First Day at the Pool House

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First Day at the Pool House

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So my 3rd year at college I moved into a new house with a bunch of my friends. It was pretty small but we somehow managed to cram 8 guys in there. I was the first one to move in and for the first day or so was just loving having the place all to myself. Even though it was kind of small and shitty I had pushed for this place specifically due to one crucial fact; it had a pool in the backyard, a nice one too.

Realizing this was likely the only day I’d ever be truly alone at this house and that I’d probably never have this opportunity again I decided to christen the pool with a mid-day skinny dip. This backyard had high fences on all sides so I was pretty confident I’d have complete and total privacy, so confident in fact I even started blasting music…

For about 15 minutes or so im just swimming back and forth, doing laps, enjoying the music and the sunshine without a care in the world. Eventually I just decide to float on my back for awhile and watch the clouds, thats when I realize that while the fences protected me from anyone seeing me from the ground level, they offered no protection at all for anyone looking down from a second story window. Within seconds I spot a woman (late 30’s-early 40’s) watching me from one of these windows, making absolutely no effort to hide the fact that shes enjoying the show. When we finally make eye contact she smiles and gives me a little wave, I immediately stand up in the pool, the crystal clear pool, and cup my crotch with my hands.

I had no idea how long she’d been watching me but she introduced herself and explained how she was initially going to tell me to turn down my music but then upon seeing how much fun I was having decided that could wait. We chatted from afar for about 5 minutes, me still stark naked the entire time and covering myself like I still had any secrets to keep. She welcomed me to the neighborhood and seemed to drag out our conversation as long as possible until I eventually raised one hand for an awkward goodbye and ran to my door, my butt facing her the entire time. When I finally got back inside I was rock hard for about 2 days after playing it over again in my head. Every time I saw her after that, gardening her plants in her front yard, she’d always give me a big smirk and say “nice to see you again”
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