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Erica's Campus

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Erica's Campus

I had procrastinated all summer, and my first year in college was about to start. It was just around the corner. But in order to complete my registration for classes, I had to get my school medical records in order. This could have been done much earlier in the year, even when I was still in high school, getting the proper shots and physicals and making sure the paperwork was forwarded to my college. But I guess I had been distracted.

So here it was, early September, and I found myself sitting in the campus health office. My legs were crossed and dangled over the side of the examination table, while I fidgeted and twisted my hands in my lap.

Alicia and Carrie had been good enough to drive me up to our new college, and I had promised them this wouldn't take too long.

Unfortunately, this process was taking longer than I expected.

The health official returned to the room, a clipboard tucked beneath her arm, and stethoscope hanging around her neck. "All right, Erica. Let's just check your breathing and we'll be almost finished."

I hated how she spoke to me like a child. It made it sound more like I was seeing a pediatrician, than the nurse at my college's health office!

Oh well, I suppose it didn't help, the way I was dressed. I was wearing my denim overalls, and had a white long-sleeved top beneath.

The much taller woman stepped behind me, and pressed her fingers against my back. "Let's undo these straps, so I can get a better listen."

For some reason, I gulped, and nervously unclipped the button on one of my overalls straps. Then I undid the other one, slipping both straps off my arms. Now with the material unobstructed, the nurse was able to take the bottom of my shirt and lift higher, all the way up my back. I wasn't wearing a bra. And when she placed that cold metal stethoscope against my bare skin, I believe my nipples instantly hardened and poked straight out!

With my hands on my knees, I did as I was instructed, taking deep breaths and allowing the nurse to continue her examination. But then she came around to stand in front of me, so that she could listen to my heart. As she moved closer to my body and reached out to touch my shirt-covered breast, I could smell her intoxicating perfume. I started to twitch and swing the overalls straps anxiously in my hands.

"You know, Erica," the nurse paused and explained, "this would be much easier if we just got these things off you!"

Hearing the frustration in her voice, I simply nodded my little chin, while kicking off both my sneakers to let them drop to the floor. Then I hopped down from the examination table so that I could lower my overalls and step out of the pants legs. Once removed, the nurse took these and folded them at the end of the table. I was left standing in only a white pullover top that came down to my bellybutton, ankle socks, and pink pair of panties!

"Those are cute," the woman remarked as she clicked around in her heels.

I was so busy blushing, that when she asked me to lift my shirt a little, I did not even hesitate. I raised the fabric until my bare abdomen was in view, gripping my hands tight just beneath my breasts.

Fortunately, the nurse did not ask me to take the top completely off, or she would have seen how erect my nipples were! However, she did place one hand lightly on my back, and reached beneath the front of my shirt to put the stethoscope on my chest. This caused me to suck a quick intake of air, and even made me rise up on my toes.

The nurse, very clinically, moved the cold metal piece across my chest.

At times, she did in fact brush my extended nipples. But then she would bring her stethoscope lower, pressing down on my stomach, and just below my navel. I felt my pussy quiver at her palpitations! And then thankfully, she finished her examination.

"Very good, Erica. Everything seems to be normal. Now if you will just step onto the scale over here, and then we'll be doneů" the woman instructed.

I pulled down my shirt and scampered to the other side of the room in my panties, nearly slipping as my socks glided across the floor. I was a little embarrassed with my butt and bare slender legs on display. The woman had me step onto the scale platform, arms at my sides. I tried to present my best posture.

"How old are you, Erica?" the nurse asked as she adjusted the scale's weights.

I watched her pull up the vertical measuring rule, unfolding the metal piece until it touched the top of my head.

"Eighteen," I answered softly.

She grunted something and then scratched some marks onto her clipboard.

After a few minutes, she told me I could step off the scale. I walked back toward the middle of the room, and then stood with my hands clasped in front of my panties.

"Well, Erica, you certainly appear to be healthy and fit," the nurse said by way of conclusion. "A little slim, I suppose, but all your vitals are very good. I have no problem clearing you for registration."

Breathing a sigh of relief, I let my hands separate, arms dangling at my sides. I was given a health form that said I was approved to sign up for classes, and instructed to take this to the Registrar's Office.

The tall woman smiled at me and said, "When you've finished with your business, I need you to return that form to me. I will be here for the rest of the day."

Again, I slowly nodded, showing that I understood her directions. And then I was apparently dismissed, as the nurse collected her things and proceeded to walk out the door. I was left alone for a moment to collect my own thoughts and sort out my undulating emotions. For some reason, I felt butterflies in my tummy.

Just as I was about to gather my discarded overalls, Alicia and Carrie suddenly burst into the office.

"Come on, Erica!" my friends chimed together. Then Alicia said, "We didn't expect to have to wait for you all day. Are you done yet?"

I blushed at first, caught in my underwear and little socks. "I'mů I'm finished. I just have to bring this form to Registrar'sů"

"Hmmmů Let me see that," Carrie quickly stepped forward and snatched the paper from my fingers.

Clasping my hands behind my back, I watched the strawberry-blonde girl scan the rather uninteresting document. Then she passed it to Alicia, who had been standing with her arms folded. Before I knew it, Carrie was standing toe-to-toe with me, smiling at me, and placed her hands on my hips. She playfully snapped the elastic of my panties on one sideů and then started to actually tug them lower!

"Whatů what are you doing?" I gasped.

Carrie squatted as she pulled my underwear down so that my smooth vulva was in view and in front of her face. "I'm stripping you, silly!"

I shivered as she breathed the words onto my hairless pussy. When she told me to lift, all I could do was obediently raise my leg, allowing her to take the panties completely off my feet. I saw that Alicia only stood by and chuckled!

Carrie stood up again, eyeing my half-naked figure, twirling the delicate pink fabric around her finger. She casually strolled behind me where she then smacked my bare ass, causing me to jump a little. But then she rubbed slow sensual circles over the stinging cheek. It felt really nice, but whenever Carrie did this, it usually meant she was about to coax me into doing something.

The buxom blonde was now standing fully behind me, and she gripped the bottom of my shirt, beginning to lift. Now I was struck breathless as my perky tits popped into view with elongated nipples quivering up and down. Carrie leaned in close and spoke into my ear.

"Because you made us wait outside for so long, Erica, we are going to let you deliver that health form in the nude!"

My eyes went wide, as I reached up with both my hands to squeeze my breasts. "You meanů totally nude?"

"Yeah!" Carrie giggled. "Won't that be so exciting!"

Finally, I broke free of that wild girl's clutches, nearly stumbling into Alicia. I straightened my shirt as I spun around and said, "Wait a minuteů I'm new on this campus; I haven't even begun classes! I get be caught running around naked!"

I looked back to Alicia for support, but she only poked me in the ass and said, "How about this, Ericaů we can give you back your panties, but then you have to go to the Registrar's Office topless. Or you can keep your shirt, but you'll have to make the trip bottomless!"

Leaning against the examination table, Carrie clapped her hands and squealed with delight. Frankly, I wasn't too sure about either proposition. I mean, either way, I would be flashing around my pink bits! Why couldn't they just let me get dressed? But I already saw Carrie take my folded-up overalls and hug them against her body. I suppose my underwear was in that pile as well.

"All right, I'll keep my shirt," I said after some thought.

Truthfully, I was embarrassed about the hardened state of my nipples and didn't want them exposed. And I guess I've always been insecure about my smallish breasts. Self-consciously, I tugged on the end of my white top, but the fabric barely stretched down to my hips. With a nervous sigh, I folded my hands over my pussy.

Alicia walked around to join Carrie by the table, and patted the leather upholstery. "Oh, Erica, would you just climb up here and lie down for a second?"

Uncertain of what she had in mind, and more concerned about the whole situation, I shuffled over and hopped up on the table. When I stretched my legs straight out, I shyly placed a hand over my pussy. Even though these girls had seen me naked before, I was still embarrassed. I was taken by surprise when Alicia lifted my foot and pulled off the ankle sock!

"Whaů Why did you do that?" I asked, even as my friend tugged off the other sock.

Rubbing my bare feet, the brunette answered, "Well, if you're going to be bottomless, then that means nothing on beneath your waist!"

"Oh!" I said, while Alicia continued to play with my feet. "But I thought I could at least wear my shoesů"

My friend still had a foot in her hand, gently lifting and easing my leg back and forth, teasing my pretty little toes.

"Nope," she said simply.

And then Carrie grabbed my hands, and pulled me off the examination table. My butt made an un-sticking sound as I was lifted off the leather. Briefly, I looked around, and saw no sign of the rest of my clothes. I turned to the strawberry-blonde for an explanation.

"I had to hide them out of view," Carrie said nonchalantly. "So the nurse wouldn't get suspicious. They should be here when we get backů"

Amazed, I could only watch her swing her curvy hips as she headed for the door. Alicia passed by my side, pausing to pat me on the behind. She offered some encouraging words and then she too started leaving the room. I had no choice but to follow after.

This was so crazy! I was only wearing one piece of clothing! Of course I hadn't thought this through. But if I had chosen to go topless, at least I would have been wearing my panties and sneakers. I bet that would have been a cute sight! Now, I was left to creep forward on my bare tiptoes, sticking my head out into the hallway to make sure it was clear.

When me feet slapped onto the cold tiles, it then struck me that I was actually inside a building on campus, with my crotch and ass completely on display! All the excitement certainly caused my body to react in unwanted ways, and I know my pink labia were unfolded and visible. This, Carrie was quick to point out.

"Oh, you look so adorable," she giggled. "Pretty soon, it will be poking outů"

I couldn't believe she was say such a thing out loud! And here I was hoping not to draw any attention. The girls walked on either side of me, and I had to admit that the breeze blowing across my bare lower half was very stimulating. Occasionally they would reach out to pinch or tickle my butt, making me very horny! Thankfully, it was still a few days before the semester began, so the building was empty as I continued my bottomless stroll.

Unfortunately, when we rounded the corner and stepped into the corridor leading to the exit, I saw the door starting to open! My friends acted quickly, shuffling in front of me, just as a guy and a girl came walking in our direction. I slipped directly behind Carrie and we backed up against the wall to let these people pass. They looked like students, possibly in our freshman class. It would be so humiliating to be caught like this! Clutching onto my taller friend's shoulders, I was afraid, but also turned on. I began rubbing myself against Carrie, grinding my crotch into her ass. As I slowly bounced on my toes, my shirt began to ride up until my bare stomach brushed her back.

The college students continued down the hallway, walking past the three of us and giving us a smile and a pleasant hello. I shifted and maneuvered myself constantly, so that my body was never in view, just my face peeking over Carrie's shoulder. After the couple had disappeared beyond the corner, the buxom blonde stepped away from me and turned around.

I looked down to see that my top had lifted practically to my chin, leaving my breasts totally exposed with nipples throbbing. My arms were still covered, but everything from my neck down was now on display!

"Careful, Erica, you almost lost your shirt!" Carrie moved closer again, placing her hand between my tits. "And you were getting the back of my shorts damp, tee-hee!"

She giggled as she then helped lower my top, pulling it back down to my midriff. But before turning from me, she stuck the length of her middle finger all the way inside my lubricated pussy! Carrie slid her finger out slowly, pausing to tickle my special spot.

"Mmmmm," I shuddered and groaned.

The eighteen-year-old vixen licked my juices of her finger, and winked at me. Alicia, however, was quick to grab my elbow before I could start rubbing myself.

"Come on, girls!" she said. "We had best get going before Erica looses control."

And just like that, we were marching toward the door. With Alicia still holding, even dragging me, by my one arm and my other hand clutching the health formů I had no way to cover up. My tight naked ass bounced and wiggled as I padded barefoot across the floor.

Carrie moved ahead of us on her long shapely legs, opening the door to check that no one else was around. She waved Alicia and me forward, and they ushered me outside. Immediately, the bright sunlight hit my legs and toes and tickled my pussy, bathing me in a warm feeling in my tummy.

It felt so amazing to be standing out here on my new college campus, wearing just a pullover shirt! Of course, it helped that there was not a lot of activity going on, and it seemed relatively quiet.

I noticed, thankfully, that Alicia had parked her car nearby, right up against the curb. Apparently she was not too concerned with getting a ticket from the campus security. I figured that was another good sign, that I didn't see anyone patrolling this area, so we were probably alone. In general, the campus had a nice secluded feel to it, with rows of maple trees lining the streets and walkways.

Carrie and I jiggled down the pavement; me because my butt was exposed, and Carrie because her body was just naturally made for jiggling! Alicia opened up the back seat passenger side door, and I waited for her to let me in. I watched her bend over, as if she was rummaging around for something, and then she straightened and turned around.

"Here you go, Erica!" Alicia exclaimed and presented me with a handsome black portfolio.

I stood there for a moment, one hand covering my pussy, and asked, "What's this?"

"Well, I figured you could use a little protectionů so why don't you place your health form in this folder, and you can carry it in front of you." Alicia smiled at her generosity.

I blinked, suddenly comprehending. "You mean you aren't going to just drive me to the Registrar's Office?"

Both the girls laughed and Carrie said, "Now what would be the point of taking your pants, underwear, shoes and socks, if we didn't make you walk bottomless across the campus!"

"Look, you've got your top on," Alicia added, "so you're decent from the waist up. Now if we run into anybody, you just keep that binder in front of your crotch!"

Carrie chimed in helpfully, "And I'll be sure to keep my hands on your buns, so that no one sees your cheeks!"

Oh my goshů I was so embarrassed, wondering exactly what would happened!

As we made our way down the silent sidewalk, I firmly gripped the portfolio so that it covered me from my pubic mound down to the middle of my thighs. We eventually reached the wider street that had to be crossed, since the administrative building was on the other side of the campus. But first we had to wait as a car drove by on the road in front of us. The girls were on either side of me, and I just stood there in my bare feet, knowing that my little button was poking out of its hood.

Thankfully, the black binder effectively hid my pink parts.

After the way was clear, we dashed through the crossway, my toes arched as I scampered over the blacktop paving. Then there was a path that cut across a wide green lawn, and now I noticed more students about. They weren't close by, but Alicia and Carrie huddled near in case they had to quickly cover my backside. As we proceeded to walk out in the open, my friends assured me that at this distance, no one would be able to detect anything.

And then I spotted someone walking down the same path, heading toward us! I pressed the leather-bound folder tightly against my thighs, and pointed with my other hand. Panicking, I almost dropped my covering completely and streaked across the open field. But Alicia gripped my arm and urged me to stand my ground. I shyly rubbed my toes behind my other leg, and waited for this guy to approach. At least if I had some shoes on, I wouldn't feel so naked!

Lugging a backpack over his shoulder, he walked down the path with his head down, not paying us much attention.

Just as he passed Alicia to my side, Carrie suddenly twirled around and brought her back against mineů eclipsing my smaller form and hiding my bare bottom. On top of that, she teased and pulled on the tresses of her red-golden hair, even playing with the waistband of her shorst. The guy cast a backward glance over his shoulder, caught one sight of Carrie, and stumbled in his tracks. I hadn't realized it at first, but she had lowered the back of her shorts and slid her panties down a little so that she could rub her butt against mine! Meanwhile, this guy thought she was flirting with him! Thank goodness for my friend's flirtatious antics, as now he was the one embarrassed and he scrambled to continue on his way without tripping over his feet.

After this poor young man was out of sight, we all burst out laughing, and Carrie readjusted and pulled up her underwear.

"You're too much!" Alicia said smiling, but shook her head.

I was smiling too, until I looked at Carrie in front of me, and realized that I no longer had my ass protected! "Oh my gosh, we should get going!"

"Whatever you say, Sweet Cheeks!" Carrie giggled, emphasizing her point as she reached around to slap my rear end.

The three of us moved at a quicker pace, heading toward the main buildings. Being the shortest, I had to hurry my steps so that I wouldn't fall behind the other girls. I wanted them close by, especially as I could see more people in the area. Oh, why did they ever make me do this! As humiliating as it was to have my butt on display, and there was nothing I could do about it, I still felt my nipples inexplicably stiffen.

As we drew near the edge of the path, I could make out groups of young men and women passing into and out of the building. There were people on marble benches, too, that were spread across the plaza. This was the center that had a lot of the classrooms, as well as the campus bookstore and cafeteria. It was likely to be crawling with students, even before school officially started. But across the plaza on the left, was the administrative building that I needed to reach, in order to deliver my health form and register.

I tugged on Alicia's shirt, signaling for her to stop. "Wait a momentů I remember that there is another entrance to that building. There are steps along the side!"

"I don't know, Erica," my friend frowned as I tried to urge her in a different direction, heading off the path.

Carrie tugged at my own shirt, the only piece of clothing I was wearing.

"Yeah, I was kind of hoping you would be brave enough to walk across the plaza."

"I don't think I can!" I protested, my eyes wide.

"Not challenging enough for you, huh?" Carrie continued to tease, now playing with the ends of my soft brown hair. "Tell you whatů let me hold onto the binder, then take off your shirtů and I dare you to walk up to the building stark naked!"

"No way!" I nearly shouted, though I was mighty tempted, almost mesmerized by my friend's sensuous curves and ruby lips.

Determined to keep my resolve, and what was left of my dignity intact, I shrugged my arms free and started to inch away from the girls. When my bare feet found the green grass of the lawn, I turned around and began creeping toward the hedges that ran along the base of the administrative building. I knew Alicia and Carrie's eyes were fixed on my cute little ass, I just hoped no one else was watching! But I was also aware of my labia hanging down, and I was sure that my pussy lips were visible from behind.

Walking in a half-crouch, I tried my best to pull my shirt further down.

It was no use, since the material wouldn't even stretch past my bellybutton. I paused behind the concealment of some shrubbery, wondering how I was going to do this. Beyond the long row of leafy hedges, I saw the start of white marble steps climbing up toward the building.

Suddenly, a shadow fell over meů I raised my head to see Alicia and Carrie standing next to me. They had decided to help me along, after all! But first, the girls reached down and grabbed me under each of my arms, and gently lifted me to my feet. The motion caused my shirt to ride up a little so that for a moment, my shaved pink pussy was not covered and clearly on display!

"Oooh, someone's kitty wants to come out to play," Carrie giggled. "Can I pet her?"

I quickly lowered my arm holding Alicia's black portfolio, and hid my sensitive vulva. "Let's just go and get this over with!"

The girls had a nice little chuckle at my expense, but then they gathered around me. Alicia was on my side, and Carrie just a step behind, which allowed me to walk across the lawn without my bottomless state being too noticeable. Although knowing that the strawberry-blonde young woman's eyes were focused on my bare butt, had me blushing quite a bit!

When we reached the side steps to the building, there was thankfully no one in sight. Taking a deep breath, I turned to my brunette friend, Alicia.

"They're not going to let me walk around like this inside, and they certainly won't let me register. Quick, take off your shorts and flip-flops and let me wear them!"

The girls exchanged amused glances, and then Alicia said, "Well I'll let you borrow my flip-flops so you don't get caught running around barefoot. But as for my shortsů"

"You've made it this far," Carrie finished. "Why cover up your bottom now?"

Damn! I was hoping to strip one of my friends for once, and leave her to wriggle in embarrassment. Instead, I had to content myself with watching Alicia step out of her flip-flops and kick them in my direction. As I slid each thong between my toes, I realized they were a little big on my petite feet, but I could certainly manage.

"I guess I'll just wait out here," Alicia grumbled and folded her arms.

I stood for a moment and gazed down my friend's shapely tanned legs, ending with her own pretty feet arched on the white marble steps.

Involuntarily, I licked my lips. Then Carrie gave me a playful slap on the ass, causing me to yelp, and face the doors. Time for us to get going!

Nervously, I looked over my shoulder, across the wide lawn of the campus. I could see people in the distance, but no one close enough to see what was going on. Carrie had jogged ahead, and opened the building's side entrance doors. This left me to slap the rest of the way in Alicia's borrowed flip-flops, with my naked ass on fully exposed. The folder, I kept firmly clamped over my hairless crotch. Just before ducking inside, I turned to see Alicia wink at me and blow a sarcastic kiss.

As soon as I stepped inside, I could feel my heart pounding. Here I was, in one of the wings of my college Administrative Building, completely bottomless! I was excited, and aroused, and at the same time, scared to death of getting caught. Carrie gave me a reassuring little smile, then nodded in the direction of some wide spiral stairs that wound their way up to the second floor. That was where the Office of the Registrar was located.

I looked around anxiously, but the two of us were alone at the foot of the stairway. Should I go first, I wondered, even as I lifted my leg to the step. I mean, I would have my front covered with Alicia's folder.

But my supple bottom would be at the mercy of my friend's wandering hands. At least she would shield me from anyone coming up the stairs behind us.

Of course, just as I feared, when I had climbed halfway up about five or six steps, Carrie placed her fingertips on my butt! I frozeů it felt like she spread my ass cheeks apart! I nearly dropped the portfolio with my papers.

"Carrieů what are you doing?" I gasped.

A few steps below me, the girl continued to fondle my behind and said, "Just examining you, Erica. Your butt is blushingů it's all pink and rosy! And I can see how excited you are just between your legs. I bet your nipples are so hard, right now."

"No they're not!" I hushed her, even though they were. "Stop it, Carrie!

You're making meů veryů horny!"

Over my shoulder, I saw Carrie give me a self-satisfied smirk as she continued to rub my ass. "Mmmm-hmmmů as if you weren't already!"

My legs felt weak, like Jell-o, and I almost slipped off Alicia's flip-flops. I was afraid where Carrie was going with this. It would be one thing to get caught without any pants on. But I imagined people walking down the stairs to find me getting eaten out on these college steps! That would be pretty embarrassing! With a moan of frustration, I bravely gripped the black folder hiding my erect clitoris, and started climbing up the stairs again.

While I fretfully tousled my hair with a free hand, I could hear the strawberry-blonde giggling behind me. And then she skipped up the flight of stairs to walk next to me as we turned the corner. At first I was relieved that she was on my side, and not playing with my naked bottom.

But then I got frightened again, feeling all exposed an drafty back there. How strange that Carrie was my security blanket as well as my biggest tormentor, all at once and the same time!

"Oh, calm down, Erica!" she said, putting an affectionate arm around me and squeezing. "Looků there's the office right up ahead, and not even a line!"

I noticed then that we had reached the hallway of the second floor, luxurious in its rich red carpeting and all the scholastic tapestries.

Looking around at the surroundings that were still fairly new to me, I momentarily lost my sense of awareness. Lowering my arm, I casually swung the folder at my side, as we walked down the corridor. Carrie grinned, but then admonished me just before we approached the doorway.

"Don't walk in there with your pussy showing," she said in a loud whisper.

