by the same girls. I had thought about that dare earlier during our truth or dare game when I was outside...and clothed. One of my biggest turn-ons is hidden nudity and another is a woman's shyness. This dare maximized both, and even had the risk of accidental exposure! I couldn't bring myself to ever say it out loud to them before now. I never said things like that to any of the girls, not wanting to act like the other meathead guys at school that they didn't like. I never wanted to lose my status as "one of the girls".

And yet tonight, with them egging me on (and trapping me in the shower naked), I finally did it. After I said it, I felt a wave of nervousness and regret...worried what their reactions would be. I was scared that they would get mad, refuse the dare, and that it might mess up the intense sexual tension in this bathroom right now. Is it weird that I was so worried about making them mad at me for being too sexual, even after what they had done to me first? Probably. But these young women are my entire world, horny jerks that they are.

After the initial wave of swearing and frantic freaking out the three of them did when I made the dare, Lisa was the first to respond with a real sentence "Jesus Christ, Erik! For real? I didn't know you had that in you!"

Jennifer blushed and smiled at the same time, sarcastically saying "You're an asshole, little boy"

Lisa then giggled and turned towards Jennifer "No! Pervy Erik is best Erik."

Her reply surprised me "Wait, really?"

She then practically screamed with a gigantic grin "YES! You should be naughty more. You might even get your wishes sometimes...."

That got a blush out of me. Meanwhile Kelly had turned to face the wall again, unable to make eye contact with any of us. I had to ask her "Kelly, are you ok?"

She waved her hand at me behind her back, still not turning around "Soon! Gimmie a second."

Jennifer then whispered something clearly naughty into Kelly's ear, which led to Kelly immediately squealing and running out the open door where I could no longer see her. I don't know what she said, but that reaction was priceless. My only guess is that she must've teased Kelly about dropping her towel on purpose or something. Both Jennifer and Lisa nearly died laughing at her.

While Kelly was out of the room, Lisa grabbed the taller Jennifer's head and pulled her into a whisper of her own. Lisa is poor at keeping her voice down, though, so I heard bits and pieces of what she was saying. Every word Lisa said was causing her to turn a deeper shade of red, though, that much was obvious. One line that I caught fully was her ending the whisper with "...when I say Hall"

I started wondering what naughty scheme she was plotting, especially since Hall is my last name. Jennifer's mouth dropped and she quietly half-whispered to Lisa "Are you SERIOUS??"

Lisa put her hands in front of her mouth and nodded super fast four or five times. I don't know what her plan is, but whatever she just made Jennifer agree to do has Jennifer looking flustered as hell. When Kelly walked back in the bathroom, both of the other two tried their best to regain poker faces.

Kelly weakly spoke "Ok...I'll do it. It's only fair to Erik. But guys, PLEASE, no funny business. I'm dead serious. I'm begging you both. And Erik...please, please, PLEASE don't show those pictures to ANYONE!"

Jennifer instantly added "Or else I'll knock you out!"

Quickly I replied "Of course! I wouldn't do something like that to you guys, you know that. I just wanted some of my own pictures from tonight since you guys are going to have so many."

Kelly sighed "You're right. It's only fair. I do trust you, Erik." She then looked at the girls "Please don't make me go first this time. I can't! I CAN'T! You two go first and maybe I'll be brave enough"

Jennifer scoffed "Weak! You're just as bad as Erik, I swear"

She always does that sorta thing of acting above the rest of us even though it's all a front, so I butted in "Big talk, why don't you go first then? Are you afraid?"

Jennifer pointed at me "No! I'm not afraid of anything. You just don't get to see me naked, that's all. I'm not afraid of it, you just don't get to see it. No boy does. Tough luck. I'll go first, sure, but you still won't get to see anything, NAKED boy."

Oh I was going to have fun with her. She can front all she wants to, but it was blatant that she was terrified. She was almost as scared as Kelly was, Jennifer just had to pretend otherwise as part of her pride. I guarantee that when she came up with this idea of offering me dares that she was banking on me doing easy ones like "kiss each other" or "do a naughty dance". She had no idea the levels of my horny mind now that they've given me full permission to not hold back anymore.

Finally the girls grabbed my big white bath towel from the towel rack and held it up horizontally in front of Jennifer. She had this adorable look of shyness mixed with rage all over her face. I grabbed my phone from the wall mount and readied the camera. An unforeseen problem presented itself, though: In order to see better and get better pictures, I was going to need to walk forward towards the shower door. From back here I wouldn't even be able to see their bodies if the towel fell, which almost defeats the point. So far I've been staying back against the wall to reduce what all they could see thanks to the blurry frosted glass, but if I walked right up to the door they would get an eyeful for certain. Seriously, the clarity of my body would increase far too much, even if it wasn't going to be 100% visible.

I walked up to the door with my left hand covering up, and my right hand holding the phone. Instantly Lisa scolded me "Hey! No covering! You promised!"

I gave her a cross look "Lisa, the fact that you can TELL that I'm covering when I'm this close to the door is WHY I'm covering up! This doesn't count for the other dare"

All three girls were getting a good look at me like this, significantly less blurred than what I had been earlier. They were making it pretty obvious that they could make out far more details right now and were trying to see behind my hand. Kelly in particular was trying to stare a hole in my hand with the intensity of her gaze, which was making me extremely nervous and embarrassed. With how hard I was, it was very difficult to keep everything covered and hidden with just one hand after all. It was written all over Lisa's face that she wanted to pick back up her phone, but she needed both hands for this dare and wasn't able to grab it.

Jennifer scoffed "Whatever. You're such a chicken. I'm not afraid, watch me!"

