Friends sister

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Friends sister

Post by BlueMenace »

So this is my and friends enm story that happened long ago when we were still young. Unfortunately it only contains enm content but I have though about writing an story loosely based on this events but with roles reversed. Well let's go straight to the story.

During these event my and my friend lets say Kyle were around 11 maybe 12 and his sister was probably around 15. It started when I were visiting my friend Kyle and we were jumping in a trampoline. At some point his sister decided to join us and we were all having fun. Well things escalated quickly an soon we were brawling each other.

I don't have clear memory of these events anymore but I remember that me and Kyle teamed up against her sister and we got a little wild. I don't know how started it but suddenly the brawl had evolved into a strip fight. Kyle lost his bottoms first and was now only in his underwear but her sister wasn't satisfied yet. Lots of struggle later both of us were naked waist down our clothes thrown over the trampolines safety net. That was actually first time any girl saw me naked. Apart from our best efforts her sister remained clothed till the end. I still remember how she laughed at our dicks and balls swinging around as we tried to topple her. After some time we just gave up and went to get our clothes back.

So what do you think. Should I write story about these memories with roles reversed or maybe a story which would contain both enf and enm. Please give me some suggestions.

Thanks for reading
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Re: Friends sister

Post by Jeepman89 »

Go for it. Write the story.
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Re: Friends sister

Post by TheBlushingPrincess »

Personally, I'd vote for seeing the role-reversal version as ENF. If it were up to me, I'd have it be two girls and a guy, and two of them team up on one of the girls, throwing her clothes over the net.
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Re: Friends sister

Post by NudeBaG »

Go for both
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