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Stories from days past, you can find masterposts for series here about older stories, you can also post your favorite older stories here as well, be sure to credit the author.
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Re: Erica stories masterpost

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will you be saving the boxie carter solo stories as well?
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Re: Erica stories masterpost

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Yes, I'll see if I can post them.

Though the issue with Boxie's stories is that half of them are incomplete, but I don't think people will mind all that much.
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Re: Erica stories masterpost

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Erica Goes to Camp

[Note: I just finished this story branch on the CHYOA site, and while that makes the format a bit repetetive sometimes, I figured it would be useful to keep it in one chunk somewhere else, just in case.]

[Warning: This story contains explicit sexual acts in the last quarter of the story. while not strictly against the forum rules, Erica stories have not featured any hardcore sexual content before, so it might be jarring for some, feel free to consider this story non-canon or a "what if", as I sorta do.]

It was a long weekend for me, I was on my way to summer camp, it was all standard fare as far as I was concerned, but since there had been a freak spread of the flu at our school, that meant that the usually packed greyhound bus we rode on was eerily empty.

Aside from me, there were my usual friends; Alicia, Carrie and Lisa, plus another five students, as well as the accompanying chaperon and the bus driver.

The chaperon was asleep, she was getting rather long in the tooth, and was probably approaching retirement, and while it was a sparse collection of students, the trip had still taken its toll on her, she was fast asleep (thankfully not snoring), and she’d avail herself of us when we got there, and deliver us into the hands of the camp counselors.

two other students, a couple by the looks of it, sat near the chaperon, they were making more than googly eyes at each other at this point, especially with no one to police them.

The other three students, two boys and a girl, were sitting next to me and Alicia at the middle of the bus, they seemed pretty engrossed in their own conversation to even care about anything else.

And finally, there was Lisa and Carrie sitting in the very last row of seats, they seemed to be giggling, I didn’t really bother looking back.

“Pssst, Alicia!” I heard the two behind me calling to Alicia, trying their best to keep their voices unheard.

From the edge of my vision, I could see that Alicia was looking back at the two, it wasn’t long before she abandoned her seat and headed back to the two.

The chatter from the group near me seemed to get louder, was it because I was sitting here by herself? I did my best to keep my eyes on the view outside, it was a beautiful countryside, and it was spring too, the warm sunlight coming through the thick glass of the bus felt really good.

It wasn’t long before the girls behind her were calling me as well, interrupting my appreciation of nature.

“Psst, Erica.” I looked back, and saw Alicia motion over to me to come over, the other two girls were grinning, not an unusual sight, but I was getting worried.

Sighing, I got up and walked back to the group, stomach suddenly tingling for no reason.

The back row was large enough to seat five, with three tiny teenage girls sitting there, there was enough room to seat two more, as I reached her friends, Lisa, who sat by herself behind one of the seats in the preceding row, took my wrist and sat me right next to her, hidden just behind the long back of the seat in front of me, and just as I hit the seat, Carrie, who was sitting at the opposite side of the aisle, edged in on me, trapping me in my place.

“Having fun Erica?” Lisa asked, the question was quite innocuous, Lisa’s tone even seemed genuinely friendly, but I knew better.

“I… Guess so.” I replied, the answer stuck in my throat, while Lisa’s words seemed genuine and harmless, her actions were far from it.

“You don’t seem to be having fun,” Lisa ran her finger along my arm, sending shivers down the my spine “and you’re even dressed so adventurously.”

I looked down, it wasn’t anything special, a baggy T-shirt that extended to my thighs, with shorts and panties beneath them, I had worn sandals that day, in preparation to a day in the sun, I echoed my thoughts on the ordinary outfit.

“Well of course it’s adventurous,” Lisa laughed “for all I know, you’re completely naked under there.”

I swallowed laboriously, true, if you had let your imagination run wild, the mere thought made my nipples pop, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach.

“How about we make sure it’s adventurous?” Carrie whispered in my ear, she was close enough that her nose was tickling my earlobe, I was both exceedingly nervous and excited “kick off those sandals.”

For a second, I wondered if playing along early in the trip would get them off my back? Maybe doing as I’m told now will allow me to get some peace and quiet for the rest of the week, so I found myself lifting my feet up, I looked down at the sandals, hanging from my toes, and let them drop to the ground, I was barefoot.

“very nice, but I think we can do better.” Lisa commented, motioning to Carrie, whose hand reached out and, with surprising deftness, quickly found the button for my shorts and undid them “take them off.”

I wasn’t quite sure who that was directed at, was it at me? or maybe Carrie, since I felt her hand snake into my shirt and tug at my shorts, Lisa’s hand followed suit and tugged the other leg, pulling it off to my knees.

letting them drop to the ground, they were quickly snatched by Carrie and handed over to Alicia.

“Wait…” I squeaked out, but it was too late, only then did I notice that she also had my sandals with her in a neat little pile, far out of my reach.

“Lift up your shirt, Erica, I wanna see your panties.” I nodded, I knew at this point that my only option was to simply do whatever Lisa wanted me to do, or I wouldn’t be getting those shorts back.