Awkwardly Jennifer grabbed the hem of her skimpy purple tank and lifted it up and over her head. Kelly and Lisa instantly snapped to attention, concentrating to make sure that they didn't drop or lower the towel to accidentally expose their friend to me. Jennifer being taller than the other two made it so that they had to hold the ends of the towel in a weird arm position to keep it high enough, but they succeeded in blocking off everything from Jennifer's neck down to her knees.

Jennifer pulled off her denim shorts next, and my heart was beating like crazy already. Even if I couldn't see it, she was standing right in front of me in just her underwear! I've seen these girls in bathing suits many many times, but this is underwear! And underwear was all that she had left to take off, which was a realization that hit her pretty hard. I was taking pictures for sure, wanting to remember this moment forever. Her confidence and speed both took a nosedive as she slowly reached behind her to unhook her bra. She seemed to linger back there for an oddly long time, as if she was chickening out. It surely didn't help her confidence that Lisa was giggling like a madwoman watching the oldest member of our group strip naked right in front of her.

My curiosity got the best of me, so I asked "Have you three ever seen each other naked before?"

Jennifer scowled, as if being reminded that she was about to be naked was such a criminal thing for me to say. The giggling Lisa then answered, with far more excitement in her voice than I expected "Topless, yeah, changing into jammies a couple times. Never the bottoms before though!"

Jennifer snapped "Shut up, Lisa! Keep your eyes up here or I'll hurt you. You too Kelly!"

Kelly actually turned away entirely with an ashamed look, choosing to look my way again instead. Lisa didn't even remotely pretend to change her view however. Jennifer was so nervous that she was trembling and getting rude with the girls, but that decision might come back to cost her. After all, the girls she's being rude to are the ones who are about to have absolute control over whether her parts remain unseen by me. It was so entertaining watching her try to pretend to not be embarrassed, because all her theatrics were accomplishing was making her look even more ridiculous.

Finally after a long stall, Jennifer unhooked her bra and tossed it away out the opened door. I got a quick glance at its sky blue color, and might have captured it in a picture. As silly as it sounds, just seeing her bra, not even on her body, was surprisingly hot and forbidden all by itself. Jennifer had one hand over her chest covering up, which I could tell by her posture even if the towel was still blocking everything from view. She then jerked her panties down her legs in two seconds flat, trying to get this over with. I absolutely snapped a picture of her cute pink panties around her left ankle, the ultimate forbidden clothing item that boys are never supposed to see. When those were tossed away next, that was when it really hit all four of us...Jennifer was NAKED! The oldest of our group, our "leader", the tall, blonde, and busty badass Jennifer, stood there now in front of us without a single bit of clothing on her stunning body.

Jennifer pretty obviously had her arms covering her body top and bottom, shivering behind the towel. She could see me taking more pictures of her and it was like her life was flashing before her eyes. The payback felt amazing, but also this was tremendously sexy. My hand trying to keep "Little Erik" down was having to struggle and I kept feeling myself throb. I was tempted to lightly touch myself, but that carried a HUGE risk of the girls noticing and I couldn't possibly bear that shame.

Kelly then sympathetically offered "Jennifer, you have to give us your hands now. Walk up into the towel first, though, so it doesn't accidentally move or anything"

Jennifer did exactly that, letting the top of the towel rest just below her shoulders. Seeing those bare shoulders with no straps of any kind was so hot by itself that I was going crazy inside. Jennifer is naked! A naked girl is standing in front of me in my bathroom! I accidentally gasped slightly when she finally spread her arms to her sides, letting go of her privates so that only the towel and nothing else was covering them. When Lisa and Kelly firmly grabbed Jennifer's wrists and pulled her arms apart, I almost felt like fainting. Her arms are held to her sides now, so if the towel slipped for any reason I would see her breasts and probably even her lower area before she would have the chance to pull her arms free...and all four of us knew it.

The beet-red Jennifer yelled "Start the clock, you bastard!"

One minute. She had to stand this way for one minute, with me snapping any pictures that I wanted. After grabbing a couple like that, I decided to instead remain on standby just incase something epic happened. After about 5 seconds, something in me caused me to want to humiliate Jennifer more. She was being so rude to everybody during this dare, and she's always on a bit of an ego trip, so this was a rare opportunity to knock her down a peg or two. I've mentioned before, shy girls are my biggest weakness.

I slyly asked "Hey does it feel to be completely naked in front of us?"

The still-red Jennifer retorted "I dunno, why don't YOU tell us?"

I smiled, ignoring her redirect attempt "Gladly. I think you're frightened and embarrassed. You're shivering and your entire face is red. Are you afraid that the towel might slip?"

Jennifer scoffed "No!" in a truly unconvincing way.

I piled on "You know, you were very rude to Kelly and Lisa just now. I'll bet both of them are thinking about letting go of it"

Her eyes widened "You better not!"

I kept going "They are, I know they are thinking about it. And even more, they're the ones holding your arms right now. What if they let go of the towel, but DIDN'T let go of your arms? I'd see everything"

Jennifer's whole face was twisted by fear pretending to be anger "Don't you dare, either of you! I'm warning you!"

This was so good, so I continued "You have been trying to see me naked for like two years now, but you are always so high and mighty about not letting me or any other boy see you naked for any reason. Wouldn't it be funny if I got to see your tits and even your pussy completely, pictures and all, yet you STILL didn't get to see me fully nude? That would be such irony"

Jennifer looked down at the floor and moaned pitifully. She was trembling and pulling her arms back towards herself, even though the other girls were holding her wrists firmly in place. Lisa and Kelly seemed mesmerized by the erotically tense mood in the room, both deathly silent while staring at their naked friend.