Oh my goodness, she was right! Even though hearing her talking about my naughty parts made me shiver with delight, I recovered my bearings in time to slap that portfolio below my bellybutton just as we crossed into the office. It appeared that there were only a few admissions staff workers behind the large counter, and they did not note our entrance.

I walked right up to the tall station, which came up to about my breasts, and laid the black binder on top. Hopefully, Carrie would take care of protecting my bottom, while behaving herself! Luckily, we were the only two students here. God, I wanted to get this over with!

"Um, hiů" I started, slipping a foot out of Alicia's flip-flop to nervously rub my toes behind my other leg. "I'mů I'm here to register for classes."

An older lady with glasses and white curly hair turned around to regard me. "Oh, hello dear. Register for classes, did you say? Seems a little late, with the term starting in a couple of days. You must be newů"

And bottomless, I thought to myself. Behind me, I heard Carrie rustling one of those fold out registration guides that spread out like a newspaper, listing all the available classes. I felt her approach me, leaning the paper against my lower back and butt. The hair on my neck stood on end, I had goose pimples, a blushed bright red. I suppose the lady just thought it was Freshman nervousness. Conscious of my uncovered pussy opening up, I mumbled something about my health form and handed her the paper.

"You know, Erica," the lady commented as she reviewed the form and supplied me with a pen and class schedule. "If you had submitted this earlier, you could have been registered by now. I'm afraid all the classes you wanted to take might be filled up already"

"Oh, that's all right," Carrie chimed in over my shoulder. "Erica is undecided as a major, so she can sign up anything. She just wants to experience it all!"

I tried to ignore my friend's melodic voice, her sweet breath in my ear.

But then she whipped away the registration schedule and placed it on top the high counter. I was left standing bottomless in front of the Registrar!

In the next moment, a couple of other students walked in through the door at the other side of the office. A guy and a girl, I think they glanced in my direction, but Carrie quickly sidestepped and blocked me from their view. Unfortunately, this meant my cute little ass was hanging bare out in the open. Hoping no one would enter behind me, I spread my legs slightly and stood on my toes so I could continue filling out my schedule. It was hard to concentrate, knowing that my pussy lips were peeking out between my legs, and I nervously hooked a strand of hair behind my ear. This was so hot! All I could think about as I aimlessly selected classes, was that when I took these classes, I would always remember I had signed up for them half-naked. At one point, I reached down and touched my shaved vulva.

Finally, I managed to get through this exercise, which seemed to take forever. Signing my name with trembling fingers, I handed the schedule back to the Registrar lady.

"Oh no, this will never do," she replied. "See here, young lady? There is a conflict between these two classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can keep one, but you will have to pick something else to put in that slot."

Across from us, I heard the other two students chuckle. I felt like such a child! I guess they were older and had no problem filling out their schedules. Or maybe they were making changes to maximize their free time and signing up with the best professors. All I knew was that I felt humiliated and incredibly horny. Blushing, I crossed out the one offending class and scanned the sheet for a suitable replacement. The room felt so warm, I started fidgeting with the bottom of my shirt, lifting it until my bellybutton was exposed. I wished I could take it off completely.

Oh my goshů then I would be standing totally nude in front of everyone!

"Erica, let me help you," Carrie offered, seeing me at a loss. "You can take this seminar here. I signed up for that one, too!"

I simply nodded my head, unable to find the words to speak. My mind was in a hazeů the longer we stayed here, the more I was growing aroused.

Again, I heard the older students snickering at my indecision and hesitation. Thank goodness that my busty, curvy friend was able to block the side of my body, or they would have seen my bare hip and leg. And maybe something else, which was poking out of its hood! I slid the class schedule back to the lady, and then turned my head in time to see the nineteen or twenty-year-olds shuffle out of the office.

"Hear you go, Dear," the Registrar gave me back my health form, even placing it in Alicia's folder for me. "Now you are all set to begin your first term. You must be so excited!"

My eyes were wide, my butt clenched reflexively, and I knew I was wet down there. Carrie and I had to get out of here, or I was afraid I might have an orgasm right in the Administrative Building! What were my friends thinking, sending me up here wearing so little?

"You should go first," Carrie whispered and nudged me with her arm.

I paused, hoping that the woman behind the counter would go back to her clerical duties and not pay any attention to us. Of course, I realized that I would need to turn around and I was worried about revealing my bare ass. Instead, I gripped Alicia's folder containing my health form and class schedule, pulling it down fast to cover my crotch. I then took several slow steps, walking backward and easing away from the counter.

The lady eyed me curiously, and Carrie watched with an amused expression. I just hoped that no one would walk up behind me, or that I wouldn't back into anyone.

Fortunately, my friend had the good sense to briskly walk around me, and make sure the hallway outside was clear. But before I could finally make my escape, the old lady offered a parting bit of advice.

"Erica, I wouldn't wear such tiny shorts to your classes!"

Oh, oh! If only she knew I wasn't wearing any shorts or underwear at all! Ashamed, I nodded by head, and then practically stumbled into Carrie's waiting arms. She gripped my shoulders tight, gradually spinning me around. My back was pressed hard against her body. I almost started grinding my butt against her crotch!

"No time for that, sweetie," She purred in my ear. "Just keep walkingů"

In this fashion, we awkwardly made our way back down the corridor.

Carrie stepped in time with my heels, and I kept that portfolio held tight over my tingling pussy. Her scent and close embrace was driving me crazy, but it was a good thing we stuck together. More students passed us in both directions. There was no way I would have been able to hide my rear if she had been strolling casually at my side! The thought of how vulnerable I was had my heart beating fast, and my tummy fluttering.

As we began to descend the winding staircase, a couple of female students came bounding up toward us.

"Nice legs!" one of them teased and they giggled as they passed us on the stairs.

I realized now that while the flare of my hips and lower regions were effectively covered, I was still showing a lot of skin; from the tops of my thighs all the way down my slender legs, to the tips of my pretty toes, my feet nearly falling out of Alicia's flip flops. Blushing, I heard the heavy footsteps of a man walking down the steps above us.

Carrie and I froze, and then edged our way to the side of the wall.

He looked like he might be one of the professorsů dressed in a brown tweed suit; balding and overweight, his arms burdened with a briefcase and books. The man paused when he reached the steps with Carrie and me, peering at us from behind his glasses. I guess we looked pretty indecent. Nevertheless, my friend gave him a friendly hello, I'm sure with an innocent smile. Then the gentleman muttered in aggravation, as if he had forgotten something. He shifted his weight and started huffing his way back up the stairs, the two of us soon forgotten.

Carrie took this opportunity to give me a little shove, to get me moving again. Unfortunately, she caught me off guard. I stumbled forward and down the steps, with both arms flailing to keep my balance. In this manner and skidded down the last flight with my pussy and ass uncovered!

When I landed on the level floor, I used my free hand to place in front of my glistening crotch, and leaned my head against the binder in my other arm. Carrie skipped down the remaining steps to join me.

"Wasn't that fun!" she gave an exhilarating sigh.

Pouting, I answered, "Looků I just want to get back to the nurse's office and put on some pants!"

"Oh, all right," Carrie relented with a pout of her own, adding, "if you insist."

We then proceeded to walk toward the building's side entrance, and pushed open the doors. There was Alicia, who had apparently hoisted herself up on the concrete perimeter that ran along either side of the broad steps. Swinging her legs and bare feet, she glared at me as we approached.

"You know, Erica, I've been spending a lot of the day waiting around for you!" She frowned at me standing below her, shyly clutching her binder in front of my privates. "First you took forever getting that health examination. And now you made me stay out here alone while you registered for your classes. What took you so long?"

"I'm sorry," I said meekly.

Suddenly Carrie stepped purposely between us. "Let me hold on to your folder, Erica, while you remove the flip-flops and give them back to Alicia."

"Oh, butů I can just slip them offů" I started to protest, unwilling to loose my pubic shield.

Alicia leaned back on her hands, and stretched one of her legs in front of me, wiggling her toes in my face. "Fine, but I want you to put them on my feet, like a good little bottomless servant! After all, it might make up for all the trouble you've made me put up with."

This last bit, she added with a sly smile, as if she were up to something. But I suppose my friend did have a point. She was nice enough to drive me up to the college in the first place, and lend me her flip-flops. I bit my lip and looked at Carrie. Then, reluctantly, I handed the black portfolio to the buxom strawberry-blonde. Immediately, I clasped both my hands over my bare pussy.

In this position, I bashfully slid first one foot, and then the other out of Alicia's shoes. My toes curled on the marble warmed by the angle of the sun. Now I had to bend down at my knees to pick up the borrowed flip-flops. The whole time, I kept one eye on the building's doors.

Without the folder, or anything on my feet, I felt so naked out here!

I needed both my hands now to hold Alicia's bare heel and submissively pull the thong of her flip-flop between her toes. Beneath the hem of my shirt, my pink pussy lips parted, letting my labia hang out. This was so embarrassing! But as soon as both flip-flops were back on my brunette friend's feet, she hopped off the ledge to land in front of me, making me take a step back.

"Thank you, Erica," she said sweetly. "But it seems I've lent you two of my things today: my shoes and my portfolioů"

Standing with my arms dangling nervously at my sides, I tried to answer enthusiastically, "Yes, Alicia, I really appreciate you helping me!"

"Well, I think I'm still going to borrow something from you in return,"

my friend reached out to brush a lock of hair behind my ear. "Yourů shirt!"

Giggling with delight, Alicia had her fingers instantly on my shoulders, grabbing at the material of my shirt. I was totally defenseless! She pulled the fabric up my body, all the way to my necků then she pulled even further, turning the shirt inside out as it wrapped around my head.

In a blind panic, I took three steps backward. Gleefully, Alicia tugged the shirt toward her and it peeled entirely off my armsů Free of the soft, clingy material, I turned around dazed for a moment. I blinked and saw Carrie pointing at me, her mouth hanging open. My hand grazed down my bare stomach. I lowered my eyes, and saw my erect nipples quivering.

Oh my goshů I was stark naked on my college campus!

No shoes, no shirt, I had absolutely nothing on! My palms quickly covered my small tits, and I swung my head around fearfully.

"Alicia!" I cried, hopping on the steps of my school's Administration Building, totally nude!

My friends gingerly approached me, laughing and grinning. They told me not to make a scene, that I might draw other people's attention. Alicia plucked my class schedule and health form out of her folder, and held them out to me.

"Here you go, Erica," she said. "I guess you can take these back to the nurse."

This was unbelievable. One arm still slung across my chest, I actually took the paperwork from her. A handful of pages, that was all I had now.

I was afraid to cover my pussy, because the juices of my arousal would get the papers wet. And then the doors behind us were flung open.

"Holy crap, there's a naked girl out here!" exclaimed a young male voice.

I turned halfway around to see a mixed group of college students. They had already seen my ass, I didn't want them to see my pink flower.

Especially as my erect clitoris was sticking out! My friends, Alicia and Carrie just burst out laughing. Well, at the sound of the approaching voices, I was spurred into actionů

My fingers curled around the paperwork while my other arm flailed out at my side and I ran down the steps of the building, cute little ass bouncing all the way. My bare feet hit the open lawn, and I streaked across the campus field. Fortunately classes were not in session yet, or there would have likely been hundreds if not thousands of students around. Still, there were isolated pockets of people who saw me. But I wasn't sure how much detail they could make out, so I just kept running.

Pumping my arms at my sides, my nipples poked straight ahead. There was a nice breeze blowing over my shaved pussy lips, but I didn't have time to savor such sensations. I had to get back to my clothes at the health office! When I reached the edge of the lawn, there were still paths and intersections that I had to cross. Completely naked, I jogged by some people sitting on benches, and heard whistles and yells of delight. But then I realized the flaw in my brash, wild plan.

Before I could reach the Health Office, I had to cross the two-lane road bisecting the campus! I actually had to stop and stand on the sidewalk, waiting for the oncoming traffic to ease. Shyly, I cupped my pussy with one hand and stood on my bare toes, poised to run once the cars drove down the street. Each going in opposite direction, they honked their horns at the sight of my nubile form, and then it was safe for me to pass. As soon as my feet slapped across the asphalt, I knew the drivers were turning to check out my ass!

Once on this side of the campus, I had to pick my way carefully, not wanting to take a wrong turn and end up near the dormitories! This meant my progress was slowed to a crawl, and I found myself walking bare-assed naked down the sidewalk. At one point, I had to pass a fenced tennis court, and about half a dozen college guys were staring at me. I had to admit, it made me feel kind of hot, but I was also embarrassed by this brazen display of nudity.

Across from the tennis court, I spotted the large white building that housed the health office, and I hurried my pace. Of course, I wiggled my hips and shook my ass just a little, even slipping a finger inside my pussy when I heard the whistles and cheering. Now I crept forward as I closed in on the door, not wanted to give a full frontal flash to any unsuspecting campus visitors.

Thankfully, it was still quiet as I stepped barefoot into the corridor.

I had the impression from the nurse that it was going to be a slow day.

Well, it turned out to be pretty memorable for me! I couldn't believe it was almost over. Tip-toeing down the hallway, I absently pinched and stroked one of my nipples.

I reached the examination room undetected, and placed my papers on a nearby desk. Letting out a sigh of relief, I stood in the center of the room with my hands on my hips. Now where did Carrie put my things?

Suddenly, the door to the office opened behind me, causing me to jumpů "Erica!" came the surprised voice of a woman, the college health official. "Why are you undressed?"

I spun around, bright red, arms dropping at my sides to let her see me in all my glory. "Umů I, that isů I registered for classes and I'm returning the health form!"

The statuesque brunette brought a hand to her mouth, trying to hide a smile. "Yes, dear, but why did you take off all your clothes?"

"Well, ma'amů" I started, stalling for time and thinking of an excuse.

Moving over to the table, I hopped up on its surface, spreading my knees wide apart. "I thought since I was hereů maybe I could get a complete physical examination!"

Eyeing me shrewdly, the college nurse glanced at the clock on the wall, then instructed me to lay down completely. This I did eagerly, with hands trembling at my sides. As I lay on the table fully nude, I watched her retrieve her stethoscope and clipboard. I noticed she didn't bother to close the door as she clicked in her heels across the office.

When the nurse placed her hands on my bare tummy, my whole body tingled!

I squirmed a little, and fear I may have let a moan escape my lips. She commented on the erect state of my nipples, and sensed that I was experiencing more than embarrassment. By the time she began the vaginal examination, I was on the verge of an orgasm. Very clinically, she softly spread my pussy lips, remarking on the hyperextension of my clitoris. The nurse took great interest in slowly rubbing the small fleshy protrusion between her thumb and forefinger, causing me to arch my back.

"Aaaahhů" I gasped, unable to hold out much longer.

At that moment, Carrie and Alicia walked into the room, carrying my shirt and retrieving the rest of my clothes. Just then, the nurse probed my pussyů sticking her finger deep inside my slit!

My perky tits bouncing, nipples tall and quivering, I started to cum. I was so humiliated, as my juices flowed onto the brown leather of the examination table, but it felt so good! Looking between my legs, which the nurse had lifted in each of her hands, I saw her give me an understanding smile. I then turned my head to see Alicia and Carrie standing there, trying to conceal their laughter, and not doing a very good job!

"As I noted, Erica, you are a very healthy young woman," the nurse reaffirmed.

She thanked me again for taking care of the registration paperwork, and told me that I could get cleaned up and dressed. Before exiting the room, she paused between my friends and gave them this friendly advice: "Try to keep her out of trouble. She's very excitableů"

The two girls giggled, and promised they would look after me! Like I was some child under their guardianship! But rather than be upset or angry, as I sat up and rolled myself over on the table, being naked in the room with Alicia and Carrie only made me horny. When the nurse finally left us alone, I started masturbating againů face down, slipping an arm between my legs, and bringing myself to have two more orgasms.

"One for each of us," Carrie teased as she took a handful of tissues and patted down my legs and pussy.

Once I was able to put on my underwear, shirt, and overalls, Alicia affectionately straightened and smoothed out my hair.

What a way to begin college!
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Erica and the Guard

Post by Viredae »

Erica and the Guard
By Drew

“OH Erica, come ON, if you don’t hurry we’ll be late!” Alicia warned, wagging her forefinger at me.

We had to leave an hour early to Orientation, so Alicia could pay for her parking sticker. We knew there’d be a wait, thinking everyone probably had the same idea as us.

I pulled on my panties, grabbing the first t-shirt on the pile of clean clothes on my bed, then pulled it on. I didn’t have time to fuss with a bra today, besides, I had my new sweater to wear over it.

Since this wasn’t really a school day with classes, I didn’t think it mattered how I was dressed.

She was getting impatient. “Look Slowpoke, if we don’t get there on time, I don’t get a parking sticker. No sticker for me means we take the train to school! You and I!”

I imagined fat old guys leering at me, and grubby young ones, and other assorted creatures that inhabit public transportation, shivering. I didn’t want that!

I slipped on my blue jeans. I was ready to go, but my pointy nipples could be plainly seen through my t-shirt! I thought maybe I should wear the sweater now. It was a beautiful oversized angora button up.

“I'm coming, I’m coming, just give me a minute,” I scolded her, while putting on my Nikes.

“We’ve got to leave right now Erica! Come on!” she yelled, grabbing me hard by the arm. I had just enough time to grab my purse.

Outdoors, It was getting cooler out now, and shivering, my nipples proved it.

We ran out the door to Alicia’s car.

“Alicia! We’re not that late!”

Today was the first day of school, for freshmen anyway, and Alicia and I were to get our syllabuses. First we had to go to Orientation though, after the parking thing at Security.

We drove the miles in silence, each of us wondering what the year would bring us. I was getting excited, College! No more High School, or high school pranks!

The parking lot wasn’t full yet, but would be by eight.

Campus security was behind Administration, and to get there we decided to walk, as there was no parking to be had close to the Security building.

“Come on silly, this’ll only take a minute. Then we gotta go to Admin, and after that we’ll meet everyone at the Quad,” Alicia stated with certainty.

I wondered if I’d see Lisa and Carrie. I was sure I would, sooner or later. I wondered how Lisa would handle being the Freshman rather than top Senior, the bossy b*tch! And Carrie, my panties were damp just thinking of her.

We both walked quickly around Admin, walking its long length past the side door where I’d lost my pants and flip-flops to Alicia.
I shuddered, remembering my bottomless venture through those doors the last time, thanks to Alicia and Carrie.

At last we reached the Security building.

The long Security building was actually modern for the school. Modern ugly. It looked like a doublewide trailer with wooden steps leading to a small platform before the door. At some time it’d been painted white. Now it was gray, with splinters.

Sure enough, there was a long line of young guys and girls hanging out there talking, sitting on the sidewalk in little groups, cell phones and Ipods glued to their ears.

“Good! This isn’t too bad Erica! Wait right here while I get what I need.” She said, moving towards end of the line. I stood alone on the sidewalk, watching everything and everyone.

Alicia, standing in line, moved closer and closer to the trailer door, which was standing open. Inside I saw a few Security people inside standing around and one uniformed Woman sitting at a card table, doing paperwork as students walked in.

I was bored senseless, just hanging out when Lisa and Carrie seemed to appear out of nowhere!

“Well hi little Erica,” Lisa grinned menacingly, emphasizing “little.”

Carrie appeared by my side, rubbing my arm. “Brrrrr, I didn’t bring a sweater Erica, I'm glad you did,” she grinned and winked.

Carrie leaned in close to me, whispering, “Mmm, this sweater feels good Erica, angora! I’m so cold, and here you are, all snug and comfy. Can I get in?” she asked as she grabbed the open side of the sweater and tried to stretch it around her, pulling me tight into a sideways hug. Her tit was pressing my arm, and she was right! Her skin was cold. Her nipple was hard!

“So what are ya waiting for Erica, give it to her!” Lisa ordered, now interested. Most of the time she seemed uninterested in Carrie’s antics with me.

“Your face is red, Erica,” Lisa said, “You look warm enough,”

Ohmygod, I thought, what are these two up to? I stood back, shook my arms out of it and handed it to a smiling Carrie.

Carrie wrapped the sleeves around her waist. “Woo hoo!” she laughed, “Oooh, my butts warmer, thank you Princess!”

Carrie then moved behind me, rubbing my neck and shoulders through my t-shirt, my nipples became excited at her massage, popping through the thin t-shirt.

My clit had begun its journey outward, I knew, giving me goose bumps. It felt great!

“Now doesn’t that feel better Sweetie? Than roasting in that awful sweater?” Carrie asked innocently.

“Oh yes,” I murmured, my hand automatically went to my crotch.

By this time everyone had stopped what they were doing, staring goggle-eyed at us, and I guess we did look kind of sexy! How does she do it? Whenever she’s touching me I forget everything else, except my budding clit!

Lisa, her arms crossed as usual, declared, “I need to go in and get MY sticker Carrie. Stay here, and I’ll be right back.”

Lisa stopped suddenly, while staring at my chest, a slow smile began to form on her lips.

“Carrie, why don’t you keep Little Missy here entertained til I get back, oh, where did you find that awful t-shirt Erica?”

“Uh oh,” I thought.

A lot of older students wandered by us. They knew we were new, and obviously freshmen.

We saw a Goth guy and girl passing out flyers depicting a fist against a rising sun, whatever that was. Only right now they were more interested in my t-shirt than anything else, thanks to that B*tch, Lisa, drawing attention to Carrie and I.

Carrie was still massaging my neck when Alicia entered the building, followed by Lisa. I saw that Lisa hadn’t bothered to go to the end of the line and wait like everyone else. She just followed Lisa, saying brightly, “Thanks for holding my spot, Alicia!”

After a few moments I heard Lisa’s voice, followed by a louder female voice. Lisa must have been speaking to the Guard.

From the corner of my eye a face appeared from one of the windows. Staring at Carrie and me! Or maybe just me. I was uncomfortable.

I’d had enough of being stared at, saying “Let’s go Carrie, they can find us in the Quad.” And began walking away from the staring face.

We’d made it maybe a hundred yards before I heard a yell. “Excuse me young Lady! You, there, in the TEE SHIRT!”

Turning my head, I saw Alicia and a grinning Lisa walking towards Carrie and I, along with the Security Guard! The Woman one!

I froze, she couldn’t mean me, no!

“Yes, you!” she shouted. “Stop right there you.”

I didn’t know what she wanted, and I didn’t want to find out. I didn’t want trouble, and the way Lisa was grinning at me, I knew that was coming my way.

I slowed down, but kept walking. I whispered, “Carrie, maybe she’ll go away if we keep walking!”

Carrie turned towards me, whispering, “Erica, you should stop Sweets, see what she wants.”

“I cant! I have to find the mentor today. I have to go!” I pleaded to Carrie, shrugging her hand off my arm.

“Erica, knock it off,” Carrie said with authority, “Stop being a silly girl. She wants to talk is all, you haven’t done anything wrong, or have you?”

