It Started with Handcuffs - Comments

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It Started with Handcuffs - Comments

Post by Humilatron »

Comment thread for It Started with Handcuffs -> viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1450

Please leave all comments relating to the story here.
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Re: It Started with Handcuffs - Comments

Post by PhilMarlowe »

Nice story.

I like that she got shaved.

I also like the idea of separating the Comments from the actual story thread. I wish the Board did this automatically.

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Re: It Started with Handcuffs - Comments

Post by Executionus »

I'm not gonna lie, I laughed like crazy at the "Shut up!" "Make me" *Gag* bit.

It seems to be setting up nicely. What's interesting about this scenario compared to most on this board is that the two of them never even have to leave home again and this can still work as an ENF story with increasing escalation. I was honestly just thinking the other day about how extremely little clothed dom/nude sub content we have on this board.
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