The worst time of my life

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The worst time of my life

Post by MissB123 »

This happened a few years ago. I have changed a few things but on the whole this happened.

At this point I was 18. I was at college studying politics. Everything was going fine. It was the summer holidays so I was off. I was a normal 18 year old. I was single at this point, just focused on my studies. I’m 5’5” so average height, brown hair and fairly normal.

I was walking my pet dog, Dug in the park. He’s a pug. I had recently bought myself a new summer dress from Top Shop, it was yellow with red and blue flowers on.
There were two parks near to wear I live. As it was a summer’s day I thought I would go to the larger one. As we were walking along I spotted three girls sat on a bench.

I noticed her straight away. It was Danielle Hall. I hadn’t seen her since school, so almost 2 years ago. She was always popular with the lads, loved herself and liked to think that she was better than others. I didn’t have anything to do with her. I knew she had bullied people in the past at school but never me or any of my friends. She was sat there with her two friends, Sophie Taylor and Susan Ross. They were always with her, even back then. Danielle was about my height. She has long dark hair. Sophie was blonde and Susan was similar to me. A mousey brown.
I carried on walking and thought I would just ignore them. We never really used to speak to each other so I didn’t see why I needed to make small talk and didn’t think she would want to talk to me either.
“Hey you!” Danielle shouted after I walked passed.
I turned around.
“I remember you. Were you not going to say hello to us?”
I wasn’t expecting this at all.
“Sorry I didn’t recognise you all. How you doing?”
Danielle now got up. She was about my size, she was dressed in all in black. Black t shirt and black jeans.
“Do you think you’re better than us? Is that why you were ignoring us?”
“What no. No not at all.” I could see that both Sophie and Susan were sniggering. “I just, I just didn’t know –“
“I’m joking” Danielle and the others burst out laughing.
“Oh right yeah.” I let out a nervous laugh as she approached me.
“What’s your dog called?”
“Dug. He’s very friendly. You can stroke him if you want.”
“Dug the pug” said Sophie. “Nice.”
I wasn’t sure if she was being sarcastic or not. This was making me feel very uncomfortable so I thought I need to leave.
“Anyway” I said “It’s nice to see you all but I have to get back.”
“Oh you don’t have to leave yet do you? Hey I like your dress.” Danielle was at least being nice to me.
“It reminds me of the summer dresses we wore at Primary School” she said.
It was a very similar style but a bit more floaty.
“Yeah I suppose it is a bit.”
“Hey you remember Clare don’t you?” Danielle now addressed the others. “At primary school on the hill?”
I knew what she was referring to. Back then at break time a lot of the girls would gather on the hill on the school field and practice handstands.
“Yeah we used to do handstands there.” She was laughing as she said this to me and to be fair I was no longer intimidated by her now.
“Ha yeah I remember. We didn’t have a care in the world back then.” I reminisced as It did bring back fun memories with the boys watching us.
“Yeah you were like me, you never tucked your skirt in, you just used to flash your knickers to the boys!”
She was right. Some of the girls used to tuck their dress into their knickers so not to flash anyone. I did them with my best friend Carla. We didn’t care. We knew the boys were watching and we did it for attention. Danielle, although not one of my friends, had been exactly the same.
“You would let everyone see your white knickers!”
“Well that was the whole point wasn’t it? It was fun. I remember you doing it too.”
“Yeah” said Danielle “you saw my white knickers too. God we wore boring ones back then, plain white.”
We both laughed as I looked over at the others who were just smiling at me.
“You should try it now.” Danielle pointed at my dress.
“What?” I heard what she said but I thought maybe I misheard.
“A handstand in your dress. It’s practically the same.”
I was shocked and laughed at the suggestion.
“Well I was about 8 back then. I can’t do it now obviously”
“Why not?”
“Well I can’t exactly show my knickers here can I? I mean I would have to tuck my dress in but I can’t do it.” I wasn’t sure now if she was joking or not.
“You probably have nicer knickers on today Clare so it’s fine. What do you think girls? Should she do it?”
I couldn’t believe what she was saying. Sophie and Susan both nodded in agreement. It was almost as if they didn’t have an independent thought of their own in their heads, they were now just Danielle’s minions. I had heard enough and this was no longer comfortable.
“Yeah that’s funny. Anyway like I say I have to get back. It’s been nice to catch up with you all.”
“No I’m not joking. You didn’t used to care. Come on do it.”
“There are people over there Danielle. I’m eighteen not a kid. I’m not doing it. Goodbye.”
With that I started to walk away with Dug. I had to get home as quick as possible. But I felt my arm being pulled as Danielle grabbed me.
“What’s the matter Clare? You don’t want everyone to see what colour your knickers are today? Are you still wearing white?”
“What’s wrong with you? Seriously! Stop! Get off me!”
At this point I let go of the lead but Dug just stayed at my side. I realised that Sophie and Susan were now here.
“Do the handstand now!” Danielle demanded.
“I, I don’t even think I can do them now. Look come on.” I was desperate to get out of this situation.
“We can help” said Sophie. “We can hold your legs.”
“What no.” They were serious about this. Danielle wasn’t joking.
“What colour do you think she is wearing? I’m guessing pink.”
“I was going to say pink” said Sophie. “Yellow.”
“I’m going for blue” said Susan.
I was panicking and couldn’t see a way out of this.
“Come on please. I can’t.”
“You don’t want everyone to see your knickers is that it?" Danielle was loving this now.
“No I don’t. Please Danielle.”
She burst out laughing.
“If you don’t do it I’m gonna rip that dress right off you so it’s up to you Clare. Either way everyone is going to find out what colour knickers you are hiding under there.”
I knew she wasn’t joking. She was still just as vicious as ever.
“Alright. I’ll do it.
I prepared myself. I realised that no one was close by so maybe no one else would notice. I told myself it would be over in seconds.
“Fine”. I flipped myself over on my hands. I felt my dress falling down but then someone grabbed my legs and pulled my dress down further. I knew now that my knickers were fully on show.
“Whit wooo! White with little pink hearts! Oh how cute!”
I couldn’t see her but I recognised Danielle’s voice.
“Alright let me up.” I knew I was beaming bright red, the only saving grace was that my face was covered by my dress.
“No keep it going cutie knicks.”
I felt someone tugging at my dress.
“Get it off her. Strip her!”
With that I fell over. My dress was still up by my waist.
Danielle then started to smack my underwear covered bum.
“Naughty girl cutie knicks!”
I think it was one of the others who was trying to pull my dress off over my head as I was lay on the grass.
“What the fuck?”
I didn’t know who it was but I knew it was a mans voice.
“Danielle what hell are you doing? Who is this?"
“We’re just having a bit of fun Dan. It’s nothing. It’s Clare from school. We’re just laughing at her knickers as they have little hearts on.”
Whoever had been pulling my dress released me. I lifted up my head and saw Dan Coleman and another guy I didn’t know staring at me. Dug came over and tried to lick my face.
I quickly got to my feet and straightened by dress. I was too much in shock to cry at my humiliation so I picked Dug up and ran. I didn’t hear anything from then as I ran as quick as I could.
As soon as I got home I took the lead off Dug and ran upstairs crying. I couldn’t believe any of this had happened to me.

