Skype Call

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Re: Skype Call

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--- Chapter 11 ---

Of course me being quick and careless was what caused me to be caught. And now there was a doe-eyed teen staring into the eternal abyss of my hairy vagina. Goddamn. I pushed myself to my feet and intelligently covered my naughty parts with my hands which I wished for the first time that they were bigger. The awkward boy looked up at me with what I can only assume was awe of my glorious body.

"You- you are a clown?" He stuttered.

I guess he was only confused and not awestruck, "Good catch kid. I'm gonna just go-" I awkwardly pointed forwards before resuming my sprint.

I cringed as I recalled his face when he saw my entirely nude body. I cringed further when I realised he was still receiving a fantastic view of my bouncing butt. I really hoped I wasn't crying, if this face paint ran it'd somehow look more pathetic. This isn't the first stranger to have seen me naked recently (and that thought was disgusting enough on it's own) but he was the first person to be able to physically touch me. I felt sick and I still had an entire hallway and staircase to run down.

I really hoped that kid didn't tell any of his friends about this and suddenly I realised that he could totally be recording me currently. I didn't want to look back in case my fears were realised with my horrible 'make-up' immortalised in video form and ending up with "Streaking Bozo!" hitting millions of views online.

This was the most physical exercise I had done in years. Probably more than I had done ever. Nothing like the spine-chilling dread of being seen nude by literally everybody you know to get you a healthy work-out session, my sister should market this as a scheme. Warning: side effects may include intense nausea, a cosmic level of embarrassment and developing a lasting complex!

I continued my mad sprint and internally thanked the school AC unit for being shitty. The temperature was hot and stuffy; uncomfortable for any normally dressed student but perfect for running starkers in. Who knew?

I had nearly reached the end of the seemingly infinite hallway and reached towards the doorway to the stairs when suddenly the classroom door behind me started slowly teasing open. I couldn't be caught, not again! With a desperate burst of speed which sounds more impressive than it was, I jumped forwards pulling the door wide and throwing myself inside nearly falling down the stairs in the process.

I'd done it. That was a close one. I allowed myself to catch my breath feeling incredibly flustered and simply exhausted. But I had to keep moving before that kid told anyone or whoever left the classroom came further. But I could rest for a little second right? I was closer to my clothes presently than ever and the next part should be easiest. Nobody will be in the grounds during classroom! As I thought that I remembered one thing: fate apparently despised me and any sort of positive thinking.

The fire alarm blasted out no, no, no! Fuck! Students would be coming from right behind me... and right in front of me all headed to the meetup point... directly in the middle of the school yard! I just had to be faster than either of them, hopefully the fact that these drills are never real will slow people down. God, everyone was going to see me naked! If I wasn't crying slightly earlier I was at this moment. And now I was a sad clown. Fucking fantastic.

I bounded downstairs barely touching the steps as I went faster than I thought my bare stringy physique was able to. I abandoned even trying to keep my (much too small) hands in front of me; I needed to run! I kept repeating in my mind; you are naked! Nude! Au natural! Those thoughts weren't very comforting surprisingly enough. But I was afraid to have any sort of optimism for fate to use as ammunition against me.

The stairs hurt my poor little feet. I wasn't going to stand for days or hopefully years after this experience. My heart rate was so high from anxiety and stress I was pretty sure that I was about to have a heart attack. That'd fucking teach Rebecca. I mildly hoped that I'd die out of pure spite, it'd be hilarious. One last act for the circus!

I finally reached the door between me and freedom. I was hearing an incredibly worrying amount of chatter and footsteps from above. I needed to go! Once I was in the grounds I could run to the Lost and Found hopefully making it without being seen by anyone.

I barged open the door ran through it into the outside and in front of me stood hundreds of students staring mouths opened at the butt naked clown girl. Fuck you fate! Fuck you!

"Oh my god, who is that?"
"She's naked!"
"Ew! Put it away slut!"
"That's kind of hot."
"What's wrong with her face?"

Too many fucking people were there. It felt like the whole student population was standing there commenting, joking and gazing upon my horrifically nude body but I was acutely aware that there were people coming from behind me. Fuck! I had to get past this crowd to the second building before somebody fucking realised who I was and my reputation was destroyed. How could this be happening to me? I couldn't process it. Too many voices, too many eyes! Oh God, how many people were recording this? My heart plummeted into my fucking stomach making me feel like I was going to puke.

This was immortalised on video. Not just everybody here would see my stupid boobs, my stupid ass and stupid pussy but everybody on the internet would see it too. I guess private parts was the wrong words for them now; they had more attention than I'd personally ever had. I wished I could go back to blending into the background honestly that was the way I liked it.

This was the end of my life. My fucking face-paint ran down with my wet tears nearly as fast as I ran through the crowd. I awkwardly pushed my awkwardly naked self past the quickly gathering crowd trying to ignore what everybody was saying. I cringed as heard the unmistakable voice of the teacher Mr. Smith (of course, he was seeing this!) try and bring order to the rambunctious students but obviously nobody was listening to him. They were all too busy filling the air with obnoxious laughter and jokes.

"You don't see this everyday."
"She's obviously doing it just for attention. Ignore her!"
"Guys! Her face looks like a fucking clown!"
"Do you guys really think THAT is sexy?"

I knew most students were trying to stay away from the strange desperate streaking girl but the brave deviant ones excelled in making me feel like each student and teacher was taking part in and enjoying my humiliation. They smacked my ass embarrassingly and painfully as I shoved my way between the perverted mob. An unknown kid was fearless enough to knock the protection of my Cutie Pie cap off my head and onto the floor letting my untidy red hair fall backwards. Now I was finally literally nude in front of all. Laid bare to the cold air and the chilling ogling.

I didn't think things would've came to this or I would never have agreed. Fuck this was way more humiliating than one short video of me masturbating being posted online with probably nobody I know seeing it. It was hard to believe that was how this started? With Derek spying on me fucking myself. Things escalated and escalated until they hit a point of no return: here. In the schoolyard butt naked in front of probably everybody I'd ever knew. Hundreds (or, uh, hundreds times two) of greedy eyes examining my bare skin from pale toes to stupid clown face.

My milky flesh shone in the cold sunlight as it rubbed up against random people that I didn't know the name of and some people I swore I recognised. I didn't know which one of those options made me cringe harder. My tiny tits were seemingly a talk of the people and they attracted a lot of pointing and unimpressed comments. My ass had a more favourable reception as the crowd critically accessed my body out loud. I wanted to scream at them to just let me go but I didn't feel that I could speak without immediately vomiting.