I went in for the kill "Oh yes, Lisa and Kelly are both VERY tempted to drop that towel. They haven't bothered to deny it, have they? And I'm ready with my camera to save it forever. You might want to apologize to them very fast before they do it."

Red, shivering, sweating bullets, Jennifer immediately started pleading loudly "I'm sorry! You guys I'm sorry! Don't drop the towel! Kelly, Lisa, I'm sorry for being mean. I'm scared, ok? I admit it! You two know how insecure I am. I'm scared of any boy looking at me, especially if it's freaking ERIK! Please don't drop iiiiit"

Kelly quickly replied "Jennifer we won't, I swear it! Calm down! It's ok"

I snapped a couple more pictures of Jennifer looking so frightened and shy, because it was super sexy for me. When the minute was finally over, I almost tried to lie and prolong the show. My conscience took over though, so I announced that the minute was finished. Slowly the girls let go of Jennifer's arms, and she instantly yanked up her shorts and threw on her top. She may not have underwear anymore, but she was monumentally relieved just to have any clothes at all again. Despite all of her fears and all of my teasing, she managed to escape without flashing me at all.

Jennifer was now quite pouty "That wasn't funny, Erik."

Kelly responded "No, you deserved that. You keep teasing him and me about being shy about our bodies, when you're no different. Maybe now you'll stop"

Something weird was affecting Lisa, as she wasn't giggling, talking, or anything. It's rare for her to stay silent, especially after something epic happens. She had this look on her face like she was stoned or something, and she was rubbing her arms up and down.

I softly asked "Hey Lisa, are you ok?"

Lisa suddenly ran up to my shower door, which made me jump slightly since she wasn't allowed to do that. With me next to the door we were less than a foot apart, with me completely naked, which felt intensely intimate in a way that I wasn't ready for. She then whispered to me "Dude I got GOOSEBUMPS from that!!"

Before anybody could tell her to not try to peek on me, she quickly turned around and went back to the wall. Honestly I don't even think she was trying to peek or anything that time, like it didn't even occur to her as she was still riding the high from us tormenting Jennifer. I don't know if the other girls heard what she just said to me, but honestly I felt the same way she did. I was unfathomably hard after watching Jennifer tremble and shiver naked, barely covered, while I teased her. Lisa telling me that she felt it too sent a shiver up my spine. To think, two more girls had to stand naked in front of me just like Jennifer just did. The fact that Lisa had to go next was not lost on her, nor me.
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Re: Trapped in the Shower -- Part 5

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wow this is so good. the build on this is done really well.
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Trapped in the Shower -- Part 6

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Part 6:

It was little Lisa's turn to do the towel dare, everyone's favorite horny ball of youthful Latina energy. Except Lisa wasn't her usual bouncy self, she was still lost in her goosebump trance from watching Jennifer's experience a minute ago. As Kelly grabbed the towel again, I watched Lisa whisper something quick to Jennifer. Whatever she said made Jennifer turn white, but Lisa's face was carrying this gigantic grin. Her face looked like someone's expression right before they snatch some candy or something. It was just like the last time she had whispered something to Jennifer which involved using my last name, Hall, as the trigger word. It was killing me that I didn't know what secret plot Lisa was setting up with Jennifer, but my imagination ran wild with dozens of sexy fantasies (which surely would never happen in real life).

Lisa stood in the ready position, and even before the towel was brought up she was shivering and shaking back and forth. Her weight kept shifting left and right between both legs, almost like she was walking in place. She had this glazed look in her eyes, entirely different from the look Jennifer had earlier. Lisa was sweating bullets, and she was clearly nervous as hell, but she didn't seem ashamed like the other two. It was almost a look of intense anticipation. I probably had the same exact look on my face, to be honest. Lisa radiates sexual energy 24/7, and is always so cute about how openly she admires me (and my body). Having her actually strip naked for me was going to be such a huge rush, even if it was hidden behind a towel.

When the towel went up, blocking her from my sight, Lisa started breathing heavily out of her mouth. She couldn't keep her mouth shut anymore as she stood there inhaling and exhaling loudly enough to be heard. Just her standing there was intense even without her undressing yet. I know that I'm a clueless horny boy, but it seriously looked like Lisa was being sexually stimulated, as if just the anticipation of stripping naked for us was getting her off. Watching her rock back and forth with glossy eyes and her loud breathing was pushing me closer to wanting to get off too. Lisa finally moved her hands to her face to cover it and I could see them shaking. Unlike with Jennifer who earned every second of her punishment earlier, I actually kinda felt bad for Lisa in a way because this dare was overwhelming her from head to toe. She never once tried to back out, however, and I don't honestly think she even wanted to. She slowly and silently pushed herself until she found the courage she needed.

Lisa slowly lifted off her t-shirt, gently squatting to set it down. I don't think Lisa thought that move through, however, as it meant that I got a split-second look under the bottom of the towel at her in her black bra. I caught a picture of that without hesitation. The instant Lisa figured out that she was exposed, she leaped up and squealed. Something about accidentally flashing me her bra caused her to start the incessant giggling again, as if she just went through just as much of a rush from that as I did. I've always kinda wondered (ok, fantasized) if Lisa would turn into an exhibitionist one day. The way she was acting right now led me to believe I might have been right.

Once she gathered herself from her giggling fit, she slowly pulled down her white shorts. This time she made sure to stay standing, but I noticed something weird in Lisa's shorts during the 2-3 seconds they were under the towel: They looked like something black was in them. My confusion was resolved when I watched Lisa toss her black panties out the door like what Jennifer had done earlier. Wow! Lisa must've pulled her shorts and underwear off all at once, meaning that she was bottomless behind that towel. Jennifer and Kelly were watching her, and both of them had such weirdly embarrassed looks on their faces.