“Hmm Naughty girl?” She asked, rubbing my butt. I stopped, and the Guard and Lisa caught up to us.

“All right Miss, freshman huh?” The Guard asked me, ignoring Carrie.

I nodded “yes.”

She was looking me over alright, staring at my tits. My nipples were poking way out from the cold! Everyone’s staring at my tits today? I looked down at them, they looked normal to me, and no coffee spills there either.

This guard looked to be about 21, blonde, dressed in a tailored uniform shirt, worn over a white t-shirt with matching slacks with patent leather work shoes with big soles! She was pretty too!

Lisa and Carrie had backed up behind me, and Alicia stood aside. Watching.

The Guard began her lecture, “Are you aware, young woman, that political t-shirts are not allowed to be worn on campus? Did you not read the handbook before coming here?”

Mumbling, I said, “I Uhm, I hadn’t read the student handbook yet, sir.”

“Sir? Do I look like a sir to you? You think maybe I'm BUTCH?” Her eyes were round. “I'm a Ma’am to you!”

She was pissed off! At me! How was I supposed to know what to call her? I just got here.

Lisa just laughed at me. “Oh yes Officer, Erica told me your school could take it's f*ckin rules and stuff ‘em.”

I was shocked at Lisa’s blatant lying, “No way! I Didn't!”

Carrie was shuffling around merrily, grinning.

“I didn’t, I didn’t’am.” This happening all at once, on my first day! Trouble!

“Erica is it?” she asked, “Uhm Hm, sounds like you’ve a discipline problem to me!”

She moved in, so close I could smell the juicy fruit gum on her breath.

“Get it off.”

By this time many people had gathered around, I saw students gathering around in a circle to watch the commotion.

“Well, since, by your attire today, I’ll assume you have no respect for anyone. Let’s have it, now!” She held her hand out.

I guess the Guard Ma’am wasn’t a fan of the Governor, ‘cause that’s whose face was on the shirt. I’d gotten it years ago. This wasn’t fair at all! I was feeling helpless, looking to my friends to help me out. All I saw were grins! They were enjoying this!

“But..but, I’ll be topless!” I stammered. I was getting wet, I could feel it coming now! I was blushing, and knew my clit was rising yet again from its cozy home.

“So what Missy, you’re wearing a bra. Maybe your friend there will lend
you her sweater! OR you can go home and wear something respectful to this school. But you’re not wearing THAT around HERE where others can see it. Now get it off! Or do I take it off you?”

I was truly scared of her, but I wished she would, but then she’d think I was sick in the head or something.

I couldn’t do it. I guess I’d have to go home. I’d blow my first freshman day, and not get a mentor. I felt like crying. But I was horny too!

Lisa had been sneaking up behind me, “Of course, Officer, we’ll see that Erica complies completely.”

And with fluid motion, yanked the t-shirt over my head then down my arms in two swift movements, like a magician! Then tossed it aside, even taking a bow to the now cheering crowd.

“Oh gosh, ohmygosh,” I had my arms over both tits, hiding my nipples. The crowd, every last face, was once of sheer amusement.

“May we go then, Ma’am?” Lisa asked the Guard innocently.

“I don’t care, get out of here now Young Lady, and take your topless friend with you.” The Guard stated coldly, still staring at my now shivering form.

“Go on! Get out of here!" Guard Ma’am yelled, “Before I call your parents to come and get your naked butt.”

Lisa took off towards her car, probably driving it closer to the main buildings, without saying a word, the B*tch.
The crowd broke up, since I was turned around and covering my tits.

I wondered what I was supposed to do now, for the rest of Orientation day. I began to sob, both hands to my face.

Carrie and Alicia came to my side, and Carries face was full of concern.

“Oh Erica, here you are baby, don’t cry, here.” Carrie wrapped an arm around me, covering my shoulders in the angora sweater, “There, feel better? We can have more fun when it warms up, I promise.” She said it sincerely, like she was doing me a favor. Maybe she was! I smiled at her, still feeling a little horny.

Carrie winked, “Oh Erica, you’re SO cute.”

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Erica: No Experience Necessary

Post by Viredae »

Erica: No Experience Necessary
By Drew

Authors Note: Erica continues on her first freshman day at college. No classes, just orientation and mentoring.

We’d made it to the Quad without further interruptions or pestering from Carrie and Lisa.

Alicia seemed determined to be my shadow through the whole morning! Maybe she was just nervous herself.

She’d be more nervous if it were her nipples poking out of this sweater like mine were.

“Come on Erica, she said cheerfully, ”Let’s go check the jobs board, and see if there’s some part-time jobs there.”

Job? I thought. Who’s talking about a job?

“I don’t know about that Alicia, since I don’t drive, how’ll I get home after classes then a job? The train?”

I thought to myself, “NO FVCKIN WAY.”

“Well, maybe if you get a car, you wont have to rely on me for rides huh?” she looked at me thoughtfully, “I don’t mind it though Erica, really.”

She grinned, smiling at some inner secret only she knew of. She must be thinking of me naked in the passenger seat.

I’d thought about a job and car before, but never thought I could get the money to buy a car! Much less drive one!

She brightened up, “Well, Karen’s got one for sale, Erica, it’s a Toyota, and it runs real good, and it’s cheap!”

For a split second I’d had a vision of myself driving around naked, and my nipples reacted.
That’d be hot!

My sweater was tickling my nipples, and the angora was just SO soft, I loved it. But if anyone looked through the side of it, they’d see my hard, pointy nipples poking outwards like darts. My Levi’s were low-cut, without the belt loops, I just loved the way my abdomen sloped downwards to my nearly hairless mound. The bump of my clit was nearly visible.

They could see my nipples anyway, I imagined, as I was getting tickled while wearing it! They were hard, and stuck out when aroused.

“Well, Erica? Lets go, we don’t have to meet our Mentors ‘til later, so lets go and see what they have posted.”

And with that we headed towards now familiar Administration Building.

Trundling up the steps, I noticed the jobs board posted around the corner of the entrance, so everyone passing by the building couldn’t see it. Too sloppy I imagined, to be seen from the walk.

Across the main entrance doors, standing in display cases were the usual trophies and flags, statuettes and ancient photos of some local sports heroes.

Alicia went right away to the jobs board, dragging me along by the hand. We looked them over, and there weren’t that many really.

“Here we are Erica, hey, here’s one, Customer Service for Cell-Phone Company,” She squealed with excitement.

In my mind I had a vision of me wandering around a tiny store full of people, bored senseless yet busy. I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do less.

“Ugh, that sounds stupid and boring Alicia, what’s the next one?” My clit was beginning to itch, the more my sweater tickled. I was sweating too.

This was all going to be sales cr*p job ads, like selling stuff at the malls.

“Okayyyyy, here we ARE! Physical Therapy Assistant. No experience necessary, Girls Swim Team, right here on Campus!”

“Hmmm, I thought, I was taking only four classes this year, since my grades were well above average I could skip the GenEd classes, mostly.

Alicia beamed at me, as if she’d just found a thousand dollars.

“Oh Erica! How exciting would that be! Lisa and Carrie both will be on that team! They’d be so proud of you! Like me!” She had both my shoulders, jumping up and down with excitement! My sweater wasbeing pulled dow in the process too!

“Oh yeah!! Uhm, but, I don’t know anything about that sporty stuff Alicia! You’re pulling my top off too!”

“Oh! Sorry Erica, that’s just SO cool, you could be there with the Coach!” she seemed genuinely excited, though I don’t know why.

Just helping out, handing out towels or something! “Oh!” I thought, naked women in the showers. This time I wouldn’t be the only one naked in gym. Lisa and Carrie would be though. Lisa naked, something I thought I’d never live to see.

I reasoned that if I got hired, a car might solve the ride and driving problems, rather than depending on Alicia, Lisa or Carrie for lifts. And their favorite past-time of getting me naked in public. Although the thought gave me shivers, in my crotch.

“It says no experience-required dummy.” She calmly explained, “Go and talk to the Coach after your Mentor cuts you loose,” and letting go of my hand, pushed me back out the front entrance with both her hands.

“Quick, go get something to eat and go talk to the Coach!”

I was getting that hollow ball of fear in my belly, as if I had to give a speech or something. I dreaded a job interview. I was nervous about this interview.

“I-I'm not hungry really, and I think I’ll skip lunch Alicia.” I said exhaling, with a fair amount of apprehension.

“Whatever you say Erica, just be sure and talk to her, ‘cause I told Karen you’d want to buy the car.”

I guess I’d better get hired, now that Alicia’s helping me get the car.

I’d been assigned a Mentor, Mary, a College Prep who didn’t really want to deal with me. At least she acted like that. But she did show me around the campus and field house, where hopefully I’d work at after classes.

Mary and I met again at the Quad. I was standing around, pacing, and feeling out of place in my jeans and sweater.

Everywhere I turned, the girls here seemed to be wearing the latest fashion, to impress their friends or pick up guys, I thought.

I wondered if something was wrong with me, not dwelling on such things. I'm just a simple girl with simple tastes.

Appearing from a group of those well-dressed girls, I mean really dressed up, was Mary, wearing a skirt, cropped top jacket and halter. And a nice pair of pumps too.

No hoodies here and t-shirts like I like. I was a little bewildered. I also saw there were no hot guys in their little group either. A sisterhood, maybe. A fraternity.

“Been waiting long Erica?” She asked as I shook my head no.

“Good, let me finish showing you around, then I have a class to go to. Okay?” her eyes lingered on my clothes, staring down.

Was that a grin or a sneer, I wasn’t sure.

“Nice sweater. Isn’t it hot though?” She reached out to touch it.

I reflectively twisted away, but met her hand instead, on my tit! The she pressed it. She giggled, looking at my nipples poke up and out from the soft material.

Ohmygosh, she touched my tit! I don’t even know her!

“Oooh, you’re hard! I mean, soft! Sweater! hehheh!”
She just stood there smiling at me, eyebrow raised.

Blushing, I stammered, “Err, I, uhm, yes, I guess it is ah..warm.”

“Why don’t ya take it off then? Whatcha wearing under it?” she asked as she pulled a little at the collar. I bristled at her touch and backed up a little.

“Uhm, well, no, it’s alright,” I managed to explain that.

The sun had broken through the morning haze, and I wished I had my t-shirt to strip down to. But I didn’t have it, that mean guard lady did.

Tired of whatever game she was playing, Mary said,
“Well look, Erica, I have to run right now, I’ll show you around later. Meet ya back here in an hour, okay? Then we’ll be heading to the Auditorium for assembly.”

Leaving me standing there, she turned away, yelling at two other well-dressed girls on their way to class. “Hey, hey wait up! Wait for me!”

I thought I’d take this break to visit the Coach and ask about the Physical Therapy Assistant job.

I wound up under the big round building, the actual gymnasium, where the swimming pool was. It was a large Olympic sized pool in one huge room, with long steel arches to support the gymnasium above us.

There were two sets of double doors on either side of this huge oblong chamber.

There was a deep end and a shallow end too, with a three height level diving boards facing the deep end.

It was shaped like a long rectangle with plenty of deck space, surrounding it with rows and rows of narrow bleachers framing the room like a big “U,”
with the pool in the middle.

The Coaches office was directly behind the diving platform, like a big glass box stuck in the center, glass walls giving the Coaching staff an unobstructed view of the whole pool. Behind the desks inside Coaches office, I noticed the locker room in back.

The showers must be there too, I guessed.

Peeking around cautiously, I was nervous.

I guess because of authority figures. I always got nervous before speaking to new people, and I had butterflies in my belly and felt lightheaded.

Maybe skipping brunch for this wasn’t such a good idea.

A woman in her mid-30’s sat at the desk, wearing blue shorts, white polo, and had a whistle dangling from a lanyard around her neck.

Her blonde hair was severely tied back in a ponytail, with a visor cap over it. The Coach was looking down at some paperwork laid out on her desk.

I tapped lightly on the glass. She looked up, clearly annoyed. She was pretty, in an old person thirties sort of way.

Wagging a finger at me to come in, I followed the glass wall around the opposite corner, where a narrow entry door was standing open.

“Can I help you young lady?” She asked while getting up, her eyebrows rose after giving me the up and down once over.

“Are you a student here?” She asked me with pursed lips, frowning.

“Uh, yes Ma’am, I uh, I wanted to ahm, see about the the job Ma’am.” I stammered. Oh god I felt like such a fool at that moment.

What was it about people in authority that got me tongue-tied?

“Oh yes, that. You don’t look like much,” she stood back a bit, appraising me.

“Do you think you can handle it?” She asked, eyes narrowing.

Handle it?

“I..uhh, I can try Ma’am?” I stared back, “Just uhh, work out some muscle cramps on people? I think I can do that. I-I’d like to try anyway.”

I felt like fainting. I hated this nervous part of me.

“Ohhhkay,” she crossed her arms, “I’ll see what we come up with.
I know it said “No experience necessary but you look like a featherweight.”

She sat back down, shuffling her papers. Without looking at me, she said,
“I have some swimmers coming in this afternoon for a work out. Why don’t you come back, say, two p.m., and we’ll give you a go. Thank you for stopping by, young woman.”

“Uhm, it’s Erica Ma’am.”

And I'm ‘Coach,’ nice to meet you then, be here on time please,” She added dismissively.

I thought of my schedule. I’d ask Mary if I could skip the stupid “Welcome to the Future” play in the Auditorium.

I couldn’t wait to tell Alicia and my friends!

Part 2

I wandered around the Campus, checking out hiding places “just in case,” Since Lisa and Carrie just HAD to choose the college Alicia and I were going to.

Trying to fill in some time before heading back to the Field House, I’d wandered back to the Quad, doing some people watching.

I wanted the job more than ever, after seeing how people dressed here. This certainly wasn’t high school, and I was going to need some money for clothes!

My parents didn’t have any extra to give me, and it was all they could do to pay for my books and classes.

I saw Lisa and Carrie standing around a kiosk, talking to two young women I didn’t know.

I tried not to be noticed by them, but that never seems to happen with Lisa’s radar on.

Lisa, in a voice that asked me to come over but sounded more like a command, “Erica! Come here!”

I approached them slowly, looking the new girls over. They looked nice, pretty too, and dressed like everyone else around here. Very nice.

American Eagle jeans, black boots and peasant top on one, the same with the brunette, but she wore a faded pencil skirt and black twill jacket.

Lisa did the introductions, motioning me to come closer.

“Erica, I’d like you to meet Ashley, and the Lady next to her is Christa.” Carrie went right to my side, putting her arm around my waist, snuggling right up to me.

I began to blush, embarrassed at her intimacy in front of strangers.

The bossy b*tch continued,
“Erica, Ashley and Christa are on the swim team. You’ll be servicing them, as well as the Freshman Swim Team. In otherwards, my Team.”

“We can’t wait," Lisa added, flashing the group a mischievous grin.

My stomach began its descent into my abdomen. I had no idea Lisa was on a swim team. I didn’t know as much about her as I thought, because I was kept busy trying to stay away from her!

Lisa’s had me worried and I haven’t even begun my job!

It was the not knowing what was going to happen, yet I knew my pussy would be drenched soon. That was making me horny! The uncertainty! Or apprehension, either way, I'd be horny.

Carrie had felt me tense up at Lisa’s words, and began to rub my back and neck.

Her small warm hands were having the predictable response in my crotch, but I tried to hide it.

“Erica, Sweetie, these are new friends of ours, now don’t be rude, say hello!” She swatted me on my butt-cheeks, making an audible “smack.”

“Umph,” I exhaled loudly! “Ah..hey!” I gasped.

My ass-cheeks stayed tense, so Carrie’s hand stayed on my butt, rubbing my round cheeks through the denim material.

The two new girls, Ashley and Christa both giggled, looking at me, then Carrie, then Lisa. To gauge their reactions, I guess. Or waiting for Lisa to do something.

Since it seemed to them 'business as usual,' here, they pretended nothing was amiss, yet kept on grinning and smiling to each other.

I wondered what Lisa had told them about me, exactly.

Carrie still had her hand on my butt. She knows no shame! Ass-rubbing in public! My ass at that! On Campus!

Should she be rubbing my ass at all?

I thought a moment, and my mind said no, but my pussy said otherwise, the dampness in my jeans had begun making a spot.

“Ut oh,” I thought nervously, how the hell am I gonna make that go away!

I must smell now too!

I looked pleadingly to Lisa, but she seemed unconcerned about anything at the moment, least of all me.

She just stood there, arms crossed, her gaze was always somewhere above everyone’s eyes, like she was looking for something far away.

The new girls broke this awkward moment. Christa seemed embarrassed at Carries open display of affection.

I was breathing a little heavier, and they could hear it. My knees were getting weak.

“Erica,” Ashley spoke up, “Nice to meet you Erica, I’m glad you took the job, you’re so cute!”

She’s a bubbly girl I think, perky.

I stammered, “Hum, I’m o-kay I guess. Nice to meet you,” I gave her a weak smile.

Carrie interrupted, “Okay? Erica, you’re adorable! Don’t be so modest,” then stuck her fingertips inside my sweater.

“My fingers are cold, I hate that.” Carrie smiled wickedly now, she was up to something.

I tried to reach out and shake Christa and Ashley’s hands. Since they standing further away from me, I had to step in to reach their outstretched hands.

Smiling at Ashley, I shook her hand, looking at her face.

She smiled back in a friendly way, her eyes straying to my chest.

Glancing down at what she was looking at, my right nipple was showing!

I squeaked, “Oopsie!”

I brought my hand over my now exposed tit.

“Carrie!” I gasped again!

Carrie just laughed, “See,” She explained casually to the others, “she’s adorable.”

She’d undone the two top buttons of my sweater, somehow doing it innocently.

“Well well well,” Lisa drawled slowly, “Erica strikes again huh? Our friends here aren’t interested in your little bumps Erica.”

Carrie smiled, adding, “Are you girls? Ladies?”

Ashley and Christa smiled nervously at each other at this turn of events. This must be a new experience for them too. Tits in public. Mine.

Lisa laughed at them. No embarrassment there, I thought dryly. The b*tch.

Lisa acts like this happens every day. Like watching a person getting felt up in front of new people was an everyday kind of thing.

Lisa eyed them. Why is this b*tchy, bossy girl always one-upping everyone?

Christa spoke up, ”I just love little boobies Lisa, they’re so cute, especially on a cute person like her,” She added, pointing at me and giggling like a schoolgirl, which she is!

She was so caught up in the moment, she said quickly, “Uhhh! From an art majors’ point of view!
Of course.”

She glanced at her friend Ashley, giggling more! If their hands hadn’t been hiding their grins I’d have felt better about them.

Christa, the art girl said to Lisa, “It looks awfully uncomfortable on her Lisa. Look at her face, she’s beet red, like she has a temperature.”

“Carrie,” Lisa commanded, “Do the honors?”

“Oh no Lisa, lets let our new friend here do it. She’s the one who’s concerned for our little Erica’s welfare.”

Ashley reasoned with Carrie, “Well, I just don’t want her to faint or something, she has a busy ‘rest of the day’ today. Especially following us after the meet.”

Ashley came to face me, Carrie now backing away from my butt she’d been massaging.

Christa seemed more than happy to help me out, of my sweater, that is. Thye stood side by side, studying me, my reaction.

I figured I may as well go with it, there's too many to cut and run. Plus I was surrounded!

“Here Sweetheart, you can wear this ugly sweater wrapped around your neck, and the sleeves will hide your cute little ahh.. boobies,” Christa said, facing me.

And with that, she stepped in, unbuttoning the sweaters' last four buttons on my sweater, slowly.

Just her feather-light touch to my belly was sending light waves of pleasure through my lower abdomen. My mound was swelling, opening my pussy-lips and adding pressure to it. My nipples were erect and alert, the wet spot growing.
Damn these jeans, what was I thinking?

Carrie held her breath, looking at me, eyes looking shiny.

My clit was aware I was about to be topless again, here on Campus! It was as erect as it could be, trying to poke out in these damned tight jeans.

Maybe that’s why I always wear engineer jeans or bibs, plenty of room for ‘emergencies.’

In front of everyone, I was getting stripped! This important place seemed very wrong to topless in.

She undid the last button, then, using both hands to slowly open both sides of the sweater, she pulled it gently off my shoulders, letting it fall to my waist where it stayed, resting on the curvature of my rounded butt. Her eyes went directly to my nipples, and stayed there, fixed on them.

I was topless.

“Oh my, oh my, lovely, just lovely,” she murmured, looking me over, up and down.

“Her nipples are so long! Ashley, come see!”

I was blushing profusely. I’d been sweating in the heavy garment, and there was a breeze blowing gently over my erect nipples, making electric current to my now engorged clit.

Ashley wasted no time, “Lemme see! Lemme see!”

Great, I was going to have a tit exam in public too.

Ashley leaned in close, her warm breath on my nipples, “OOOooo yes, odd, her breasts are small, but her nipples are so long, and rounded! I bet they’re really sensitive to touch huh Erica?”

She tweaked one between her forefinger and thumb.

I jumped “Ah! Hey! That tickles!”

Looking around anxiously like a caged cat, I looked for an escape from this little group of curious women. Seeing none, I backed up, into Carrie.

“Here Sweetie, let me help you get this old hot thing completely off, then we’ll knot it under your neck!” she said, smiling wide.

Like that was the solution to world poverty or something. At least a knot with sleeves for cover is better than naked on top.

Our group decided to walk away from the Quad, towards the Field House. Somehow we'd not drawn attention to ourselves, me in particular.

The women chatted away amiably as if nothing was wrong, but the two new girls, Christa and Ashley, seemed fascinated by my nudity, albeit topless.

I thought it’d be a good idea not to flash everyone we passed, and there weren’t that many people heading there.

The sweater sleeves did a crappy job of hiding my tits, but I said nothing, else Lisa might decide to do more, and I’d be in worse shape for my job interview as I was now.
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Erica's Red Hair

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Erica's Red Hair

I opened the door to my room nervously, hearing Carrie's playful knock.

"Sqeee!" the strawberry-blonde exclaimed. "Oh, you did it, Erica! It looks so adorable!"

Fussing bashfully, I averted my eyes and lifted a hand to tease the tips of my shoulder-length locks. Greatly daring, I had taken the brave step and dyed my hair red. Well, not completely red! but I did have my sandy-brown tresses streaked with red highlights. The only thing was, the treatment darkened the overall color making me appear more brunette, and the red really stood out, almost fiery in contrast.

Carrie, looming before me, pushed me back a few paces as she entered my room. Suddenly, her hand that was softly on my chest, reached down to pop open the button of my jeans. They were tight, and hugged my slender legs and hips nicely. I guess I had been dressing sexier since we started college.

"Oh!" I gasped, when my friend opened the front flaps wide. "What! what are you doing?"

