Pantsed at the wrong time by Who Cares

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Pantsed at the wrong time by Who Cares

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Who Cares wrote: Pantsed at the wrong time by Who Cares

This story is of an accident I caused with a girl once. One day my friend Bill told me he was going to dump his girlfriend. I never paid her much attention. I don't even think I knew she existed before they dated. She was blonde and very pale. She had a snaggle tooth and humongous titties. She was quiet and probably religious. They'd been together for 4 months and it only took him 3 weeks to pop her cherry. Since then it'd been two months of just seeing how crazy she'd get. She jerked him off in the back of science class. He got her to blow him under the stands at a football game. And best of all he had been her in the ass since month two. After all of this he was just bored of her. She was being a bitch and probably regretting giving it up to the first guy who tried. He decided he wanted to have one last little bit of fun with her first though so he asked me to help. He had been avoiding her for a few days but he told her to meet at the mall. All I had to do was wait for him to break up with her next to the Wendy's then jump out and help strip her. When she showed up I realized how thankful I was that I was asked to help with this mission. Since they had been dating he only let her wear slutty cloths. She showed up in a tank top with her bra straps showing and a pair of flimsy short shorts. He wanted to buy her one last classy meal so she was able to chose between a baked potato or a junior burger. Right after he paid they walked to the back of the eating area where no one but teens were. Right as they were about to sit down he just popped it on her, told her that he was bored and that they'd have to break up. She stood there with a dumb look on her face trying to process this for a minute. She was just starting to cry when I snuck up behind her and signalled Bill. He grabbed her hands and held them behind her back and before she even knew what was happening I grabbed all of her straps and pulled them down. Her huge titties came bouncing out but I couldn't see them because she was still facing Bill. I stroked her naked back for a second until he helped me out and swung her around. It was a beautiful site. Her massive tits swung back and forth once she was facing me. They were still so firm and perky but so white that I could hardly tell where her little pink nipples began. I took one look at her crying face and couldn't help myself. I grabbed for both titties with a firm grip. I got two big handfuls of her white as paper tits and gave a good squeeze. She cried some more mascera down her face and I got hard right away when I realized I was only the second guy to ever feel her funbags. From her screaming a few teens were alerted and came over to watch. She was now straight up bawling as Bill gave me one of her tiny hands and I forcefully shoved it down the fron of my pants. I threatened to give her a titty twister if she didn't start stroking me. She choked back some tears and started to jack me off. My pre cum was already running down her arm when Bill pulled down her shorts out of nowhere. All the teens and I laughed our asses off as her white ass came into view. She was only wearing a flimsy little thong now. She pulled her hand up to cover herself but Bill took it and held it again. I took a nice survey of what she had going on and gave her a nice little pat on the butt. I yanked down her panties so fast that she would have fallen over if Bill wasn't holding her. All the kids crowded around more and laughed at her with her stubble covered pussy on display. When I bent down and took a good look at her pussy I couldn't help but laugh either. A white tampon string was poking right between her lips. I looked right in her teary eyes and said "today really isn't your day honey," and pulled out the tampon making her scream. It made a splat as it landed in her bunched up panties around her ankles. I grabbed one of her tits and started sucking and licking it as a way to say goodbye. At this point I was so horny that I let my dick out and I came all over her flat little belly. Bill gave his sobbing ex one last kiss as we left her there in the back of the food court, away from where anyone could see. As I looked back the circle of teens surrounded her, stopping her from pulling her messy panties back up. I'm glad she was behind us anyway, Bill needed to move on.
Alex wrote: Bad Taste by Alex

I feel like a lot of your stories are in bad taste, and they usually have very misogynistic themes in them.
Janie wrote: Who Cares, you are soooo nasty! by Janie

Funbags? Tampon string hung out? What are you thinking, Who Cares? That women are all sluts? Who cares, anyhow?

Not me! lol
Anonymous wrote: Re: Pantsed at the wrong time by Anonymous

Is it just me or is this just one paragraph?
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