Kelly accidentally muttered "Oh my God"

Which led me to ask "What? What's up?"

Kelly then jumped "NOTHING!! Nothing! Nevermind! None of your business! Girl stuff."

Jennifer snickered before telling me "Lisa's shaved, bald as a baby"

Kelly screamed "JENNIFER!! Don't tell ERIK that, oh my God!"

I blushed just imagining it. Without seeing it, I now knew the status of Lisa's pubic region, which was apparently fully hairless. In addition, the other two had inadvertently revealed their own non-bald fuzzy secret due to their shocked reactions to Lisa not matching them. This knowledge was going to be very important to me from now on any time I imagined any of them naked, since now I knew for sure roughly what they all looked like down there.

Lisa blushed "It's ok Kelly. I'm not ashamed. I've heard that guys like it better that way. YOU like them better without hair?"

Damn, I got even redder than I was before. Lisa just essentially asked my opinion about her pussy! I almost froze being put on the spot, but I shyly answered "...Yes, kinda. It's easier to see everything that way."

After I said that, Lisa grinned wider than before. I noticed Kelly, however, frown a little bit. I didn't want her to feel insecure, especially considering that (even though she doesn't know it) she is the girl I love most. I quickly added "Not that I mind fuzzy ones, though. I'm not that picky"

Lisa was still shivering quite a bit as she finally reached behind her back and took off her bra, tossing it aside. Lisa was naked at last! I could only see her from her shoulders up, but I noticed the lack of tan lines on her smooth olive skin. I knew that she went to tanning beds sometimes...does she get topless for those? Even crazier, does she get NAKED in those? This line of thought was turning me on almost as much as seeing her standing here right now without clothing.

Her hands covered her body behind the towel, and her usual hyper enthusiasm was falling to her own nerves and bashfulness for a change. She kept rocking back and forth, shifting from right foot to left foot instead of standing still. The look in her eyes never stopped looking so intensely sexual to me. Jennifer was mad and ashamed when she got naked, but Lisa's face honestly looks like she's touching herself. I know there's no way that she is, especially with the other two girls staring at her uncovered, but her arousal is written all over her face. I wonder if I look the same way. I certainly feel the same way! The only thing, the one and only thing preventing me from playing with myself right now is the fact that the girls are right there in front of me watching. I would be humiliated if I got caught.

Right as I thought that, Lisa blurted out "Erik are you touching yourself right now?"

Instantly I reply "NO!"

Lisa, still sweating, still rocking, then said "It's ok if you are, gotta tell me. I mean it!"

My heart jumped when Lisa just basically gave me permission to masturbate to her. I barely manage to say "I'm not, honest. I couldn't do that with you all watching me! It would be way too embarrassing."

Kelly was speechless due to the current conversation. Jennifer had to move things along "Lisa, give us your hands already so your time can start, otherwise you're just standing here naked for nothing."

Lisa jumped when asked for her hands, but the next words out of her mouth shocked us all "No. Kelly, Jennifer...take my hands. Pull them off of me!"

I was stunned. Kelly gasped "Wh..what?"

Lisa was blushing hard "Just do it! Don't be gentle, RIP my hands off of me, then hold them TIGHT all the way apart. DO IT!"

Her loud outburst sent a wave of arousal through my entire body, head to toe. Without knowing it, she was begging to enact one of my greatest fantasies. Was it maybe one of HER biggest fantasies too? Everything about Lisa in this moment gave off the vibe that she was just as turned on as I was right now. I could barely take it. I seriously considered lightly stimulating myself just because I had never been this throbbingly-erect in my entire life and it was almost torture.

Kelly and Jennifer both stepped closer to Lisa, trying hard to keep the towel from dipping too low from loss of tension. They grabbed Lisa's wrists and simultaneously started pulling. Lisa was fighting back a little, holding on for dear life. She never broke eye contact with me, not even for a second. It was like she was feeding off of me staring at her like this, me watching her having her arms forcibly pulled off of her naked girly parts. I seriously don't know which of us was turned on more, the tension between us was unreal. Neither of us blinked.

When Lisa's grip slipped and her arms were pulled apart, she loudly gasped. Her gasp may have even been a moan, but whatever it was it was loud and primal. She was pulling back against them both, but she was the smallest of the girls and was easily overpowered. It was written blatantly all over her face: She WANTED to be overpowered. Lisa was getting off to the girls physically exposing her body against her will with me in the room. Meanwhile I was dangerously close to literally getting off from watching it. If I lost control and jerked it right now, I'd shoot so fast it'd be criminal. I almost forgot to even take pictures for a few seconds because I was so lost in a trance.

Once Lisa's arms were held fully apart I started her timer. I silently stared into her eyes, enjoying the sight of her bare shoulders and the truly intense look on her face. She never stopped shifting left and right, and I noticed her legs were parting slightly under the bottom of the towel from all of her rocking. She was bright red, sweating profusely, and still breathing loudly and deeply from her mouth. None of us said anything for 12 seconds, just lost in this moment of pure sexual wonder.

Lisa then broke the silence by whining "Eriiiik! Why aren't you teasing me?"

Confused I ask "What?"

Lisa whined again "Like what you did to Jennifer. COME ON! Please?"

God she was so turned on right now it was nuts. I've never seen Lisa even half this horny before, and I've literally caught her touching herself at the pool a time or two. She is getting off to the risk, to the danger of this. She wants me to stare at her, and she wants me to tease her about the towel dropping. God, I think she might even WANT the towel to fall. I don't think she even realizes just how massively she is playing into my biggest sexual fantasies right now, because I think she's actually living out her OWN greatest fantasy instead...right in front of me!