The taller young woman had prodded me into the middle of my room. Now she stood back, one knee bent forward and hands on her own curvy hips as she evaluated me. "Take off your clothes!"

"Carrie!" I brought my hands to my mouth in shock, but nearly melted as she gave me a sly smile.

"Come on, Erica," she giggled. "I want to see what your new hair-do looks like when you're naked!"

Flustered, I turned around, continuing to play with the open flaps of my jeans. The room was feeling really warm. Then my eye caught sight of the digital clock on my dresser. I spun on my heel to face Carrie.

"Um, no time for that! We're going to be late!"

The girl hefted her backpack over her shoulder and pouted. "But I have a new outfit for you to try on."

Grabbing my books on the nearby end table, I squeezed past Carrie on my way out through the door. "No time for that either!"

I could hear my friend chuckling about my haste and urgency, as she bounded down the hall after me. Soon we were both outside and piled into her car. It was a rather uneventful drive to campus, as I simply closed my eyes and listened to Carrie chatting away. I think I liked listening to her melodic voice more than the music from the radio.

"See! we had plenty of time!" Carrie said once we pulled into the student parking lot. "Well, maybe I can get you to change into my new outfit before class!"

I turned my head to look over the shoulder of the passenger seat headrest, still fussing with my newly dyed hair. Checking the vanity mirror, I asked distractedly, "What! right here?"

"Of course!" the bubbly blonde answered. "Now come on, get your clothes off."

I looked at my friend out of the corner of my eye. "Everything?"

"Mmm hmmm," she nodded and licked her lips.

"Carrie, no!"

After a breathless pause, I gathered my books in one arm and pushed open the passenger side door. I had to admit, parts of my body were starting to tingle. But I tried to put this out of my mind as I started walking briskly across the parking lot.

When Carrie caught up with me, I tried to explain. "Look! we really are going to be cutting it kind of close. We have to walk all the way to the building with our classroom. And honestly, I just have a feeling that if I start to undress, something terribly embarrassing will happen!"

"Whatever you say," my friend said with a warm smile. "Maybe later!"

As we stalked forward in silence, in the cool autumn air, I wondered what she meant by that last comment. We were beginning to merge with a larger press of students. My thoughts were soon drawn elsewhere as I took note of these strange faces passing before us, all around us, even turning back to regard Carrie and I. There was a cute guy! and over there, a young woman with a nice butt! cool shoes on that one! wow, how do they afford such expensive accessories, with the cost of tuition?

Then I started noticing more and more people secretly pointing at the two of us and snickering. Just a glimpse here, or a flash of someone's amused eyes, maybe someone mouthing some words that I didn't quite understand.

"Carrie, why are they staring at us?" I asked, rising up on my toes to whisper in my friend's ear.

She kept me moving with a hand on my back, but said innocently, "I don't know. Two hot freshman females! I guess there's a lot to ogle."

"Perhaps you," I confided while blushing.

"Erica!" Carrie squeezed my shoulder cheerfully. "You are so cute! I bet they're all staring at your hot new sexy red hair!"

I wish she didn't remind me. Now I was feeling more self-conscious, and I was starting to regret taking any measures that would draw added attention. Still, I tried to hold my little chin up high as we crossed the plaza and came within sight of the central building. With Carrie at my side, we paraded through the automatic sliding doors.

Once we were inside, there was a buzz of activity. I could see countless students making their way back and forth between classrooms. Some people stopped to check bulletin boards. There were kiosk machines everywhere, it seemed, and always a throng of young people waiting to access their schedule or other information. A couple of times, we saw an older man or woman toting textbooks and notebooks. "Returning" students, I guessed.

And then Carrie was waving over to a group of girls, some of the other freshmen we met during the first few weeks of the term. At once, she bounced over to greet them, and I was left sauntering my way behind her.

"Ooooh!. Erica, I like your hair!" Ashley grinned and clapped her hands.

Christa, an art student, eyed me critically and then said. "Um yeah, that does give you a more sultry look. But are you trying to start a new fashion trend?"

"Huh?" I was caught off-guard, pausing with my hands midway running through my dark scarlet tresses.

"I think it brings out her brown eyes," Carrie said helpfully.

Christa only shook her head and laughed. "Yes, but what has that got to do with why her jeans are hanging open!"

"What?!!" I practically screeched, turning around in embarrassment.

I looked down, and realized for the first time, that I had never fixed the front of my jeans after Carrie unbuttoned them this morning! They were so comfortable that I swear I didn't notice. And with the tight fit, it wasn't like they were ever in danger of slipping down. But as I held open both flaps in disbelief, I saw that my panties would have been in full view! I had chosen the briefest of silky underwear, also because of the snug fit, which just barely came up to my crotch. I was pretty certain that anyone seeing the front of my panties would know I was clean shaven.

And I had just walked across campus like this!

As I fumbled and tried to hurriedly snap shut my pants, Carrie giggled.

"Oh, too bad you had to mention it to Erica. I was going to pull them down when we walked into class!"

The girls burst out laughing, and I was left standing mortified, my brown eyes wide. Maybe I was a little turned on, too.

"You wouldn't have!" I gasped.

Carrie ran a finger lightly down the side of my face. "Maybe, maybe not.

Maybe I would have pulled your underwear down at the same time, and exposed your cute little ass!"

Speechless, I took a deep breath, while running my hands fretfully through my hair. The buxom strawberry-blonde took this opportunity to step forward, and proceeded to undo the buttons that I had just fixed.

Well, once again, it seemed decisions about how I present myself were taken out of my hands. At the urging of our two new friends, I was persuaded to leave my jeans open, with my low-cut panties on display! I mean, how humiliating! if I wasn't wearing at least this shred of material, my pussy would be showing! But no one seemed to mind, although people did continue to point and stare as we started back down the wide corridor. I sure didn't want to arrive late to class like this!

Along with a pack of other students, we rounded a corner and then had to climb some stairs to the second floor. I felt Carrie slip behind me, and I immediately tensed. I didn't know if she would truly pants me in the middle of all these people! But we continued to press forward, and I had to hold my books tight against my shirt as I felt my nipples hardening.

My friend had her backpack slung over her shoulders, so she had both hands free to bring them to rest on my sweet hips.

As we approached the classroom door, I could feel Carrie's fingers on the sides of my jeans. I saw that there were already dozens of students seated and waiting for the professor's lecture to begin. Her fingers hooked around the denim material! and then hooked inside the elastic band of my panties!

"Do it!" I whispered to her, over my shoulder.

Her big breasts squished against my back, her nose and mouth were on my neck, and then inhaling the perfume of my red-dyed hair. My heart was beating faster, and my clit poked out fully extended.

"Do it!" I pleaded. And yet, I couldn't believe I was asking Carrie to pull down my pants and underwear in front of everyone.

Her grip tightened, we were standing at the head of the classroom. I closed my eyes, bracing myself for the exposure, ready to savor the humiliation. And then I heard heavy footsteps behind us, and a gruff male voice.

"Ladies, do please find yourselves some seats!" said the Professor in an exasperated tone.

Carrie quickly steered me with her hold on my jeans, and turned me to start walking down an aisle between seats. The Professor never saw my open pants, but he continued to admonish us like naughty schoolgirls.

"I hope I'm not going to have to keep an eye on you two!"

"Yes, sir. We will be good," Carrie replied sweetly. I could picture her turning to do a curtsey.

We finally made it to the end of the row of desks. They were those metal chairs, with the collapsible writing tray that pulled up and folded over. Carrie sat in the seat in front of me, and I slid into the desk-chair behind her. While we waited for the last few students to arrive, my friend leaned back so I could brush out her long strawberry-blonde hair.

Leaning forward, I confessed to her, "That would have been so hot, if you stripped me in front of the Professor!"

"Yeah, I wonder when was the last time he saw a young girl's puckered flower!" Carrie giggled.

Oh my, when she put it like that, it would be pretty embarrassing to show my genitals! I leaned back and slowly slipped a hand into my panties. It was then that I discovered that I had made myself wet, and the light fabric was drenched! I was afraid that the front was probably rendered transparent, and during my walk down the aisle, the seated students must have gotten a good look at my camel-toe pussy!

Too late, I was already stroking my hairless vulva, inserting a finger and using my thumb to tease my swollen clitoris. Right here in our college classroom!

"Mmmmmph!" I gave a strangled, muffled groan, and accidentally kicked Carrie's chair.

My friend turned around to look at me, a bemused expression on her face.

"Erica, did you just have an orgasm?"

"Oh, Carrie!" I cried softly in bittersweet misery. "I've made myself cum. It's seeping through my panties and running down my leg!"

Carrie was silent for a moment, and then she said kindly, "Don't worry, baby girl. We'll get you all fixed up after class. Just try to relax, it will be all right."

"OK," I murmured, somewhat soothed by the young woman's words.

The rest of the class, I kind of sat there in a haze, not really paying attention. I don't believe I ever opened up my notebook. Later, I would have to catch up with Carrie. But as we neared the end of the period, I began to worry if people would smell the aroma of my juices. And worse would be when I had to stand up again.

Well, eventually the dreaded lecture was over. I waited a good few minutes for the students on either side of us to get out of their seats and leave the room. Soon, I looked up to see Carrie standing with arms folded across her breasts, foot tapping. Biting my lip, I reluctantly eased my legs to the side of the chair, and climbed to my feet. When I looked down at myself, I was horrified.

The crotch of the small panties was of course drenched. But even more embarrassing, my juices had streamed down both my legs, and left dark rivers down the front of my jeans. I was unable to even button them closed again, as Carrie only laughed and took my hand. She said I looked "cute", like a little girl who had wet herself! With my other hand feebly clutching my books, we made our exit from the classroom.

I really wasn't sure what it would look like. I mean, how likely was it that a college student would piss herself? Would people assume I must have been masturbating and creamed my pants? Maybe it could have been some other kind of liquid accident. Unfortunately, the way the twin trail of stains ran from the inside of my thighs down to the front of my knees, it was obvious that the source of the stains emanated from my crotch. I just wanted to get these jeans off!

It was so humiliating as we continued to press ourselves through the building. Not only was I brazenly displaying my damp undies, that hung down to reveal not a wisp of pubic hair, but people were seeing my cum stains as well! And I bet they could smell the musk of my horniness. I wish Carrie didn't get me so excited all the time!

Fortunately, we had some time to spare before our next classes, although we didn't have those together. Still, my friend suggested we head over to the Performing Arts Center, where Alicia was scheduled to try out for the orchestra. She promised me it would be a lot more private over there, not as many people around, and we could take care of my little "accident". I wasn't sure what she had in mind, but I followed anyway, since Carrie was tugging me along by the hand.

We had a bit of a hike across campus, prolonging my embarrassing predicament. There were more whistles and grins from the passing student population, as well as mocking laughter. I wonder if Carrie knew that the more I was humiliated like this, the more I sought her comfort and nurturing embrace. All I could think of was sucking on her juicy teats, which kept my mind off the snickering comments about the state of my jeans.

Before I knew it, we had crossed one of the campus streets, into a faculty parking lot and were heading up the steps to the Performing Arts Center. Once inside the main lobby, it was definitely a lot quieter here, and it was a relief to be out of sight from prying eyes. Carrie led me around a corner, and then down some wide black wooden steps. I felt like I was being taken to a dungeon!

In fact, on the lower level was where they had a number of rehearsal studios, classrooms, and a couple of practice stages. It was into the musky darkness of one of these auditorium-like chambers that the two of us slunk into. At least, no one would be able to see my embarrassing jeans with the fronts pulled open. But we could see about a dozen students with various musical instruments lined up on stage. Just beneath the platform appeared to be the director of the Music Program, and his associates.

There were less than a handful of people in the raised seating closest to the stage, other friends of the other students being evaluated. All told, I figured there were twenty people between the students and faculty. Carrie paused when we walked into the room and pointed to Alicia with her flute.

"Hi Alicia!" she called out, bouncing up and down.

Our brunette friend giggled and waved back at us. But the Music Director was not at all pleased. He turned to look in our direction and warned us that interruptions would not be tolerated. Carrie was always getting me in trouble. I hope she didn't get me thrown out of college!

After making our apologies, she and I scurried up to the back row, and filed all the way toward the middle of the seats. We had an excellent view of the musicians on stage. But as soon as one talented young man began playing a violin solo, Carrie decided it was time to take care of business.

"OK, Erica, let's get these things off you!"

In the semi-darkness of the back row, no one noticed as my friend moved across a couple of seats so she could lift my legs and begin working on the laces of my sneakers. Within moments, both my shoes bounced to the floor. Thankfully, the sound of the music covered any noise. She then took my jeans by the sides, and started wiggling them down my legs. It was surreal, being stripped by Carrie like this in a room full of people, and I couldn't offer any resistance.

When I was sitting sideways in my silky, skimpy panties, Carrie held my feet in her lap and caressed my bare legs. I was wearing short ankle socks, the kind with the frilly cuffs.

"Oooh, I like these!" my friend commented as she then leaned across me to touch the elastic band of my panties.

Her fingers worked quickly, and soon the delicate material was being pulled down my hips! past my butt, lower and lower, until Carrie had my underwear around my feet. She took them off completely, then discarded the damp things to the side.

"Oh!" I gasped, feeling my bald pussy exposed.

"Shhh!" came the hushed warning from one of the folks below.

"Sorry!" Carrie said aloud, with me laying here bottomless!

In the effort of getting my shoes off, and my pants and underwear, I had raised my shirt up until the hem was just below my breasts. I was effectively naked from my tummy down to my socks. Carrie leaned across me again, running a hand over my flat sexy stomach, and then bent down to kiss my bellybutton.

"You know, Erica," she looked up with a devilish smile. "I could strip you totally nude back here. You would like that, wouldn't you?"

"Uh-huh!" I said weakly, spreading my legs apart.

Carrie sat up straight eagerly, giggling, and took one of my feet in her hands. I watched as she began peeling off the sock until my bare heel came into view. But then I stopped her.

"Wait! I don't think this is a good idea," I said squirming in my seat.

"There's a lot of people in this room, and I could get caught!"

My friend considered for a moment. "Hmmm! I suppose you're right. Maybe I should just let you get dressed."

But first, Carrie told me, I had to get cleaned up. My legs were still spread obscenely wide, with one resting on the back of the chair between us, and my other slender leg dangling to the floor. Between this parted view, I observed Carrie go into her backpack and retrieve some tissues.

I placed my hands behind my head and arched my back all the way, until I was just staring up into the darkness of the ceiling. Alicia must have started her audition, as I heard a sweet melody on the flute. This was so unreal, lying like this in the back row of a theatre in the Performing Arts Center, while Carrie began squeezing my knees and rubbing my thighs. She was checking for the sticky spots, but her hands felt amazingly good. I'm afraid I trembled at her touch, my pussy opening up in her face.

"There, there," she said! and started to lick between my thighs!

"Aaaahhhh!" I had to bring a clenched fist to my mouth to keep from moaning.

"Shush!" came an annoyed voice close to the stage.

Meanwhile, Alicia kept playing her flute, and Carrie kept licking my smooth legs. Finally, she moved her face close enough to breath on my pussy. She stuck her tongue out, just able to use the tip to taste and flick my clitoris. Then she lapped one big stroke over my bare pubic mound, which caused me to shudder, but did not send me over the edge.

"All clean," Carrie announced, and now used the tissues to pat my crotch and inner thighs dry.

I blinked, uncomprehending for a moment, as my friend turned around and started going through her bag again. I was so aroused, now I was ready to tear the rest of my clothes off! Instead, Carrie held out what appeared to be a little skirt. It was tartan, a kind of black and purple plaid, and from waistband to hem did not seem very wide.

Carrie helped me to a more comfortable sitting position and explained, "This is your new outfit, Erica!"

"What! what about my panties?" I asked, looking around for my discarded underwear.

My friend only laughed, "Oh, you don't want those things right now.

Besides, it will be so cool for you to go the rest of the day without anything under your skirt!"

"I guess! but will it cover me?" I was uncertain, taking the material and holding it against my body.

"It will cover enough," Carrie admitted. "Now go ahead, and put it on."

Well, I wrapped the skirt around my slim hips, and it did fit rather nice. Pulling the zipper up at the side, the hem fell just below my crotch, leaving me showing a lot of thigh. I could feel my bare ass on the cushion of the seat, which meant the back only hung low enough to conceal my cheeks from being seen from behind. What a way this would be to spend sitting in class!

Carrie was crouched down on the floor again, putting the sneakers back on my little feet. From such a position, she had an obstructed view of my bare pussy, with my knees parted. I know she had just been getting friendly with my kitty only moments ago, but somehow being exposed beneath a short pleated skirt like this, seemed so naughty!

Just then, I looked up and noticed Alicia had finished her beautiful flute solo. There was a brief exchange with the Music Director, and then she started packing up her instrument. Carrie helped me to my feet, and signaled we should go toward the stage to meet our friend. Cautiously I maneuvered my nubile body between the rows of seats, conscious of the skirt that felt too short.

As I walked down the sloped floor, I realized that the wooly fabric swished deliciously over my bald vulva. And if I pressed my hand against my crotch, the tiny bristles of fibers would tickle my lower lips! I would have to be very careful how I moved, and where I placed my hands! "Alicia! That was wonderful!" the strawberry-blonde bounced past me in her excitement.

Alicia broke into a wide grin and said, "It was so sweet of you two to come and watch! I think you brought me good luck!"

"Ladies!" the Music Director interrupted. "There are other students that are being evaluated. I'm going to have to kindly ask you to leave the room!"

I must have been blushing, and too flustered in my little skirt to do anything. But the other girls giggled at their indiscretion, and when the director turned his head back to the stage, Carrie stuck her tongue out at him. All I could think of, was where that tongue had been a few minutes ago!

"Oh, be nice!" Alicia laughed, grabbing Carrie by the arm and me by my shirt, and tugging us toward the doors to the theatre.

When we tumbled out into the hall of the Performing Arts Center, we rounded a corner before my brunette friend took appraisal of me for the first time.

"Erica!" she exclaimed, much to my embarrassment. "Your hair! that looks so hot! And that cute skirt, where did you get it?"

"Carrie gave it to me," I mumbled, rubbing one sneaker behind my other leg.

Alicia cradled an elbow in her hand as she continued to regard me.

"Yeah, it doesn't look like something you'd usually pull out of your wardrobe. But with your red hair and that purple little thing, Erica, you look positively sexy!"

Carrie had skillfully positioned herself behind me, wrapping her arms around me in a hug. But then she looked at Alicia from over my shoulder! "Well, check this out!"

With just the three of us standing out here in the hallway, Carrie flipped up my skirt, holding the hem high above my hips!

"Oh my gosh!" Alicia pointed and laughed. "Erica, your! you know! it's sticking right out!"

"Maybe she's happy to see you," Carrie giggled and tickled my butt with her fingers.

I thought I would die of embarrassment. I wiggled and squirmed, my bare pussy still on display, until I thought I would slip out of the skirt entirely.

"So no panties, huh?" Alicia continued to observe me. "Carrie, I guess you won't be satisfied until you send our girl to class without a stitch on!"

My strawberry-blonde friend lifted her hands to touch and fondle my ears. "Oooh! I think I may just do that. One day, I'll talk Erica into walking up to her class stark naked, and finding a seat in the front row!"

"No! way!" I protested, and turned myself around to face the buxom young woman.

"Well, you have to admit, that secretly you would like to try it!"

And then, Carrie planted a kiss on me, full on the lips! Our tongues touched briefly, before she gently pulled my bottom lip through her teeth. After that, all I could do was murmur.


Alicia grabbed me by the arm, and pulled me out of the embrace. "All right, you two. I have to make it to my next class, and I want Erica to walk with me."

"My class is on the other side of campus," Carrie pouted. "When can we hook up again?"

Our natural brunette friend gave the matter some thought, and then said, "Let's meet up back here at the Performing Arts Center after class. The auditions will be over by then, and I think this place will be pretty deserted."

"Cool!" Carrie exclaimed, her face brightening. "I'll tell Christa and Ashley. Maybe they can hang out with us later!"

With that, she turned and bounced down the hallway, leaving Alicia and I to walk in the opposite direction.

"Um! that was a very nice flute solo," I said awkwardly as soon as we left the building.

However, all Alicia wanted to talk about was how much she liked my new hair, and how hot I looked in this little plaid skirt. I guess that should have made me feel better, but the attention only seemed to bring humiliation. She kept saying that she couldn't believe I wasn't wearing any panties. Sometimes, it seemed like she announced this news to the whole campus!

We had to walk to the student parking lot first, so Alicia could put her flute back in her car. Then my friend was dragging me back across the street, heading toward the science center. At times, she moved so fast and pulled me along after her, I feared the back of my skirt was flapping up! flashing my bare ass! There certainly were a lot of comments as we walked past and through crowds of students.

Alicia seemed so proud at the responses I was getting, meanwhile I felt so ashamed! More so, because I was getting totally turned-on!

Finally, we had to part ways, and my friend teased me one last time, reminding me not to loose my skirt. Well, I wasn't going to let that happen as I began my walk across the street to another building. Still, it was pretty hard to keep my mind off my body, especially the bits that were so sensitive. I fumbled with the hem of the material on my way to class, and I was sure everyone knew that I didn't have on any underwear.

There were some looks of disgust, I guess, and lots of smiles and winks.

Most people couldn't take their eyes off my sweet schoolgirl legs, or so I liked to imagine.

Sitting through that hour and a half long lecture was torture! I never thought college classes could be so boring. But then, I had registered late, so I suppose I didn't have the best pick of interesting subjects.

My mind started to drift, and I played with the idea of slowly removing the skirt Carrie gave to me. Then I would find an excuse to jump out of my chair, and stand bottomless in front of all these students! Of course, such thoughts only served to make me horny, but I dare not touch myself again. I didn't want to have another "accident" like earlier.

Toward the end of the lecture, one girl sitting in front of me turned around and snapped shut her compact mirror. "You know! if you're going to shave your pussy, you should really wear a longer skirt!"

Oh my gosh, I was so embarrassed! She probably thought I was some kind of slut! I think I would have buried my face in my arms, but then the professor signaled that we were dismissed. Rising to my feet, I simply grabbed my books, and ran out of the classroom. Amazingly, all I could think of now, was how much I wanted to see my friends.

As I jogged across campus, I could feel the little skirt gently lifting up and down off my lap. I'm sure the cheeks of my cute behind peeked into view as I scampered over the path. But I didn't care. I just wanted to be away from all those staring, leering eyes. And all those students who knew my dirty little secret!

When I reached the Performing Arts Center, I paused to catch my breath.

Actually, I waited a few minutes to calm myself down before proceeding to venture inside. The remainder of my schedule was clear today. I wondered if the other girls were here already, and if Carrie would get Christa and Ashley to join us.