I was tempted to tell my best friend Carla but I didn’t want to relive the whole situation. I just wanted to forget it. I hoped to never see Danielle and her friends ever again.

My Mum and Dad had spilt up years ago. My Mum had remarried and moved. I had stayed with my Dad. He had never remarried but he did have a girlfriend. Sarah was much younger than him, at 25 she was only 7 years older than me. We got on well and was more like an older sister.
A week later we had taken Dug to the vets. After that ordeal I hadn’t worn a skirt or a dress since. I was in my joggers and a top. I felt much safer now. Sarah was always attractive. Even today, in her tight jeans and white t shirt. She always looked stylish.
On the way home Sarah suggested that we stop at the park to take him for a walk. This was the first time I had been there as I had been avoiding the place since the incident. But it’s a big place. I’ve taken Dug there for the last 3 years and never noticed Danielle and the others before so its doubtful I would encounter her again today. It didn’t stop me worrying though.
As we were walking him we were chatting about where we wanted to go on holiday. It seemed that this was going to be an ordinary day. But then I saw her. Danielle was directly ahead of us. She was wearing what looked to be a white t shirt, black boots and a denim mini skirt. I couldn’t handle it and felt myself sweating.
“Sarah we have to get back to the car. We need to go.”
“What? Why what’s the matter?” Sarah looked ahead of the girls in front of us as I quickly headed to the car.
Sarah was shouting me as I hurried back.
“Hey! Clare! Clare wait!”
The car was locked so I had to wait for Sarah to get back to let me in with Dug.
As I got into the passenger side I fought back the tears.
“Right come on tell me what’s going on.”
“Nothing” I said. “I just think we need to get Dug home.”
“Come on it’s me. I saw you take one look at that group of girls and you legged it. Tell me what’s going on.”

And that was it. I broke down in tears.