I can't disappoint her in her time of greatest need "So, you're wondering if Jennifer and Kelly are going to drop your towel and let me see you naked, huh?"

Lisa whimpered, her breathing getting louder. I continued "And you're not strong enough to break free. You already tried and failed. If the towel falls down, I'm going to see everything, including your bald little pussy. I'll even take pictures of everything and keep them forever"

I watched Lisa try to pull her arms free again, still staring right at me. She was shivering worse than before, and she moaned. This time it was DEFINITELY a moan. She then loudly yet nervously asked me "Would...would you cum to the pictures?"

I replied "Many, many times." I then remembered her repeated request that I tell her things about my sexuality related to her. "And I would text you immediately every single time that I came to your naked pictures"

Lisa responded with an intense moan, rolling her eyes in the back of her head for a second. Trembling Lisa's voice got super high as she begged "Yes! Yes please tell me! Tell me every time! Promise me!"

God damn I'm shaking so badly that I'm worried about accidentally falling forward and knocking the door open. I keep the pressure going "I promise...but only if the towel falls"

Wow, her entire face was filled with temptation after I said that, as if 90% of her brain was ready to make it happen. She lightly moaned again and then whimpered "Erik, do you want my towel to fall? How badly? TELL ME YOU WANT TO SEE ME NAKED! TELL ME HOW DESPERATE YOU ARE TO SEE ME!"

I blurt out "I've never wanted anything more in my entire life! I've never been harder. Do YOU want your towel to fall? Tell me how badly you WANT me to see you naked, and how badly you want me to cum to your pictures every night!"

Lisa was lost in a trance of pure arousal. Her higher brain was switched off. I don't think Kelly or Jennifer could believe what they were witnessing, as both were silent and in shock. Lisa then screamed loudly enough to echo "FUCK FUCK FUCK, OH GOD, PLEASE KEEP LOOKING AT ME ERIK HALL!!!"

Hall, the code word. When Lisa screamed my name, suddenly Jennifer let go of her corner of the towel! For the tiniest of microseconds she held firm to Lisa's wrist as well, sending a jolt of shock through all four of us that felt like it went by in slow motion. Jennifer then let go of Lisa's arm as well right as the towel fell to the ground dangling from Kelly's hand alone. Lisa shrieked and spun her body towards the stunned Kelly at the last possible second to prevent me seeing her front side, but as the towel fell to the ground Lisa's bare back and even bare butt were right there in front of me! Lisa was naked and I could see her, head to toe! I took pictures so fast again and again to where I risked overheating the camera! Her butt was impossibly cute, round and bubbly, zero tan lines, and it jiggled beautifully as Lisa started bouncing in place like a frightened maniac.

Lisa was screaming and bouncing so much that Kelly froze in shock, not realizing that she was still holding Lisa's right wrist tightly and trapping her like this with me watching. After at least five seconds, Kelly finally rebooted mentally and released Lisa's hand. Still squealing, Lisa ripped the towel out of Kelly's hand and sprinted out the door with towel in hand. She was finally out of my sight, but now I had tons of bare ass pictures of her on my phone. Lisa at least kept her front side hidden from me, but for the first time in my life I just saw one of the girls FULLY BUTTASS NAKED!! And I even have pictures of it. Holy crap! I'm literally speechless, frozen in amazement at what just happened.

Kelly was dumbfounded, looking around at all three of us back and forth with her mouth opened in pure shock. Eventually she turned to Jennifer and angrily demanded "Jennifer how could you? You did that on purpose! How could you do that to her??? That was horrible!"

Jennifer put her hands up as if she was surrendering "I'm sorry! She told me to do that!"

Kelly was still mad "No she didn't! They were just playing, she didn't ACTUALLY want you to make her flash him! I can't believe you"

Just then Lisa ran back in holding the towel horizontally over her front side. I don't know why she didn't wrap it around herself fully, but her entire back half was still bare. It seemed like she ran in without thinking about herself once Kelly started chewing out Jennifer. Lisa kept her backside facing the wall out of sight, but seeing her standing there so poorly covered was quite a rush.

Lisa quickly tapped Kelly's shoulder and said "Kelly, Kelly, Kelly! It's ok. It's ok. Don't be mad at Jennifer. I told her to do that to me earlier. I did, it's true. I should've told you too, I just didn't think about it."

Kelly saw Lisa's barely-covered state and quickly pulled the towel flaps behind her, tying them in a quick knot. Kelly then asked in disbelief "You mean you actually WANTED the towel to fall? With HIM watching?"

Lisa giggled, looked at me, looked at Kelly, looked at me again, then whispered into Kelly's ear loudly enough for me to secretly hear "That got me SUPER wet"

Kelly was still in shock "You're crazy! You're literally crazy."

Lisa whispered loudly again "I bet he's touching himself in there now. I sure hope he is! Don't you?"

Kelly blushed and refused to answer the question. I was just as stunned as she was, possibly more-so. I managed to speak "Wow. You really do get off to the idea of me getting off to you, don't you? It's like that Halestorm song"

The cute girl in a towel immediately answered "Yes! Exactly like that! I tried to make it look like an accident, but oh well. So much did you just see?"

I smile "You got lucky that I didn't see anything on your front side, but I saw everything in the back. You have a super hot butt by the way"

Me complimenting her nude butt caused her to look downwards and blush, which was adorable. She then asked "Can you send me one of the best nude pictures you took? I want to see what you saw"

Suddenly Kelly got nervous "The pictures! Geez, I almost forgot. Erik please don't EVER show anybody those!"