True enough, as I entered the building, the place seemed very quiet. My sneakers squeaked and echoed down the ground floor corridor.

"Hello?" I bravely called out.

There was no reply. No music students or drama students, and no faculty.

I shrugged my shoulders, but also felt a shiver run down my spine. For some reason, I trembled with fear and excitement.

All by myself, I found the stairs that led to the lower level, to one of the performance stage rooms with its bright lights and black walls. It was here that I discovered Carrie and her two friends waiting.

"Hi Erica!" Ashley waved me over. "Oh my, but that is a darling skirt!"

They were sitting up on the raised platform, a good several feet off the floor, and I mumbled, "Thanks!"

"We were just talking," Carrie said as she helped me up the steps, "and saying how it was too bad you don't play an instrument, Erica!"

"Oh, but I've never been musically talented," I admitted.

Christa smiled as she took in the sight of me standing in the spotlight.

"But we could just picture you up here as part of the orchestra, or playing in the jazz band!"

"Maybe she could have one of her clothing accidents!" Ashley giggled and winked at me.

Blushing, I tried to explain, "Well I don't like being up in front of an audience, so you'll never catch me on stage."

"Is that so?"

We all turned to look back toward the doorway to the room. To my surprise, it was the blonde bitch Lisa! And she was walking toward the stage with Alicia. I saw that my friend had returned with her flute case. Since I remembered she had made a special trip to put it back in her car, I figured it must have been Lisa's suggestion that she bring back to the Performing Arts Center. I wondered what she had in mind.

As instructed, Alicia climbed onto the stage and began unpacking her instrument. She assembled the two pieces, and then Lisa started to explain.

"Erica, you may not be any good at making music. But you do like to dance, don't you?"

Rubbing a foot shyly behind my leg, I looked down at the bossy blonde and answered, "Yes! I like to dance."

Carrie clapped her hands and said, "This should be entertaining!"

"Indeed," Lisa continued. "Now, little Erica, when Alicia begins to play for us on her flute! you're going to dance. And as you dance to her music, you're going to strip!"

"What?!!" I cried as my friends erupted in cheers and laughter. "What if! what if she keeps playing?"

Lisa only offered a smug smirk as she found herself a seat in the front row, directly in front of the stage. "Well that depends on how far Alicia wants to go!"

I stood with my mouth hanging open. Speechless, I couldn't find the words to express my doubt or concerns. I noticed Lisa didn't make any comment about my hair. And then, my brunette friend put the flute to her lips and played a few notes. I looked to her, my eyes wide.

She started playing a really beautiful melody, similar to the one she played at her audition. Then her eyes narrowed, and she changed the tune to a more slinky, slithery number, almost like a snake charmer from India. I couldn't help but let the music seep into my body. My shoulders started reflexively shifting up and down, as I wiggled my hips in time with Alicia's rhythm. I closed my eyes and ran both my hands through my hair.

And then my fingers wandered down my shirt, grabbing and squeezing my breasts. It wasn't so much as Lisa's command, as the spirit of the music, which made me start to undo the buttons. Soon, I had the front all the way open, my bare tummy and cute bellybutton on display.

Alicia kept playing, and I kept dancing! turning around slowly, shrugging the light material of my shirt off my shoulders. I felt so alive, my heart beating faster, and then I took my top completely off so that the fabric floated to the floor in front of the stage. Standing up there in just my bra, my hands instinctively cupped my breasts. I silently shook my head.

However, I could see my friend smiling at me with her eyes, and I had no choice but to move my hands behind my back to reach for the clasp of my bra. Alicia did not let up, her fingers weaving that strange and exotic melody. I still shook my hips, and stretched my legs, stepping in time with the music! even as I unhooked my lacey bra, and let the shoulder-straps ease down my arms. They were all watching me. Not only Lisa and Alicia, but Carrie and Ashley and Christa, all in rapt attention!

Caught up in the sexy song and dance, I pulled the bra off my chest. I held onto it for a moment, and then tossed it down to land in Lisa's lap. I was standing topless on stage in my college Performing Arts Center! At first, I raised my palms to cover my tits! but I saw Ashley and Christa sitting in the corner with big grins on their faces. I lowered my arms, and showed them my bare breasts. My nipples were so hard!

Turning my head to the side, I glanced over my smooth shoulder to plead with Alicia. She only inclined her head and persisted with her rousing melody. I swayed to the music, my tits bouncing and nipples quivering with my motions. I think I may have run my tongue over my teeth! this was getting hot! Lowering myself to my hands and knees, I wiggled my butt, which was covered only by the most minimal of clothing. I dangled my feet over the edge of the stage, and started to crawl forward! slowly I pulled each foot out of its shoe, letting my sneakers drop to the floor below. Then, with a gracefulness only made possible by Alicia's music, I pushed myself up on my arms and rose to a standing position.

Again, I ran my hands through my hair, then over the skin of my tight stomach. Taking steps across the platform, I bent one leg up behind me, and reached back to grab the toe of my ankle sock. I was able to pull the fabric free, and let my bare toes fall to the stage. Tossing the sock away, I spun around and started moving toward Alicia. I lifted my other lower leg so that my heel was almost touching my butt, and leaned back to take hold of that sock. Easily, it slipped off and was thrown across the room.

It was then I realized I was standing barefoot on the stage, in front of my friends. In fact, I was wearing just one item of clothing, that tiny plaid skirt, which Carrie had given me! Clasping my hands and bringing them up beneath my chin, I looked at Alicia and shook my head.

Without even pausing to take a breath, the talented brunette kept playing her flute. She was going to make me do it. I looked around nervously, even as I continued to gyrate my hips to the music. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I just had one piece if clothing on. Already, my fingers were fumbling for the zipper. I still turned my head side to side, begging Alicia to end her song, and she still kept blowing and nimbly running her fingers along the instrument.

I turned around so my back was to Carrie and the other girls, and I stood facing Lisa. The zipper lowered, the button popped, I let the skirt descend to my feet. Rather than stepping out of the material, I raised a leg deliciously and kicked the skirt off my foot to go flying toward the audience.

I was absolutely naked, from head to toe, on the stage!

Oh, I was so bare up here! As I slowly turned around to face my other friends, I couldn't help but lift my hands up to squeeze my breasts.

When I pulled my fingers away, my nipples were so elongated and hard. I swear they were wiggling on their own, to the sound of Alicia's flute music. And I know the girls were eyeing the rest of my figure, checking out my slender hips and bald pussy. Unsure of what to do, I looked shyly over my shoulder, even rising up on my toes, so that Lisa saw the bottom of my bare foot. I found Lisa evaluating me critically, arms folded and legs crossed. The fact that she was seeing my ass on full display like this, caused my clitoris to poke straight out.

Well, Alicia kept playing her flute, and I had already taken off all my clothes. What more were they expecting? I continued my nude slow dance, moving around the stage, arms raised above my head. Then, looking from Carrie to Ashley and then to Christa, I reached down and flicked my clit!

"Aaaahh!" I whimpered and slipped a finger inside.

"Hmmm! it appears Erica is ready to conclude her performance!" Carrie observed.

The girls, smiles on their faces, started to move closer to me! and I didn't know what to do! I just stood there, butt naked, about to masturbate in front of them. Glancing to my left, I saw even Lisa had gotten up out of her seat and was making her way up the stage.

Nervously, I took a few steps backwards, my bare feet sticking and un-sticking off the hardwood floor. But I couldn't help playing with myself, especially with Alicia watching me and playing her instrument.

"Look at her go!" Ashley said amazed.

Before I knew it, the girls were practically on either side of me, and Christa commented, "What a cute body she has!"

I honestly thought I was going to collapse. The exposure was too much for me, sending me over the edge. And then, suddenly, there was Lisa dragging a folding chair across the stage and setting it behind me. I thankfully sat down, my legs spread wide apart.

"Ooooh! Mmmmm!." I moaned and writhed with pleasure.

The whole time, I never broke eye contact with Alicia. As I continued to rub my pussy, I pictured her using that flute! well, I had certain ideas about where she might put it. But then, Lisa reached down and grabbed my arms! She took me by the wrists and pulled them away from my body, exposing everything!

At first I whimpered, and wiggled my butt a little on the chair in a futile struggle. My bare legs were still spread open, I even hooked my feet around the opposite sides of the seat. Caught tight in Lisa's grip, I felt helpless, and hot at the same time.

"Please!" I arched my back and thrust my little tits forward. "I want to cum!"

But the blonde bitch only kept me on display like this, while the other three girls stood before me and looked down at my nude body. Alicia took great interest in playing her flute, which was having an effect on my pink parts. I could feel my clit wiggling in time with the music, as if it had a mind of its own. I was about to start bucking my hips, and I was afraid I was going to squirt in the direction of my friends.

Suddenly, the music stopped. Alicia gently lowered the flute from her lips. My eyes were wide with anticipation, but nothing happened. I could feel my heart still beating fast, and my pussy twitched, but I no longer convulsed with an impending orgasm. Lisa let go of my hands and slowly backed away from the chair. All eyes were upon me as I sat up and then stood on my trembling legs.

I was still very horny, but I did not try to touch myself. Maybe I wanted one of my friends to finish me off! In a bit of a daze, I ran a hand through my hair and looked around. All of my clothes were scattered, some items not even on the stage. Gingerly, I started walking forward.

"Wow, Erica!" said Carrie who stayed in front of me, "You're as pink down there, as, well! now you match your hair!"

I blushed even more as Ashley and Christa crept behind me and said what a nice butt I have. That only reminded me I was so completely naked up here, nothing was hidden. With my arms at my sides, I turned around, showing them my bare titties with nipples poking out.

"What! what are you doing?" I asked, seeing Lisa gathering up my socks and top.

The devious blonde ignored me at first, and proceeded to walk down the steps. She purposefully picked up my shoes from the floor, and then retrieved my bra and skirt over near the seats. All I could do was stand there in my bare feet and watch.

Pausing to regard me, Lisa finally said, "Seems like I'm cleaning up after you, naughty girl!"

"But! but, you're taking everything," I gasped, moving a few nervous steps closer to the edge of the stage. "You have to leave me something!"

Lisa tweaked my big toe, then ran a hand around the back of my calf. She looked up and said, "No, I don't think I will."

I almost melted at her tender touch and icy words. She was going to leave me here, in my college's Performing Arts Center, totally nude.

Bringing my hands up to cover my breasts, I looked over my shoulder at my friends for support, but they only shrugged. And giggled and smiled! they were obviously enjoying my predicament.

Carrie glided over to me, and placed her palm on my ass. "Come on, Erica, we'll walk with you back to my car. I'll skip class and drive you home. Unless, that is, you want to go streaking through the campus!"

I backed away from the strawberry-blonde's eager suggestion, and even lowered a hand to cover my pussy. "Um, no! I think I would rather go home, and, well, you know!"

The truth was, I was still very aroused. Alicia's song has brought me very close, and I had not been able to relieve myself. Now, the girls were hovering around me, absolutely devouring the sight of my bare slim figure. They were prolonging my nudity and loving every minute of it!

And I was getting hotter by the minute. I even lowered my arms again, showing all my private parts. It seemed only a few weeks ago we had met Ashley and Christa, and now they were seeing me entirely naked!

The girls slowly moved closer to me, so I was essentially being herded down the steps of the performance stage. I kept a minimum distance, but certainly within arms length, so that anyone one of them could have touched my body with their soft feminine touch. Lisa watched us all parade along the side of the room, smiling in satisfaction.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't expect to see!" came the male voice that I recognized as one of the teachers in the music department.

I froze, up in front of the line, my friends mere steps behind me. In the dim light upon first entering from the hallway, I don't think the teacher immediately saw that I wasn't wearing any clothes. But then he continued walking toward us, and his eyes adjusted, if he could believe what his eyes were seeing. I just stood there, arms dangling at my sides. My breasts and erect nipples were in plain view, and as my hairless body glistened, my pink labia were unfolded. I hoped he didn't notice my clitoris poking out!

And then there was Lisa, quickly at our side, almost coming between the teacher and me. Almost, but not quite! I was still on display in all my glory, unable to turn away or cover up my pink bits.

"Erica, here, was just finishing up rehearsing for a nude scene in one of the drama club's productions," Lisa casually explained.

"Oh, I see!" said the music teacher when he found the words to speak again. His eyes roamed from the tips of my shoulders to my bare toes on the carpet of the theatre floor. "I hope I didn't interrupt! but I am scheduled to rehearse the chorus now."

Just then a group of students came piling in through the door from the outside corridor. There were lots of young women, and quite a few guys, too. I thought I was going to die of shame. For some reason, I could not make my legs move. I just watched and watched as about a couple dozen or so people entered the room. And they were all looking at me!

"That's all right, we were about to be leaving," Lisa continued. She then squeezed my fingers in her hand, and began pulling me toward the room's exit.

Of course, this meant I was not able to use that hand to cover myself.

Nor did I bother with my other arm, which only flailed out at my side as I scampered after her on my tiptoes. Passing by the college chorus students, that is when the comments started. First there were gasps of shock, then chuckles. Some mocked my small tits, while others said I looked like a slut because of my shaved pussy. Still, there were those who said I had a really nice ass!

I could hear the teacher admonishing his students behind us, reminding them not to be rude, that they should respect the sacrifices I needed to make for my "art". My whole body blushed furiously! I was so embarrassed! By this time, Alicia and the others had caught up with us and were right on my heels. Their hands found my back, my butt, and my hips as they practically pushed me the rest of the way and out into the Performing Arts Center hallway.

There was nothing I could do as I was ushered through the building, surrounded on the sides and in back by my friends. But when a few straggling students came rushing in our direction, they were treated to sight of my full frontal nudity. I just closed my eyes and let the girls guide me, self-conscious of my bare feet slapping along the floor, my perky breasts bouncing with our steps, and my pussy lips sticking out, begging to be stroked!

Lisa stopped us when we climbed to the ground floor of the building.

"Well, little girls, this is where I take my leave. It was a very entertaining diversion, Erica. I'll send your clothes over when I get around to it!"

"But!" I started, even reaching out with an arm, only to watch Lisa march imperiously down the hall with all my things.

Standing stark naked in the middle of my four friends, I wondered what I was going to do. Carrie took the opportunity, with my arms lowered, to flick my nipples and rub them between her fingers.

"Oh, but you looks so cute!" she squealed. "I could just eat you up! Are you sure you still don't want to streak the science center or something?

Maybe wander into a classroom like this?"

I shook my head, no, but continued to let Carrie massage my breasts.

"I think Erica looks horny," Christa observed studiously. "Maybe she should find someplace to finish masturbating!"

I couldn't believe she would say that right in front of me! Of course, there was no denying the veracity of her statement. Secretly, I wondered if she wanted to finish me off. Or at least, that is what I fantasized.

Finally Carrie took my hand and gently pulled me toward the doors of the building. "All right, Erica, I'll take you home so you don't have to spend the rest of the day naked at college."

The sun was only just going down in the late afternoon, it was still plenty light out. As we stepped in to the cool fresh air, I shivered a little and rubbed my arms. I thought about all the other buildings that lined the way through campus toward the student parking lot, and all the people that would still be around.

"Oh, but Carrie!" I whispered breathlessly, as I stood on my tiptoes and clasped my hands in front of my bald pussy. "Couldn't you just bring your car around to this parking lot, and pick me up here?"

The buxom blonde giggled and winked at me. "What? And leave you with these three, to have their way with you?"

At this playful remark, Ashley put her hand on my hip, then began to caress my little bare bottom. "I have to admit, Erica, you're wearing a pretty tempting outfit!"

Everyone laughed, but meanwhile my heart was racing. I could see Carrie had no intention to drive over to this lot. So it was either walk with her back to her car, or loose the opportunity for a ride home. I pressed myself close to Carrie, and began following her as we started our walk across campus. One last time, I turned my head to see Alicia, Ashley, and Christa smiling at my naked ass. They each blew a kiss at me, then separated to go off in different directions.

We actually picked a strategic route, and moved carefully to minimize people seeing me. It wouldn't do any good for us to get caught by security. And while this resulted in a good bit of hiding, or waiting for the coast to be clear, it also meant I was nude even longer, with Carrie occasionally teasing and petting my body. By the time we reached the student parking lot, the two of us had to make a final run for it.

On her long legs, the strawberry-blonde easily loped ahead of me to her car. I was left jogging over the blacktop totally naked, and my poor nipples were so hard! A few students finishing up their day were also in the parking lot, and there were plenty of whistles and pointing.

I jumped into Carrie's car, and we sped out of the stall and out onto the main campus road. My friend looked over at me and smiled.

"Now remember, Erica, you may not cum until we get you back home and inside your room."

I was about ready to explode from all the excitement, and I shyly asked the young woman driving, "Will you! will you help me?"

"Only if you stay red all over," Carrie answered curiously.

Then I looked down and saw my body flushed a rosy pink from the exertion as well as the humiliation and arousal. I touched my nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, pinching and stretching them out a full inch. Of course, between my legs, I was already pink and juicy. She would probably have to spank me to make my bottom bright red. And then I looked in the mirror and watched a ringlet of scarlet hair fall playfully on my forehead. For the first time today, I was really glad I had dyed my hair red!

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Sunday Softball

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Sunday Softball

I hadn’t realized my good fortune that several weeks had passed without my friends pulling some kind of incident to cause my embarrassment and humiliation. This was especially true, as my birthday was earlier in April. I had just turned nineteen-years-old, was finishing up my first year at college, and nothing outrageous had happened. I breathed an inward sigh of relief. Maybe it was because we had a damp and sullen early Spring. But now the sun was out again, and the warm weather had arrived. I should learn to appreciate the relative peace and quiet while it lasts.

It seems all that was going to change, one Sunday morning just before the end of the month. My friend Alicia called me over and explained that she needed to take her cousin Jimmy to the little league game at the park. Her Aunt and Uncle were going away, and she was the only one able to give him a ride. I really didn’t want to get involved. Not that I wasn’t feeling nice or helpful, but I’ve always found her cousin to be a rude little beast.

Of course, enough whining and pleading from Alicia, and her telling me how pretty I looked (not sure why she threw that in, but I guess flattery couldn’t hurt…) and I finally agreed to accompany her. We drove over to her Aunt’s house, and collected the boy in his amusing Little League uniform, and promised his parents we would take good care of him.

No sooner did we get to the car, then Jimmy announced that he wanted to ride up front with his cousin! I was told to get in the back seat, where he dumped the rest of his equipment, his aluminum bat and glove.

Alicia’s cousin made a point to turn around in his seat and tell me not to touch anything.

Well, already I felt pretty foolish, being bossed around and treated like such. I folded my arms grumpily and crossed my legs. Doing so, I noticed for the first time that the shorts I was wearing revealed rather a lot of my slender legs. I think the boy watched me during the whole drive, either over the headrest, or catching glimpses in the rearview mirror. By the time we reached the park, I was blushing furiously.

We unloaded out of the car, and Jimmy grabbed his bat and glove, running ahead of us toward the field.

“Your cousin is creepy,” I remarked to Alicia.

My friend only laughed and said, “I guess you’ve made an impression on him. Maybe he likes you…”

Now that would surprise me! The way he always acted disrespectful and called me names. I didn’t think he even liked girls. But what was more surprising was that upon strolling over to the chain link fencing leading to the backstop, we were greeted by Lisa and Carrie!

“Lovely spring day, isn’t it?” the strawberry blonde, Carrie, smiled.

At her side, Lisa frowned and said, “I think it feels too warm. It’s not even summer and it’s like eighty degrees. Why are we here anyway?” This also caught me surprise. Usually it was Lisa doing the plotting and scheming and deciding what we did as a group. The fact that she was a little in the dark, made me ease up and let down my guard.

“I recall that we did not do anything special for little Erica for her birthday,” Carrie was continuing. “So what would be better than to take this opportunity to spend some time together, enjoying the sunshine, watching some innocent softball?”

I looked from each of the girls, one to another, and asked, “You mean that’s it? Sounds harmless enough.”

“Of course!” Alicia teased and grabbed my arm. “What kind of trouble could we get into here?"

With that, we all giggled, and started heading for the bleachers off to the side. I noticed that there were a lot of parents and grandparents here, a pretty good-sized crowd, but they were able to find seating in the first few rows. Soon there was the smell of barbeques and soft drinks pulled from coolers, and ice cream, as refreshments were passed around. As for we college girls, we climbed toward the highest bleachers in the back and off to the edge, directly across from third base. I hoped we didn’t seem too odd keeping apart from the other families, but then, no one really paid any attention to us.

Alicia sat on my right hand side, while Lisa made herself comfortable on my left. Carrie positioned herself on the bench just in front of us, and I watched the sunlight play upon her tresses of red and gold. After practice was over, the Little Leaguers took the field. Everyone in attendance cheered and encouraged the earnest ballplayers. In the middle of the first inning, Carrie swung her body around and looked up at us.

“Hey, Erica… do you remember your birthday a few years ago?” I immediately felt my face flush, and I started to bring my hands to my mouth in shock. “How could I forget! That was so embarrassing!” “It’s kind of sad that we didn’t give you a big send-off, this year,” Alicia added, almost regretfully. Although she was smiling.

Squirming a bit, I answered, “Yeah, well, I’m not too disappointed…” My friends exchanged looks, as I wasn’t sure how that came out. I wasn’t even sure what I really meant. Nervously, I tugged on the ends of my hair and stretched a leg out in front of me.

“Erica, those are cute shorts,” Alicia commented.

“And it looks like somebody has started working on her tan already!” Carrie joined in playfully.

“What… what do you mean?” I felt myself begin to heat up under their collective scrutiny. “It hasn’t exactly been tanning weather…” Alicia rubbed my arm and said, “Just a little time outdoors in the sun, and you’re already getting some color!”

At this point, Lisa leaned in and said with great meaning, “Maybe Erica would like to get an all-over tan!”

“Oh…” I squeaked.

Carrie was already giddy and she quickly took the laces of my sneakers in her fingers. With nimble skill, she had them undone, then pulled a shoe off each foot.

“No socks, Erica?” she asked even as she cradle my bare foot in her hands.

I shook my head, “Nope… no socks.”

Wow, did I feel like a little girl, sitting up here between my bigger friends. Looking down, I saw the hem of my shorts end in the middle of my thighs, leaving my legs bare all the way down to my cute little toes.

I wiggled them self-consciously, feeling a familiar tingle of excitement in my tummy.

“She needs to work on her shoulders,” Lisa gave her unasked for critical opinion… and then plucked at the fabric of my T-shirt!

“Oh, wait… no!” I squealed.

But it was too late. With Lisa being determined and forceful on one side, I was helplessly unaware of my friend Alicia giggling and lifting up my shirt from my other side. Together they stretched and pulled the material, up, up and off my body!