"Is that Rebecca?"

No, no, no! They were getting close! I needed to leave before somebody figured out who I was! I covered my blushing face with my hands soiling the shitty paint even more as I ultimately made it out of the ceaseless swarm and pushed past into the second building. I was certain that at least some people were following me but I prayed that the incompetent teachers regained some sort of order to save my rather naked behind.

I couldn't believe that all happened and I didn't want to accept the shameful truth. But too much difficult proof was indisputably there with the beyond cherry red blush which reached from my freckled cheeks to the rest of my pasty body, the stinging pain throughout my glowing burning bottom and the many numerous cruel comments I overheard floated around in my mind casually and for the first time since I was fourteen I felt timidly insecure about my body.

I needed to stop crying, I was required to fix this! As soon as I heard the crowd noise slowly fade away I gave myself a couple of moments to calm down even a little bit. I rubbed my wet eyes to wipe away the many many ugly tears and smudging the makeup in the process . Not just that, I finally completed my earlier promise and puked up on the floor. I won't describe that part in detail and you're welcome in advance. At least nobody was here currently.

Without thinking I realised I was literally at the Lost and Found. I guess it was closer than I thought... or I was very distracted. I couldn't help but expect a final cruel trick and that Rebecca hadn't actually put clothes in there. And then she'd jump out from behind the corner with my dad, Jeff and Kevin then screeching "Gotcha!" in her annoying voice and having all four of them cackle at me. I may have been paranoid but that was how my shitty day had went so far.

But that didn't happen.

Instead I opened the very obvious box left out in the open and to my great surprise saw my favourite set of clothes. My funniest (and that is saying a lot) shirt that said "SOMETIMES I USE WORDS I DON'T UNDERSTAND SO I CAN SOUND MORE PHOTOSYNTHESIS" along with a comfortable pair of casual black jeans and my cosy long camouflage jacket. She'd also been kind enough to leave underwear; normal plain white inconspicuous underwear too! Not just that she'd lent me her favourite hazel boots which I sometimes stole to her absolute displeasure and a comfortable looking pair of woolly black socks which looked brand new. She cared after all which gave an uneasy feeling I couldn't vanquish. I looked further into the box as I was getting dressed and saw that she left me a bunch of tissues along with a small mirror and a note was tucked underneath my shirt.

"You are so brave. You'll get better because of this.
Use these tissues to clear up your face and leave through the backdoor
I'll be there with a car
- Becs (Duh!)"

I felt both an overwhelming sensation of relief throughout my entire body along with a contradictory feeling of absolute numbness and apathy. I did as the instructions said acting on autopilot: something that I was actually skilled at with all the embarrassing orders I'd followed recently. Quickly pulling up my pants and finally fully dressed I sniffed as I used the tissues to clear my horrific face-paint; I now probably had a everlasting phobia of clowns. Fuck this day. Fuck this day so much.

It was time to confront the repercussions of it. And I really really hoped I still had tissues leftover for that awkward predicament.
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Re: Skype Call

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--- Chapter 12 ---

I stumbled forward, I guess it was the only place I could really go. Well either that or go back towards hundreds of eager eyes waiting for some idiot to reveal their identity. It felt oddly weird to not be walking bare foot through these eerily silent halls, the only sound being my own footsteps. I hated moving through the empty corridors... it just gave me too much time to think. And right now if there was anything I didn't want to do it was to think about earlier events. I was literally just completely naked in front of nearly everybody I knew. That was a completely factual mortifying certainty.

Just don't think about it. Like fuck, how would I look any of the kids from my school in the eyes again? They had just saw every little part of my little pale bare body. From my small tits to my stupid ass. Nope, that's you thinking about it again. Think about something else, like good memories. Remember those simple times when you hadn't been humiliated in front of the entire school? Fuck you brain, stop reminding me. At least everybody is probably still outside leaving these hallways vacant. It'd be pretty upsetting if after all that sprinting somebody found me and just dragged me to the principals office where I got my dumb face expelled.

Without really thinking I finally came to the entrance where I hesitantly opened the door to the sunlight yet again, which gave me mild anxiety after the events of the last door I opened wide. At least I had clothes and modesty this time. I moved outside into the raw daylight and still felt gross. I needed to just go home and maybe lie in my bed and hopefully just straight up die. Walking slowly towards the parking lot I saw the rather smug face of my superior sister wave her hands wildly at me while next to a very specific vehicle.

That was undoubtedly Jeff's car.

Ugh shit I couldn't deal with him right now, not after this! I looked closer I saw that he was standing awkwardly at the front of the car thumbing through his phone. Fuck, well at least he wasn't with the collective crowd who gawked at me earlier. I wished I could read minds to be able to read the strange expression he had on his face; what had Rebecca told him?

"Hurry up Gert! We don't have all day, people could be coming!" Becca yelled and I finally noticed that I had just stopped in place as I thought. Jumping in shock I followed up by running towards the car and leaned against it to catch my horrifically raspy breath. Yeah, I needed to exercise more. Jeff moved behind me and I didn't know if his presence was comforting or scary at this point. Probably both. But I didn't need to be able to mind read to see that he looked concerned.

"Gert what happened? She..." Jeff gave a crude gesture Becca's way and I wished I was gutsy enough to ditto him, "She told me you'd need help! Is this because of what you told me about last week?"

I gave out a very weak and pathetic nod, not really able to do much else.

"Look Jeffy, you can play hero later. Gert needs to get home." Becca said nonchalantly while giving me both a pitying and an 'I'm-better-than-you-my-naked-loner-sister' look, "I'd obviously take her but I've got cheerleader stuff."

"That's isn't good enough Rebecca, fucking look at her!" Jeff pointed at me, which while it may have made a point also made me feel much worse, "What the fuck did you put her through? God this is messed-up! Don't walk away!"

But Becca hadn't listened to his infuriated yelling and was already leaving not even taking a small peek over her shoulder to show just how little she cared. Jeff followed after her for a couple of steps muttering curses as he did so before he glanced back to me who was currently feebly leaning up against his car raggedly. This probably wasn't my finest hour.

"Look Gert-" Jeff was going to say something but cut himself off quickly, putting his hand to his forehead, "Ugh, just get in the car. I'll drive you back."