I reply "I won't. Don't worry. We're all taking pictures tonight, but they're all just for us four. Right?"

I checked my Photos list for the clearest one, which showed every inch of Lisa's body from behind head to toe, including her sexy back, firm legs, and that perfect butt. I sent this to Lisa and waited for her response.

Her face got super red looking at her own naked body on her iPhone screen. She mumbled "God, that's a hot picture of me."

Kelly looked at Lisa's phone screen with such extreme concern on her face, followed by pleading to me "Erik, you can't keep pictures like that of her! That's too embarrassing! You can see her whole butt clearly. It's not like the ones we have of you, those are just teases where we can't really see anything for real."

Lisa smirked "It's fine, Kelly. I know he wouldn't share them. I trust him. I want him to keep them." She then turned to me "You want those pictures to jack off to, right?"

I shyly utter "Ummm"

Lisa continues "Please, I beg you, do what you said earlier. That's all I ask."

I was a little confused "Do what?"

Lisa answered "Text me immediately when know. To me. Every single time from now on, day or night, forever. Please? I know I'm weird, but...I just want to know. It makes me feel all special and warm inside to imagine being your fantasy. It makes me feel sexy and loved to imagine you doing...that...looking at my body. Wanting my body. Wanting me. Please Erik? Promise me!"

I'm blushing pretty hard from such a deeply intimate request, but I shyly reply "Ok. I promise."

Lisa wiggled in joy "Yay! Oh, and do you want me to text you when I do naughty stuff looking at you?"

My mouth hangs open "Umm. Yeah sure! That would be pretty hot. I'd like that, especially if you finally get to finish for once"

Jennifer then ruined the moment by yelling "Get a room you two!" As soon as Jennifer said that, Lisa broke into yet another fit of giggling like a goofy maniac.

Weirdly, Kelly then took Lisa's hand and excused them both, walking her out the door into the rest of my house where I couldn't see them anymore. That left me here alone with Jennifer, me still very naked, harder than I've ever been in my life, literally ready to blast off in 30 seconds or less of stroking if I stopped resisting the urge. Being alone with Miss Mastermind was a scary thought, but rather than try anything Jennifer chose to follow the other two girls, picking up Lisa's clothing on the way out. She ordered me to stay put, as if there was any chance of me leaving this shower stall with them still in my house. Jennifer also stole all of my clothes and the towel, just to remove any hope I had of secretly escaping from here and getting dressed while they were out. Her stealing my clothes made me very worried about not having any hope of getting out of this mess before any (or all) of them saw me naked for real.
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What He Sees

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What He Sees ----- Jennifer, Kelly, Lisa

So I had this strong semi-random desire to create an image of the three girls as a form of title page. This is probably a side effect of my Thirst Games albums and the horrifying sobering realization I had recently that I am mere weeks away from the 20th anniversary of me getting Photoshop (and that Father Time is kicking my ass). But none-the-less I gathered and merged together an image that I've titled "What He Sees". This is the view that our helpless naked protagonist Erik sees outside of his shower door, staring right at him and his barely-censored nude body this entire wild night. I added this to the first part of the story as a header image.

PS: I found the other two quickly with no difficulty based on searching their dominant physical traits, but it took me HOURS to find anyone who captured the intensity of Lisa.
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Trapped in the Shower -- Part 7

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Part 7:

**Kelly POV**

My chest was crushing me. I didn't expect this feeling, but it was intense. Watching Erik and Lisa flirting like that, her flashing him her back half on purpose, them promising to tell each other every time one of them got off to the other...the whole thing sent this massive wave of fear through my whole body. It's a fear I've had before, but never to this level. I had to know something. I had to ask this right now or I was going to go crazy. I dragged Lisa out of there by her hand, taking her to Erik's living room where we wouldn't be overheard.

I nervously whispered to her "Lisa...tell me the truth...are you in love with Erik?"

Lisa got visibly worried when I asked that "No! No Kelly, it's not like that. I wouldn't try to take Erik from you, we all agreed he was yours"

Her answer didn't convince me "Lisa, I didn't ask if you were letting me have him. If I wasn't here, like if I didn't exist at all, would you want to be with Erik?"

Lisa cringed "...Maybe? Probably. But you don't understand, that's not the way things are with me and him. It's SO different from what you two have. Erik is really awesome, and super hot, but I don't want to date him. The way he looks at you makes my whole heart melt. He doesn't look at the rest of us that way. We're his friends. We're his totally hot friends, but still just friends. When he looks at you, though, it's special. And it's the same way when you look at him. You guys are PERFECT for each other! Jennifer and I can totally see it. I like being naughty with Erik, yeah, he's super hot and the only boy that I can really trust. But I don't want to actually date him because it would be wrong. He's your boy. I want to find my own boy someday that looks at me the way Erik looks at you"

Her sincere response makes me cry, and I just start wiping away my tears left and right. I never expected such a deep answer from her of all people, but I guess even little Lisa can be serious once in awhile.

Lisa then started to panic "No, don't cry! Kelly I'm sorry, I'll stop doing things like that with Erik. I don't want to get in the way with you two"

I hug her "No don't do that. I don't mind that sort of thing. I'm not jealous, I never get jealous of you guys. Don't stop having your sexy fun just because of me. I mean it! Watching you and Jennifer be naked for him earlier was magical. I've never seen something so intense and sexy before. I kinda want to see more of you three teasing each other and want to see how far you guys are gonna go with it. I'm really glad I'm here to watch it"

Lisa calmly asked me "I'm confused. You enjoy watching me and her do sexy stuff for the guy you like that much? It doesn't bother you?"