“No bra, either,” Carrie observed.

“Oh my gosh!” It all happened so fast!

Suddenly, I was sitting up here in the bleachers completely topless.

There were like fifty or a hundred people below us, as well as the players on the field. Not to mention their coaches… and the umpires! But no one paid any notice to the three college girls surrounding me, who were more interested in my clothes than in the Little League game. I crossed my arms over my titties, shoving hands beneath opposite armpits.

The sun sure did feel nice on my back, and my stomach was still fluttering as Alicia leaned forward to unsnap the button on my shorts.

They were stripping me, right here in the middle of the park, during a softball game! I couldn’t struggle, with my hands tied up covering my breasts. Gosh, I didn’t want anyone to see how hard my nipples were growing. Sitting on the bench below us, Carrie took a firm grip so she could yank the shorts down my legs.

They slid off easily, and then the strawberry blonde tossed them aside.

Leaving me to sit here in just a pair of white panties! Maybe I should have stood up and tried to get away. But that would be just too embarrassing… to be seen bare-chested and in my little underwear. My eyes were wide as I turned my head side to side, pleading with Alicia and Lisa.

“Don’t… don’t you think you’ve gone far enough?” Lisa informed me quite clearly, “No tan lines for you, Erica!” I was truly shocked. It was broad daylight, and there were so many people around us. The three girls were laughing and I was beginning to get turned on. I still hugged myself tightly, hiding the only pink bits that were on display. But then Alicia delicately took hold of one side of the elastic band at my waist, as Lisa grabbed the other side in her fist. Carrie reached forward slowly peeled the front of the panties away from my body.

The three girls counted together… “One… two… three!” Down they came, pulled lower and lower by three separate hands. Lisa held on to my back to keep me from falling over. I never stood a chance.

My butt lifted off the wooden plank of the bleachers, as the girls rolled the scrap of material over my creamy thighs. And then it was all Carrie, taking the last piece of clothing off of me… relishing the moment as she slipped one leg out and let the fabric dangle for a moment at the tip of my toes. When I lowered my leg, my underwear fell completely off and floated to the ground below.

I was stark naked! I squirmed and fidgeted, crossing my completely bare legs, then placing a hand over my now exposed crotch. The girls huddled protectively around me. Slowly they reassured me that no one suspected any of this foolishness. The game was still going on, and the crowd of parents, friends, and other family members were captivated by the action on the field.

Lisa, Carrie, and Alicia gradually coaxed me into lowering my arms and settling into a more relaxed position. I leaned back a little, allowing my feet to rest on the long bench in front of me. Letting one hand rest on my flat tummy, I closed my eyes, picturing my clean-shaven pussy, pink and bright in the sunshine. The girls actually made me watch an inning unfold. I couldn’t believe I was watching totally nude, as Alicia’s cousin came to bat.

“Happy Birthday, Erica!” My friends teased.

Suddenly, there was a crack of the bat. The pitch had been thrown, and Jimmy made direct contact. I was just able to get enough of my bearings to see that it was stroked into leftfield, and landed a few yards past third base…

Alicia, Lisa, and Carrie jumped to their feet in excitement and yelled, “SURPRISE!”

Instinctively, I jumped up, too, and I could feel my bare bottom bounce.

What I didn’t expect was that my friends then sprang away from me, clamoring down the bleachers, into the crowd below. For a moment I stood alone.

And absolutely naked! First, I brought my hands to my head, uncomprehending. It was like a lightning reflex, and my tits and pussy were on view. Was everyone looking in my direction? I happened so fast… the “ping” of the aluminum bat, the girls jumping out of their seats, and now I was up here not wearing any clothes at all!

No time for covering up, I spun around and began to sidestep over the descending bleachers. But I had to move slowly, because I didn’t want to trip, or get a splinter in my bare foot. The crowd was cheering. Were they watching me, or were they watching Jimmy round the bases? I couldn’t look. I just kept my eyes on my legs and feet shuffling down, closer to the field, while my arms flailed about.

When my toes sank into the grass, I was at once and the same time disorientated and aroused! My nipples poked out, pointing toward the sky. All I knew was that I needed to run back to Alicia’s car. But which way had we parked? I found myself running closer to the sideline, and I pulled up just before I reached the dirt of the base path. By that time, the ball that Jimmy hit had been flung back toward the infield.

The third base player made the catch and spun around… and was greeted by my clit emerging out of its hood. Confused, or reacting on so many practice drills, the boy reached out and touched the ball to my soft stomach.

“Oh!” I gasped.

Then, from over my shoulder, I could make out the sounds of shouting voices: “Run home! Run home!”

Yes, that is what I needed to do! I turned around on my bare heel, and began sprinting toward home plate. Although I guess I had been tagged out already. But looking over my shoulder, I saw that the ball was dropped, as the players and coaches watched on in disbelief, and Alicia’s cousin came running behind me.

All I remember next was rushing past the crowd and the home plate umpire. Once I made it beyond the backstop, I saw the parking fields ahead in the distance. There, I would rejoin my friends and we could make our escape. Alicia of course had to return to pick up her cousin.

And neither of them would let me for get that Sunday game, where my unexpected streak helped Jimmy’s team score the winning run.

How embarrassing!

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Erica's Streak

Post by Viredae »

Erica's Streak

Part 1

We were gathered in Ashley's comfy dorm room. Her friend Christa was there, as well as my friend, Alicia. Well, I guess we had all become friends since college started. It's just that, Alicia and I had known each other since high school, and I learned that the other two girls had been together since junior high. We all seemed to get along pretty well.

It was a Friday night, and after our last class, Alicia and I had crashed over at Ashley's dorm and hung out for the rest of the afternoon. There was a carton of half-eaten pizza over on the table, and some bottles of water and soft drinks. Alicia now came walking out of the washroom, and sat down on the sofa next to me.

"Hey, Erica…" my brunette friend announced, "Ashley and I were up for a little adventure tonight!"

I looked at the other two girls across the small room, and then back at Alicia. "Oh, really? And just what did you two have planned?"

"Well, Sweetie pie…" she now slid closer to me, even draping an arm around my neck and gently fondling one of my ears. "We were thinking about streaking the dormitories over on the other side of the campus!"

A shiver ran up my spine, and I laughed nervously. "That's crazy! All three of you?"

"Not exactly," Christa said stepping forward. "You see, I'm going to stay dressed since I can't risk my Art scholarship by getting into trouble and getting caught. But, I'll still be able to help them, keeping an eye out and making sure everything is safe."

Ashley bounced onto the floor and curled up beneath my feet. "But we are doing the streak, each under separate conditions. Alicia is going to run in just her underwear…"

"That hardly seems like streaking," I remarked, perhaps, regretfully.

"Wait until you see the kind she is wearing!" Ashley continued. "And I'm going to run through in just a towel… nothing underneath!"

I gulped, "So where does that leave me?"

Alicia ran her finger down my earlobe, then brushed my cheek, turning my little chin to look her in the eye. "Erica, we were thinking you could run with us, you know, without anything on at all."

"Are you serious?" I gasped, and tried to push myself away.

"What's the matter?" Christa giggled. "You're the one always getting naked."

Folding my arms across my chest, I pouted. "I am not always getting naked. Bad stuff just happens to me. Or I get tricked. Or Lisa strips me…"

"Mmmm, I bet you would do it if Carrie was here," Ashley teased. "She likes your body."

Momentarily confused, I fidgeted with the buttons on my shirt. "She… she does?"

"So what to you say, Erica?" my friend urged, whispering in my ear.

"Will you take off your clothes for us?"

"Um, I don't know…"

My face was blushing bright red, as I squirmed on the couch. I even kicked off a sneaker. How do I keep finding myself in these situations!

Finally, I looked at all three girls around me, and I felt very shy.

"I can't!" I told them. "I can't just go running bare ass nude through the campus!"

As Alicia, Christa, and Ashley stared and frowned at me, I was starting to feel guilty. I mean, I didn't want to ruin their fun. But why did I have to be the one to go totally bare? I stood up in the center of the room, one shoe on and one shoe off, and ran my hand through my hair.

What a decision to make!

Unable to bear their disappointment, I suggested, "How about if I wear a towel, too."

Ashley exchanged glances with Alicia and then said, "Only one of us gets to wear a towel."

"I'll flip you for it!" I shouted excitedly.

I don't know why I blurted that out. Part of me didn't want to be going along with this daring scheme in the first place. But it seemed already, I was being swept away by the events unfolding. Before I could think, Christa reached into her pocket and pulled out a coin.

"OK, here are the rules," the Art student explained. "I'll do the toss, and when it lands… if it's heads, Erica can wear Ashley's towel. But if it's tails… then Erica, has to strip… right here, completely naked. And she'll have to do the streak without any clothes on!"

The other girls whistled and cheered, as I felt myself flush in embarrassment. There was no turning back now. One coin toss would decide my fate for the evening. And I was just as torn. Part of me hoping it would come out heads, part of me wishing for tails!

I sucked my breath in, watching as Christa stood forward, the coin held in her outstretched palm. A hush fell over the three of us, as she tossed the quarter high into the air. My eyes followed its rise, and what seemed to be its slow descent… until the college girl caught it again. She slapped the coin onto her forearm, but held her hand covering it for a moment. The suspense was killing me!

Now Christa peered beneath her fingers, really drawing out the tension, and then said, "The toss is… heads! Erica goes with the towel."

"Yes!" I exclaimed jubilantly.

I collapsed back onto to the sofa, even kicking my legs up and down in excitement. I couldn't believe I had won! The girls let me celebrate for a few more moments, but it seemed they had gotten their hopes on exposing my cute little ass this evening. Well, too bad for them!

"All right, Missy," our moderator Christa finally said. "Have it your way. But now it's time to get you prepared…"

Ashley's friend disappeared into the bathroom, and then was back out with a single pink towel. It looked like it would be pretty soft, I just hoped it would also cover enough!

Then Alicia took me by the hand and we stood up, walking over to the dorm's bedroom. Not that it appeared to be very spacious. Only enough room for Ashley's bed, her closet, and a nightstand. And enough room to get changed in.

"Now remember," Alicia explained, "This towel will be the only thing you are allowed to wear. So we want you to hand everything through the door as you get ready. EVERYTHING… do you understand, Erica?"

I nodded my head with eyes wide. I guess I wasn't so far away from total nudity as I imagined. But there was nothing I could do about it now. I was given the towel, and then I shyly closed the door behind me.

I had kicked off my other sneaker back when we were in the other room.

So it only seemed natural for me to bend at the waist and pull both my socks off my little feet. As instructed, I cracked open the door a bit and stuffed the cotton material into my friend's hands. Then I took a deep breath, before undoing the buttons of my shirt and removing my top.

Again, I slid this past the door, into Alicia's waiting fingers. Working quickly, I next unhooked my bra. Like a good little girl, I stuck my arm and bare shoulder out into the room to discard this item. Alicia used this opportunity to check that I was indeed topless, and she playfully tweaked on of my nipples!

"Ouch!" I said, although they were already growing hard and pointing out. I could hear the other girls giggle.

Now I slid my jeans down my legs and off my feet, hurrying so I could cover up again. I wondered what they were doing with my clothes, as I removed and handed over each item. By the time I was down to just my panties, I was pretty turned on. I was almost afraid to take off this last piece, because I might be tempted to start playing with myself. But there was not time for that. So I closed my eyes, and shimmied the delicate material down my hips, thighs, knees, and finally kicked them off my ankles. It's not like they haven't seen me before, but I actually held a hand over my pussy as I opened up the door and gave Alicia my underwear.

Then, with Ashley's bedroom door still open, I turned around so I could fetch the towel. The girls all whistled at the sight of my rear. In a way, I guess that made me smile. But I also blushed bashfully. I wrapped the only covering I would have, tightly around my body. Now my breasts are kind of small, so I was afraid there wouldn't be anything to keep the towel up. Still, my nipples were elongated and sensitive, the soft cloth brushing against them delightfully. The edge hung down to just above my knee, and of course, I tucked in the folds in front of my chest.

"Be careful not to loose that!" Ashley teased as I made my entrance into the middle of the room.

In fact, as I walked around, I was very conscious of just that. It suddenly dawned on me that I would be scampering across campus like this, as well as running through buildings. Looking down, I wiggled my toes, then brushed a foot nervously behind the other calf. I lifted a hand to grip the folds of the towel more securely. My shoulders were so bare, and I think I sprouted goose bumps on the soft skin exposed beneath my neck, just above my covered titties.

I swallowed back a lump of anxiety, and tried to sound brave. "Well, now it's your turn, Ashley. And you have to strip stark naked!"

The perky college stood up, and stepped toe to toe with me, making me feel very vulnerable. "Mmmm… I don't think so. The bet only said that if the coin came out tails, you would have to streak in your birthday suit."

"What are you going to do, then?" I asked, slightly trembling with fear and excitement.

Alicia, too, looked interested in this development. "Yeah, Erica has a point. Two points, actually…"

"Maybe three," Christa laughed, sneaking up behind me. "I bet her clit is sticking out right now!"

"Come on, guys," I protested, although I did feel my pussy twitching beneath the folds of the towel. "This is about Ashley, and how is she going to do the streak?"

Alicia walked over to our friend and said, "Indeed, we already agreed that I'm going to make the run in my bra and panties…"

Now it was Ashley's turn to look at each of us, before answering confidently, "Fine… then I'll streak the dormitories in just my panties!

I'll do it topless."

We all watched in amazement as Ashley calmly walked into the kitchen area. She opened up the refrigerator and found herself a wine cooler. I guess a little alcohol wouldn't hurt on a night like this. In my pink towel, I moved across the room to join her, my bare feet slapping over the tiles as I neared the refrigerator. She handed me her drink, which I took a sip, and then the perky college girl started taking off her clothes!

First, Ashley pulled off her T-Shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra anyway, and her boobies bounced free. Placing her shirt on the counter, she used a heel to pry a shoe off each foot, leaving her feet as bare as mine.

Then she pulled down her pants, stepping out of them and throwing them onto the counter as well. Dressed in only a pair of white panties, Ashley placed her hands on her hips. I stared at her breasts enviously, and I think I noticed her nipples begin to stiffen. At that point, she raised her hands to modestly cover her tits.

Now Ashley turned to look at the other two girls in the room and said, "Your turn, Alicia! Better get those things off you…"

My friend smiled, and then glided over to stretch herself out on the sofa. She was dressed nicely today, and I had told her that earlier this morning. She had shiny black pumps on, and the brunette let her fingers wander down her legs to find and undo the buckles. With a thud, the two shoes dropped to the floor. Alicia was also wearing dark tights, but she quickly had her hands beneath her skirt and was rolling the fabric down her shapely legs. She stretched them off her feet and then tossed the tights in our direction. Pausing for a moment, she rubbed her lower legs sensuously and wiggled her toes.

Suddenly, Alicia rearranged herself into a position sitting straight up on the couch. Using both hands, she pulled from the bottom of her sweater and lifted it completely over her head and off her body. Always well endowed, we saw her breasts jiggle inside a sexy, lacey black bra.

Christa let out an appreciative whistle as Alicia stood up and started to undo her skirt. She let it drop to the floor to reveal a matching pair of black lace panties. I was getting wet!

But when my friend turned around to daintily pick her skirt up from the floor, we all saw that she was wearing a thong! Both cheeks of her beautiful ass were on display. Standing here next to a topless Ashley, and having just watched Alicia strip down to so little, I felt very horny. I almost wished I wasn't wearing the towel at all!

Alicia neatly folded her clothes, then came over to join us in the kitchen, walking on her tip toes. That only made her seem taller. Of the three of us, she definitely had the bustiest chest. And of course, I was the smallest, which made me feel self-conscious all over again.

"You know, Alicia, if you were going to be wearing that little thing,"

Ashley winked and teased, "maybe you should just go bottomless!"

I gasped, as the others laughed. Alicia spun around, and then stood in front of me, her boobs practically in my face. She hooked her thumbs inside the elastic waistband, and began to tease them over her hips. I thought I even saw a tuft of brown pubic hair peek into view.

My friend continued to wiggle her hips and asked, "You mean go running around with just a hand between my legs?"

Again, we all giggled and laughed, although I felt my tummy fill with butterflies.

"I'll do it…" Alicia declared, "but only if Erica looses the towel, and runs completely naked!"

Christa and Ashley urged me on, saying how cool that would be. One girl topless, one bottomless… and me in the middle, totally nude. Oh my gosh, I really wanted to do it! If it was just the four of us, I probably would. But despite my beating heart, somewhere in the back of my mind, I remembered that we would be going across campus and inside another dormitory building filled with students.

"I'm sorry," I squeaked. "No… I can't."

Alicia just smiled and snapped her panties against her hips, even hiking them up into her crotch a bit. "Suit yourself, Erica."

We began to shuffle ourselves back into the main room. I guess we were all about ready to get going. Alicia was next to me on one side, and Ashley was on the other, still cupping her breasts. Then Christa stepped into the middle of the room and held out a hand to stop us.

"Oh, I just have to get a picture of this!" she cried.

"What?" I asked, startled. I did not expect this adventure was going to be documented.

Ashley, too, seemed a bit concerned as she huddled closer to me and said, "Yeah, what is this for your "art" collection? You had better not show these to anybody!"

Fishing through her bag for her digital camera, Christa replied, "Oh, it's only for us girls. To share the memories, you know?"

"Or mammeries," I quipped, glancing at Alicia's cleavage and licking my lips.

Oh my gosh, what was I thinking! This was my best friend. But standing in between the girls, in just a little pink towel, I was so aroused! As Christa readied her camera, I suddenly thought the other two might yank the towel off me at the last second. That would be so embarrassing, because right at that moment, my pussy lips were spread and my clitoris had popped out of its hood!

"I just hope it's not too chilly out tonight!" Alicia giggled.

After another glance at my friend in her sexy underwear, I started to think how daring she was behaving this evening. I wondered if she was up to something. And then Christa took our picture, saving the digital capture of we three young women wearing so little. I guess, technically, I was the most covered, so that made me feel a little better.

The Art student then put her camera back in her bag, before casually walking over to the door. It was odd, seeing her fully dressed, while the rest of us were somewhat indecent. She stepped out into the hallway, and then turned to motion that it was all clear.

Alicia squeezed my arm and said, "Here we go, Erica!"

Now that I was caught up in the emotion, this was pretty exciting! Not only to be walking outside the dorm room in a short towel, but also because of my friend in her bra and panties, and Ashley in just her panties. The three of us moved carefully in our bare feet, and followed Christa's lead. Presumably, she would take us safely out of the building and pick our way across campus, while keeping an eye out for any trouble.

At this stage, we must have still felt secure as we were in a familiar setting, only a few yards from the safety of Ashley's room. So we kind of walked loosely, not huddled together. With the clothed Christa pointing out the way, her friend followed next, still clutching her breasts. I was behind her, and I was starting to realize how hot Ashley looked in just her snug white panties. Her back was so smooth and bare, and she had a really nice butt. I felt myself blush, imagining the girl loosing her underwear and seeing her naked ass! Alicia marched alongside me, and I wondered if she guessed my thoughts.

We rounded a corner, and suddenly crossed the path of another group of female students.

"Wow, nice outfits!" one of the girls said.

"Going out on the town like that?" asked another, eyeing my two friends clad in their panties.

"What's with the little girl in the towel?" teased a college co-ed from across the hall.

Christa came to our defense, or so I thought she would, but instead replied, "These ladies are up for some campus streaking."

"Sounds fun," the first student answered mischievously, and they began to gather around us. "Actually, your friend in the middle is kind of cute…"

As the girls moved closer, one of them reached out to touch the hem of my towel, causing me to squeak. "Please don't! I'm not wearing anything else… I'm naked!"

"Well, that's the idea isn't it?" the other girl playfully snapped Ashley's panties, since she was helpless with her hands covering her tits. "Shouldn't you ladies be discarding the rest of your things?"

I was kind of nervous and excited at the same time. What if they ended up taking my towel off? I didn't want these other girls to see my pointy nipples and shaved pussy. Why didn't Christa do something! Thankfully, it was my friend Alicia who intervened.

Clad in just her bra and thong, the busty brunette looked them in the eye and said, "We are going to take everything off when we get to the dormitory building across campus!"

"Oh, that does sound pretty wild," the first girl said, with a measure of respect.

The three female dorm students stepped back, allowing us room to move forward again. I gave them a parting glance, and tightened my tiny towel in front of my chest. If I raised it just high enough, I wondered if I could flash the bottoms of my butt cheeks. Before rounding the corner of the hallway, Christa made sure it was clear this time.

"Have a good time, ladies!" one of the girls called out, and then started walking in the opposite direction.

Quickly passing by the closed doors of other dorm rooms, I turned to Alicia and gasped, "Did you mean what you said? Are you two going to finish stripping when we get to the building?"

"I don't know, Erica. Do you want to?"

I thought about it for a moment, my heart beating faster. "Um… all right… I'll do it if you do!"

"You hear that, Ashley?" my brunette friend jiggled her way forward.

"Erica and I are going to show it all…"

I saw Ashley squeeze her breasts tight as she turned to us with a shocked expression. "Oh, really? Well that's more than what I signed up for… I was supposed to be wearing the towel. No way I'm loosing my panties!"

Alicia seemed to reconsider her words and said, "I guess we'll see what happens when we get there."

Now I was filled with suspense! I think I might have dropped my only covering right there, if Alicia asked me to, with little more than a promise that she would remove her underwear. This was so hot! I bounced on my little toes. Fortunately, Christa kept us moving, and soon we were heading down a hallway that led to the building's back entrance.

First we had to climb down some stairs. Our student bodyguard dutifully opened the door and made sure no one was climbing up in our direction.

It was somewhat amusing that Christa was expected to shield us from discovery or getting into trouble, when we were wearing so little. The more I thought about it, we were probably already in trouble, but there was no turning back now. Following on the heels of Christa's shoes, our bare feet slapped over the tiled steps, as we descended to the ground floor level.

It felt like my pubic mound was pulsating beneath the towel as we took a few nervous steps into the new hallway. Hearing the sound of other student voices, I really wanted to touch myself. I couldn't imagine what it would be like in the dorms across campus, where we would be deliberately running through a crowd! For now, Christa had us stay close to the wall and we inched our way closer to the door. This was unreal!

Just as some footsteps came from around the corner, our fully dressed friend shoved us forward saying, "Out! Get outside!"

Well, before I knew what was happening, we were ushered through a doorway and down a little corridor. And then Christa pushed us out into the open night air! It was just Alicia in her bra and panties, me in my towel, and Ashley in only a scrap of underwear. I clutched the cloth tight in front of my body, feeling a cool breeze over my lower legs and shoulders. I bet if Ashley wasn't covering her bare breasts, I would see how hard her nipples were!

