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Caught On A Fence

Posted: Wed Mar 23, 2022 11:49 am
by MrMongo
A bunch of us were skipping school. To out the back way we had to climb a fence. Everyone in jeans went over the fence no problem, but there were two girls in mini-skirts. One of them was little chick so a friend and I grabbed her by the wrists and under the arm and hoisted her right over the fence no problem.

The other girl was too tall and too thick to lift up like that, so she had to climb the fence without aid. She got over the fence going up, going down however caught her mini-skirt lifting it up exposing her shear panties. The more she struggled the tighter the fence grabbed her dress. We all could see her furry little triangle through her panties. The other girls there tried to free the larger chick while the guys hooted and hollered. It was a wonder we did not get caught. The big girl who was caught was laughing so hard it was a wonder she did not wet her panties.