Inhaling slightly, I brace myself to reveal one of my biggest secrets to her "I'd honestly share Erik with you both if I had the choice, kinda like we do already but more intimate. You and Jennifer are right though, I am in love with him. I've been in love with him for a long time. I love him so much that my chest hurts sometimes. But I'm scared, scared of ruining our group of friends by making a move. I'm not jealous when you guys flirt with him, tease him, mess with him, prank him, and even do sexy things together. You always can even if I marry him one day. I'm dead serious, I'd share him with you guys completely, nothing off limits. I'm just scared of this life of ours ending, what we all have right now going away if he and I dated. It's scary that it might ruin everything so I just stand around doing nothing. Of course, I'm also scared that me being this selfish about Erik would stop one of you from getting to be with him if you really wanted to do it. If you do love him, I'd let you have him, honest! But even though I would let you...I guess I'm also scared of being left out one day, afraid that Erik will choose you or someone else and you two would leave me behind to be alone. I'm scared of everything these days"

Lisa squeezed tightly "Kelly, you'll never be alone even if I have to kidnap you and keep you in my basement. And I'd do it, too"

At this point Jennifer joined us, holding all of Lisa's clothes...and Erik's. Jennifer heard bits of that and responded "Kelly, did I just hear you say you wanted to share Erik with us? Like, romantically and sexually? You're talking about a polycule aren't you?"

I look at her confused "A what?"

Jennifer answered me "A polycule. It's a fancy term for a couple that has more than two members, like one boy and three girls all together, where it's not considered cheating if any of them do anything with any of the others in the group. They're growing in popularity these days"

I blink "Wait...really? What? They are? Isn't that, you know, wrong?"

Jennifer smirked "Do I look like the type of girl who cares what other people declare wrong?"

Lisa, still hugging me, added "Kelly if you really want to share Erik like that, I would totally be up for it. You're awesome, Erik's awesome. Jennifer would too, even if she's never going to actually admit it out loud. It would be so amazing living with all three of you for our entire lives"

I tremble in Lisa's arms "Oh my God, you guys. Really? You would really enter a polycule thingie with me and Erik? I mean, I don't know what to say."

Jennifer then tapped the top of my head firmly and commanded "But step one, YOU need to declare your feelings to Erik. No more putting it off, it's time. We can figure the rest out later, but you two lovebirds need to finally get together first"

I bring Jennifer in for a three-way hug. I then utter the scariest sentences of my life "Ok. I'm going to do it. Tonight.... I'm going to tell him during my solo time later. I want to go last for that, and I'm going to confess everything. Please don't say anything to him before then. This is really scary. I really hope he doesn't turn me down"

Lisa giggles "Kelly, Erik would probably crawl naked over broken glass in order to date you."

Jennifer chuckled "Speaking of making him crawl naked, we should get back in there before he finds a way to escape. He's a slippery bugger and we're totally not done with him yet. And hey, Kelly, now it's YOUR turn for the towel dare"

My heart stops, just fully 100% stops. My face turns white. I barely whimper "Argh, don't remind me"

Lisa snickers "If you want, I can drop your towel for you and make it look like an accident, giving Erik a little bit of a preview of his future"

I look her into her eyes coldly "No! Both of you, no! Don't you even THINK of doing that to me. I'm serious. I'm not ready for Erik to see that much of me. If I ever let him see me naked, that first time is a once in a lifetime moment. I want it to be special, IF I ever do it at all!"

Lisa giggles "Suit yourself. I'm still frickin' SHAKING from standing there like that! Even before the towel dropped it was something else. I don't even have words. Seriously, no words. You'll see what I mean, Kelly. I've NEVER been wetter in my entire life!"

Jennifer then pointed towards Lisa's legs "Yeah I noticed. You should clean your thighs up with a paper towel before we go back in there. By the way girl, you even dripped on the FLOOR while you were standing behind the towel. You actually left a small wet spot. I didn't even know girls could do that!"

I made eye contact with Lisa's thighs under the towel hem, and oh my God Jennifer wasn't lying. Lisa's inner thighs are completely soaked right now, like she just squeezed open a watermelon with a scissorlock. Lisa turns red and motions for me to grab her a paper towel, which I quickly do. I try not to stare, but I can't help watching as cute hyper Lisa, who is naked under her towel, wipes her thighs dry. She even wipes her kitty dry in front of us, which had to be mortifying to do. I can't believe that she got that turned on from being held naked in front of Erik like that. She enjoyed it so much it was absurd. There's no way that I'll enjoy it...I'm going to be terrified the entire time!

I weakly plead "Both of you, I mean it...please don't drop my towel during my turn. I'm scared. I'm really scared. I'm...I'm not ready. Not for Erik to see me! Anyone but Erik."

Those two devious girls promised to be good for once, and at the end of the day I had no choice but to place my fate literally in their hands. No matter what, I have to stop Erik from seeing me completely without my clothes on. If nothing else, if absolutely nothing else...I can't let him see me with this bush down there. He just told Lisa that he likes them better without any hair, like hers. I already worry about not being able to match up with her stunning attractiveness, and now I learn that I have the wrong style of kitty cat for his tastes while she has the right style.

And Lisa is Lisa...I've got this crazy feeling that she's not bluffing about playing "you show me yours I'll show you mine" with Erik during her solo time later. He'll agree to her terms, there's not a boy alive who could turn down Lisa. One way or another tonight he's going to see all of her, even down there on her. I just know it for a fact, and I have to compete with that. I don't think I can compete with that at all, especially if mine is the wrong kind of one.