My brunette friend rubbed her arms, then playfully snapped the waistband of her own thong, making me wonder if she was horny like me. "Isn't this exciting!"

"Uh-huh," I said, with wide eyes, and moved close enough to touch Alicia's tummy.

Then Christa was at our sides, pulling me along by the arm, "OK, ladies, we have to hurry… don't want to get caught loitering around like this."

She was right. I couldn't think of any possible explanation if security or other classmates should stumble upon us out here, standing around half-naked. Well, at least I had my midriff covered, and I was probably the warmest. Goose pimples began to form on the bare skin of my other friends. We had to keep moving.

Christa led us in a circuitous route around the back of the building. I hoped no one on the upper floors looked out their windows to watch us.

But then, it was dark out, and not well lit along the path we were taking. However, that would change as we made our progress across the campus and toward the other building. We crept along side paths, keeping behind the landscaped shrubbery when we could. Often, the three of us would crouch down in hiding, while Christa scoped out the area and let us know it was safe to continue.

Halfway through a campus parking lot, Ashley stopped and said, "I don't know if we should go through with this…"

I looked at the perky nineteen-year-old, standing on the curb directly beneath an exterior light. She was completely exposed, with the fingers of her hands minimally covering her breasts. I wondered if her panties were wet. Watching her squirm and fidget, I certainly thought she would feel better if she took them off!

"Come on, we're almost there!" Alicia urged as she walked by fully lit in her black bra and panties.

Following my friend's steps, I glanced up at the row of lights that continued into the distance. I clutched my towel tight and thought that anyone who should pass in this direction, would be treated to quite a sight. Christa kept us all moving, and soon the other dormitory loomed into view.

It was explained to me that this was where those upper class students who lived on campus were housed. The idea was that few of these people would be in any of the classes my friends and I were taking. And a lot of them would be graduating at the end of the semester, so it was unlikely that three younger students streaking the place would be remembered. At least, it sounded good to me, although I was still nervous.

We skirted around the front of the building, giving a wide berth to the marble steps that led to the doors, where young men and women were exiting and entering. There was a way through the cut lawn, once more shrouded in semi-darkness, and Christa would lead us to an alternative entrance. It seemed since these were the older students, there would be less authority supervisors around to keep an eye on them. But I did see a campus security car pass by, patrolling the street. I guess that was a good thing.

"All right, ladies…" Christa announced, barely raising her voice above a whisper. "This is it!"

A white side door faced us on ground level, and we found that it opened easily. Passing through, it was completely dark inside. The four of us shuffled forward, with anxious giggles, and Christa hushing us not to make too much noise. I realized that Ashley would have to stretch her arms out to feel her way forward, and this meant her titties were uncovered, bouncing free! I scampered ahead, and placed my hands on her bare back.

"Ooooh!" Ashley practically squealed. "Erica, is that you? Your fingers are cold!"

Alicia brushed by my arm and said, "I bet I know some place where she's hot…"

Again, we tried to stifle our giggles, taking comfort in each other since we were wearing so little. Suddenly the lights went on, and we saw Christa standing next to a switch. Looking around the room, it appeared we had entered some sort of back pantry or storage room. The walls were lined with shelves, containing household goods and boxes, kitchen and cooking supplies. There also appeared to be a reserve of all manner of snacks and chips and bottles of soda. I just hoped one of the college students didn't get the munchies and come looking in here.

Now that we had some light, the three of us gingerly spread apart a little from one another. Instinctively, Ashley had slung an arm over her breasts, and held her other hand clasped in front of her panties. Alicia stood on the tips of her bare toes, rubbing her elbows and looking delicious in her sexy underwear. We all waited a moment, listening for any sounds or voices outside of the room. Then I bravely stepped into the middle.

"So, um, did you want to do like you said earlier?" I asked as I nervously twisted the end of my towel.

Alicia arched an eyebrow and grinned. "What do you mean, Erica?"

"You know, should we go all out, and really streak this place?"

"You mean like go… totally naked?" Alicia continued to tease me, even as she rubbed the front of her sheer panties. "I don't know… what do you think, Ashley?"

Our perky topless friend only tugged her own panties higher, while keeping her tits carefully concealed. "I told you, I'm not going any further."

Alicia turned back to me and said, "Looks like it's your move, Erica. If you drop your towel, I'll take off my underwear!"

Oh my! I turned my head, to see Christa waiting and she smiled at me. A hush fell over the room, and it seemed like we were the only four people down here. So I took a deep breath, undoing the front of my towel that had been folded over and tucked in. For a heartbeat, I gripped the edges tight… and then let it fall to the floor.

I stood nude in front of my two friends, as Christa checked out my bare ass.

"It's not like it was going to cover much anyway," I laughed nervously, with one hand touching the side of my leg, and the other teasing the ends of my hair.

The others just continued to stare at my naked body. I felt my blood race and my heart quicken, knowing that they were seeing every inch of me. Then I looked down, and saw that my pink nipples protruded out, fully erect. Placing my hands on my soft, trim tummy, I noticed my clitoris had unfolded out of its hood and was poking directly at the girls. Embarrassed, I quickly clasped my hands over my shaved pussy.
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Erica's Streak

Alicia shook her head, and then said, "Well, if you're going to run through the halls looking like that… the least I can do is join you."

Christa had stepped to my side, and picked up the towel crumpled at my feet. "You two are crazy!"

My friend Alicia playfully stuck out her tongue, watching the fully dressed girl fold the towel neatly over her arm. Then the busty brunette reached behind her back, and started to unclasp her black lacy bra. This was going to be hot… Alicia and me running through the dorms stark naked!

A loud bang, like the sound of a door slamming, startled us all! I jumped to my toes, while my friend still had her arms to her chest, clutching the cups of her bra. We looked around in shock, my eyes going wide as I realized I had absolutely nothing on.

"I think it came from behind us!" Christa said, pushing me forward with a hand on my rear.

Ashley and Alicia skipped forward in their underwear.

"What if there are people out in hall?" I cried, covering up my small titties with both hands, which left my pussy entirely exposed!

Well, sure enough, as we piled out of the storage room, we could hear voices. Lots of voices… it sounded like they were surrounding us, coming from all directions. First we broke one way, and then Christa grabbed me by the wrist in order to pull me down another hallway. This was happening too fast, I thought, as my arms flailed out and I ran bare assed naked after her.

For those initial moments of panic, everything was like a blur. I was in a strange building, full of college students, and I wasn't wearing any clothes. Over and over, I told myself not to loose contact with Christa who had my only covering. I completely forgot about Alicia and Ashley.

We rounded one corner, and not a split second too soon, spotted a group of twenty-something year olds. As if acting on reflex alone, the art student whipped me around and pushed me down a different corridor. I guess she didn't want to get caught with the naked girl!

"Hey!" came a voice raised behind us.

Christa seemed to ignore this possibility of being discovered, and steered me toward a set of stairs. "Up! Up you go…"

"Oh! But…" I heard myself gasp, as my body tingled with excitement and arousal.

I climbed forward on tiptoes, my bare feet arched and hands grasping in front of me. Christa must have gotten a pretty intimate look between my legs, from behind. I could feel my tiny boobies shake and quiver, and I stepped nude into an upstairs hallway. Without waiting for direction, I continued to streak down the momentarily silent corridor. These must have been dorm rooms, with the doors branching off on either side of me.

And it was only a matter of time before students might come walking out, crossing my path. The idea thrilled me and scared me, which kept my eyes wide, heart beating fast, and tummy fluttering!

Slowing down, I rounded a corner cautiously. Fortunately it was still quiet. It seemed like most of the activity was still downstairs, where I guess they had the kitchens and entertainment rooms. I leaned my back against the wall, pausing to catch my breath. Naked! Here in one of the campus dormitories! I rested a hand on my flat stomach, lowering my eyes past my very erect nipples. At that moment, I really wished I had some pubic hair. As it was, I was all bare, and… well, showing a whole lot of pink!

Cupping my hands to my breasts, I shyly peeked back around the corner.

Where was Christa? And where were Ashley and Alicia, for that matter? I couldn't believe we had gotten separated so quickly. I figured I should probably go back, retrace my steps and find them. Suddenly, I heard a door begin to open. A couple of college students walked out into the hallway. Just as I pulled my face and shoulder behind the corner again, another door opened, followed by the sound of voices. The students greeted each other, started a casual conversation. No chance going back that way.

The thought occurred to me that there was a very real probability of getting caught. I was totally nude, and there were lots of other young people around. I had to keep myself from dwelling on such things, as it only served to make me horny. And the last thing I wanted was to be caught playing with myself!

Well, I decided I had better keep moving forward. Crossing my arms over my tits, I clutched my shoulders in opposite hands and padded down the hallway. I could feel my cute little bottom bouncing behind me, and in front, my labia unfolded and flapping exposed. Unlike the other corridor, this one had no side doors but the walls were lined with bulletin boards or decorative artwork. I came to another branching passage, and ducked this way, since I really had no clue as to the layout of the building.

Now some other rooms opened up on this floor, and I approached these cautiously. One such that I heard sounds from, appeared to have a big screen television, and male voices were raised in heated, passionate tones. I guess there was a game on tonight. Peering inside, I saw the backs of three young men, who were intently focused on the action on the big screen. I pressed myself against the wall, so close, so that my nipples and protruding clit rubbed the surface. Greatly daring, I stepped sideways and stuck the entire length of my slender bare leg into the room. I even wiggled my toes!

When I didn't get a reaction from the guys, I figured it was safe. So I carefully shielded my breasts and clasped a hand over my pussy, then scampered past the open doorway. My heart was beating wildly! Covering up this way, I jogged down the rest of the dormitory hallway. I could hear other voices, but now I wasn't sure where they were coming from.

When I reached an intersecting corridor, I turned the corner.

Another set of stairs loomed before me. My hair swished across my back as I looked over my shoulder, considering my options. I could turn around and try to run past another hallway, but I didn't know how long my luck would hold out. Something told me, I should be trying to find a way back down and regroup with my friends, not climb higher into an unknown building.

But I was naked… and part of me wanted to know what would happen if others saw me like this. Would they even want to see me naked, especially the older students who were twenty or twenty-one? Young adults really, and here I was hardly a year out of high school. I was raw and innocent… and I found my hands wandering over my nubile body.

Letting my arms fall to my sides, to keep from teasing myself, I placed a bare foot on the first step.

There were twelve steps in total that I counted, as I climbed the flight with legs slightly trembling. They opened out onto a new wing of the dormitory, and I looked around at these surroundings, staying near the wall. More doors started in the distance, so I figured these were other student apartments. As I slowly moved my body forward, my nipples poked out, almost pointing at the ceiling. This was so hot… I wished my friends were with me!

Suddenly, one of the doors opening sounded behind me! Instead of running, I froze, hands on my chest. I heard a gasp, then a young female voice.

"Well, that's a cute little outfit, honey!"

"Eek!" I cried, maybe a little too loudly.

Flustered, I spun halfway around, and then stood on the toes of one leg.

I raised my other leg in embarrassment while hugging my arms across my chest. And then I realized that the girl standing in front of me was Carrie!

"What are you doing running around up here, Erica, without any clothes on?" she asked, as a broad grin spread across her features.

The strawberry blonde was wearing a short, one-piece mini dress. She always looked sexy in black, and I tried to answer her, "I was doing a streak with Alicia and Ashley… and… um…"

"Are they naked, too?" Carrie asked, amused.

"Um… well, maybe. I don't know. We kind of got separated…" I answered feebly.

"Put your hands on your head," my friend commanded, and after I did as I was told, she began walking slowly around me. "So you were the only one in the nude when you started this little adventure?"

I stood with my feet spread shoulder-width apart. My fingers trembled, so I knotted them together atop my head. My little tits were thrust out as I replied, "Oh gosh, Carrie, we could get caught out here any minute!

Um, let me see, Alicia was just in her underwear… she had started to take off her bra, when we had to run. Ooooh, and Ashley had been only wearing a pair of panties, but she was covering up her bare tits! " Of course, as I talked about the other girls, this continued to excite me. Already throbbing, my nipples positively wiggled and stuck up toward the ceiling. And down below, my bare pussy had opened up, and you could guess what was poking out.

"Mmmm, sounds pretty risky!" Carrie purred as she slipped in behind me.

First she had her hands on my hips. Then before I knew it, she was all over my body, rubbing down my back and smooth ass. One arm reached around me and squeezed a breast, while her other softly caressed my stomach. I arched up on my bare toes, allowing her to explore and tease.

When she started to move her fingers lower and stroke my labia, I though Carrie was going to take me right here in the hallway!

"Oh! Mmmm, yes!" I moaned. And then, in the middle of being pleasured, I asked, "But what are you doing here, Carrie?"

"Evidently, driving you wild!" she laughed playfully. "Although I was actually on another date tonight…"

I squirmed around, trying to press my body against hers. "A date?"

"It was nothing special," Carrie mumbled as I tried to hike up her dress "Besides, I'm having much more fun with you, Erica! Maybe I even heard about the possibility of your little streak tonight, and made arrangements to join you…"

"Oh, that would be so hot!" I nearly cried out with joy. "Come on, let's get this off you, and we can go streaking together!"

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" she answered with a sly grin.

Unfortunately, the taller girl pulled away from me slightly, and neatly pressed down the front of her dress. I watched her, my hands hanging at my sides, body still tingling. If I didn't find some relief fast, I was going to cum right here in the dormitory hallway.

Carrie evaluated my naked form and sucked on her finger in thought.

"I'll tell you what, Erica… I'll go and look for the others and then head back to Ashley's dorm room. Once we get there, I'm going to slip out of my clothes and take a nice warm bath. And if you make it back in time, you can join me!"

"But what am I supposed to do now?" I whined. "Can't I just go with you?"

"No!" Carrie insisted. She stepped forward again, emphasizing her point by flicking my nipples. "I want you to run around to the other side of this floor. That will give me a head start to find Alicia, Ashley, and Christa. Now stay hard for me!"

Well! That wouldn't be too difficult! My titties were throbbing as she let go, and skipped back down the hallway, toward the stairs I had climbed earlier. I let my hand absently wander, until my fingers made contact with my adorable pussy. Oh, gosh I was wet! One more reason why I really didn't want to get caught like this. Anxiously, I spun around on my bare heel, and began to creep forward in the opposite direction.

It was a weird feeling as I passed by the doors to the student apartments on either side. I mean, anyone could burst out at any moment.

Really, I was lucky to have only been spotted by my friend Carrie. And yet, for some reason, I proceeded to walk right down the middle of the corridor instead of hugging the wall. At first, of course, I clutched arms and hands over my breasts and crotch. But my pink bits were just so sensitive, I couldn't continue to walk in that position. By the time I reached the corner, I was not covering up at all.

Peering around the edge of the wall, I saw that there was another staircase ahead. I could definitely hear the faint sound of voices from below, but I figured I would have to make my way out of the building sooner or later. So I bravely stepped out onto the carpeted steps and began moving toward the lower floor. All nude, and horny!

I was just thinking that I should let it all hang out, and run through the dorms even if everybody sees me. It was late, a Friday night, and no one on campus really knew me. And then, rounding the corner at the foot of the stairs, another young woman walked right in front of me… Oh my gosh, it was Lisa!

"Well, well, Erica. I was just looking for you," the arrogant blonde said, eyeing me from head to toe.

I gasped, my heart nearly stuck in my throat. On the one hand, I was glad that it was yet another of my high school acquaintances who caught me, and not some stranger. But I was always ashamed whenever Lisa saw me naked. Especially totally naked. She was so beautiful, and I really had no idea what she thought of my body. She always would make fun of my small tits, but Lisa never said if she thought I was cute or sexy or anything. It was kind of driving me crazy.

Running both my hands through my hair, I spread my legs a little, to make sure she got a good look at my pink pussy and extended clitoris.

"Um, hello… Lisa. What are you doing here?"

"That's funny," the young woman laughed derisively. "Asking me about my business, while you are in a campus building completely in the nude."

When Lisa put it like that, reminding me of the seriousness of the situation, I instinctively locked my knees together and dropped a hand to cover my baldness.

"You still look like a little girl," she remarked coolly. "Move your hands out of the way."

I immediately did as instructed. However, I couldn't help but steal a glance over my bare shoulder, wondering who might wander down the stairs and get an unobstructed view of my little bottom. Lisa moved closer, folded her arms, and continued to eye me critically.

"Your nipples are so pink, and long, Erica. I can tell you've been playing with yourself…"

Licking my lips, I remembered Carrie's hands on my body. "Um, not exactly."

Lisa then crouched down in front of me, her face inches away from my pussy. I just stared straight ahead as she inhaled, taking in the aroma of my arousal, and then she blew gently across my exposed lower lips.

Almost, I wanted to place my hands on her head and draw her near. I did separate my legs further, allowing the college freshman easier access.

Shocked, and extremely excited, I felt Lisa use her fingers to spread apart my labia and peer into my vagina.

"Well I can see you are about to let loose your juices," the girl remarked, pausing to press my clitoris with her thumb!

I tried to speak, while moaning beneath her touch. "Ah… I think… mmmm… I should be going now!"

At this point, Lisa stood up and casually wiped her fingers on her pants leg. I noticed for the first time she was wearing some kind of baggy khakis, but had a tight top that complimented her well-shaped breasts.

Lisa reached into her pants pockets, and pulled out a couple of items.

It looked like…

"Don't you want to wait for Alicia?" the scheming nineteen-year-old smiled.

"Oh, my, are those?" I brought one hand to my mouth and pointed with the other. "Are those Alicia's bra… and panties?"

Lisa twirled the black lacy things on the tips of her fingers. "Took them right off her. Teach her to go running around campus in her underwear!"

"You mean she is stark naked?"

The bossy blonde just grinned and started to turn away. "Follow me, Erica."

I gladly padded after her, thinking about the sight of luscious Alicia fully nude, somewhere in the building. For a moment, it made me forget that I was just as vulnerable, as I marched down the hall. Still, my slim legs trembled, and arms quivered, with my own body completely on display. We were moving so quickly, no time to check if we might run into someone. Maybe that's what Lisa wanted. Maybe that's what I wanted, too…

We approached a doorway, and Lisa paused to turn and look at me.

"Can't you close that thing up?" she asked, annoyed.

I lowered my eyes, then shyly cupped both hands over my pussy, which of course had parted invitingly. "I'm sorry, Lisa… it's just so exciting!"

"A fine way to greet your friend," the blonde said disapproving of my condition. "Don't try to hide your nipples, Erica. They are sticking straight up at the ceiling."

Rubbing a bare foot behind my leg, I replied, "My breasts are looking perky tonight, aren't they?"

Lisa only grunted, "They are still a bit too small. But I guess we can't all be so well endowed. It amazes me how easily you run around stark naked!"

"But, I…"

The door was thrown open, and Lisa grabbed me by an arm. She practically pulled me close to her, only to shove me forward with her hands on my smooth bare bottom. I jiggled and skipped a couple of steps into the room, hearing the bossy blonde behind me.

"Alicia will be waiting for you," Lisa laughed.

And then the door was closed.

Instinctively, I spun around, rubbing my arms as if there was a chill in the room. Gathering my bearings I saw that I was in what looked to be a student apartment. It was similar to Ashley's dorm, but much nicer.

There was a red loveseat directly in front of me, and I started moving in this direction. As I walked forward slowly, my toes sank into a rich plush carpet.

I turned my head to better take in my surroundings. This really was a nice pad. I wondered if all upperclassmen were provided such furnishings. The place did seem empty. For some reason, the idea of being totally nude in some student's apartment, a student I couldn't possibly know, made me incredibly horny.

"Alicia… are you in here?" I called out softly, as I crept deeper into the room

There was a door closed off to the side, and I paused standing in front of it. I ran a hand down my stomach and licked my lips, imagining my friend equally undressed on the other side. Filled with anxiety, I inched up on my tiptoes. My butt cheeks clenched reflexively, in anticipation. I placed my hand on the doorknob and turned.

Peering inside as I pushed forward, the room appeared to be dimly lit.

There was a flickering light coming from a distant corner, almost projected off the back wall. Bravely, I willed my body to keep moving, and stepped full into the room.

"Alicia, are you in here?" I called into the semi-darkness.

A voice, a young male voice, replied, "Quiet, we're trying to watch the movie!"

Before I could even react, another young man's voice piped up, "Who's Alicia?"

I just froze, mid stride. Had Lisa tricked me again? Maybe I walked into the wrong room! I kind of had one slender leg stretched in front of me, slightly bent as I prepared to take another unclad step. I had lifted my arms, when sudden doubt had paralyzed me in uncertainty, my fingers lightly touching my bare shoulders. In the flickering light from the plasma television on the wall, I could tell that my slim figure was silhouetted against the open door behind me. And my nipples, uncovered, were sticking straight out.

That was the pose I struck when the lights of the room were turned up.

I found myself staring like a deer caught in headlights, into the equally wide eyes of two college guys who had craned their necks around to identify the intruder. As they evaluated my full frontal nudity, I also noted that these guys did not appear to be jocks or preps. In fact, they looked like a couple of Sci-Fi geeks. One had glasses and wore an open buttoned-down shirt un-tucked. The other was bearded and a little overweight. My eyes darted to one of the room's walls where a Star Trek poster was hung.

"Looks like you have your dorm numbers mixed up," the genius with the glasses said.

"Looks like some new entertainment has arrived," said Beardy, reaching over to crack open a beer can.

"Um, I…" all I could do was stammer.

Then the other guy with the remote, that apparently controlled not only the television but also the dimmer switch, started to make introductions! "Hi, my name is Bob… and this is Jake."

"I'm Erica…" I said shyly, feeling a pink blush spread all over my body.

Jake offered a friendly smile and asked, "Would you like a beer?"

I shook my head no. Then I raised one hand to tease the ends of my hair.

It was an annoying habit that I needed to break, especially when I was naked! I still had nothing covered. My heart was racing, and I took a small step forward, my bare feet shuffling over the carpet. These guys were like twenty or twenty-one, and although not the hottest looking, they kept me aroused knowing they were seeing every inch of my body.

Bob adjusted his sitting position (probably to hide something in his pants!) and said to his friend, "She looks like one of those girls on that radio show."

"Hey, yeah. She's completely hairless," Jake stated the obvious. "But she'd need a boob job"

I thought I would die of embarrassment! Hearing them critical of my little tits, I felt so humiliated. But still, I did not try to run.

However, I did lift my hands to cover my breasts.

"No, no, it's OK," Bob tried to reassure me. "I think they're cute. You can lower your arms…"

There was definitely a charge of sexual tension in the room, but I sensed that I was not in any danger. I doubt these guys saw much action, and me walking in on them bare-ass nude was probably such a thrill.