I got into the car; I didn't know if I could disobey any orders at this point even if they came from fucking Jeff. Ever since I'd escaped that crowd I felt like I was almost sleepwalking. Well this could count as a nightmare. I moved into the back seat of Jeff's objectively shitty car which was probably a strange move considering the way he raised his eyebrows as we both knew how shitty the rear of his car smelt. But I couldn't lie down and bury my face in the oddly stained cushions if I was riding shotgun.

Jeff slowly started the car and we went off, I hoped to avoid any awkward small talk but he inevitably asked, "What happened?"

I wanted to tell him that I streaked the whole school while cosplaying a circus clown. I wanted to tell him humiliated I was. I wanted to say I never wanted to take my face out of this disgusting seat. All that came out though was, "Nothing." It sounded worse considering my croaky frog-like voice. don't know why I didn't just tell him, I guessed that I didn't want to talk about it. Man I wish I understood my own feelings better.

Jeff sighed and it sounded exactly like my mother used to, "Look, we both know that isn't true? Please just tell me I want to help."

I raised my head so my voice wasn't muffled and clearly said, "Jeff just drive, shit."

It was then he decided to not take my advice and instead do the exact opposite. This was pretty much the first time Jeff hadn't done what I said so it was shocking to say the least. It was also shocking because he stopped with a couple of cars angrily honking behind him.

"No look Gert, we've got to talk about this." He leaned over and looked into the backseat, forcing me to make eye contact, "This shit is messed up."

I sat up and crossed my arms like a moody child, "I don't want to talk about it.", the only was I could be more petulant is if I had stuck out my tongue.

"Mhm. Well we're not moving until you do. Just tell me what happened-" Jeff tried to reason.

But before he could finish I opened the door to the car which caused the cars behind to angrily honk when Jeff rushed out after me. Great, this was the second spectacle I'd made today. And Jeff was just clearly breaking traffic laws at this point; I hoped he got his license taken away the overprotective bitch.

"Gert what the fuck are you doing?" He swung his arms around (very dramatically I must admit) to the side and let out the most exasperated groan, "Look, I'll just drive you okay? No more questions I promise!"

But I didn't listen. I was fine with walking at this point. I really didn't want to look at Jeff's dumb face right now and when he moved towards me despite that I got a little pissed, "Just fuck off okay?!" I yelled. I was tired of this. He had to get back to his car anyway, I'm pretty sure the man stuck behind him was getting ready to fight. I ignored his next words and I ignored them so well I won't even put them down in dialogue here.

As I walked away I felt good for standing up for myself. Then I realised I'd abandoned an objectively speedy ride and now was forced to walk by my lonesome for half a hour. But at least I'd have nobody trying to force me to talk about my horrific feelings; I'd be leaving that for the inevitable therapist in a few years. Just being able to ignore blathering to Jeff about my obvious desperate emotions made it worth the almost tortuous walk home where I'd be thinking about them endlessly anyway.

Ah fuck, he was just trying to be nice. Even if he was being an overbearing annoyance. Maybe I should text an apology to him? Wait, fuck. I didn't even have a phone; I left that in my pants in the girls locker room. I guess I could wait to text that apology. I found myself wishing for the phone to distract myself on this dull walk. At least I'd be home and able to cry as much as I wanted when I got there.

And when I got home I found myself crying more than I wanted to because as soon as the door creaked open I heard an exasperated voice say, "Gertchen?"

My dad knew something was up and before I could stop myself my eyes wouldn't stop watering, "Yeah, y-yeah dad?" I tried to sound normal but that is rather hard when wet tears are spilling from your eyes and your voice is as dry as a desert.

"Please come in." He sounded disappointed and heartbroken. Man, this wasn't going to go well.

"Do, I uh, have to?" I said.

"Yes." He grunted as I shakily walked into the room. He was wearing his serious face and the last time I'd saw that was at mom's funeral. This was bad. He totally knew everything, "I got a call by the school's office staff today. Is it true Gertchen? Please tell me it isn't."

Okay he maybe didn't know the full context but he already knew too much. I didn't answer vocally but I guessed my sobs were answer enough to his question.

"Oh Gertchen? Why?" His voice broke too, being nearly only a whimper. He looked so, so disappointed.

I didn't know how to answer and I didn't know what to answer so I just said, "I don't know." Which probably wasn't the correct thing. But I shrugged and wailed hoping that I'd be so pitiful that this conversation would just end. He moved up towards me and cradled me in his arms, I guess I was very good at being pathetic.

"It'll be okay Gertchen? We'll get somebody for you to talk to." He paused, "Is this about mom?"

I just wailed further into his already soaking shirt, "No!" God, I felt miserable. He stayed silent for a while thankfully, knowing not to push the issue unlike Jeff. Until he allowed me to retreat from his arms and walk backwards. Fuck I'd made a mess. I didn't know what looked worse, his polo or my face.

"I'm- I'm going to go to bed." I stuttered.

He just nodded, looking uneasy, "Do you want me to bring you up a cup of tea?"

I quietly nodded before I sprinted my way upstairs wanting to get as fast away from my defeated dad as possible. He just stood there standing in the abandoned living room. Many horrible thoughts bounced around in my head after that conversation but the main one was: everybody knew. My life was ruined.
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Re: Skype Call

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--- Chapter 13 ---

I woke up around noon wrapped in a cocoon of blankets and woeful self-pity. It'd been three lengthy days since the embarrassing incident and things had been eventful for me even if I had barely moved from my bed of eternal grief.

Firstly I was obviously going to be expelled and was currently in the process of being so. My dad said it didn't matter but I felt with this going on my record I wouldn't be able to get into any of the colleges I wanted to. Who wants a perverted streaker on campus?

Secondly my sister wasn't being a bitch surprisingly. She was barely around because unlike me she actually had a school to go to each day. But she really didn't comment about it and only told me briefly she didn't intend for me to be caught.

Thirdly, I still didn't have my fucking phone back. My sister just shrugged, said it's somewhere and that she'd get it when I mumbled for it from underneath my covers. That was a couple days ago.

The more I thought about things the more I blamed myself however. I didn't really deserve to be in education if I wasn't able to learn enough to pass a single test despite my best efforts. Maybe I did need this cruel reality forced to me directly showing me how the world really was. Becca could be right.

That thought certainly didn't make me want to leave my blanket fort though. I knew that at some point I had to move on but couldn't I give it like another couple of days? Weeks? Years?

My dad came in and slowly opened the door gazing awkwardly inside at his second favourite child. He'd tried to be supportive and book therapists lately to talk about my perverted desires. I didn't know how to explain everything that happened and I didn't think that I could without being accused of lying. Becca was always his darling little girl while I was the weird loner child. Of course I'd be the one who streaked the school and Miss Perfect had nothing to do with it.