Lifting up the hem of my shirt, I exposed my powder blue panties, I could feel the air tickling my inner thighs.

“Is that a little wet spot I see, Erica?” Carrie’s mirthful tone sent alarm bells ringing in my head, I knew that my clit was swollen, popping out of its hood, it wouldn’t really surprise me that it was true.

“We can’t have you soiling your underwear, Erica.” Lisa snapped the waistband of my panties “take them off.”

I let go of the shirt, sliding my panties down my legs, I could see my crotch slowly come into view, not a single hair obscuring my view.

I let go of the panties, self conscious to cover myself, I wanted to reach back and cover myself with the shirt, but before I could even move, I felt a pair of hands take hold of the hem, pulling it upwards and off of my head completely, I looked over, and there was Carrie with my shirt, I tried reaching out and grabbing it, but the strawberry blonde beauty would not let me through.

Looking back at my panties that reached the ground, I saw Lisa had already made a grab for them, before I knew it, they were flying across the seats to Alicia.

I couldn’t believe it, in an instant I had found myself stripped naked in the middle of a bus! It took a second to process this before my hands shot to cover my exposed nipples and pussy.

Carrie edged over to Alicia, my shirt still in her hand, they seemed to be a mile away, but even worse, Carrie seemed to beckon me over, which meant that I would be exposing myself in the middle of the bus’ aisle, away from the protection of the seats in front of us, did she really expect me to expose myself like that?

Despite the insanity, I knew I had no choice, I slowly inched over to the center of the bus, with only my hands as a cover, though that cover was short lived.

“Erica, keep your hands at your side.” Lisa commanded, her tone was getting harsher.

Hesitantly, I let my arms down to rest at my sides, I looked down to see my nipples standing at full attention, I tried my best to take a deep breath, and it was the hardest thing I have ever done.

And just when I thought my humiliation complete, I felt Carrie and Lisa both taking hold of my legs, spreading them open, lifting them to place them on the seats, exposing my pink pussy flesh to anyone looking, which thankfully was still no one, not that that made it any better.

I was forced to sit in that position for what felt like ages, I finally broke down and squeaked out:

“Please give me my clothes back.” I begged my friends, who just giggled.

“No Erica, you’re to stay this way until we reach the camp.” Lisa sternly rebuked my begging, and I, knowing it’ll be at least a couple of hours before we got there, couldn’t help but whimper, restating my plea.

“Fine, Erica, we’ll give you something to wear, but I think you know what you have to do…” Lisa said, I knew what she meant, but I was too scared to move “cum for us, Erica.”

I felt a strong urge to take one of my hands and lower it to my bare pussy, albeit shakily.

At first, my hand stood guard, covering my secret treasure, but soon enough my fingers began to move on their own, I couldn’t believe myself, I was pleasuring myself in the middle of a bus!

Trying my best not to make any sounds, I continued to tease my lips, which were beginning to get very lubricated very quickly, my other hand slipped down as well, this one pinching my very erect nipple.

If anyone turned around now, they would be watching me masturbate in the middle of the bus.

This had set me off, I was now struggling not to moan, I knew that I should keep quiet, lest I awaken the teacher and alert my schoolmates, I could barely contain my voice, and even then there were faint whimpers coming from me, my fingers slipped into my sopping wet pussy, now pumping away with reckless abandon.

“oops, can’t have you getting too loud.” Said Lisa, as she stuffed something into my mouth to stifle my moans, that something turned out to be my own panties!

That was it, not only was I now exposing and pleasuring myself in front of nearly everyone on the bus, I was also doing it in this demeaning state, it was too much for me to take anymore as I orgasmed on the spot, my juices running and overflowing on the seat and the bus floor, and Lisa finally pulled my panties out of my mouth.

“Congratulations Erica, you earned one piece of clothing back.” Lisa told me, then displayed both my panties and my shirt “And you even get to pick which one.”

Despite being dismayed that I wasn’t to be allowed to get completely dressed, this wasn’t even a problem, I grabbed the shirt and put it on, and as I recalled, it indeed covered all of my privates well enough.

“We’re gonna have so much fun at camp, Erica.” Carrie said, excitedly, as the rest of the trip over was thankfully uneventful.

The camp itself, however, was a whole different story.

We finally arrived to the campsite, I was getting pretty nervous sitting in the bus in just my shirt, surrounded by my “friends”, who took the opportunity to strip me naked and humiliate me on the way over, and were passing the time teasing me and threatening to take even my shirt away again, occasionally even prompting me to flash my privates lest they take it away.

now that I stepped out of the greyhound, I felt the mountain breeze sneaking in between my thighs and tickling my pussy, I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate, when I heard a voice yell out.

“Erica, catch!” I opened my eyes and saw my duffle bag flying at my face, I managed to catch it before it made contact with my face “Nice!”

I lowered the bag to see Alicia, grinning widely at me, everyone else was already moving up the trail to the main office, which was down near a lake in between a couple of mountains, next to it a few cabins and even a few sports courts.

