summer dress code by Jim

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summer dress code by Jim

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Jim wrote: summer dress code by Jim

It was a hot day, and I came inside after mowing the grass. My mom who was cleaning told me that I couldn’t come inside covered in grass, she told me to go into the garage, in there had me a glass of water and told me to strip. I didn’t think much of it, I pulled off my tee, then my grass statined sox. So I was about to walked iside with just my underwear when she says
“not so fast I’m doing laundry” and believe this, pulls my underwear down from behind me.
“Mom!” I yelled as my hands quickly grasped by dick
“Don’t worry I’ve seen you naked before”
“Not since I was ten” I was fourteen now.
She then slaps my behind and says “ yes, you’ve grown”
“what if Crystal(12) and Julieete (16) see me”
“you won’t have that problem if you run upstairs quickly enough”
She then walks in front of me, kisses my forehead and slaps my side once again,
With my hands cuppying myself I ran inside, the air conditioned, house I felt strange running in rooms ive never been naked in. Through the kitchen, through the dining room, into the main hall, where I stopped at the stairs, I tried running up the stairs covering myself, but I was able to run faster with my hands free.
I reached the bathroom door, just about to open it when Crystal walked out still in her PJs, and let out the biggest brace filled grin I’ve yet seen, and then she started to laugh.
With my one hand covering my front I quickly pushed her out of the way and slamed the door. I could still hear her outside laughing and running to Juliette as I locked it shut.
She probably didn’t see that much, oh well, I turned on the water and started to shower. It felt great.
I got out when I realized, there were no towels!
I looked through the linen closet, ever the hamper, none!, empty!.
All I could finder were some wet washcloths.
I slowly opened the bathroom door and looked out in the hallway, there was Julie and Crystal talking and laughing outside their rooms. I couldn’t walk out, they would definalty see me.
So opening the door slightly.
“mom there’s no towels!”
I heard my sisters laughing. Julia yelled over to me, “how about you come out the way you came in”
It was then I heard Mom come up the stairs with the hamper.
“Sorry I forgot” can I come into the bathroom, I quickly opened the door hiding behind it and allowed her to walk in. she dropped the hamper on the ground and started putting towels back on the rack.
I cleared my throat, I was still naked behind the door, smiling she quickly closed the door shut once again I was naked in front of her.
“oh don’t bother covering. I don’t get what you’re so embarrassed about. “
“ I don’t want to be seen naked by my sister’s”
“alright here”, she handed me a towel which I quickly wrapped around myself. I walked out in the hallway where my sisters were both waiting and laughing. Juliette was exactly my higher, very thin, and bronze tanned and dressed in a loose tee and gym shorts.
“if it isn’t the flasher” she said as she stood in front of me blocking my way, crystal was right behind her.
“can you please let me go to my room”
“what? Now you need privacy ?” Said Crystal.
They both laughted.
Mom came out of the bathroom with the hamper,
“ do you girls have any dirty clothes?
No they both said.
She walked up to Crystal, and asked “ are those your PJs from last night?
Yes Crystal said.
Without hesitation she grabbed the bottem of Crystal’s PJ top and pulled it over her head and threw the item in the hamper. Crystal’s mouth was wide open but before she could say anything, Mom’s hand was in her waste band and pulled her pj bottoms and underwear in one swoop.
“I am naked Crystal said”
“no you’re not” said mom, “take off those socks and put them in the hamper. Juilete give me your night wear too.
Crystal was completely bare, she her skin was a lot paler than Julia and she had just started to develop a little bit of hair down there but her chest was still very flat.
Juliette quickly pulled her shorts and panties down. Step out of them and pulled her long tee off, the two girls were now completely naked.
I then felt the towel get pulled away from me. Now all three of use were naked.
“I assumed I didn’t raise prudes, I want you to stay like this so you can get use to this”
“ the whole day?” said Julie
“I’ll make you stay like this the whole summer” said mom
Looking at Julies erect nipples was making me notticable erect, blushing I started to cover myself
“no covering you have nothing to be ashamed of… that goes for you too Crystal. I should have done this as soon as we got the pool, I am tired of wet swim suits and I am making it the official rule that no suits will be allowed in the pool”
“what about when guests are over said Crystal?”
“I’ll call their parents and tell them my rules, but right now the rule is this no clothes, I am not letting any of you wear them till you deserve too”
Juliette went to her room and grabbed some sun block, “I am just going to tan all day then”
“that’s good, you two need some sun too, good outside as well.”
I felt that Julie not only did mind being nude, that she loved it and was enjoying her young siblings pink bashfulness. Crystal and I followed her down stairs to the back yard were our new pool was. I was about to jump in when Julia reminded us that we need sun screen. She squeezed some lotion into our hands, and crystal and I worked on our fronts, when Juliette sneaked up behind us and started to rub lotion into our backs and butts.
Crystal complained, but Julie asked her if she would rather have mom do it. She then playfully slaped us both in the buts and then pushed Crysal into the pool.
An hour later Crystal’s fried, Meriam was at the door, she was a pale skinned and a mess of black curly hair. Our mother answered the door, and told her that she would have to ask her mother’s permission before she was allowed in the pool. Miriam clearly didn’t understand what she meant. She then called Crystal who wasn’t aware that her friend was over. Crysal came in through the slider, dripping wet, she was about to run up and hug her friend when she remembered that she was totally naked.
Miram then had an idea what was going on
“I’m not against a skinny dipping party” she said
“lets check with your mother” after a phone call.
Mom nodded to Crstal and Miram and said “house rules are no suits”
Miriam quickly undressed in the living room and was lead out by Crystal.
I was in the water when I saw her come out, she was a year out than Crystal, a little taller, and much more developed. She had a dark line in-between her long legs and her chest wasn’t flat, though breasts though not as big as Juliet’s. Julieete was in sun glasses laying on her back reminded Cyrsal that her “white friend would burn” and threw a bottle of sun block at them. Crystal helped Miram but the sun block on while I swam around in the water it was then I noticed that Miram was looking straight at me. They both jumped in, so Julie as well and we all played normal pool games. It was then I noticed that Miram and I kept bumping into each other at the pool. It seemed like she constantly splashing me or was trying to ride my back.
Late afternoon mom fired up the grill, by this time she joined us in our nudity. Before eating I thought it was best to go the bathroom, figuring that the girls would use the down stairs I went to use the upstairs one, I left the door, because what did I have to hide anymore. While I was washing my hands I noticed Miram was walking up looking directly at me, she walked into the bathroom straight up the sink and started to wash her hands beside me, she then started to lean into me and I, almost out of instinct wrapped my arms around her. Her hand went straight for me dick, and our lips met.
We shut the door… they would have been aware if we were gone to long so I suggested that she pressure Crystal into allowing her to sleep over.
That night I waited in my room, my door half open, I half asleep. Eventually Miram crawled into my covers, and well...We kept this up for a the whole summer.
Janie wrote: Hmmm, I like where this story is going by Janie

How about a second installment?
leom1133 wrote: I agree - hoping for more? by leom1133

I can't tell if you intend to write more parts but I hope you do.
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