As I sobbed I finally told Sarah everything. I felt total shame and humiliation as I recalled the entire event to her.
“I am sorry Sarah I didn’t tell you, I haven’t even told Carla”.
Sarah gave me a stern look.
“What are you sorry for? None of that is your fault. It’s assault.”
I still felt bad about myself for allowing it to happen but I could see that Sarah was extremely annoyed.
“We are not going to stand for this. They are not going to get away with this.”
“You mean we are going to report it? To the cops?”
My mind was racing. I would have to recount the whole embarrassing affair again. But this time it would become common knowledge. Now everyone would know.
“We could Clare. What they have done is illegal. They cannot be allowed to get away with it. Some sometimes there are other ways to deal with bullies.”
“Wait what do you mean?”
“We will sort this out between us okay? Don’t tell your Dad but we are sorting this out right now. Come on”
“Sarah what do you mean? You can’t be thinking of confronting them?”
Sarah got out of the car.
“Leave Dug in here. This won’t take long.”
I was now thinking if this was really happening. What was she planning? Was she going to threaten Danielle? Was she going to do to her what she did to me?
“Sarah what are you going to do? If you hit her we would get into trouble too.”
Dismissing my questions all Sarah wanted to know where Danielle and the others were. I could see them in the distance and now I was sweating as I pointed them out.
Sarah marched ahead and I hurried on behind as we reached them.
“Which one of you is Danielle?” barked Sarah.
Danielle looked terrified.
“Er me. Who are you?”
“Your worst nightmare bitch.”
Danielle looked drained and her friends Sophie and Susan appeared to freeze.
“Look what’s this about? I don’t know who you are?”
“You soon will. Do you recognise her?” Sarah pointed towards me. “You think it’s funny do you? Getting your kicks stripping her in public. You get off with sexual assault do you?”
“It, it was just a joke. I mean I didn’t mean any harm I-“ Danielle looked like she was about to cry.
“Shut up you skanky bitch. You get your sexual pleasures in other girls do you?” Shouted Sarah.
“No no it wasn’t like that. I mean, I mean. I’m sorry.”
“Save your apology. You are a disgusting bully and pervert. Not so cocky now are you? I wonder what the police would make of your behaviour? Look at me bitch!”
Danielle had been looking at the ground, afraid to look at Sarah in the eye.
“I said look at me!”
“Please miss” pleaded Sophie “we didn’t mean any harm. We thought Clare was having a laugh with us. Please don’t report us.”
Danielle was fighting back the tears now. My tormentor was now utterly broken before my eyes.
“Honestly I am sorry Clare. I really am. We were just having a laugh”
“I told you to shut up. Look at the state of you. Not so brave when someone stands up to you are you? How would you like it? How would you feel about stripping off here in the park?” Sarah was now totally in control.
“I, I don’t know.”
“Well maybe we should find out. See how it feels?”
Danielle looked confused and bewildered.
“What? You’re not going to go to the cops?”
“No” Sarah replied. “I think we can settle this between us don’t you. See how it feels for you?”
“Wait you want me to strip off? Is that it?” Danielle now looked furious. “No, no I won’t do it!”
“Oh yes you will! You are going to know exactly how it feels!”
I couldn’t believe this. I glanced over at Sophie and Susan who looked shocked. I had no idea this was Sarah’s plan. Danielle was going to experience what I had gone through. I felt almost sorry for her but victorious too.
“I won’t do it! No! No!” Danielle screamed as Sarah grabbed her. “Get off me! No!”
In the tussle Danielle and Sarah both fell to the ground.
“Help me!" Danielle pleaded as Sarah grabbed her skirt. As Danielle rolled around on the ground I could see her black knickers up her skirt. Sarah then started to pull it down and had it down by her thighs.
“Black knickers! That’s your colour today then! That’s how it goes isn’t it? See Clare she’s wearing black!”
At this point her skirt was around her boots and ankles when Sophie and Susan grabbed hold of Sarah from behind. Danielle looked humiliated as she stood up and her skirt completely fell off as she desperately tried to stop it. She was left in just her white t shirt, black boots and black lacy knickers but now looked angry.
“You will regret that!” she shouted as she punched Sarah who was being held by the two girls and doubled up in pain.
“I don’t know what you are laughing at?” Danielle said to me as she started to put her skirt back on. Sarah looked winded and struggled with Sophie and Susan. Danielle approached her again and punched her in the stomach and Sarah fell to the ground.
“Had your fun have you? Sophie get Clare!”
I couldn’t believe it. Sarah was in trouble and I’m just stood here. I froze as Sophie grabbed hold of me. The tables were turning. I needed to do something. I started kicking out at Sophie but it was useless as she got a grip of me.
“I’m glad you brought your big sister here Clare.” Said Danielle.
“I’m not her sister I’m her Dad’s girlfriend.” Sarah got up but both Danielle and Susan held her.
“Even better. So fine you’ve seen mine so lets play again. Wonder what colour knickers the girlfriend is wearing? What do we think?” Danielle now had her confidence back.
“White” shouted Sophie.
“Black” said Susan.
“Not a chance you will ever find out! This is your last chance. Or I’m going to the cops!” Sarah still sounded defiant.
“No you’re not. Not until we know the colour. Hold her still.”
With that Sophie released me and helped to hold Sarah with Susan while Danielle started to undo Sarah’s jeans.
“No fuck off! No!” Sarah screamed!
“No please don’t!” I pleaded. I couldn’t believe it was happening again. I had seen Sarah in her underwear around the house but I couldn’t believe I was going to see it now in public. She was now fighting a losing battle to retain her dignity.
“Pink! I see pink” Shouted Danielle as she opened her jeans. “Pink knickers! You have pink knickers on! How girly”
Sarah looked defeated now that Danielle knew this. Just as Samson had lost his strength when his hair was cut, the strength appeared to wilt away from Sarah as Danielle seems to easily pull down Sarah’s jeans. Her white t shirt gave her little protection. Sarah fell over as Danielle pulled her jeans off over her boots.