No I'm not jealous of Lisa with Erik, or Jennifer with him for that matter. No...I'm scared that if he saw my body as-is that he wouldn't like it, or maybe he would even think it was gross somehow. I don't really know what regular boys like and what they don't, and Erik isn't like any other boy even slightly. Before I ever ever let Erik see me undressed I have to make everything perfect! No stray hairs, no skin issues, definitely no blemishes, nothing to turn him off. I should probably be wearing make up too for that matter, unlike now. I want him to think that mine is the most beautiful body he's ever seen before, not just some random body he'll forget about by next week. I'm so not ready!!

I also feel so weird about the fact I'm not mad or jealous about them all seeing each other by the way, and I feel weird that it's quite the opposite in fact. I LOVE the idea of them seeing each other naked and doing things together. It fills me with this unexplained sense of joy, like I'm feeling all of their happiness, horniness, and fun vicariously. Watching them earlier with the towel dares was a huge rush that almost broke my composure utterly. It got me scared for a second of me cock-blocking Lisa, but never did I feel possessive of him at all. Seriously, I really do want them to keep doing that stuff even if me and Erik get together. I want them to flirt, I want them to flash each other, I want them to send naughty pictures. Hell I'd even take the pictures for them to send to each other! Why is that such a huge turn on for me? Why is ANY of this such a huge, unbelievable turn on? I would even watch either of them having SEX with Erik right in front of me and it would be hotter than 1000 porns put together. Don't get me wrong: I really...REALLY would prefer it if I got to be the one his first, to be his true #1, his favorite, the one that's always on his mind 24/7. But after that first time, I'd totally share him body and soul with both Lisa and Jennifer. It would be such a turn on to watch him be physical with one of them, or both of them at once...hell maybe even all three of us at once! I'm not attracted to girls at-all sexually, but romantically? I'm totally biromantic, I love those two completely, and I want them as an inseparable part of my life right alongside my perfect little man. Jennifer called it a polycule. I think I may have some kinda intense polycule fetish. I sure hope that doesn't weird Erik out or anything, but surely he couldn't possibly be bothered by permission to do things with three girls instead of just one, right?

...Or maybe he'll think I'm a freak and be put off by the idea. Love is so stressful! Confessing to Erik is going to be the hardest thing I've ever done in my life...but I promise that I will do it this time.

Lisa then woke me from my nervous trance by saying "Hey! We have a naked boy to watch, let's get back in there."

**Erik POV**

I'm standing here, alone, in my shower. The girls ran off without telling me why. I'm so freaking horny right now that I seriously consider getting off while they're not in here watching me, but a really scary thought hits me: If I cum, then my dick will soften and shrink aferwards. I don't want the girls to see me naked and the very idea scares me to death, but the only thing worse than them seeing me naked and hard would be them seeing me naked and soft. I couldn't bear it if they thought I was super tiny down there because they saw it post-cum when it has shrunken down significantly. That would be unbearable, worse than anything else possible. If the girls are going to keep staring at me in the shower, and especially if they somehow actually see it fully, then I at least bare minimum pray that it looks good and large to them. I want them to like my body, not laugh at it or think that I'm some pitiful loser for the rest of my life. I like this feeling I'm getting now from them being so horny for me standing here like this (even if it's really embarrassing), and I don't want to ruin it. So with that in mind, I have no choice but to refrain from cumming all night. It's going to be torture, but it's the only way to avoid the unbearable shame of not looking manly enough for them.

While they were gone, I decide that I might as well finally shampoo and clean myself, especially this damn mud in my hair. That was the entire reason I got in here in the first place, after all. I try to be quick about it, considering I just know those jerks are going to show back up at the worst possible time somehow. It's like a talent. I also try very, VERY hard to calm myself down from such an intense sexual high that I just had with Lisa. It doesn't help that I know who is next: Kelly. I mean Jennifer is a blonde bombshell and a sexy badass, Lisa is raw unrestrained sexiness without equal on this Earth, but Kelly. She's beautiful, sweet, kind, and amazing beyond words. I love her, even if I can't ever admit it. The way I feel at all times when she is involved is so different from anyone else, even Jennifer and Lisa. When Kelly is standing in front of me, naked behind a towel, I might forget to breathe. I will certainly forget to blink.

As I'm washing up my chest, I notice movement at the open door. The girls are finally back, and Lisa has changed back into her t-shirt and shorts. Quickly I rinse off.

Jennifer calls out "Whoa! Whoa whoa, that was kinda hot. Don't stop, do that again Erik!"

I blankly reply "What?"

Jennifer answers "Washing yourself, rubbing your body with soap. That was HOT! Keep doing that now that we're ready to watch you do it"

Figures, they would find watching me wash myself to be appealing. They love it when I feel vulnerable. I softly decline "Guys come on, it's not even your turn to dare again yet"

Lisa bounced "This isn't a dare, it's a bonus request! Pleeeease? Kelly, make him say yes!"

Kelly waves her hands "Hey, why am I always the one who has to make him agree to things?"

Jennifer patted her on her back "Because he can't say no to you, DUH!"

I really didn't need the girls to figure out that little weakness of mine. I also really didn't need Lisa to grab her phone again to resume her picture collection, but it looks like both unfortunate things just happened. Either way, this doesn't seem too bad of a request, so I suppose I can do it for them. I like it when they tell me that things I'm doing are hot. They've been telling me that things I do are hot a lot these days and it never fails to make me feel good (and also never fails to get me to give them what they want, which I've noticed).

I shyly reply "You girls are ridiculous. Fine, I'll do it, BUT...this means you owe me some type of special request of my own later."
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