Firefighter Story

Stories about you or someone you know getting pantsed, stripped and humiliated, this forum doesn't really have to abide by the rules from the forums above, feel free to share stories about you (or someone you know) getting stripped by whatever or however.
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Firefighter Story

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I worked with a volunteer fire fighter who use to have all types of ENF stories. His best one involved a call from a restaurant about a drunk woman who fell in the bathroom and could not get up. She was from a bachorette party that abandoned her.

My co-worker had EMT training so he went on the call with two other volunteers one male one female. When they got to the restaurant there was a laughing crowd in front of the women's bathroom.

When they worked their way through the crowd they saw a very red faced drunk woman on her ass with he hands behind her and her feet flat on the ground in front of her legs fully spread with her feet flat on the ground. She would try to stand up but wobble around like a new born deer. She was laughing her ass off while trying to get up. The drunk was having a great time even though her black mini skirt turned into a belt and her panties were near one of the bathroom stalls. She was completely flashing her flaming red crotch to the crowd every time she tried to stand up. A hole lot of wobbling, giggling, and pelvic thrusts, but no standing.

My co-worker and the female firefighter kept pulling the mini skirt down and it kept popping back up around her waist every time she would try to stand and fall back. The three firefighters stood her up and pulled her mini skirt down. Every time the mini skirt went down the restaurant employees and patrons would yell boo. When the dress rode up they would yell yay.

The drunk woman refused to ride the gurney out, it only took two firefighters to walk her to the ambulance. When they walked her through the restaurant she had to sit down at every other booth. Each time she sat down her dress would rise up again showing off her bright red bush to everyone. My co-worker and the female firefighter would blush and straighten her dress for her. They seemed more embarrassed about the drunk woman's exposed privates than she did.

About the fourth time they gave up and let the dress stay up when they got her to the ambulance fully exposed. The drunk would laugh hysterically when her mini-dress rose up and people saw her fire crotch. When they finally got her to the hospital to check her out they made sure to wrap her in a blanket.
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