I hurried along to catch up to the tail of the party, in the front was a camp counselor who led the other students along with him, I couldn’t quite hear what he was talking about, but I guessed it had something to do with the camp.

Trailing behind me were my friends, who opted to stick closer to me than the rest of the group, I had the feeling that I should probably hurry up and catch up to the counselor, but it seemed I was too late, I now felt a finger snake its way into my shirt from below, I looked over my shoulder and saw Lisa, sporting a wicked grin.

“Having fun, Erica?” She asked me the same question that she asked in the bus, as I felt her finger trace along the hem of the shirt, pulling up and out ever so gently, she wouldn’t dare strip right here, would she?

That was of course a stupid question; she’d already stripped me in the bus, this was nothing compared to that.

“... I guess?” I replied, not sure what Lisa had in plan, one thing for sure, it was too late to escape now, if I try to run, the shirt might get taken off in an instant, or worse, ripped completely off.

That’s when Lisa began to slowly raise the shirt up to my waist, in reaction, I held my bag up to my crotch, blocking the view from the front, but now I could feel my ass completely exposed, thankfully, the only people behind me were my friends, and no one else.

We continued walking along for a few minutes before Lisa finally continued lifting my shirt up, this time all the way up to my armpits, my breasts now exposed, it took me a second to react before holding my bag up to cover them as well.

I couldn’t believe it, I was walking along out in the open with more or less no cover at all, my breasts, pussy and ass out in the open, and completely exposed save for my duffle bag, which I held in front me, my backside however was completely exposed.

To make matters worse, I was feeling my nipples harden and my pussy moisten yet again, I closed my eyes in anticipation for what might come next, though nothing actually came.

“Well, it looks like we’ve arrived, Erica.” I heard Lisa whisper in my ear “fun time is over.”

And with that, Lisa lowered my shirt once again, covering me as we reached the main office cabin.

Inside, we were made to register our names, given keys to our cabins, there were six of us girls in each cabin, which meant that me, Alicia, Carrie and Lisa were all in one place, along with two other girls, who I learned were called Tammy and Sarah, who were from different schools.

The sun was beginning to set, there would be no activities tonight, we headed to the cafeteria, where I was thankfully left unmolested to eat my dinner in peace, though it was still disconcerting to be sitting there in just my shirt, I was pretty sure that my nipples were poking through quite clearly, though it seemed no one noticed.

During dinner, I spotted Carrie whispering something to the new girls, and then glance at me for a second, this gave me a bad feeling in my stomach, were they planning something?

As we finally entered our cabin, one of the counselors, called Amy, explained the rules to us, about the curfew and wake up time, the schedule and what not, and when she was done told us that we had some free time to unwind before curfew and bid us good night, I heard the door close and I put down my bag near my bunk, and before I knew what was going on, my shirt was clean off my back, leaving me completely naked.

I spun around and saw Carrie with my shirt, laughing with everyone else.

“Wow, I thought you were lying when you said she had nothing on underneath.” Tammy said, almost doubling over from laughing.

“I think she likes it!” Sarah mentioned, and I finally remembered to cover myself.

I reached out to my bag, but Lisa grabbed it before me, I was left with nothing.

“Please give me my clothes back!” I pleaded with them, but they just laughed.

“Not yet, Erica, I see you’re in need of relief, so you know what that means.” Lisa said, Tammy and Sarah looked shocked, but still excited.

Defeated, I thought I knew what they wanted me to do, I sat down on the bunk, closed my eyes and spread my legs open, ready to get it over with, but as soon as my hand reached down and touched my joy button, I heard Lisa speak again.

“What do you think you’re doing, Erica?” she said, my eyes shot open again, puzzled by this intervention “I didn’t say here.”

My eyes widened, where else would she have me pleasure myself? And as if to answer, she walked to the cabin door and opened it.

“Out on the steps, Erica, we don’t want you soiling your own bed, now do we?” Lisa sneered, and everyone laughed uproariously, I was horrified, but I was beyond doing anything about it.

I got up and walked out the door, the cold and biting air sent a shiver down my spine, I bit my lips, tweaked my nipples and sat down on the steps,spreading my legs open, thankfully, it was dark outside, and visibility was poor, so I was probably safe for now.

I let my hands do their job as I began to tease my now once again clit, sitting atop a swollen and slick, bald mound, I could see my roommates step around me to get a better look, as I eventually inserted my fingers into my squelching hole.

I leaned back on one elbow as I pumped my pussy, I was getting close now.

"Watch out girls, you should get out of the way." I heard someone say, and that was it, hearing them talk about my body like that set me off.

My pelvis lifted off the steps and bucked as I reached a climax, squirting my juices down the steps, I could hear Tammy and Sarah giggle and squeal as I did.

The girls escorted me back inside and finally allowed me to sleep (naked, of course).
“Rise and shine, Erica!” The covers flew off my barely dressed body, it was the break of dawn.

The first thing I was aware of was the bright light of the sun seeping through the blinds, then the cold air that settled in the room at this time of day.

