truth or dare(how my family found out my tiny secret)

Stories about you or someone you know getting pantsed, stripped and humiliated, this forum doesn't really have to abide by the rules from the forums above, feel free to share stories about you (or someone you know) getting stripped by whatever or however.
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truth or dare(how my family found out my tiny secret)

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I was at my aunts house for the weekend with my younger sister while mom was out of town. I was 16, sis was 14, my aunt had 2 daughters 15 and 13 and a son 11, and one of my cousins friends was over for sleep over. After my aunt went to sleep the girls started a game of truth or dare. It started tame but quickly moved to more risky dares like one girls flashing her bra in a window and my sister showing her panties from behind and spanking herself.
Eventually I got dared to strip and run across the street and do 5 jumping jacks. I stripped while they giggled and commented about how I had a bubble butt for a guy. I covered with one hand and did the dare they all laughed from inside as i ran outside in the cold watching my butt bounce as i did the jumps. I was running back relieved nobody saw me and thought I had escaped any real embarrassment, until I tried to open the door. the glass door was locked and they were all standing inside laughing.
My oldest cousin said we'll let you back in if you do a few more things I say. She said, put your hands on your head. I argued and even begged for them to let me in, but no luck. So I reluctantly moved my hand and put them on my head. I think they had expected it to be funny and embarrassing since I was older and just being seen naked would be embarrassing. What they didn't expect was a 1/2 inch button of a penis right above my shriveled little acorn sized balls pulled up tight, completely hairless. All of their eyes went huge and their jaws dropped. Then the laughter started. They were all dying but still trying to be quiet so my aunt didn't wake up. I just stood there turning red. Then my cousin said ok do those jumping jacks again then you can come in. So I did which made my sister say how funny it was that it doesn't move at all when I jumped. They let me in but didn't give me my clothes. They did one more dare which was actually the most humiliating, and it wasn't my dare. They dared their brother to strip and stand beside me for comparison. When he did they laughed so hard because even though I was 5 years older, my 1/2 inch poking straight out compared to his 2.5 inches hanging down looked hilarious. Then as they laughed my body reacted against my will and i felt a tingle down there. It twitched a few times and quickly grew to its humiliating full size of 1.6 inches fully hard. which brought on literally 5 minutes of continual laughter. My cousins friend asked," why is it sooo small?" so I told them about my doctor visit the year before where i was diagnosed with a micropenis. When I said the word micropenis they cracked up again, but I guess that made them feel some sympathy because my cousin said," well cuz, that is kind of sad but seeing a dick that tiny on you is still hilarious, buuut we still love you". Then she play fully hit me in the arm. They let me get dressed and we watched a movie. The rest of the weekend they still poked fun at me but surprisingly my cousins never really said much more out side of the occasional joke after that weekend. My sister on the other hand still caused some humiliation for a few months after but even she grew tired of it I guess so it dwindled as well.
So this was one of my first humiliating ENM/SPH incidents. I'm not a great writer so, sorry if it doesn't flow well. I'll post some others when I have time.
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