Class War pt 1 by KennyBee

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Class War pt 1 by KennyBee

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KennyBee wrote: Class War pt 1 by KennyBee

Here's a story I wrote over on the OCC board. It's a long one!

Tanya was nervous. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and liked what she saw, but worried that maybe she was dressing inappropriately. Her black dress clung to her firm 20 year old body, tight in all the right places. She was showing a lot of cleavage, but with her D cup breasts, it was difficult not to. Her soft brown hair hung to her bare shoulders, and she smiled as the doorbell rang. It had to be Peter, her boyfriend. They were going to Peter's mother's birthday party tonight, at her favourite restaurant. This was why Tanya was nervous though. Peter was from a very wealthy family, and Tanya was from a working class background. They had fallen for each other over a year ago, but this was to be the first time meeting the parents.

"Are you sure she'll like me? She asked Peter as he drove her to the restaurant.

"Of course" he replied, a little too slowly for Tanya's liking.

He tried to flash her a reassuring smile, but Tanya could see that he to was nervous. From what he had said about her, Tanya could tell that Peter's mother was a very rich and obnoxious woman, who only did things her way.Tanya subconsciously adjusted her dress, pulling it higher over her chest. For the rest of the drive, they were both silent.

The traffic had been dreadful, and Peter and Tanya arrived late. Mrs Tomkins and the rest of the partygoers had already started eating. Upon their entrance, everyone stopped and stared at the couple. Tanya could feel everyone's eyes on her, looking her up and down. She instantly wished she was dressed in something else.

"Hi mom, sorry we're late" apologised Peter. "Everyone, this is Tanya."

"Hello" she said, giving her warmest smile.

Mrs Tomkins just stared at her. "You're late. And yet it seems Tanya still hasn't had time to put all of her clothes on."

Tanya felt her cheeks flush as the rest of the guests laughed sycophantically at Mrs Tomkin's joke. Tanya looked to Peter to defend her, but he just led her to their seats.

"You've missed the starters, I'm afraid, but go ahead and order your main" sneered Mrs Tomkins with a mouthful of food. She turned to her friend and whispered in a voice loud enough for all to hear "I imagine Peter will have the mutton dressed as lamb." Again everyone laughed, and Tanya shrunk a little lower in her chair, her face now scarlet with embarrassment.

The main course passed without much incident, as Tanya was ignored by everyone at the table, who were too busy discussing their favourite wines and Mr Robertson-Smythe's new Bentley, and how Lady Green's new maid was lazy, and other topics that Tanya had no opinion on.

As they began to tuck into dessert though, Mrs Tomkins started on Tanya again. "So tell us Tanya, what do you do? I mean during the day of course, it's clear from your attire what your, let's say, evening job is."

Tanya turned to Peter again, and saw him smirking along with everyone else. Tanya had had enough. She got to her feet and stared at Mrs Tomkins. Tanya had half expected this, and in her head had been preparing a big speech. She was going to demonstrate her wit and eloquence, and talk about her love and commitment to Peter (although now she wasn't so sure of that part). She was going to wow everyone and….


Tanya's thoughts were interrupted as she felt cold liquid in her face. Mrs Tomkins had thrown a glass of water right in her face. She just stood there, shocked.

"Oh sit down, you silly little girl. I'm not interested in what you have to say. It's bad enough my own dear boy brings some tawdry gutter trash with him to my party, and then I have to sit and look at her showing her chest like some prostitute, so I certainly don't want to hear you. Your kind have nothing interesting to say to me, so sit down and try and keep your legs closed until the end of the meal."

To Tanya's disbelief, the rest of the guests applauded. Tanya stood there in front of them. She was glad of the water on her face, as it hid the tears that were running down her cheeks, streaking her make up down her face.

"But…but….I'm a nice person." she managed to gasp.

"I told you to sit down and shut your ugly face" snapped Mrs Tomkins, rising from her chair.

"NO!" shouted Tanya. "You will listen to me! You will all…."


Tanya was once again silenced, this time by the stinging crack of Mrs Tomkins hand striking her on the cheek. The entire restaurant went silent, all eyes on Tanya. The stunned girl put her hand to her face, and Mrs Tomkins slapped her again.

"You will not raise your voice to me, little girl. How dare you." Mrs Tomkins looked at Emily and Louise, Peter's sisters. "Girls, hold her." Tanya looked baffled as the two girls appeared behind her and grabbed an arm each. She tried to shake out, but they were holding on tight.

"Hey, let go of me" she said, but she had lost all authority. Little did she know, but she was about to lose a whole lot more.

Mrs Tomkins stared at her opponent, a wicked gleam in her eye. She picked up the jug of water and held it above Tanya's head. She began to slowly pour the contents onto Tanya. "No one comes to my party and insults me." she said. Tanya's hair was now plastered to her forehead, and she could feel the water running down her face onto her breasts, disappearing into her cleavage. The water finished, Mrs Tomkins picked up a wine glass and began to pour it over the poor girl. "It will not be spoilt by some cheap little tart." Tanya started to sob.

"Peter! Please, help me!" she gasped, but Peter just looked away.