It was only then that I noticed my state of relative undress, I was wearing nothing but a big t-shirt, which was already hiked up over my breasts, leaving me completely exposed, I jumped awake, only then noticing the spike of pleasure and soreness from my loins, the dildo that was stuffed in there was still where I left it, I winced, but it probably sounded more like a moan, causing my group to laugh at my humiliating visage.

“So here’s the deal Erica,” Lisa began explaining, but before she even got to it I felt the shirt being ripped right off my body, I was naked once again, with only a dildo shoved up my swollen pussy “First things first, let's get that dildo out, get on all fours, ass this way.”

I was in no position to fight back, I was completely naked, pretty tired and pretty sore, if it meant getting that infernal toy out of me, I was willing to play along, I got on my hands and knees on the bed and turned around to give Lisa a good, clear view of my ass and unobstructed pussy and anus.

I let out a yelp as I felt a sharp smack on my butt, swaying forward and garnering another round of giggles from the group, before Lisa reached down and began to slowly remove the dildo from my pussy, a wave of relief and pleasure washed over me as the sore tissue of my sex finally got the chance to relax, and I was told to get up.

“before you get any clothes today, you have to take a shower, so let’s go.” Lisa finally explained her terms for today, and I was led out in the first light of the day’s sun, completely naked, horny and disheveled.

To my shock and surprise, they had led me over to the boy’s shower rooms, I felt a knot in my stomach as I hoped to not run into any boys in there.

Thankfully, the place was still empty, so we had our run of the place, I was forced to get into a stall, leaving the door open as I began to soap up my body, starting with my modest tits, the five girls stood there grinning as they watched me clean every nook and cranny on my sweaty body, I’d had so much “fun” in the past day I was reeking of sex and sweat, it was a relief to get myself cleaned up.

Just as I was rinsing the last remnants of the soap off my body, I heard the door to the showers open, I panicked, but Lisa told me to stay in there and finish rinsing off, my heart still beat like a drum, but I listened to Lisa’s command, I took my time rinsing my body completely, only to step out in front of two boys, who were gawking at my completely exposed, and now glistening wet body.

I just froze in place, no idea what to do now, I didn’t even have the awareness to put up my hands and cover myself, I just stood there like a deer in the headlights, heart pounding at the realization that I’d been caught showering in the men’s room.

“Hey guys, sorry you missed the show.” Carrie speaks up, grabbing hold of my shoulders and pushing me along “Maybe next time you’ll get to see more.”

Carrie’s seductive tone didn’t help, but the boys seemed as much in shock as I was, and thus let us through without much of a fuss.

Outside, when the shock has passed and I began to feel the chill of the wind forming goosebumps against my damp skin, Lisa handed me a towel.

The towel was large enough to wrap around my body, though it was not very long; I could barely cover all of my privates, and if I bent over even slightly, my nether regions will be exposed.

Once I was sufficiently dry, I was led back to the cafeteria for breakfast as I was, wearing nothing but the towel in the same spot we always ate in at the back.

They took their time eating breakfast, on occasion pulling at my towel to expose part or all of me, sometimes it was my nipples, sometimes it was my pussy, sometimes the towel was off entirely, and I had to scramble to get it back on before anyone notices, thankfully we were at the edge of the cafeteria and I was shielded by my cabin mates, so I don’t think anyone really noticed..

Carry, who was sitting at my side, decided it would be a fun idea to begin caressing my thighs, I fidgeted, but she continued her massaging, ignoring me entirely.

My state of dress, the constant wardrobe “malfunctions”, and Carrie’s hands all continued to lead me to one inevitable conclusion, I was feeling the damp sensation forming on my lower lips, I never felt so ashamed in my entire life, I was beginning to get used to it, but feeling aroused right now still felt like my body was betraying me.

I didn’t take note of how long we were there, but we must have been there for a while, because now the other students were finishing their breakfast and heading out to tackle the rest of the day’s activities.

That’s when I felt a sharp tug on the towel, before I knew it, I was sitting there completely naked in the cafeteria, the meal half eaten, and me frozen in place, I could feel a chill running down my spine, there weren’t that many people left, but if any of them bothered to take a closer look, they’d find a horny naked girl sitting between five other fully dressed girls.

I could do nothing but lower my gaze in shame, at the verge of tears, I tried to continue eating, hoping that the remaining students left without noticing me, but to be honest, I had other things on my mind besides my appetite.

“It’s finally empty.” I could hear Alicia noting the state of the cafeteria, I had lost my appetite at that point, some of my food still on my plate “C’mon Erica.”

I felt Alicia take my hand and guide me from the corner of the cafeteria we’d monopolized so far in this camp and towards what was effectively the table at the center of the hall, I was helped up on the table, where I stood in the open, empty room.

I felt extremely exposed standing on the table, you could probably see me clearly from any location in this hall, and you’d be able to do so even when it was packed full of people and even from any of the windows.

Why did I think that? That was my immediate thought as I felt my clit swell to an almost unbearable degree, the thought of being on a stage in a packed room seemed to work wonders on my arousal.

