Totally accidental and something funny

Stories about you or someone you know getting pantsed, stripped and humiliated, this forum doesn't really have to abide by the rules from the forums above, feel free to share stories about you (or someone you know) getting stripped by whatever or however.
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Totally accidental and something funny

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I’ve not had any RL ENM experiences except for two incidents.

One happened when I was in my 20’s. My wife and I had a friend living with us at the time, also in her 20's. My wife had my sons out for some expedition or other and our housemate was supposed to be working. I was in the yard cleaning up after winter and its storms. I came in absolutely wet, cold and muddy. Thinking I was in an empty house, I stripped off totally starkers and headed off to my bedroom for a shower.

I did not know that our guest came home from work early. I was shocked to see her as she came out of her room into the hallway. I was taken more by surprise by seeing someone else in the house than I was concerned that I was totally naked.

We shrugged our shoulders, said, “hi” and I went on my way. At least she had the decency not to laugh. We never spoke of the event and I don’t really consider it to be all that embarrassing. Several months later as a whole group of us were vacationing, I caught her in bed with another of our friends. I never told anyone.

The other event is comical. It involves the invasion of my sisters-in-law.

They came down to visit my wife and me. The older one with her four daughters and the younger one with her son (6) and daughter (3).

OK, two guys and eight females. I tried to convince my nephew that the only way we could fight back against the tide of estrogen was to leave the toilet seat up.

With that many women in the house, the chances of the bathrooms being occupied were very high. My 3-year-old niece got the urge. She tried one bathroom, and then another and found them to be in use. At her age when a girl’s got to go, a girl’s got to go, so she tried the remaining bathroom.

Which happened to be the one in which I was taking a shower. The shower is a big glass cube with no curtains, so she got to see the whole show.

She came in pulled down her panties and sat down and did her thing. We said, “hi” and I told her not to flush, that I would do it and to make sure she closed the door when she left.

She seemed to be about as impressed with my body as I was with hers. We both had more pressing issues to accomplish.

I decided to report the incident to my wife and sisters-in-law in case my niece made mention of the event. The only sympathy I got was them kidding me about being a “dirty old man.” My only defense was “Well *SHE* started it!”

My niece is now in her 20’s and we relayed this story to her. She has no recollection of the event.

Now my fantasy life is entirely different and revolves around a time when I was a lot more sensitive about being seen naked.
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