Show me yours...

Stories about you or someone you know getting pantsed, stripped and humiliated, this forum doesn't really have to abide by the rules from the forums above, feel free to share stories about you (or someone you know) getting stripped by whatever or however.
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Show me yours...

Post by librarian »

Apologies in advance, I'm a very wordy writer.

Much like your average YA Fantasy novel protagonist, I was born and grew up in an insignificant little backwards village in the middle of nowhere. Unlike the average said protagonist, my life remained just as boring as my birthplace – but that’s not to say I didn’t have some adventures, and some of those can be shared here.

For several reasons my memory isn’t all that great – so I cannot recall some details about this story, although the substance of it is burned into my mind. I cannot remember how old I was when it happened, for example. Although I’m sure I was no older than twelve. Back then, during the summer school holidays (the Six Weeks Holiday, as we called it) some parents in my village got together and ran an activity club that ran roughly during school hours. This way parents could drop their kids off there and their lives wouldn’t be as disrupted as they would be were their kids at home all day. I was one such kid.

The activity club was run out of a small youth club building that was built in the corner of a playing field. At one end of the field was the club, at the other was a small playground with a slide, some swings and a little climbing frame. I was not a very social child – I wasn’t a fan of sports or other group activities, so I spent most of my time sat on those swings reading a book or a magazine or some comics or whatever I’d brought with me that day. It was while I was doing this when a group pf three girls approached me and said they had something to talk to me about. So I got up and walked with them as they explained themselves to me.

The lead girl, whose name I forget completely so let us just call her Hannah, was amazingly blunt with her proposal. So much so that I was stunned into silence for a few moments: “Would you like… To see my fanny?” (In my little corner of the world and at this place in time ‘Fanny’ was used almost exclusively to refer to a girls’ nethers. I understand it has other uses in other parts of the globe, but that’s how we used the word.)

After I recovered from the shock of such an appealing proposal I, of course, agreed immediately. “Yeah!” I said. The other two girls laughed, rolled their eyes at my perverted eagerness, and kept on chatting to eachother while Hannah went on to outline the rules of what would be, I guess, a game of “Show me yours, show you mine.”. She would expose herself to me, and I would do the same for her. The other two girls, who had no intention of revealing their privates to me, promised to turn away when it came to my turn. I was so caught up in the moment I barely heard them.
Together we walked to a corner of the field where there was a tall bush that we could all hide behind. Hannah and I stood, facing each other, about 5-6 paces apart. I took a deep breath, bursting with anticipation.

For her part Hannah barely skipped a breath. With no hesitation she pushed her leggings and her knickers down, before grabbing the front of her t-shirt and lifting it up, baring herself completely.

Just bold as brass this girl exposed herself, never losing the big grin on her face. I was simply aghast. Amazed at not only the wonderfully taboo thing being presented before me, but also at the brazen nature of how she went about it. She barely seemed to mind the fact that she was naked from her belly to her ankles right there in front of me. I could see her pale tummy, her skinny thighs and between those, at the join of her legs, a barely-visible little slit.

As the years have passed I have replayed this memory over and over and over again in my mind, recalling this single moment and lamenting my complete loss of any thought process. If only I had kept my wits about me. I could have approached her to get a closer look, I could have asked for her to turn so I could see her little bottom. I could have done so many things, but at the time, I was so overwhelmed by what was happening, it was all I could do to keep my tongue in my mouth.

In time she decided that I had gawked at her enough and she let her top fallback into place and hiked her knickers and leggings back up. She then looked right in my eyes, her smile still there, and I became suddenly, dreadfully aware that it was my turn.
Despite having discussed this on the way over only a few moments before, it was not until that moment that it really dawned on me what I would have to do. And I was not as brave as she was, far from it. I was mortified. I didn’t even know how I could do it. How could I show my most private, secret parts to this girl? And beyond even that terrifying prospect, there was the fact that we were out in the open, I didn’t even have the walls of a bedroom or the fences of a back garden to provide a sense of privacy, we were out in the open in a playing field, behind a bush, sure, but that was barely enough for the four of us to gather behind.

But I had made my promise. Me and Hannah swapped places. The two other girls, true to their word, turned their backs and covered their eyes. Not that it helped, at least one set of eyes was still glaring right at me. I tried imagining that I was invisible, but that didn’t work even for a second.
Well, there was no way I could put on such a blatant display as Hannah had shown me, so instead I tried to keep as much… dignity as I could. I fumbled with the button and zipper of my jeans and opened then, and then… with great effort… I pulled my underpants to the side, wiggling my parts out into the open and poking it out through my flies.

Even today I’m barely average, but at the time, as I’m sure you can imagine, I was so much smaller. So much that Hannah had to ask out loud for me to bring it out more because she couldn’t see it. I sighed deeply and pulled my jeans open further, bringing my little pink willy out into the fresh air as much as I could bear. I couldn’t look her in the face. I stared at the grass between her sneakers. “A little more.” She asked, and again I had to take a deep breath before adjusting myself further.

I didn’t know how much more I could take. I was barely breathing, and my face, no doubt, was bright red. I could feel tears building up in my eyes, but at that moment I heard the sound of a handbell being rung – the call for lunchtime. Hannah was startled by the sound and hopped back, and I took the opportunity to tuck myself back in and quickly zip myself back up. All the excitement of what I had seen just a few moments before had gone, replaced by shame and embarrassment at having my most private parts out in the open. I turned and sprinted back to the clubhouse and spent the rest of the day huddled in a corner – not making eye contact with anyone.

I never spoke to Hannah again. She only came to the activity club a few times and her family moved out of the village soon after, and once again my future self would look back and lament at the missed opportunities for further adventures with her.

I’m a simple person and even now, so many years later a basic game of “Show you mine.” Is still the pinnacle of erotic play to me. The combination of innocent exploration, of embarrassment and mutual trust, all for something so simple as showing someone else your genitals still brings me out in excited goosebumps.

I would have precious few similar experiences in my life, but this one remains one of, if not the most influential memory I have when it comes to my, I guess, sexual awakening.

Thanks for reading. :3
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Re: Show me yours...

Post by TheBlushingPrincess »

That is really sweet and beautiful. Thank you.
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Re: Show me yours...

Post by ely »

I don't usually like other people's real stories but this reminded me of some guys' behavior towards me. You were a sweet, inexperienced guy in front of a beautiful girl, plus you felt insecure about the size of your penis. It is not clear if she was older than you, but in any case your behavior was normal, while that of the girl really cheeky. I'm sorry you didn't have a chance to talk to her about this.
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