I didn’t even notice that Tammy was gone for a bit, only when she came back, with one hand behind her back.

“Erica sweety, give me your hands.” I looked down at Tammy, who had her own hands behind her back, I stuck my hands out, and before I knew it, Tammy had lunged out with a pair of handcuffs and bound my hands in front of me.

By this point, I was too broken to even react; having my “friends” cuff me while I’m naked was nothing surprising to me, that attitude continued even when Carrie, who I hadn’t noticed was also gone as they led me on the table, returned with a very large cucumber.

“We can’t smuggle sex toys out of our cabin, we don’t want to get in trouble.” And parading me around naked won’t, thanks to this camp’s dumb rules “so this will have to do for now.”

Once again, I felt my pussy being violated by the cucumber, it’s only been hours since I got rid of the dildo, so I was still a touch sensitive, but like a cruel joke my body was playing, the cucumber had no problem sliding smoothly inside my wet pussy.

I knew what the girls wanted me to do, and I was already getting anxious of someone returning and seeing me with completely naked, handcuffed and shoving a cucumber up my snatch, so I did the only thing I could do to make this end faster; I took Carrie’s hand and began moving it inside myself, very quickly bringing myself to orgasm.

Being so exhausted, I could not take the force of pleasure that invaded my body, my knees buckled and met the table beneath me, my eyes were closed and I could hear the girls giggling, but soon enough, I was met with silence, finally regaining enough stamina and opening my eyes, I was panicked to see… Nobody; my friends had left me naked, handcuffed and alone in the camp cafeteria with a suspiciously sticky cucumber!

I wanted to run out, but I knew that even if the cafeteria was empty, there may be others outside, I might have been able to explain away the nudity with this camp’s law, but not the handcuffs.

I cursed my roommates under my breath as I did my best to scout out the area outside through the window, I saw nobody, but that didn’t mean I was safe.

Knowing that there was no recourse to venturing outside, I steeled my nerves and tiptoed nervously out of the cafeteria. Thankfully, the place was rather empty, meaning I was able to make a run to the nearest tree line and disappear from sight as soon as possible.

Thinking to myself, I knew that If I wanted to escape this predicament, I couldn’t stick around for long, I had to make it back to the cabin and hope that nobody would catch me on the way, maybe then I could at least be done with this nightmarish day, edging ever so closely to the end of the camp.

Thankfully, the trip back to the cabin was uneventful, I wasn’t in any rush so I stuck mostly to the undergrowth on the side of the road, which made avoiding any unwanted attention easy.

I finally reached the cabin and breathed a sigh of relief, only to panic yet again when realizing that the door was locked, there was no getting inside for me here, finally, I noticed through my panic a note slipped under the door:

“Dear Erica,

We've gone out skinny dipping.

If you want something to wear, come to the place on the back of this note before we leave.

If you don’t, you’re getting a new rule.


I turned the paper and saw a map, pointing at a spot way deep in the mountain, a little off the hiking trail, it would take a while to get there, but at this time of day, I wasn’t likely to meet anyone on the way, it would take me, what? Half an hour?

That said, this was another one of Lisa’s tricks, I knew it, I was going to get there and I was probably going to be ambushed by something like 20 campers waiting to catch me naked and force me to humiliate myself even further.

… But I didn’t have any other choice, I either listened to what they said, or go around looking for some way to get dressed, and then Lisa was going to make things even worse again, just like she always does.

I took off, following the hike trail up to the point where I had to go off the beaten path, thankfully, the coast was mostly clear, I had to occasionally duck for cover when I heard some people approaching, but none of them actually spotted me, I hurried along hoping that I would make it in time.

I finally stumbled upon a beautiful sight, a small babbling brook running into a crystal clear lake surrounded by glistening, polished cobblestones, all of which was surrounded by enough greenery and bathed in enough sunlight to make it look absolutely heavenly.

It’s a shame that the scenery was marred by the presence of Lisa, her cabin mates, and three boys I had never met, all were in their swimwear and enjoying the cool water of the lake.

I was still hiding behind a tree, debating whether or not I should actually show myself or possibly look around for anything to wear.

Sadly, Lisa made that decision for me:

“Erica? Come out and say hi.” I winced at my discovery, feeling the embarrassment of failing to even sneak properly “And no covering.”

I walked up to the group, arms at my sides, I could see the knowing smiles on my cabin mates’ faces, and the wide-eyed shock of the boys that were with them.

“Well done making it in time, Erica.” I mistakenly allowed myself to breathe out a sigh of relief, after all, that meant I was finally getting some clothes, or so I thought “now here’s what you have to do before we give you some clothes.”

“What? But you said you’d give them to me when I got here!” I waved the piece of paper I had clutched in my hand.

“I never said it’d be right away.” Lisa smirked, these little tricks were the bulk of how she bossed me around, so I was more angry with myself than legitimately surprised “Of course, if you don’t want the clothes you can just stay naked.”

“Fine, what do I have to do?” I was exasperated, every time I think Lisa is going to leave me alone after she hit rock bottom and found every possible way to torment me, she digs harder and finds new depths to her malevolence.

