Someone published their wife’s nude photo to the company intranet

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Someone published their wife’s nude photo to the company intranet

Post by edithdick »

Okay, so this wasn’t my true story, but it is true, and quite hilarious. I won’t say exactly when this happened, but for the sake of context it was in the 2010-2015 timeframe.

Our company launched an internal social media platform to encourage employees to bond over common interests. The instructions were somewhat vague, basically asking everyone to create their profile and write about your hobbies.

It worked a lot like Facebook, so you could post pictures and videos of my coworkers was really into photography. Among the subjects that he like to photograph was his wife… naked!

In his defense, he followed the instructions as given. Needless to say, the site was shut down within hours of us discovering what he posted.

A little sketchy on the details, but I know that once one person discovered the photos, a link went around the company like whole fire. Shortly afterwards his profile was set to private and within a couple of hours the server was shutdown all together.

I heard that there was an awkward trip to HR, though I can only imagine what was actually said. I assume something to the effect of, “There are adults working in this company and it is entirely inappropriate for you to post photos like that, no matter how artists you intended them to be, on our internal company website.” Or something similar I’m sure…
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