"Hey sweetheart you okay? Want to go out and grab lunch?" My dad said softly but despite that I could see unease on his face.

I tried to swallow that lump in my throat, "I'm not hungry. Let's leave it for now?"

He just nodded with a frown spreading across his face, "Yeah, alright. I've been on the phone to that woman and she's agreed to speak to you on Sunday. It's just a little introduction session, there's no need to commit if you don't want to." He paused, "I think it'd really be helpful okay?"

I just nodded and he gazed around the room where I had left dirty plates and half-eaten wrappers around. I'd been very lazy lately.

"You should probably clean up the room," He paused, "And yourself for that matter. When was the last time you showered?"

I shrugged which didn't seem to appease him judging by the expression so I spoke up, "Alright, I'll take one. Happy?"

"Sure." He smiled and headed downstairs obviously glad that this incredibly uncomfortable conversation was over. I knew that the longer I didn't speak up about everything the worst things got but hopefully I could go to this therapist lady and she'd confirm to him I wasn't some perverted creep. Or maybe she would call me one which would probably justify everybody but me in this situation.

I got up slowly out of my bed. Fuck I smelt like shit and I needed that goddamn shower but I was edgy to ever take my clothes off again after last time. But I wasn't going to wear a swimsuit to the bathroom because I wasn't that deplorable.

I looked in the mirror and instantly regretted it because of how horrible I looked. My acne was acting up and my hair was somehow sticky. I slowly stripped reminding myself that this time I was the only one here. I saw my nude reflection that everybody at my school had already seen in great detail.

I showered and quickly towelled off in the bathroom, ensuring to get dressed again before I unlocked the door and headed to my room where I opened the door directly to the PC. I guessed I needed to start that up.

I'd been putting off checking social media for a couple of days, dreading the Facebook messages I'd have received. I was pretty sure everybody at school knew I was the clown streaker. But I also needed to respond to Jeff because I was an asshole to him that day and never apologised.

So I hesitantly turned the computer on and let it boot up, maybe I could watch funny YouTube videos to distract myself from the boredom being suspended gave you. But firstly I probably should get on my account. I opened Facebook and signed out of my sisters account which had way more friends than I did. I wasn't a creep so I didn't look at any of her messages.

I was glad that my account didn't have many friends. I set it so only people I friended could send me messages thankfully meaning I had way less abuse than I probably would otherwise. There were a couple upsetting messages though.

Nina Brown called me a slut and we had been friends for years even if we didn't talk more recently. Kyle Mason had sent me a YouTube video of the streak (that was definitely not what I meant when I said funny YouTube videos earlier) and also a crying laughing emoji saying is this you. I was afraid to click that link and see the comments or view count underneath it. I really really hoped that I hadn't gone goddamn viral.

I was worrying too much. Just ignore it and message Jeff an apology, okay Gertchen? So I did that. He'd already messaged me a heartfelt sorry of course because he wasn't a garbage friend. He didn't even need to apologise for what happened.

It was then I got a Skype Message ping and it showed up in my bottom corner. Derek with the words, "so what happens next?? xD" which immediately made me want to be a creep. Derek was the dickhead that recorded me masturbating and I couldn't stop my curiosity from peeking at their chats.

And what I saw shocked me.

My sister had fucking set me up.

She'd set up all of this.

I nearly tossed the computer in anger but then I couldn't keep reading this absolute bullshit that she'd wrote. I quickly moved the logs back to the day of the first event where Derek had caught me. She'd made him describe what he'd done to me in detail and then for some fucking reason encouraged it. She told him that I was a fucking sad loser.

Why did she hate me so much? What had I done? I moved through the text and saw her eagerly describe all my humiliations to this stranger. From the horrible note-card game, to the park and even the nightmare school streak. Just rereading these events made me feel more and more furious and embarrassed. She'd described details I didn't even remember from the fact that my face was dribbling with snot as I ran through the crowd and that I'd had a tiny hole in the back of my pink panties when I was in the park.

Looking at these detailed recounts made me feel like I was reliving the situation. I felt the same shame that I did when I was actually involved in it. It was different to see these events written so laid out, it made it feel so much more real. I'd almost detached from myself recently and these texts just reminded me that it was Gertchen who had ran, posed and danced naked.

That's not to mention the fucking videos they'd shared between each other. While Derek had only sent the original copy of me masturbating, Becca had been sure to keep him updated. I didn't even know she had her phone at the park and caught me streak in my little panties. I also saw the thumbnail of my pale chubby butt running down an empty hallway and decided I really really didn't want to click play on that video.

And that wasn't the worst part. She'd purposely given me the wrong revision notes to my test. Of course I'd failed! I wasn't even studying the right fucking material! She'd been fucking with my mind for weeks now! She'd made me feel like it was my fault for being an idiot. I mean I was an idiot for not fucking realising. But that didn't matter now.

My God I don't even know how to react. I was so so angry and I didn't even know what to do. My life was in tatters because of her! She'd manipulated me! And for what? Was it a fucked up sexual desire? Just for a fucking sense of superiority? I don't think I even wanted to know and the thought made me sick.

We were supposed to be sisters! We were supposed to love each other and not... do this! Fuck me! Fuck her! I can't believe I'd fallen for her bullshit. Even just the thought of her stupid face made me mad. I couldn't let her get away with this. I was going to fucking win my life back and fuck hers while I did so.

I was going to get some sweet fucking revenge.

(12:56) Derek Smith: i know ur online, i see the green icon lol

And you know what? I was going to start with this fucking guy, 'lol' indeed.
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Re: Skype Call

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--- Chapter 14 ---

(12:56) Derek Smith: i know ur online, i see the green icon lol
(12:57) Rebecca Leat: hey! whats happening <3

Yeah maybe I was being a little cringey but I needed to get into the role of my sister if I was going to pull this off. I had a plan in mind and didn't mind degrading myself a little in order to fulfil it. I'd already faced much worse partly due to the fault of this shithead. It was finally time for some equivalent payback.

(12:57) Derek Smith: not much wbu

Wow, this guy was a talented conversationalist. I was already exhausted of talking to him after only a couple of messages. Usually with most people it takes at least five sentences for that to happen.

(12:57) Rebecca Leat: i'm just relaxing but i am super bored!
(12:57) Derek Smith: why don't you just mess with your sis lol

I guessed that I was a common topic between the two, the shared love of humiliating poor little Gertchen. God this was so fucking weird right? But I decided to go for it and hopefully he'd just fall for it.

