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Stories from days past, you can find masterposts for series here about older stories, you can also post your favorite older stories here as well, be sure to credit the author.
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Re: SDS Archived stories

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I am waiting for the sequence of "I’m not a little girl". Does the story will end in the fountain?

I' would suggest of some TV station film the park and try interview Jessica.
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Re: SDS Archived stories

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Glad you like it!

Yea It's my longest ongoing story. The first chapter was back in 2011 the latest in 2020.

I'll hopefully finish off the fountain storyline and maybe even the full park saga this year but not garentees.

It's a story I like to write well and I'm often not in the right frame of mind to do it justice!

Thanks for the suggestion but I've got a storymap for this one but It'll just take me a while to actually write the parts haha!
With love SDS xxx

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