Mrs Tomkins smiled. "Mother always knows best, dear. This tramp is not worth your time. We're bred from better stock than that. We are mentally and physically superior, as I shall now demonstrate."

"What are you talking about?" asked the frightened girl.

"My dear, why don't you finish your dessert and then we'll talk? Louise, help her out"

Tanya felt Louise's hands on the back of her head, pushing her down towards the table, towards the gloopy strawberry tart that was to be her dessert. She struggled, but the girls had a firm grip on her, and the tart loomed closer to Tanya's face. She closed her eyes and felt her face being pushed slowly into the cream. Louise made sure to rub her face back and forth in it, before using Tanya's hair to pull her back up. The rest of the table laughed uproariously at Tanya's face, covered in cream with bits of pastry and strawberry smeared on it.

Mrs Tomkins looked Tanya right in the eyes. "This is what it means to have money, darling" she said, smiling, before Louise pushed Tanya back down into the mess.

"I want everyone in here to pay attention." commanded the wicked woman to the restaurant's patrons. Tanya, her face still resting in the food, felt Louise's hands on the zipper of her black dress. To her absolute horror, she felt it start to slide down, slowly, ever so slowly.

"We are rich." said Mrs Tomkins, matter of factly.

The zipper moved down Tanya's spine, all the way to her black strapless bra.

"We are well bred."

The zipper slid further down, guided by the hand of her boyfriend's sister. Down towards her lower back.

"We have earned it."

The zip was now down to the top of Tanya's ass. Her knees felt like jello and started to knock together.

"And we have earned the right… do whatever we goddamn well please!" she shouted. Tanya's heart sank as suddenly the zipper to her little black dress was yanked all the way down over her shapely rump. She suddenly felt cool air on her skin, as her dress simply fell away from her, slipping off her lithe young body and landing softly on the floor. There was an audible gasp as the assembled onlookers looked at the girl with her face in the strawberry tart. They saw Tanya's smooth, lightly tanned skin gleaming under the lights, they saw her black strapless bra, but most of all, they saw her black lacy panties and her matching suspender belt holding up her stockings. Tanya cried out, getting a mouthful of cream for her efforts. The audience burst into applause once more, laughing and cheering at the misfortunes of this "working class girl".

Mrs Tomkins laughed the loudest. She looked at Tanya's firm round cheeks with concealed envy. The resentment she felt for this beautiful young girl boiled inside her. Some of the guests rose from their seats to get a better view of Tanya's backside, looking at how Tanya's little peach of a bottom was barely covered by the thin and intricate black lace, which matched the lace at the top of her stockings perfectly. Tanya's heart was beating so fast now, and her body was shaking all over. Then she felt a stinging slap on her butt as Louise's open palm collided with her juicy round cheeks, making them bounce. Tanya forced her face to the side and cried out.

"Please! Please no!"

WHAP! Another hard spank to her posterior.

"Please, I'm begging you, please stop!" She choked out the words through deep sobs.


Louise reigned blow after blow to Tanya's nearly naked ass cheeks, her poor little bottom jiggling and wobbling madly with each strike, the thin lacy fabric doing nothing to cushion the torrent of abuse she was suffering.

After a good 20 or so hard spanks, Louise paused. The humiliated girl's perfect little rump was going a nice shade of red. She was still whimpering something.

"Please, it hurts, please, my bottom hurts…"

Mrs Tomkins laughed. Louise looked at her mother for approval. Mrs Tomkins grinned broadly. "My dear Louise, don't stop now! I'm very proud of the way you're handling this human garbage." Louise felt invigorated.

"What's that Tanya? Your bottom hurts? Maybe we can cool you down." She reached over the table and grabbed Peter's bowl of ice cream. Tanya was unaware of what was happening, until she felt a hand on the waistband of her skimpies. Louise pulled Tanya's panties backwards, so that Tanya's bare ass crack was now visible. Then she ladled a scoop of ice cream out of the bowl, and dropped it onto Tanya's bare cheeks. Tanya shrieked with the sudden freezing sensation in her ass. She shook free of her captors and straightened right up darting backwards before unfortunately falling back onto her butt, the ice cream in her panties exploding out the sides. She felt the frozen treat squeezing into her most private area, and felt it dribbling down her legs. It took her a few seconds to realise that the impact of her fall had made her strapless bra slip down, right down to her waist, exposing to everyone her large swaying breasts, the buds of her nipples rock hard due to the icy misfortune of the cream.

For long seconds, Tanya sat on the floor. She had strawberry tart smeared all over her pretty face. She had been stripped to her black knickers, stockings and suspenders. She had vanilla ice cream squashed right up her butt crack. She had been spanked until she cried in front of a roomful of people. Tanya crawled towards her dress, but Louise picked it up and shook her head. Tanya looked at her with pleading eyes.

"Please give me my clothes back," she whispered, as she tried to fit her ample chest back into the black bra.

Louise, who Tanya knew was Peter's most horrible sister, just smiled. "But you've not finished dessert." she said, picking up the remains of the tart from the table, and dropping them on the floor. Mrs Tomkins looked on proudly at her daughter. She glanced at Emily.