(12:58) Rebecca Leat: maybe that's not who i want to mess around with today ;)
(12:58) Derek Smith: what do u mean

Derek was a fucking idiot apparently. But hey it made tricking him with my irrefutable feminine charms easier. I was glad he was dim even if it made this exchange so much more tedious.

(12:58) Rebecca Leat: why don't we mess around a little
(12:58) Derek Smith: like how?

I groaned, fuck how were you meant to be sexy when the person you were talking to was this moronic? How were you supposed to be sexy when you didn't even really want to be sexy? If my body felt anything after the recent events it was surely not seductive.

(12:59) Rebecca Leat: well, if you want we can put our webcams on...

There was a little time before he responded again; probably just nervous that he'd fuck this 'opportunity' up. That was fine though, gave me time to sort my appearance out. I quickly did the best effort I could with make-up from my sisters drawer and stole her brush, swiftly moving it through my hair and cleared my face with a little bit of her makeup. I pulled the nerdy T-Shirt I wore off and replaced it with one of my sisters shirts which showed a large amount of of cleavage. Yeah, don't judge me, judge my sister.

Was I really gonna do this? Was it worth sacrificing my dignity at a cost of a little revenge?

(12:59) Derek Smith: sure 1s ill call

Well I didn't have much dignity left anyway and honestly even just a small amount of revenge sounded perfect after all the shit this guy put me through. My sister may be way way worse, but this asshole still encouraged her. A lot.

I didn't have much more time to think before I received a video call from the boy. I hoped that I'd done a good enough job with the makeup to impersonate my sister; god knows I've seen her apply it enough times. Glacing at my reflection quickly I didn't look great but I could totally pull off a Rebecca having woken up from hibernation after a couple months. This whole plan would instantly fail if he recognised me.

"So hey..." He said confidently. I shouldn't have doubted he'd fall for it, he was a indisputable moron after all. He wasn't bad looking, though after his personality revealed himself to me on our first meeting he could've been the most handsome man on the planet and I'd still hate him.

"Hey." I said back in a flirtatious tone, one which I didn't even know I could produce.

"So what is it you wanted to do?" Damn, he was so eager and he was trying not to show it. I could see it in his simple eyes. How long had this fuckboy been lusting after my twin sister? She had to notice his crush if he was this obvious all the time.

I didn't respond and instead just slowly lifted off my top leaving me in a neon green bra. Hey, this time I was being sexy by choice and that made the difference. It was a hell of a striptease as I gave him a small smirk and discarded it behind me before giving a smug glance towards the screen.

"That explain things?" I said while Derek sat there intelligently staring. Was that drool? God, why couldn't I be paired with somebody who would've at least made this fun?

But hey, this wasn't about fun or about sex. This was about me winning for the first time since this stupid game started two weeks ago. I was tired of being the sole victim.

"Hey, your turn." I said with a smile.

He rapidly pulled his shirt off (albeit in a less sexy way than me, as his shirt gets caught on his head and he scrambles to remove it completely) and gives a massive grin, "What's got into you Becs?"

"Just your lucky day." I said, "But I guess it's my turn."

I could already tell that the way his hands had disappeared from the camera frame that they were most certainly down his pants. But that part came later. As I said, for now; it's my turn. I stood up and turned around shimming my jeans softly to the floor and leaving me in garish pink knickers. Rebecca would never be seen dead in these but it wasn't like this guy would ever know.

I did a small spin back over the camera trying to hide my cringe as this fuck gazed over my mostly bare body. Thank god he was too horny to even be the slightest bit suspicious. He was aroused enough that he'd already took down his trousers and held them up to the camera, which I responded to with a flirtatious wink. Was I good at this whole sexy stuff or what?

Now this would be the humiliating part. Let's just get it over with.

I laid back on the bed like I did a couple weeks ago and recreated the scene. I moved my hand in between my legs and pretended to feel myself. Quickly glancing up to Derek, I saw he was copying me: perfect. It was hard to get aroused so I just faked some moaning as I moved my hand from side to side not actually touching my body. This was a lot more degrading than I thought it'd be as I awkwardly shifted around in my panties. It wasn't made less undignified by the fact that I could see somebody literally masturbating to me doing so.

But Derek certainly wasn't faking. I moved up towards my computer chair as he laid backwards on the bed; he'd stripped completely at this point with his dick facing the camera. I sat up and pulled on a random hoodie. I looked at my recording of the event. I couldn't wait to see the look on his face when he realised what happened. Now for the big reveal!

Or, uh, maybe the big reveal in a little bit. He currently was a little distracted furiously playing with himself. I sat there bored as I waited for him to finally notice me Man, he could keep going couldn't he? It wasn't even mildly entertaining. Hurry up and finish so I can torment you! And finally there he goes.

"Um, Becs?" He awkwardly covered up his dick with his hands.

I dramatically put on my glasses which my sister notably never wore and smirked at him, "Hey."

"What is it Becs?"

Ugh! I just wanted a cool reveal and he had to ruin it by being an idiot, "It's not Becs, it's Gertchen you moron! And just so you know..." Horror spread across his dumb face to my great pleasure, "Every single second of that was recorded."

He immediately freaked out, quite like I did when he did the same to me, "What? No, no, no, no...." He mumbled off, before immediately disconnecting; the last frames of the camera being his nude body frantically rushing to end the call and his expression wide eyed and crazed.

Fuck that felt good. Better yet, I had it recorded. I don't know what they're talking about, revenge was super fucking sweet. But now to finish it.

(12:57) Rebecca Leat: i'm not a douchebag like you so I'm not gonna ask for anything else. i also don't care about seeing anything else. what I do care about is a promise; if that video you posted of me goes online anywhere then i upload this shit.
(12:57) Rebecca Leat and I think we know who's video was worse :)
(12:57) Derek Smith: your fucked up
(12:57) Rebecca Leat: :)
(12:57) Rebecca Leat: nah you fucked up. shouldn't let your boner rule you. seriously me and becca look nearly nothing alike lmao
(12:57) Derek Smith: ok i wont fucking post it anywhere just please dont goddamn share that video please
(12:57) Rebecca Leat: if you keep your end of the deal ill keep mine. but two final things? firstly don't ever talk to my sister again. if you do, im putting that video fucking everywhere. secondly i want you to type, "im a horny little fuck".
(12:57) Derek Smith: im a horny little fuck
(12:57) Derek Smith: fuck you asshole

And then I blocked him. It felt good to finally have that knowledge that the shitty video nearly for certain wouldn't be released. It felt great to finally have my own back on the person who fucking blackmailed me and started all this shit. He deserved it.