“Awww look at little miss pink knickers. Very cute. You don’t look so tough now in your pink knickers!” Sarah sat on the grass looking confused and dazed.
Danielle approached me.
“Pink to make the boys wink! Okay so here is the deal. So little miss pink knickers you will have to remove that top of yours. Let’s see if your bra matches or Clare you have to remove your pants.”
“You want me to take off my pants?” I asked?
“It’s up to you and little miss pink knickers there.” Danielle pointed to Sarah who now got up and tried, hopelessly, to put down her top but it was far too short to cover her up.

“I’ll do it” I said.
“No Clare that’s not necessary. Let us go you’ve had your fun”
“I don’t think so” Danielle placed her hands on my pants and Sophie and Susan were now behind me. “Either these pants are coming down or you lose that shirt.”
“Fine leave her alone. I’ll do it.” Sarah looked resigned to her fate. I couldn’t let this happen.
“Sarah no it’s alright. Danielle take my pants. Take them. I’ll show you my knickers.” I couldn’t even believe I was saying this but I didn’t feel I had a choice.
“Clare no! Please don’t!”
Danielle was grinning at this point. “Looks like you both want to show off so I’ll decide for you. And since you pulled my skirt off little miss pink knickers let’s see your bra!”
Without uttering a single word Sarah pulled her top over her head and took it off. Her white bra emphasized her large boobs, 36DD.
“Oh not even matching. Now we know what your Dad sees in her!” Danielle was almost cackling in her laughing and mocking. “But as Clare was so keen to show us, let’s see what colour her knickers are too!”
And with that Danielle pulled down my pants. I didn’t even put up a fight.
“No don’t!” said Sarah in almost a whimper now. But in seconds my pants were off.
“Blue, pale blue knickers! Not as cute as last time Clare!”
Sophie and Susan laughed and pointed at my crotch as I slumped to the floor. Danielle walked off laughing with her friends, still holding my pants and was carrying Sarah’s clothes. Her friends then followed her.
In the distance I watched them throw our clothes to the ground as they carried on walking.
Sarah was sat on the grass in just her bra and knickers. The fight in her had gone.
“Sarah I am so sorry. It’s all my fault”
“It’s not. It’s mine.”
I helped Sarah to her feet.
“I can give you my top to cover up.”
“No point in both of us ending up like this”.
She picked up her bag and we made our way to our clothes. A group of lads were walking towards us.
“Hey” I said “It looks like you’re in your bikini, you can’t tell.” I was lying. It was obviously her bra and knickers to anyone who saw her.
As we walked passed them they whistled and we could both hear the comments that they made. When we got our clothes we didn’t even bother putting them on, we just headed to the car where Dug had been patiently waiting. We both agreed to never discuss this ever again and certainly not tell my Dad.
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Re: The worst time of my life

Post by SDS »

Great story!

I loved the first part. I wonderful call back to more innocent days that we all remember.

With Love SDS xx
With love SDS xxx

Thanks to all my wonderful readers for your lovely comments. Genuinly they keep me writing for ya'll.

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Re: The worst time of my life

Post by Hooked6 »

I agree. I LOVED the first part but, even though the last part is stated as true, you lost me and my interest with the revenge part, which in my humble opinion took the story away from the innocent, playful exposure of the first part to something a bit darker and deliberate.

Thanks for posting.
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Re: The worst time of my life

Post by sandraallen »

Love it :) I am also a dog lover and I have a pug :)
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