“First, I want you to sit at the edge of the pond and spread your legs.” now Lisa was slow-rolling it, when we started this trip she would strip me naked almost immediately, and minutes later I’d find myself cumming hard and done with that round of humiliation, now she just wants me to sit there doing nothing? “Legs propped up, make an M shape.”

Of course, I had to obey without a choice in the matter yet again, and now the boys were staring intently at my exposed body, leaving me to wonder what Lisa’s next move was.

But there was no next move for a while, which was far worse than I imagined, for one, I was nervous about what Lisa will eventually do, and the fact that the boys kept staring at me, slowly coming to focus on my slowly blossoming pussy lips, meant that I was getting more and more aroused as time went on.

I was giving everyone a clear view of my pussy, which was getting slicker and noticeably wet with time, my breathing was getting heavier and it seemed that everyone could tell I was uncomfortable specifically because of how horny I was.

That was probably Lisa’s plan all along, she wanted to give me as much time as I needed to hoist myself with my own petard, she wanted everyone to see that even if she did nothing, if she just sat there and left me alone, I’d end up in this state, it was a long torture session that ended with my own self inflicted demise.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself, Erica.” Lisa mocked me, coming a bit closer to inspect me “Spread that pussy, let’s see if you really want to get dressed.”

I did as I was told, telling myself that it’s so I can get this over with and get dressed again as soon as possible, even though my body was telling a completely different story.

I took my fingers and used them to spread open my pussy, which was already flowering open anyways due to my arousal, but now it was even more apparent to everyone that my sopping wet hole was crying out to be satisfied.

“I don’t think you want any clothes, Erica, you definitely seem to be enjoying yourself,” Lisa’s mockery continued, and I was starting to worry that Lisa was simply stringing me along “doesn’t she, boys?”

“Yeah, she doesn’t want any.”

“She’s enjoying herself.”

The boys were tripping over themselves agreeing with Lisa, they had no intention of letting me get dressed, not if they could help it.

“Well, I suppose we can’t just let you wander around naked, so flagrantly disregarding common decency, so I’ll cut you a deal.” Yeah right, it’s not like the counselors would do anything about it, they practically used me as their personal plaything not that long ago, Lisa was simply rubbing more salt in my wounds. “I’ll let you pleasure yourself in front of us, I’ll even let you stay naked while we’re here, but you have to get dressed when we’re done and that’s final.”

I whimpered, she was going to make it sound as if she was doing me a favor, humiliating me in front of everyone like this.

“Promise me now, Erica, promise you’ll get dressed if I let you masturbate for us.” Lisa wanted me to say this, I looked up at the boys, I was just as certain that they knew Lisa was lying about all of this, they just wanted to see what I’d do next.

“Please let me masturbate, I promise I’ll get dressed later.” I uttered the words, barely able to contain my abject shame and humiliation, but I wanted to get dressed and to be honest, I also wanted release from my now continuously present arousal.

“Good girl, now make it count and cum for us, Erica.” Lisa’s wicked grin floated back onto her face, and I closed my eyes before letting my hands do the work as I lay back and began fingering myself.

I let two fingers do their work, as usual, they slipped into my hungry pussy with ease, I could hear the wet squelching sounds, they were practically deafening in the silence around me, soon my moans shared the silence, and I began to lose myself, my fingers pumping away without regard to my dignity, I wondered to myself, if Lisa were to drag me out in front of everyone in the camp now, strip me naked and tell me to masturbate, would I obey her commands to easily?

That simple question, before I was able to answer it, brought me to orgasm, my body tensed up and my hips lifted off the ground, I sprayed my juices out as I let my moans loose, we were in the middle of nowhere, I didn’t need to hold back as I declared to whoever could hear me that I was cumming.

“Okay Erica, don’t forget your promise,” Lisa’s false mothering tone made my skin feel hot, I hated how she made it seem like this was what I wanted, and it was worse that my body seemed to agree “I’ll even let the boys play with you while we’re here.”

Despite Lisa’s words to the boys (who were beyond ecstatic), they weren’t the only ones who got to play with me, I practically had a dozen hands on me at all times, there was no regard for my own pleasure, needs or wants here, I was just a toy, I must have cum at least three times, but I had lost count because there were no breaks, I’d orgasm, but the hands wouldn’t stop, I was in a constant state of nearly painful pleasure for what seemed like an eternity, and when it finally stopped, I was lying exhausted on the bank of the pond, dizzy and disoriented, and Lisa saw fit to rope me into something I’d never done before.

“Boys, how about a little game? Rock paper scissors, the winner gets a blowjob from Erica, losers strip and jerk off for us?” Despite this being the lowest Lisa had sunk in humiliating, it was always a thing we kept between us, at best I’d be doing what I just did, masturbating in front of boys, but actually providing sexual favors to them? This was too much, the worst part is, I wasn’t in a state of mind that allowed me to even be shocked! I just looked up at the boys who were all sporting tents in their swimming shorts and felt butterflies in my stomach.