But one other person deserved it too. I'd need help with that one though. I mean I came on the computer in the first place to message Jeff anyway, right?
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Re: Skype Call

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--- Chapter 15 ---

While enlisting Jeff's help hadn't been easy after I explained everything he reluctantly agreed. I had to tell him that my plan could genuinely fix my life before he finally conceded. All I needed to do was get to the school. That was going to be harder than you may imagine and if your reading this story then you have some good imagination.

See firstly my dad didn't want me leaving the house. And since he mostly worked at home boringly, that made things slightly more difficult. I'd never really been a rebellious child (just an annoying one) so I did my first lawless escape and managed to sidle out the window and slowly down, somehow managing to not break a leg due to my immense clumsiness.

Secondly I still really wasn't meant to be at school, on account of being so called "expelled" and all. I put a large cute hoodie up and attempted to cover my pimply face with it but I was pretty sure I was still a C-list celebrity there after my infamous clown streak. Hopefully I'd be able to stay out of the crowded areas of school... which only included the classrooms, school grounds and hallways. Easy?

I called Jeff and waited for him to respond. Man, I was an impatient bitch right now. We had important things to do! Fuck.

"Hey." His voice crackled over the phone towards me.

"Yo," I said casually and all cutesy like, "So you ready?"

"Look Gert, if this goes wrong..." Jeff started nervously, was he really thinking of backing out after all this?

"It won't." I said harshly because I wasn't stopping no matter what bullshit reasoning he gave, "And if it does, I'll take the consequences. Not you."

"You still sure?" Jeff said.

"Yes." I sighed, "Again, you ready?"

There was a moment of silence where I wondered if Jeff was going to cuss me out, "Yeah I guess. Just text me when."

"Perfect dude." I hung up quickly before I made my way over to where I needed to go: the school shower rooms. Thankfully the halls were empty as fuck at the moment.

As I walked through the vacant hallway I remembered that this was the very one I had ran through completely fucking naked just a few days ago. That thought only made me more determined to finish this plan as I slunk slowly into the locker room like a snake. This was where I had met Rebecca just a few days ago for my aesthetic makeover.

I swiftly made my way through the different lockers searching for my sisters belongings and instead finding a bunch of random bags belonging that I realised belonged to other exasperating popular girls. Eventually I found her infamous pink sparkly bag and smiled. Too easy. I closed the locker discretely, before diving behind a wall and beginning to wait.

It was slightly nerve-wracking as I stood there awkwardly standing around until the door on the other side opened. But I had the text prewritten and ready to send to Jeff... all I needed to do was wait until my sister actually got into the stupid showers after cheer-leading practice.

Eventually I heard giggling as a hoard of obnoxious girls rounded the corner, too caught up in their mundane chitchat to even realise that a gangling awkward weirdo was hiding in the corner. My sister's annoying voice was the easiest to make out as she loudly berated a teammate for bad form during practice.

Soon the showers turned on and I waited a few seconds before sending the prepared text and peeking round the corner- it seemed like the road was clear. Thankfully it was easy to spot Becca's uniform and towel. Firstly she was head cheerleader and she wouldn't accept it if her clothes weren't just a little more sparkly and attention grabbing compared to the rest of her troop. Secondly her towel actually used to be mine before she stole it. So I snatched it back along with her clothes before stalking my way outwards and waiting behind the door.

The next event happened nearly immediately as the fire alarm rang out throughout the school and I heard general panic happen from the changing rooms as a bunch of cheerleaders ran out in a comedic over the top fashion... with one notable exception... well two exceptions. Cassidy Newman came out a little later with her hair still wet. But after she left I knew there was only one person in that room.

"Sup sis." I opened the door to see my naked sister and unlike her I didn't enjoy that.

I kinda wished she feel shameful enough to cover up, it felt a little gross to just be standing there as she stared at me.

"Oh, what are you even trying?" Her voice was cold and full of malice, unlike the sweet motherly tone she usually used around me recently, "Is this some kind of shitty revenge scheme?"

"I read your messages, I've figured it all out." I said.

"You know I could just not leave the changing room. I don't care about a fake fire drill." Becca said easily putting her hands on her hips and intimidatingly showing her flawless body.

"Who said it was fake?" I shrugged and tried to give my widest smile which was so large my mouth hurt, "This is how we do revenge sister."

"I don't believe you for a second Gert." Becca said rolling her eyes, "You don't have the guts."

"Maybe not but I was able to make Jeff do it." I tried to keep a straight face even though I was lying ruthlessly at this point. I couldn't tell by her facial expression if she believed me. Partly because I was trying to look anywhere that wasn't her nude form.

"Of course he would." Becca sighed, "And you think this'll make it all better? Making your sister parade naked around school?" She then grinned probably thinking I'd take pity on her.

"Nah." I said casually, "I just want to make you feel like shit too."

Becca smiled at me and for a second I thought I was missing something. It was a simple smile, one that made me feel like I'd already lost. Shouldn't she be freaking out by now? She'd lose her perfect image and everything.

"There was one flaw in your plan dear Gerty," Becca laughed and walked over to me before condescendingly patting me on the head, "You want revenge? Unlike you I simply don't give a fuck."

She then did what I never would have expected. As bare as the day she was born she pulled open the door to the hallway and slowly confidently strutted out, her ass waving as she made her way down the hallway; unashamed and uncaring. God how did her body look so much better than mine? We were twins! She turned her head backwards and gave a small wave to me.

"Thanks for being interesting at long last." She smiled and left me alone with my thoughts in the changing room.

I had my revenge but it also didn't feel like I did. But after everything finally I was done with this all and could put this whole disaster behind me. It was time to move on. Pulling my dumb hoodie close to me I quietly leaved out the gym. I was sure I'd be able to laugh at the videos of my sisters humiliation online later anyway.
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Re: Skype Call

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--- Chapter 16 ---

I found myself waking up earlier than usual when my phone gave a dying beep and I awkwardly stretched for it. I was going to ignore it until I saw who the text was from; my best friend. I had to answer this one.

GERTCHEN: yo jeffypoo we meetin up today yaa?

After all the events from the previous months Gertchen was a little more clingy. Well, a lot more. Not that I minded, she was my best friend after all. It was just annoying that she'd shut me out whenever I tried to talk about things saying that now things were back to normal it was fine.

