I swear I'm cursed (My first embarrassment)

Stories about you or someone you know getting pantsed, stripped and humiliated, this forum doesn't really have to abide by the rules from the forums above, feel free to share stories about you (or someone you know) getting stripped by whatever or however.
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I swear I'm cursed (My first embarrassment)

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Well i started with witchcraft at 13 And the only true way to connect with nature is sky clad

The first time I decided to call a circle was a day my parents were out of the house so i figured i could do it in the basement without any problems

What I didn't know was my mom was out of the house to get her friends to play cards and our card table was in the basement. I had just finished puberty at about this time.

So anyway i'm sitting there indian style with headphones on, meditating on being seen in a sexual way (you know like every young man who just discovered girls)

And then mom walks down stairs with 6 of her girlfriends. My eyes were closed so I didn't notice until I saw the flash through my eyelids. When i opened my eyes all 7 of them had cameras and were laughing at the little man with a little man standing at attention

I froze so there were many more pictures before i fled up the stairs giving them opportunity to take butt pictures on my way out

I never lived that down i still turn red thinking about it to this day

And i've been "accident" prone ever since and I am almost always exposed by the accidents
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