Side Hustle (via writing)

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*Lady Lucia*
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Side Hustle (via writing)

Post by *Lady Lucia* »

Out of curiosity, have any of you veteran writers ever parlayed your talents into anything financially productive? I know a number of Erotica writers actually write stories for a living, though that's a little more 'accessible' compared to more niche things like ENF.

Granted, I'm not looking to make my stories exclusive to paying readers only or anything like that. Considering how cheap of a person I am, and how much I appreciate free and fairly open sites like this in terms of content, it would feel wildly hypocritical to somehow restrict my own online writing to only those that want to pay for it. I'm just interested in the possibilities. Things like stories being commissioned, or intensive editing/ghost writing, etc. Heck, even character concepts being commissioned within a larger work.

Just some thoughts that have been floating around during the economic ridiculousness of COVID. I'm curious if everyone that posts here does so out of their own interest in the genre and their own free time like I do, or if some of you pair your efforts here with more self-serving works and ambitions elsewhere.


P.S. Viredae, by all means take this post down if it violates the spirit of the board!
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Re: Side Hustle (via writing)

Post by Executionus »

I never did, but my ex used to follow several guys who made decent money on Patreon reading stories like these as part of the erotic ASMR community. Unfortunately around a year ago Patreon went nuclear on banning all non-consent content, considering even most basic bondage or dom scenes to violate that rule. This largely killed that particular community. Some of the other paid content sites (like OF) might work for audio readings of ENF stories, especially first person stories read by a woman. I highly doubt anyone would pay money just for written text though considering how light the traffic is here for the free stuff.
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Re: Side Hustle (via writing)

Post by Viredae »

I was actually commissioned to write a few stories to an individual that I'll keep anonymous just in case, he liked my Donna stories and wanted me to write more stories for him, I asked him for about 5 dollars a page and wrote maybe 3 stories for him for about 50 dollars each, he was quite happy to work with me, but I was unfortunately too busy with my day job to keep doing that gig, but I like to think I can call myself a professional erotica writer by that standard.

Also worth noting is that to this day I never bothered to see if my rate was too high or too low, good times though.
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Re: Side Hustle (via writing)

Post by SwimKid »

I don't know if I'd call myself a veteran writer by any means, but I actually had an experience very similar to Viredae's. A few months ago, I was contacted by a fellow because he had read some of my stories in Blondie's board and he offered to commission a story. Sadly I didn't take him up on the offer, because I was (am) too busy with real life to write anything remotely good, but I would've loved to have tried my hand at it, if only for the experience of having done it.
Take care, sk out.
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