Things weren't normal but I wouldn't admit that because I knew doing so would annoy her incredibly.

She'd been allowed back in school and she wasn't even suspected of doing the first streak; after her sister was caught red handed strutting around the school Gertchen said that she'd took the fall for her even though she'd never been involved. For some reason her sister never contested her story. I still didn't understand why. Maybe she loved Gert after all? That whole relationship made me feel weird anyway. It'd always had even when we were younger. Becca was always commanding her sister around, she'd tried to tell her to stop being my friend at first.

But I had to respond before Gert got panicky and texted again. One morning I slept in and ended up with 34 texts. I could already see that she was writing another message!

JEFF: Yeah sure. Yours or mine?

I texted back even though I hadn't had any coffee yet and was incredibly grouchy. This whole thing was fucked up! I wished Gert had just went to the police like I said at first. But I still get why she didn't even if it was so dumb. I also nearly got my ass kicked out of school when I helped her with revenge against Rebecca. And of course in the end I didn't see either of the two cute girls naked despite how highly involved I was with the situation. That's my luck summed up I guess.

GERTCHEN: ya ya mine ya dork get over here.

GERTCHEN: or ill die of boredom and lonliness :( :( :(

JEFF: Sure.


GERTCHEN: doooooork

Well I guess I had to follow her commands. Or I'd be in for even more annoying texting which wasn't slightly endearing in the least. Not at all.

I grabbed breakfast and got a quick shower before freshening up in better clothes and getting into my car and taking the quick drive to Gertchen's house. Her sister wouldn't be in because... well she was in a hospital at the moment. Receiving treatment I guess. Gertchen avoided the topic like the plague and that was pretty much all I knew.

I quickly knocked on the door casually after a friendly text to Gert and found it opened quickly as if she was waiting nearby to it. I wasn't insensitive to the fact she'd obviously put some care into her appearance; her hair had been pulled backwards and combed for once. I'd consider her face a little too perfect for 9:30am in the morning. And while her clothes would look casual to an unknowing observer, I was aware that the wolf themed hoodie was actually Gert's favourite.

"Sup." Gert said unceremoniously leaving open the door as she walked inside.

I headed in after her kicking off my dirt covered boots at the humble entrance and followed her retreating form down into her basement where we usually went. Gertchen had already eagerly setup the game console for us to play and she haughtily pointed to it as I wandered down the stairs into the room.

"Ya alright you pick your character," Gert commanded, "I'm gonna go get some stuff."

She said the last part nervously before suspiciously leaving the room. I wasn't dumb and I knew something was happening; I wasn't sure what though. I found myself absentmindedly picking through the different racers as I pondered about her strange behaviour. Was she flirting with me? Or does she want to tell me something else important?

"Sup." Gert said ceremoniously as she entered the room butt naked.

Like nude. Like wearing nothing except for a mismatched pair of neon green and orange socks naked! And she was standing there confidently hands on hips as she stared at me dead eyed with a blank expression on her face. I'd never saw this when we were in a relationship briefly; the furthest we went was kissing and even that was just awkward! And God, here she was... naked! I didn't know what to say!

"Uh..." I muttered, trying to put my tongue back into my mouth.

Gert moved towards me before sitting down on the couch carelessly with a slight blush, "Well you didn't get to see anybody naked even after all this shit happened. So why not? It's not like I care or anything." She glanced over me as I tried to avoid a perverted glance over her. But damn she looked good!

"I mean, thanks I guess." I said awkwardly.

Gertchen suddenly covered her face with her hands, "Oh my fuck this was so stupid. I was just- you know what I'll go get dressed." She moved to get up before I interrupted her quickly.

"No!" I shouted, cringing at how sudden it was, "Look- it's fine. It's cool and normal! It's me, just feel comfortable yeah?"

Gertchen awkwardly looked down at her entirely exposed pale body before shrugging, "Alright fine, it's cold as fuck in here though so I put the heating on. That is non-negotiable pal, I don't want pointy nips." She sexily smiled at me even though I wasn't sure if she was trying to be arousing at all. And that confused me considering she was buck naked.

"Oh, uh, nice socks." I clumsily said.

"I thought it'd be funny." Gertchen muttered as she browsed through the character list attempting to choose the best one possible to beat me with. No way was I going to be able to focus like this.

"It is!" I said leading to Gert raising her eyebrow at me, "Totally!"

"Totally." Gert repeated as she finally picked her character, "Y'know you don't have to be subtle about checking me out. I am fuckin' naked here after all, it'd be just a little offensive if you didn't."

"I just didn't want to make you uncomfortable." I said.

"Don't worry bout it Jeff, doesn't even really feel like my body anymore." Gertchen shrugged her bare shoulders and pointed to the remote, "Ready? Or you still looking over my glorious form?"

"Um. I can play. Yeah." I stuttered. I was usually smoother than this! Goddammit.

I did my best to play but I couldn't help it when Gert casually stretched. I noticed she wasn't playing as well as usual too. Pretty easy to tell when we both got beaten by the easy AIs.

"God dammit, I blame you." Gert stated aggressively.

"Why me?!" I said.

"Cause your like staring at me and shit!" She blushed slightly.

"I thought you wanted me to!"

"No, I said I didn't care." She rolled her eyes, "Just like I'm trying to all get into the game and you are examining me like a museum piece. Just like, give me a sec and I'll be back to normal. And beating you."

"You beat me anyway." I pointed out casually.

"I mean that one was inevitable considering you are not even looking at the screen half the time. I'll beat the AIs too though. Let's go."

The next game Gert won. Easily. I guess she was just off her game. We played a couple more rounds where she continually trounced me.

Gert turned around towards me before simply stating,"Alright this ain't working."

"No it's fine dude! Just relax? It's all cool." I didn't want her to get dressed again. Even if it was weird I'd always wondered what was beneath those baggy clothes. Her pale skin was almost a highlighter for her entire body. The way she casually bit her lip I found sexy and she was alluring towards me even when she wore her oversized glasses.

"What? No. I ain't talking about this whole situation," She then gestured down at herself casually, "I'm talking about this game you can barely play. Let's do co-op cause at least then it'll be a challenge carrying your ass."

"Oh yeah," I blushed for once, "Sounds good."

Gertchen stepped towards the console giving me a good look at her butt. Man, she was surprisingly adorable even if she did act so snarky sometimes. She played around with the console before lying down on the blue rug on the floor close to the TV.

"Maybe now you won't be distracted by my tits." She kicked her socked feet.