I’d gone out with boys before, and thanks to all the things these girls did to me, I had no shortage of boys who wanted to go out with me, did go out with me, and ultimately done far worse things with me.

And as much as it shames me to admit it, I was kinda looking forward to not being the only one naked, even if it meant doing this.

The boys immediately launched into the game, and one winner was a dark-skinned boy with dreamy eyes, jet black hair and what seemed like a fairly big cock, I wasn’t even aware before I was giving the boy a blowjob, my lips around his hard shaft, I knew it was awkward, as I wasn’t very skilled, but he was moaning and enjoying himself, and as I considered what I was doing, sitting in front of these “friends” of mine, pleasuring a boy I only knew for the good part of an hour!

“I’m going to cum!” the boy declared, now I had agreed to give the boy a blowjob, but I thankfully had the wherewithal to pull back and jerk his off to a finish, his semen spurted out onto my chest, I washed it off with water and felt my shame rising, and it would have probably made me upset if not for the loser (who had been forced to strip the moment he lost) being forced into jerking himself off for us, it gave the tiniest bit of satisfaction, I considered it fortunate since the loser was far smaller than the winner, small enough that maybe his humiliation might rival mine, even if for a short time.

I was finally allowed to put my bikini back on as we headed back to our cabin, the loser boy was now another one of Lisa’s playthings, seeing how his humiliation was also captured on a phone.

Unfortunately, the second I was inside the cabin, the bikini was stripped off my body, I was left naked so quickly and without consideration.

At the very least, I was not forced to sleep with a vibrator inside of me, but I was told in the morning that I had to masturbate on the porch to get my bikini back.

I was ashamed that I followed that order without any resistance, but I knew that resisting at this point would only make Lisa punish me at a later date with something more cruel than something like this.

Thankfully, I was spared the humiliation of being seen fingering myself and reaching a squirting orgasm early in the morning out in public, but I was forced to wear the bikini again when we headed out for breakfast, sitting as usual in the corner.

As we sat down, the familiar routine of toying with my bottoms began, pulling and wedgying me back and forth, despite orgasming about an hour ago, my pussy was yet again leaking juices long before the bottoms were off.

This time, however, the teasing did not stop with just my bottoms, soon the strings holding the top behind my back felt loose, and before I knew it, I was sat in the cafeteria completely naked, the top in Tammy\s hand.

“Here;s the deal Erica, you want your only cover back, you masturbate for us right here,” I was dismayed, Lisa had promised that I wouldn’t have to do anything like this, but the key here is that I didn’t have to, I was being offered the privilege of wearing clothes so long as I did myself the very thing they said I would, the only bit missing was me begging them to let me masturbate in front of everyone, as opposed to yesterday where I had to do it in front of two other boys.

And yet, I almost came thinking about following through with the offer, I slowly reached down, letting my fingers sneak their way to the pulsating joy button I was squeezing between my thighs, and just as I was about to reach it, Lisa interrupted me:

“And be careful about making noises, we won’t stop anyone who notices from watching.” Lisa whispered.

That set me off, my fingers thrust deep inside of me, I bit my lips to stop the moans from escaping, I raised my eyes to see if anyone had noticed me, but Lisa and the girls had expertly blocked me from the view of everyone still at the cafeteria at this point.

Thankfully, the situation I was in was extremely conducive to an orgasm, it didn’t take more than a couple of minutes before my juices were gushing out for the second time today, I was given back the bikini alongside a few tissues and I quickly cleaned up and dressed myself again, thankful for the small miracle that I was not caught.

After breakfast, Lisa told everyone that it was time to go, I wondered what they were talking about, only to notice that we were heading back to the cabins, but not ours, nor was it the counselors' cabin, we were in fact heading to the boys' cabins.
Lisa knocked on the door to one of the cabins there, and as I suspected, it was the two boys from yesterday here, it seems that the two had left everyone else and stayed in their cabin, no doubt to meet up with Lisa and the rest of us.

Once inside, I asked what was going on, and Lisa answered:

"You and Carrie are playing strip poker, girls vs. boys." Lisa answered, pulling out a deck of cards "you play normally, lowest hands takes a piece of clothing off, and when a team is completely naked, they play one more game against each other, while the winner of that still has to give us a show and masturbate, the loser of that second game has to do whatever the winning team wants."

I swallowed the lump in my throat, the last time I had met these boys, I had to casually give one of them a blowjob, meaning if I lose the game here, I'll probably end up having sex with both of them.

"By the way, I'm dealing." Lisa said as she shuffled the deck of cards.
I could feel my head spinning, if Lisa had rigged the game as she tends to do, that means that I'm doomed to losing this game no matter what, I just hoped this wasn't the case.
At any rate, the best way out of this was to try my best to win, if not against the boys outright, then at least against Carrie.

As far as I could tell, the game was not rigged, and if it was, I was impressed by Lisa's commitment to simulating realism in this game as the boys lost a few hands themselves, of course, that didn't make the eventual situation of Carrie and myself sitting stark naked in front of everyone else any less galling.

