Mel finally gets her payback by jbfco

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Mel finally gets her payback by jbfco

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jbfco wrote: Mel finally gets her payback by jbfco

My name is Mel You may read about how my New Year started real bad . Many crazy things have happened this year to me . All along I wanted revenge on a boy named Tyler who turned my New Years into a nightmare then later in the year saw me naked a jerked off all over my naked body . However that night I felt I found the muscle I needed for payback . The muscle was a girl named Mychelle a year older me great athlete with a tight fit body who took a liking to me that night I kinda got bi curious by time that night was over . So in order to get the muscle I would have to pay a price but in my eyes would be worth it . So I got thing set for a Friday night the trap was set .

The trap was set by inviting my younger friend Amanda to come over and she could bring a date I knew she would bring Tyler as she was him which pissed me off . Amanda was 14 a smaller version of me with big breast and nice round ass . I had waiting at my house Mychelle nearly 18 very slim very tight body very fit not much in breast department not much in hips either she brought Sarah she is 17 another athlete also very tight body nice round hips also not much in breast department .Sarah is my best friend Amy older sister . Amy and I are built same way big breast about size C and very round hips boys call us hot we both have blonde hair mine is more dirty not natural while Amy is natural if Amy knew the whole plan i don't think she would have came I had to offer Mychelle and Amy something for there help in the payback .Anyway the arrival of Tyler and Amanda was close I was on edge and ready .

The door bell rang it was then . I let Amanda and Tyler in as soon as they were in the door Mychelle and Sarah jumped Tyler while myself and Amy jumped Amanda . They never knew what hit them all they new cloths were being taken off quickly . Amy sat on Amanda's legs I pulled off her T shirt and undid her bra which was clasp in the front her breast exploded showing off her size B breast with very large dark nipples were very erect she did not fight back . Once Amy saw I had Amanda topless Amy yanked off Amanda shorts and panties off all at once she was naked in less than 30 seconds Amanda;s dark pubes above her clit showed she too was not natural blonde Amy did not know that she as what is up with girls wanting be blonde's ? We then got Amanda now naked to a door and frame where Sarah and installed arm and leg cuffs she got from her friend Bobbi so he cuff naked Amanda to the door with her exposed and spread in all her naked glory .

So while May and i got Amanda naked and cuffed to a door . Mychelle and Sarah had Tyler rail thin body naked he almost 6 inch penis semi erect .They had handcuffed him arms behind his back so his penis was on display for all . I walked over to a naked Tyler you ready for payback all he said was f@#$ you . I said OK guess you are ready . I told Sarah get him on the floor role him over ass up . I found a toy was really going make this night fun . I found a small vibrator that goes up the ass from what i had read on line if you do this to a man well could be fun . So I lubed it up and inserted it up Tylers ass he was screaming get it out of my ass . I then had him rolled over on his back Sarah sat on his legs making she he would go no where . I again ask Tyler you ready ? He was silent this time I turned this vibrator on his penis instantly got really hard his face was read he screamed STOP Please STOP !!! I turned it up faster . HE was screaming stop this went on for about 3 minutes then it happened what I was waiting for Tyler screamed On no !!!! then like a rocket a stream of Cum shot from his penis shooting about 3 to 4 feet in the air and landed on his month and chin better than I ever would have dreamed he shot another shot cum hit his chin and throat then about 3 more steams on his flat skinny chest then his penis went flat Tyler was spitting trying get the sperm out his mouth I was loving it . He begged me to wipe the cum off his mouth and chin I just said don't think so . I looked at the girls they liked the show so far . So I then let Tyler know Sarah polled the boys of the HS how many times they can get off in a day the average was 4 to 5 so us girls put money in a pool and well we all took a number Amy took 4 I took 5 Bobbi took 6 and Sarah took 7 winner gets the pot . Tyler's eyes got big all he said 3 was pushing him he looked concerned his penis flat right now have a feeling not long .

I then looked at Amanda let her know she had not been forgot . She said bring it on she seems to have no shame . I broke out a Hibachi Vibrator this thing gets the job done . Amanda knew she might be in trouble . I turned it on high and attacked her naked pussy with it on high Amanda was moaning loud within a minute within 3 minutes a flood of cum flew from her pussy my hand was soaked was not expecting that Amanda was hanging by her arms breathing hard . Then Sarah and Mychelle attack her tits licking them . Then both them put fingers in her pussy she was dripping she seemed to like it . I saw Tyler was getting hard again as he watched the attack on Amanda's naked body . So Amy and I started yanking his penis we would get him close to coming then we would stop we gave him real bad case of blue balls . After about 20 minutes he begged me get him off so I turned the vibrator in his ass on he shot off another rocket of cum in about 10 seconds I did not a boy could have so much cum he nailed his chin again he covered the dried cum on his chest with more cum he was a mess . He begged to be let go and given his cloths . .Then I heard a loud moan Amanda came again her pussy was dripping wet .Then Mychelle said I am ready to suck some dick Tyler begged for mercy I was loving it .