"I'll probably be distracted by your ass." I half-joked even though all my attention was currently on it.

"Don't even. It's fat as fuck." She sighed, putting one hand on it and lightly squeezing it.

It took me a second to respond as I considered my words, hoping that I wouldn't offend even if Gert never seemed to care about anything sometimes,"Eh... not really."

"Real convincing dude." Gert looked back at me, irritation evident on her face, "And stop staring at it and focus!"

I felt a little guilty at her flushed face, "You know... you can just put clothes on if you want."

"I said I didn't care." Gert said huffily like an annoyed child who didn't get the toy they wanted before eagerly avoiding eye contact by looking at the TV where she quickly started the game and started to play way more skillfully that I was able to.

I was very unable to focus as Gert dangled her legs and I could barely look away from her pale exposed body with her cute butt out. Maybe it was a little chubby but honestly that was perfect. It felt odd seeing my best friend for many years completely nude but I couldn't say I wasn't enjoying it. The fact I was keeping my controller in my lap to defend my modesty was proof of that.

Maybe Gertchen really didn't care? I mean she always was able to stand up for herself and she was never scared to speak her mind. I guessed it was just her unique way for saying thank you after I helped her out with her sister problems. I could barely understand her sometimes though and it was pretty much why we broke up the first time. I think anyway, she never said why. Then after we played for around thirty minutes; I may have lost track. Gert got up and sat against a table daintily crossing her legs. She wasn't that shameless.

In a moment of silence of us awkwardly looking at each other I decided to ask the very obvious question hoping that I wouldn't regret the answer; though I knew there was a large possibility this would make things weird, "Um... is this your way of flirting with me?"

Immediately the mood in the room changed fast as lightning as Gert madly dashed behind the nearest beanbag (which was a fair distance away) and hid her exposed body from me, only peeking her blushing face out from underneath and panicky yelled, "What? Fuck no Jeff!"

"Look I was just-" I started nervously.

"I don't want it to be a big deal okay!" Gertchen stood up and threw her beanbag at me leaving her fully exposed and still obviously a little (a lot) embarrassed, "Why can't it just not be a big deal?" She muttered softly.

I didn't know what to say so I just apathetically shrugged and moved the conversation on while still looking at my best friends entirely naked body from her tits to her fully visible vagina which she was making very little attempt to hide probably instead she was focusing all of her energy on looking downtrodden, "Why don't you put on some clothes and we can just continue chilling. Forget this happened, yeah? I mean I appreciate the view and all but... your right, it's getting a little awkward. Partly because you are pretty fucking attractive Gert."

Gert ungainly covered herself and harshly clamped her delicate hands over her privates protectively , "Yeah I am. I can tell that much from your fuckin boner." She grinned at me and this time I felt embarrassed, "So I'm gonna just awkwardly waddle up those stairs like this and put on some actual fucking clothes and we're not ever going to talk about this again. And your not gonna stare at my butt as I walk past."

"I probably will."

"Classy dude." Gert stated sarcastically before moving past slowly trying to keep herself covered to the best of her ability, heading up the stairs to find some clothes and allowing me a good and long gaze at her retreating rear.

I simply said one word hoping to ease the situation, "Butt."

"Ya why don't you fuck off?" Gert laughed (or at least I hoped she did) and flipped me the bird without even looking at me.

And we never spoke of this time again.
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Re: Skype Call

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--- EPILOGUE ---

Well that's that. Thanks for listening to the most embarrassing stories of my life. Why don't we move on for a bit? Let's bring this story into the present; three years later to be exact. Don't worry you ain't missing anything exciting: I've been managing to avoid extreme humiliation to the best of my ability for these last few years.

I'm in college now with new friends. Ones that haven't even seen me naked. I decided to move quite far away from my old hometown after all that happened; too many bad memories. Wasn't like there was much keeping me there anyway.

Sarah yelled out, "Finally we're here. Who's going for a swim?"

Me and my new friends just arrived at Fessil Beach. There was a plan to go out skinny dipping and I came along because my roommate Jane wouldn't allow me to hide under my covers for more than one day at a time.

My old friends? Or I guess friend. Well, Jeff and me stopped talking after a while when things just got awkward for me. I couldn't just feel normal around him after he knew everything that happened. Not to mention that humiliating encounter we had... what was I even thinking? Younger me was dumb as hell. We still stay in touch slightly, hesitantly checking up on each other over text.

My amazing retrospective thoughts were interrupted by Jane yelling at me to get into the water and stop sitting in the sand staring into nowhere.

"Uh, yeah. Can't swim without drowning." I lied.

Truthfully I just didn't want to strip. While all my cool new buddies were totally fine with frolicking around in the altogether all it did to me was made me flashback to that horrific streak in the school ages ago. Still the worst moment of my fucking life.

Rebecca was diagnosed with some kind of personality disorder after everything came out. It's weird to think of your sister as a sociopath but that seemed to be the case. Dad always says I should forgive her but I don't think Becca even cares. Possibly deep down but I ain't grabbing the emotional shovel anytime soon. Maybe after college.

I feel slightly guilty about the whole revenge thing. Alright, massively guilty. Even if she didn't give a shit. I don't care about Derek (he's still just a horny douche) but when I did the same to Becca it kind of made me as bad as her. She had legitimate mental issues. But then I guess that if I didn't feel remorse I'd be a lot more concerned that we were more alike than I thought. Who knew I'd feel thankful for feeling guilty as fuck?

My Dad and me fixed up our relationship pretty quick. I just wished I'd told him the truth earlier. He still struggles especially now he's got an empty house that I'm away at college. But hey, he's told me he's got a girlfriend recently. I just hope I don't have a sociopath stepmother or some shit because I've dealt with enough.

I know I'm talking a lot about this shit but that's just cause I'm old and wise as fuck now. Big old 21 year old baby right here. I feel like I got a pretty good understanding of myself? Which is chill I guess. My friends were a lot wilder than me but it was nice to be able to blend into the background; I've always been more of a loner anyway.

And that's how I like it. Being the completely naked centre of attention for two weeks fucking sucked. Every flaw and imperfection showed to nearly everybody I knew... fuck it still makes me cringe. At least all the recordings of the event seem to have vanished from the internet. I've been unable to find a copy anyway.

But as I look at my new friends splashing in the waves and giggling as they saunter around naked I think realise things are pretty good now. Even if I did wish I could swim without drowning.

And as final words to those who've read all my thoughts: cya nerd and really remember to check that your webcam is off before you decide to fuck yourself.

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