In fact, that probably made it even more embarrassing, I didn't need Lisa to strip me, I would screw myself of my own accord, well, technically I was going to have the boys screw me.
No! Not yet! If I can win the next hand, I can keep the humiliation at the rate it was before, just a little masturbation as Carrie has to play with the boys.

"Ready for playtime with the boys Erica?" Carrie whispered in my ear, and like clockwork, I felt myself get wet, damn it, whenever things came down like this between me and Carrie, I was always ambushed by her, it was almost one of Carrie's signature moves, the fact that I'd fallen for it so many times demoralized me even more.

I looked down at the cards on the table.

I had gotten a pair of aces, I had hope for a second, but not in front of Carrie's two pairs.

"Whew, for a second, I thought I was the one about to get bent over." Carrie's often blunt exclamations only served to accentuate my fate.

The boys stepped forward, already naked and sporting two erections and pointing at my face, I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach and my head began to swim, and I can't quite figure out what was happening next or what was said to me, all I can tell is that my body moved on its own, I was opening my mouth and taking one of the cocks into it, I was reaching up to stroke the other one at the same time.

the cock in my mouth pulled away, replaced by the one I was holding in my hand a second ago, soon I felt a finger brush against my wet pussy, I jolted as my hips bucked upwards, hands grabbed onto my waist to keep my butt bent out, I heard someone say something about a condom, but I wasn't sure what it was about or even who said it, and soon after, I felt something pushing inside my pussy, sliding in with ease as I moaned against the cock in my mouth.

I was swimming in a sea of pleasure, in a rare moment of clarity, I realized what was happening, that's right, I was being spitroasted by the two boys I had met yesterday, there's Carrie, watching me, one hand clawing at her breasts and the other rubbing her clit, and there's Lisa, she had her phone in hand, she was making a sex tape of me as the boys stepped back and switched place.

I exploded in orgasm after orgasm, I lost count of how many had hit me before the two boys stopped again, this time to unload their cum all over my face, I licked them clean.

I could barely sit straight, I lay down, my hand reaching down and gently fingering my recently used pussy, I wasn't sure what emotion was going through me, shame? Not quite, ecstasy? Possibly, but it felt like something else.

I was given a towel to clean up, which I did, it was only hitting me then what I had went through, seeing this, Lisa told me to go back to the cabin naked, I don't know why I didn't argue with her, but I did as I was told, the way back was empty, I took my time to walk back, slowly regaining my composure and realizing that I was walking naked outside like it was nothing.

Worst of all, I was unsatisfied with something, did I want to run into someone?

I was left alone for the rest of the day in the cabin, I just lay on my bed, still naked, thinking things through, I fell asleep and before I knew it, it was morning yet again.

It was the second to last day of the of camp, I woke up to the girls standing over me, Lisa asked a question I both dreaded and wanted to answer:

"Well Erica? There's two days left, what should we do today?" she said, I stared up at her for a moment, I remembered yesterday's events and how I felt about it.

"I want to masturbate in front of everyone." That wasn't me saying those words, it was someone else, some other Erica who was talking, she happened to look like me and sound like me, but I wasn't the one who said that.

"Then get down on your hands and knees and beg for it." Lisa grinned, she had won, like she always does, I got out of bed and, as she instructed, got on my hands and knees, I lowered my head to the ground and begged:

"Please Lisa, let me masturbate in front of everyone." The other Erica said.

"Then you'll have to wear this to the cafeteria." I raised my head, Lisa held out a collar and leash "to let everyone know that I own you."

I took the collar in hand and put it on my own neck, Lisa led me out one last time to the cafeteria, I had only just woken up, so this all felt like a dream to me, separate from reality, people were staring at me on the way to the cafeteria, pointing and laughing, I didn't cover up, but my hands wanted to relive the building ache of my breasts and pussy.

We didn't go to our usual corner table this time, no, this time we made a beeline to the table in the center of the entire cafeteria, I climbed up the already occupied table, sat down on my knees amidst the whispers and murmurs around me, and heard them turn to gasps as I let my hands do their work, pinching my nipples and inserting my fingers inside my leaking pussy, that strange sensation disappeared, replaced by the most glorious squirting orgasm, juices gushing out as I bent over, face planted in the table and ass pointed upwards.


The next day felt like I had woken up from a spell, I was the only one left in the cabin, all my clothes were back, I was even wearing my pajamas, it occurred to me that I had not worn them once before during this entire trip.

I changed into the same clothes I'd worn on the bus on the way to camp, and left, I joined the crowd of people who seemed to avoid eye contact with me, stealing glances only when I wasn't looking at them before we filtered out into our own busses, the one I got onto was just as empty as it was when I came here, my three friends in the farthest row, as well as five other people who seemed to recognize me, I disregarded them as I headed towards the same seat in the same seat I had sat on.

The bus took off, jolting into life and heading out into the road.

"Psst, Alicia!" Déjà vu struck as I heard the two behind me.

"Psst, Erica!"

Oh no, I felt my clit peeking out.
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