Posing for Art Class by Damn Gina

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Posing for Art Class by Damn Gina

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Damn Gina wrote:I'm a senior in high school and I'll be graduating in June this year. I still needed a few more credits in the basic stuff like English and math but I also took an art class for the credits. I was never good with art. I'm not a heavy painter or passionate drawer but I do have a fondness for looking at other people's work and would consider myself more artistic than most even though I don't have much skill myself. I have an appreciation for the work that most other people do not.

This art class started midway through the year back in January and our teacher has been out a lot with his own issues. Most days we have a sub and because of this we really don't have any lessons. When a sub is in the room most people are goofing around or just doing their own thing while the substitute teacher justs reads a book or something. Lately we were supposed to have gotten our real art teacher back for the year but he still hasn't been showing up and this time it seems like he's not calling for a sub either. The past three days we have been left in the art with no teacher at all and leaving a bunch of high schoolers alone is never a good idea.

I arrived to class yesterday on time with my two closest friends, Laura and Serena. Part of the reason I took this art class was so that we could all be in the same class since we had nothing else together. This was the third day that we had been left without a teacher. We usually just talked the whole class period away. We talk about boys and what we did yesterday and the day before but we also text each other often so there's not much we don't already know. We actually know pretty much everything about each other like what boys we've dated and even what turns us on. They know being naked in public is my biggest turn on so I think they had a plan set up without me knowing.

After everyone got into the classroom and the bell rang, Serena went to the front of the class with an announcement.
"Since no one is going to teach us, I will have to take charge of this class,"
Serena announced. She was always the kind of girl that would do something like this. She was never afraid to be the center of attention. Most people ignored her and thought of her as the crazy girl.

"Today class we will draw a model!"
This got everyone's attention, mine included. I wasn't sure what she was implying so I kept listening.

"Gina will be our model for today!" I had no idea what was going on so when people looked to me for confirmation I just have a confused look and shrug.

"Comin Gina, all you have to do is sit up here on the chair and let everyone draw you". It seemed harmless enough and I was going to get to sit on the chair on top of the art table so why the hell not? Plus I was no stranger to having everyone's attention before. I went to step onto the table but the whole thing almost tipped over so it seemed like I wouldn't be able to pose.

"Why not just lay down on the table so it doesn't tip?" Someone offered out

"Sure but what pose will I do laying down?" I replied back. We settled on the idea of my on my stomach holding by chin up with both hands. It had finally started to get warmer outside in he past week so I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt with flip flops. I climbed up onto the table but the pose was really uncomfortable so we kept changing it. Serena helped position me until we could find a good pose. Time had passed and we couldn't really think of anything so I was about to climb down when Serena came up with another idea.

"Get of your your hands and knees I have a great idea," I did what she said and was confused how this would be a good pose at all when I suddenly felt my shorts get pulled down. I let out a surprised squeal but before I knew it, my shorts had been pulled off my feet, taking my flip flops with them. Now the entire class was laughing at my bright pink panties. I flipped around and faces the class while using both hands to cover my crotch. I yelled for them to give me back my pants but they didn't react to what I was saying at all.

Someone yelled out, "We should get her top too, then she can be an underwear model!" Everyone applauded the idea and Serena tried to wrestle my shirt from me. Before long she had it and I was left in nothing but my pink panties and blue, non matching bra. Everyone's eyes on me were started to even turn me on. More people in class grabbed my arms and legs to let everyone get a clear view of my underwear. People started to record it on their phones. I begged them to stop but they wouldnt.

Suddenly Serena spoke up again, "Ok everyone, we can take off her underwear but no recording is allowed okay?!" I wasn't sure whether to be excited or not after hearing that. Soon I would be naked in class but at least no one would be recording me any more. Everyone put away their phones almost instantly and cheered for the removal of my underwear.

"Alright, here we go!" With no further warning than that, Serena pulled my bra off my chest. My tits bounced from the force of the yank and then settled for the class. My cup size is a c so my breasts are fairly sized but my nipples are too small for them. My nooples are probably no bigger than a nickel and now I was "modeling" them for my art class. Next my panties started to get slid down my legs. I tried to put as much pressure on my butt as possible to keep them from being taken. I managed to stop them just before my slit was exposed. The tiny beginnings of my blonde public hair were hanging out tho. With one more strong pull the panties were brought right down to my feet and pulled slowly from my toes. Just as suddenly, my legs were spread wide and the class stared at my vagina. By now I was completely turned on. I resisted the urge to embarrass myself more by masturbating but the everyone could see how wet I was.

"Now let's get you to pose for us!" I'm not sure who said that but now Serena and the rest of the class were moving me to an even more humiliation position. They laid me on my back on the ground and lifted my legs into the air. My legs got bent to far forward that my toes touched the ground above my head. Now my pussy and asshole were up in the air with everyone staring at them with lust. I started to rub my throbbing pussy in front of everyone. They all cheered and touched my body. I was having sensory overflow from too many people touching me at once. Some people rubbed my toes and others felt up my legs and thighs. Most people were trying to get a hand on my tits or my butt. I kept stroking my pussy slowly in front of the class of over twenty. I was about to cum in front of everyone when suddenly, someone stuck the end of a plastic paintbrush up my bum. I had never experimented with that before so it was new to me

By now, people had moved my hands away from my vagina and were rubbing for themselves. Soon I felt my body give in. I scrunched my nose and moaned out loud. I curled my toes in anticipation and started to cum everywhere. I kept moaning and wiggling but they wouldn't stop masturbating me. I kept cumming and even squirted a little. The constant pleasure wouldn't stop and k was loving every second of it. Finally I came and held nothing back. I was covered with my own cum and finally people let me go. I returned my legs to their proper position and just layer there in my mess of sweat and cum. Everyone was still watching me when suddenly the bell rang. We had lost track of time and soon more people would be walking into the art room. To my surprise most people helped me get cleaned up and got me my clothes back. I couldn't find my panties tho and were running out of time. Someone must've took them so I just threw my shorts on along with the rest of my clothes and left the art room. I went the rest of the day without panties too.
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