I proposed a game for us girls we would all take 30 seconds at Tyler penis then one of us who gets him off . Get to decide the game the 4 of us girls will play I added a adult game which meant getting naked with a forfeit that is my payback for Mychelle I knew i would have to get naked for her to get her to help . I am sure Amy has mixed feelings but we were doing it Amy would not back down to her sister . Mychelle started things Tyler got hard quick however he was slow to get worked up . We took turns for close to 10 minutes . So Mychelle said 45 seconds we will add time till he explodes . Tyler started to moan next couple minutes I got him real close some cum was in my mouth Then Mychelle she got it done Tyler screamed NO!!!! went off like another rocket Michelle took first shot down her throat she pulled back he shot straight up all over her belly . He again begged be freed as he was covered with his own cum that was my plan as he had cum on me this has been a good night .

Mychelle told us the game it would be strip foosball losers would be licking pussy is what Mychelle said I kinda knew this was what she wanted . Amy was not happy but was quiet . The way it will work 9 goals will be winner once a goal is scored the team who gives up goal will draw cards a round of high card low card removes a article once one girl is naked the other will remove remaining cloths till naked . First team naked lose . First girl naked no matter winning or losing team will be cuffed next to Amanda as it is a doubled door and be attacked by Hibachi . Oh the winners after having there pussies ate will have a contest see who can get Amanda or Tyler first . All I knew Mychelle was making things interesting and there going be lot of naked very soon .

The foosball game started quick like 10 seconds Sarah scored . Amy had low card she took off her shorts revealing some cute pink panties . about 30 seconds Sarah scored again . Again Amy had low card she took her t shirt off revealing a red bra low cut you could see her nipples were erect already . Finally I got a goal Mychelle had low card took off her shorts revealing light blue panties . Mychelle traded with Sarah and scored in like 10 seconds and again Amy had low card she said not fair . She stood there deciding what to take off finally Sarah said take your panties off or I will she Amy took off her panties revealing her neatly trim blonde pubes just above her clit which appeared to be a little wet . Mychelle scored again I was realizing we were getting naked . I had low card took off my shorts show off my white lace panties . Next thing I knew Amy was naked another goal her big nipples very erect I am not sure Amy gets she soon will be cuffed like Amanda after the game e is over . I got a goal and Mychelle took off her T shirt showing off a dark blue bra . I don't think game lasted 2 more minutes Amy just did not care once naked . My white lace bra was last thing I took off revealing my large breast big dark nipples my dark pubes were damp Mychelle saw that . Mychelle said I was lick her pussy while since Amy was first naked Sarah could use the Hibachi on Amy . Then I will play high card with Sarah if I get low card I will lick Sarah too did not think was fair but hey i was getting payback so I went along . Mychelle dropped her panties and told me lay down Mychelle sat her bald pussy on my face about 2 months back she had done this . It only took about 10 minuutes to get her off my face got a bit wet Mychelle gave me a kiss after . I heard Amy screaming Sarah was working her pussy hard with the Hibachi finally Amy came real hard she like Amanda just hung there . Sarah and i drew cards Sarah had low card so I was spared . Sarah told Mychelle she would get Tyler off by riding his cock Mychelle was OK with that . Tyler said please give him a break . I had to laugh so the night went on .

Mychelle decided to lick Amy while Sarah climbed on Tyler . So I could just watch the show . Then as i was about to sit down Mychelle said grab a vibrator and go to work on Amy pussy if she could hold out longer than Amanda and Tyler she would be freed from the cuffs . So all us were at it I was trying take it easy on Amy I felt for her she was so wet I knew she was ready to get off again . Sarah was riding Tyler like no one business she was moaning so was he if he gets off would be 4th time Amy may win the pool . Amanda seemed to be pushing her pussy at Mychelle tongue she was into it . Amanda was first to cum she was dripping after getting off Mychelle had a smile .Next thing I knew both Sarah and Tyler were getting off same time . They just laid there in a naked lump . I got Amy off she thanked me I think because she was free .

I said let me see if I can get Tyler hard again Tyler begged me to stop . I turned on the vibrator in his ass his penis stirred but did not spring to action I declared Amy the winner of the money . So we let all tied up free . I did tell Tyler he could shower before he left however I would watch as I did not want him jerking off in my shower . Tyler told me not even if he wanted to was that going happen I laughed . I think Amy wining 40 bucks let her get over night shew as not mad ,Amanda is a horny bitch she did not care . Tyler told me he was sorry for all he had done to me I accepted it I must made my point with him . Mychelle ask me if I wanted play foosball in the future not sure what that meant . Amy told me in private before I left that I would have to sleep over which would likely mean Sarah will abuse us in some way . I guess that is price of payback . I know many been waiting for payback took me a while figure out how and get the help I would need . Tyler brought up before he left what about Brad hows come he was spared he is crazy about me . Sarah said why don't you have Brad over next weekend .I replied maybe Brad and I were friends this is all new to me so we shall see . I was just happy I payed Tyler back . This was a good night a very good night if not a little messed up in some people life . We are just curious teens who has not been there ? Again what a night !!!!

Anonymous wrote: Amazing! (nm) by Anonymous
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Re: Mel finally gets her payback by jbfco

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I don’t see how this was payback. I would have loved to have been Tyler.
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Re: Mel finally gets her payback by jbfco

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Do we have anymore stories from Jbfco?
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