"Oh Emily, why can't you be more like your sister," she sighed.

Tanya looked at Louise. "Eat it", commanded the girl. "But no hands."

Tanya crawled over to the mess on the floor, and started to lick the food up off the floor. Louise looked appalled, and turned to her mother. "Is this what all working class people are like, mummy?"

Mrs Tomkins nodded gravely. "I'm afraid so. Get her out of my sight."

Louise flung Tanya's dress at her. Tanya got to her feet and covered herself with the dress. A combination of the spanking and the ice cream made her walk with a funny waddle, which caused more laughs. The frozen food had melted, and was running down her thighs and legs. She made it to the bathroom, where she cleaned herself up, leaving the sticky ruined panties behind.

Crying softly, she hailed a taxi home.

This was not over.
KennyBee wrote: Class War p 2 by KennyBee

It had been nearly 3 months since Tanya's degradation in the restaurant, and the time had come for revenge.

That night, she had arrived home and been met by her flatmates, Holly and Gemma, who had comforted her, and run her a warm bath. They had spoken about vengeance, but Tanya had just wanted to never see them again. But with time, the desire to punish those posh assholes had not diminished one bit. At the time, she had felt shamed and humiliated. Now Tanya was angry. She wanted to embarrass Peter's sister's Louise and Emily. Oh god, especially that Louise, who had stripped her, spanked her…..

Tanya knew she had to get them alone, and so Gemma had been doing research. She had discovered that Emily and Louise went swimming every Friday night. However, Louise refused to swim with "commoners", and so hired out the entire pool for 3 hours for themselves.

"God, what must it be like to have that kind of money?" Holly had asked on hearing this.

Tanya sighed. "It can't make you a good person though. We may not have much cash, but we've got each other." The three girls smiled. Gemma felt so sorry for Tanya. She had always fancied the brown haired beauty. Gemma was herself a real knockout, with a perfect smile and light gingery hair. Together with Holly and I, we have it all, thought Gemma. Tanya is perfect, I have small boobs and a big bum, and Holly has a small butt and a hell of a chest. We're some team.

And so it was that Friday night found the three girls getting the bus to the swimming pool. Upon arrival, they entered the reception to find Jenni, a very pretty blonde, working the desk. She looked up over her glasses at them.

"Sorry, we're closed to the public tonight. Private booking." she said, getting back to her paperwork.

Tanya walked up to the desk. "We need to get in. How much for you to turn a blind eye?"

Jenni looked at her in disbelief? "Errr, it's a private booking! Come back tomorrow!"

Now Holly strode up to her and grabbed the pen from her hand. "Let us in!" she snarled at Jenni.

"Hey!" shouted Jenni, "gimme that back you b*tch!"

It was at this point, in retrospect, where things started to get out of control. This innocent young girl, who was just doing her job, was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Tanya and her friends wanted revenge, and anyone in their way was to be seen as an enemy. Which is why Jenni was so surprised when Holly stole her glasses from her. The young blonde panicked.

"Hey, I can't see!"

She couldn't see Holly putting her glasses in her pocket, as Gemma grabbed Jenni's wrists and pulled her forwards onto the desk. Gemma held Jenni down flat on the desk as Tanya pulled out some rope from their "revenge bag". With Holly and Gemma's help, Tanya managed to bind Jenni's wrists to her ankles under the desk. Jenni was horrified, shouting for them to stop. She had been hogtied over her own desk, with her little Levi clad butt sticking up in the air.

"Please let me go! What do you need, I'll give it to you!" begged their helpless captive.

"Oh, too late" said Holly. She looked at Gemma and smiled. "A little help?"

Jenni wondered what was going on until she felt hands on the waistband of her Levis.

"Let's see what panties posh sl*ts wear" said Tanya.

Jenni's eyes widened, nearly popping out of her skull. "NO WAIT, DON'T DOOOOON'T!" she shrieked, but it was too late. Gemma and Holly, in one fluid motion, tore the jeans right down past Jenni's butt, all the way to her ankles, where the rope was tied tight. The three girls started laughing at Jenni's predicament.

"Hoooo boy, what a day to go commando!" laughed Holly. It was true, Jenni had been swimming earlier, and worn her bikini as underwear all day. However, she had forgotten to bring a change for after her dip in the pool, and now with her jeans at her feet, her cute naked butt was on display for Tanya, Holly and Gemma. Jenni struggled to break free, to release her bonds, but all it did was cause her bare hiney to shake for them.

"Oh god, please, pull them back up! My ass is out!" she pleaded.

Tanya gave her cheeks one stinging spank, which silenced the bound girl. "You can stay there with your pants down and think about what you've done. When we're finished with Louise, we'll come back and let you go. Holly, take some photos of her as insurance."

"No, no photos, please…"

Tanya spanked her naked ass one more time. "You want to be naked? Then shut up."

Jenni was quiet. The three girls went towards the changing rooms, leaving Jenni half naked and tied up over the desk, hoping no one else would come in….

It was time to face Louise.
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