Slowly, I moved my hands out of the way. I was going to switch hands and shield my pussy, but a look from Jake's puppy dog eyes, and I left my clean-shaven slit on display.

Bob and his friend sat captivated on the floor, and asked if I would climb onto the bed.

"Um, I don't think that's a good idea…" I replied, biting my lip.

"It's not what you think," Bob laughed. "It's just… I want to see if you can walk over the corner bedpost…"

I giggled in spite of myself, and the situation. "What?"

"Here, look…" Jake crawled over to the other side of the bed, and pointed at the decorative ornament used on the bottom post.

Atop the metal frame, at each edge, was a smooth globe. I couldn't tell if it was glass or some other silver material. It kind of had a planetary look to it, and was about the size of a volley-ball. Some kind of new age modern art furniture, I figured. Moving closer to inspect, I lifted a knee and let it sink into the soft mattress. Now I could place both hands on the ornate bedpost, which I found to be cool to the touch.

The guys urged me forward. This was weird. But kind of fun, too. I realized that I would have to hoist myself a little in order to clear the globe's surface. With one foot still on the floor, I stretched my leg, raising up on my toes. I pushed down on the sphere, almost like a gymnast trying to vault a beam. I only made it half-way… Hard and smooth, the round post made contact with my labia and sent a shock of pleasure through my body. My pussy lips were brushed delightfully across its surface. I found that I could let go with my hands and essentially straddle the globe. Was this something they had seen on their radio show? Well, it felt amazing! Running my hands through my hair, I actually started to hump the bedpost, rubbing my soft pussy back and forth, my clit dangling out and wiggling.

"Oh… mmmm, yes! Mmmmm!"

As soon as I squeezed my breasts and pinched a nipple, I realized that I was masturbating in front of two unknown college guys. Although I knew their names, so I suppose we weren't complete strangers. But I didn't care. It was too late, and if someone didn't stop me, I was going to cum all over this guy's room!

"What the hell?" came an angry female voice behind me.

Still straddling the silvery sphere, I looked over my bare shoulder to see that a young woman had entered the room. She had short hair, and was a bit overweight herself. One look at her Star-Trek T shirt, and my face dawned with understanding. She was one of these guys' Sci-Fi friends.

This was her room!

Before I knew it, Star Trek lady grabbed me by my arm. She pulled me off the bed and whirled me around. The boys got a pretty good look up my ass, and between my legs as well!

"I am so sick of this," the lady complained. "These other college guys dating high school girls! They bring them on to campus, have their way with then, and then they get lost! What are you fifteen, sixteen years old?"

"No, I… oooh!" I yelped as she smacked my bare butt.

Jake and Bob tried to come to my defense. "Come on Nancy, don't be hard on her…"

"Speaking of hard-ons, " Nancy said with finality, "This little show is over!"

I realized then that the boys were in no condition to help me. The college girl was much stronger than me, and there was nothing I could do as she pulled me out, back into the living room. To my surprise, there was another girl sitting out here, with long blonde hair and glasses.

Past her amazed expression I was pushed, all the way to the entrance to the girl's apartment.

I had hope at worst she would toss me back into the hallway, where Lisa would be waiting to laugh at me. Where the hell was Alicia, anyway, or my other friends! Unfortunately, I was in no such luck. Nancy continued to drag me buck naked down the corridor. She was moving so fast, so it was all I could do to keep up on my rubbery legs. My free arm was flailing out, and unable to cover anything.

As we passed other dorm rooms, doors opened up, and other students stepped outside to see what the commotion was. I had been so close to orgasm, I was afraid that my nipples and clit were still erect. A dozen or more people caught view of my nubile form.

Our forced march through the dormitory continued, and there was still no sign of my friends. I'd like to say I was dragged kicking and screaming through the twisting passages, but in truth, I was too flustered to do anything about it, so it seemed like I went along holding Nancy's hand.

We walked into a common area where there were maybe thirty students… and they saw EVERYTHING!

"Streaker!" somebody shouted.

There were whistles and clapping, and then the chant was picked up: "Streaker! Streaker!"

Now that Nancy had gotten the whole floor of the dormitory worked up, she was prepared to release her hold on me. First, she pulled me close and whispered in my ear.

"Now get out, you tart, and find security or some phone to call home to Mommy to pick you up!"

Totally naked, I ran down some steps into a lobby or waiting area.

Behind me, the crowd followed, calling out and making comments about my chest and bouncing bottom. With arms stretched out to either side of me, I made a frantic dash for the exit, my pink pussy lips flapping in front of me. I hope none of these older students would remember my face.

Once I left the confines of the building, the cool nighttime air washed across my overheated body. It felt so good! I actually had to pause a moment to catch my breath, and flick my elongated nipples. Then I slipped a finger inside…


No time for that! I had to get back to Ashley's room. This meant a further streak through campus, and then a daring climb through her building. But what if she wasn't back at her room herself? Then again, there had been no sign of Ashley or Christa or Alicia, since we separated. I guess Lisa had tricked me after all. They were probably sitting back in my friend's dorm room have a great laugh at my expense.

And then I remembered that Carrie was supposed to join me in a hot bath once I had returned. That, and the fact that my only clothes were still at Ashley's place, caused me to pick up my pace and start jogging across campus. Thankfully it was a Friday night, so a lot of students had gone home for the weekend, or would be out on the town. Also, the faculty would be gone, so I wouldn't have to worry about an embarrassing encounter with any of my professors.

By the time I made it back to the dormitory for new students, I shied up again. These were my potential or current classmates. I had to be really careful, and didn't want to get in trouble or get a reputation for doing this sort of thing. With one hand covering my pussy, I pulled on the glass door that led to the rear of the building. I still felt really sexy as I sneaked through the corridor on my bare tiptoes, hugging my body, but knowing that my cute little ass was so exposed.

As I peered around the corner on the floor that led to Ashley's dorm room, I felt I playful slap on my bottom. I turned around to see one of the girls who taunted us earlier in the evening.

"Well, I guess you went through with it," she said with a marked tone of respect in her voice.

"Uh-huh," I answered, while trying to hide how horny I was.

The girl looked me over, and then snickered, "You look like you're ready to have a screaming orgasm!"

I just turned around, flashing her my butt, and ran down the hallway.

She would no doubt hear me when I finally found my release. Moving forward I kept my head lowered, but did glance up to check the numbers on each door. Finally I made it to Ashley's small apartment.

"Ashley, Christa… are you inside?" I asked, not too quietly, as I pounded on the door. "If you don't let me in… I'm going to cum… out here in the hallway!"

There was a loud whistle behind me, as someone stepped out from the doorway directly across from my bare behind. My fingers touched my sensitive lips and stroked. I thought I heard the snap and whirl of a digital camera, or maybe it was just my imagination.

The door opened, and Carrie greeted me, wearing a short bathrobe. "Oh hello, Erica. You're running a little late tonight. I've already had my bath."

"Let me in!" I squealed.

My friend, the buxom strawberry blonde stepped aside, allowing me to scurry past her into the dorm living room. Ashley and Christa were on the couch, covering their mouths to try and contain their fits of laughter. I noticed Ashley was wearing a long T-Shirt.

"So just how exciting was that, Erica?" the art student, Christa, teased me.

I put my hands on my head and showed them. Then I spun around and tried to get to the bathroom, but Carrie stopped me.

"Alicia is in the shower right now…"

I was already fingering myself as I asked, "Did.. mmmm… did Alicia streak through… campus?"

"Not exactly," Carrie informed me. "You see, when Lisa discovered us, she offered Alicia a towel in exchange for her underwear… which she used to bait you back at the Seniors dorms. You are the only one who did a fully naked streak! We're so proud of you!"

The humiliation of being played for a fool only served to heighten my arousal. The fact that I had been caught nude in two more campus buildings made me hot. I sank to the floor, spreading my legs wide apart, and began openly playing with my pussy.

"Oh my," Carrie giggled. "This is going to be a big one…"

The other girls turned to watch me masturbate. Behind me, through the locked bathroom door, I knew Alicia would hear my cries of pleasure and ecstasy. It did not take long before I brought myself over the edge, my body undulating in wave after wave of orgasm.

And the whole time, I was thinking about Jake and Bob.

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Re: Erica stories masterpost

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Erica's Ice Cream

Once again, I found myself over Alicia's aunt's house. We had made plans to go to the mall today, but she was called on at the last minute to watch her cousin. This always seemed to happen when the two of us were trying to spend some quality girl time together! As it was, the guard duty would not be for the whole day, only the early part of the afternoon until Jimmy's mother returned from a hairdresser's appointment.

It was the first week of June, and we were enjoying our break from school, but the weather was already heating up. I remember walking out of the house that morning, and it was so warm outside. Nice and sunny, but I still had to make sure to dress appropriately. I wore a pair of baby blue Capri pants and a pink tank top that just came down to my stomach. It felt kind of sexy to have my bellybutton on display. But I was really proud of how I accessorized, with a floral print sash that I used as a belt. A pair of flip-flops completed my ensemble.

Alicia and I had been hanging out in the kitchen, her cousin Jimmy was playing outside. Suddenly, my friend's cell phone rang, startling us both. I was hoping that it might be Carrie or one of our friends from college, and they might swing over here to keep us entertained for the next hour. Instead, it was apparently a message from Alicia's job.

"Shit! I forgot about that!" the brunette said as she slammed shut her phone.

Elbows on the table, head resting in my hand, I asked, "What is it?"

"Erica, honey, I need to ask a favor," she started sweetly, and I knew I wouldn't like it. "I was supposed to leave a key for one of my co-workers, but I took it home with me last night. I need to run it over there, and then I'll be right back."

I looked up, putting two and two together. "You mean I can't go with you? I have to stay here… alone… with Jimmy?"

Alicia was already grabbing her keys and turned to answer before departing. "Oh, you'll be fine. He hardly even knows you're here. Now don't get into trouble!"

With a slight giggle, my friend in denim shorts bounced out of the kitchen. I could hear the front door open and close as she hurried outside. The engine of her car in the driveway started, and then she drove off. Miserable, I stood up and walked over to the kitchen counter and looked forlornly out the window.

"What's the matter, Erica?"

I turned around to see Jimmy enter through the open doorway. He was ten years old now, and getting more and more unpredictable. I remember just a couple of years ago he was chubby and always mean. Now, he had grown some, almost as tall as me! And since he started playing sports, he was loosing some of that baby fat. I guess I still thought of him as an annoying little pain that always ruined our fun.

When I didn't answer, Alicia's cousin pulled his arms from behind his back, and showed that he was holding two ice-cream cones. He took a couple of steps forward, and then motioned that he was willing to share one of them with me. I was taken aback by his generosity, and on this warm lazy day, and icy creamy treat did sound tempting.

"Would you like chocolate or vanilla?" he asked.

I regarded the boy carefully, just to make sure this wasn't some kind of prank. "Um… vanilla sounds nice."

Figuring he would hand me the chocolate just to spite me, instead, he politely extended his arm and offered me the cone with the white ice cream swirled smooth. I took this gratefully, and gave him a smile. Then I took a tenuous lick, and it was delicious!

"You look pretty today," Jimmy remarked.

What had come over him? First manners, and now flattery! I felt myself blush as I replied, "Thank you."

But I may have gotten my hopes up too soon. Looking around, Jimmy spied the one chair that was in the utility kitchen. I thought he might continue to charm me, and offer me to have a seat. However, showing a bit of his old self, the boy dragged it around the table and made himself comfortable! I narrowed my eyes at him, but I guess I couldn't really complain. So I took another lick of the ice cream.

I was standing in the corner, wedged into the L-shaped counter. Seeing the brat swinging his legs contentedly in the chair, I decided to do him one better. First I kicked off my flip-flops. Then, holding onto the cone carefully in one hand, I braced myself with the other and hoisted up onto the counter. I scooted all the way back, bringing my knees up and spread apart, so that my feet rested on the surface. My tongue took another taste of the treat, as I wiggled my toes at Jimmy.

And then the boy began to chuckle. Not a playful, childish giggle, but almost as if he was laughing at me.

"What?" I asked, and then looked down.

To my dismay, I saw that in the movements and motions of lifting up onto the counter and positioning myself comfortably… the front of my pink top had ridden up! Without a bra, the hem of the shirt now rested on top of my breasts, my nipples sticking out exposed. I had one hand wrapped around the front of my bare shin, and the other of course held the cone.

Instead of adjusting my top, flustered, I took another lick of the ice cream.

It was really good! So I continued to savor the cool creamy sweetness on my tongue, with my tits hanging out. The mix of sensations was starting to make me confused and I think the cold must have gone to my head.

Knowing that my nipples were bit by bit extending, I just continued to rub my shin and lick. Was I getting turned on by this?

Suddenly, a big lump of ice cream slipped off the cone to fall, splat, on my pants!

"Eeeee!" I squealed, while Jimmy laughed. "Oh no!"

The boy remained seated, but offered his expert opinion. "What a mess!

You're gonna have to take them off, Erica."

I looked up with wide eyes. "You mean, here? In front of you?"

"Right now," Jimmy encouraged. And then took a lick of his own chocolate ice cream.

My breasts were still uncovered. But now I had the cold wetness in my lap and dripping down my pants leg to worry about. Moving my hand up, I hooked a thumb into the front of the waistband. But these Capri pants were not going to slide off easily. I took another lick from what remained on the cone while considering my options. It looked like I was going to have to strip.

Fingers moving quickly, I untied the sash belt and pulled it through the loop. This allowed access to the button, which I popped open. Still using one hand, I lowered the zipper and let the flap fall to one side.

My nipples pointed toward the ceiling, keeping up the hem of my pink top. Now I hooked my thumb on the side of my opened pants and began to tug down. Perched on the countertop, the light blue material slipped first off one leg, and then they fell completely off my toes onto the floor.

I took another lick of the ice cream cone. Here I was, sitting in front of Alicia's cousin in just my underpants, and my top hiked up with bare breasts on display. The panties I was wearing were white, and kind of sheer in the front, but had a pattern of yellow daisies along the elastic band. I felt ridiculous. But I also felt myself getting aroused.

"Erica, I don't like those underwear," Jimmy said in a bossy tone of voice.

I shuffled down to the floor, my toes arching on the kitchen tiles, and said, "It's embarrassing enough that you are seeing me in these. What don't you like about them?"

"The little flowers, for one thing," the boy gave his honest answer.

My tongue worked its way around the edge of the cone, slurping up the last of the ice cream. I turned around, opening up one of the bottom cabinets and found the garbage bin. After I tossed the cone away, I looked back over my shoulder.

"Maybe I could just lower the band a little, so you don't see the daisy pattern…"

From his chair, Jimmy returned, "I don't know…"

Hooking my thumbs into the elastic band at my hips, I started to twist and roll down the material. I might have gone a little too far, when I felt the crack of my ass exposed.

"How's that?" I asked, my heart beating faster.

Jimmy waited a moment before answering. "Lower them some more."

I sighed and leaned forward. Pulling my panties further down, I felt them slip beneath the curve of my bottom. In front of me, my smooth vulva was uncovered. I gasped, but still gripped the edge of the material tightly.

"Is that good enough?" I asked breathlessly, rising up on my toes.

"Keep going," Alicia's dominating cousin ordered.

Now I had to decide how to proceed. Inch by inch, I was loosing my underwear. Obviously, at this point he could see my bare backside. But I didn't know if I could tug the panties down any more, without bending over… and that meant showing a whole lot more pink parts. I bit my lip, and then took hold of the lowered elastic band with both hands, just beneath my ass. With a final yank, I simultaneously straightened my back, and let the white delicate fabric fall down my legs, to the floor.

"Satisfied!" I gasped, with that strange conflict of emotions, of being annoyed by his demands, yet humiliated and thrilled at the same time.

"You know, Erica…" the little monster continued to tease and mock me. "I really didn't like them at all. Please step over in front of the sink."

As it was, he could clearly see my cute shapely bottom, flushed pink with embarrassment. I turned my head and looked to my side, where the kitchen sink was an arm's length away.

"Oh!" I squeaked, bouncing up and down on my toes. "But if I move at all, even just over there, I'll have to step out completely…"

I couldn't finish, nor could I wait for his reply. My hands resting on the counter surface, I slowly lifted one leg and carefully edged to my right. Doing so caused me to then lift my other leg and bring it back so that my ankles touched and knees were locked together. Shifting my eyes to look to my left, I saw the discarded panties lying on the floor a couple of feet way.

Ohmygosh! I was standing completely bottomless in Alicia's Aunt's kitchen. Even my top had been raised high enough so that from the middle of my back all the way to my heels, I was totally bare! The sense of Jimmy's eyes roaming over my slender form was too much, so I quickly turned around to face forward. Of course, first I was sure to clasp both my hands in front of my pussy.

We stared at each other for a moment. I could feel my tummy fluttering, the sensations I always felt whenever I was standing in front of someone undressed, no matter who it was. Shyly, I lowered my eyes, only to see that my pink top remained scrunched up, long nipples sticking out beneath the hem. My first thought was to reach up and straighten it out, but I was afraid of moving my hands away and revealing the soft velvety folds of skin of my parted pussy. Maybe if I used one hand… Suddenly, from behind me and out the window, I could hear a car pulling up in the driveway. I took a step backward, my bare ass pushing up against the kitchen cabinet.

I tried to look over my shoulder without turning around. "Do you think Alicia is home already? What a relief!"

"That's not Alicia's car," Jimmy said as he stood up off the chair.

"That's my mom! Quick, run down into the basement!"

"Ohmygosh!" I squealed and started skipping toward the door that led downstairs, with my hands between my legs, bare feet slapping over the kitchen tiles.

When I placed my fingers on the knob, I spun around, flashing my breasts with nipples quivering.

"My clothes!" I shouted, listening for Jimmy's mother at the front door.


The boy acted quickly, springing forward to grab my things on the floor.

He picked up my flip-flops and underwear, and was careful carrying my pants, which must have been covered with melted ice cream. I opened the basement door for him, wanting him to lead the way. Actually, I wanted to keep him from following my naked ass down the stairs. But he gave me a nudge with his shoulder, more like a shove, and sent me scampering ahead.

As my toes balanced on the edge of each step, I let my arms swing out to either side. Since Jimmy was behind me, I figured I didn't have to hide my shaved pussy. All of a sudden, I felt Alicia's cousin grab the back of my shirt in one hand.

"Might as well take this, too!" I heard him say.

The pink material of my tank top, already bunched up around my neck, would be easy to pull over my head. And with my slender arms in a lateral position, they gave no resistance in lifting up to effortlessly slip between the holes at each side. I was actually impressed at the strength of Jimmy's grip, able to strip off my top in one motion.

Momentum carried me forward, and the result was that descending a couple of more steps left me without any clothes on at all.

"Jimmy, I'm naked!" I cried, but kept moving.

We both made it to the basement floor, my heart racing with excitement.

Totally nude, I felt my clitoris emerge erect out of its hood, so I was certain to keep my palm lowered discreetly. With my other arm slung tightly across my breasts, I spun around to face the ten-year-old accusingly.

Jimmy looked at my clothes, all my clothes, in his arms and then waved my pink tank top in front of me. "You weren't even wearing it right, Erica."

"But… now I'm not wearing ANYTHING!" I squealed, blushing all over.

The boy, apparently pleased with himself, just marched past me. How did this happen so fast? Stark naked in the basement of Alicia's aunt's house, with Alicia's cousin! I hope he didn't get any ideas. Then again, I hoped I didn't get any ideas. I saw that Jimmy was heading off to a small room in the corner, which I remembered from being down here previously, was where the washer and dryer were kept. Nervously I hugged my body and kept a hand between my legs as I shuffled forward.

"You're walking funny," Jimmy remarked, watching me approach from over his shoulder.

I bit my lip and glanced down to make sure I had all my pink bits covered, then said, "Well it's kind of embarrassing… to be nude… in front of a boy."

Jimmy just shrugged.

"Hey, um…" I whispered as I moved over to his side, "do you have to wash everything? Maybe I could just put on…"

"Too late!" the boy said as he slammed down the lid of the washing machine.

All my clothes were in there. I bounced up on my toes, hearing the water start to pour in, and wondered if I would ever find some relief. A glance around the room showed that there was not any spare clothing lying around, either freshly washed or otherwise. I guess they must have just put away their laundry.

And then from upstairs came a woman's voice hollering, "Jimmy! Where are you? And where is Alicia?"

"Better go explain this to Mom," the boy sighed as he started to jog out of the room.

For a moment I was startled, first worrying that Alicia's aunt would come down here and find me undressed. Then, as I watched Jimmy bound toward the steps, I began to imagine him telling his mother that I had taken off all my clothes, which was not entirely true. Instinctively, I reached out with one arm to stop him and started to run after him. With my arms completely out of the way, my little tits bounced playfully. I was about to call out, when I decided that I didn't want to call any more attention to myself. So fearing the worst, I turned around and walked naked back to the laundry room.

While I waited to find out what would happen, I figured I would tend to my load of clothes. Returning to the machine, I saw that it had entered the spin cycle, and looked like it would be a few more minutes. I stood up on my bare toes, trying to keep my soles off the concrete slab, and drummed my fingers atop the appliance. My mind started to drift as I closed my eyes, until I heard a cough behind me.

I saw Jimmy standing in the doorway. Ohmygosh! How long had he been staring at my ass? Spinning around, our eyes locked for an awkward few seconds. Then I realized, he could see my pussy! Quickly, I cupped both hands over my smooth mound.

The boy walked closer, and he did not look pleased. "I told my Mom that you had an accident with the ice cream and that you were down here cleaning up. I also told her that Alicia had to run to work. So now she ordered me to come back down here so you can keep an eye on me."

"Me?" I gasped, rubbing the front of one foot behind a bare calf. "Keep an eye on you?"

"Yeah," Jimmy grunted.

Then Alicia's cousin stomped over to a corner and sat down on the floor.

I didn't know what to do. What I really wanted to do was run and hide… or run and find some safe place to do something else. He continued to glare at me, as if it was my fault that I had ruined his fun. For some reason, I felt horribly guilty and embarrassed at the same time.

Uneasy silence passed between us for a few moments. I was about to try and engage him in some small talk, when at my side, the washing machine began its gradual slowing of the spin cycle, then slowly, slowly, came to a stop.

"Clothes are done," I squeaked, breathless.

Jimmy motioned with his head and replied, "You still got to put them in the dryer. I'm not doing your chores for you!"

"Oh!" I gasped.

Here, I thought he might help me. But his command was so forceful, that I immediately turned around. I paused, standing in front of the washing machine. My butt, round and supple was completely on display. Knowing that he was looking at me caused my cheeks to clench and unclench reflexively.

Concentrating on what I needed to do, I took a deep breath, and then lifted the lid. I had to reach my arms into the basket in order to fish out my clothes. This made me separate my legs further apart, as I bent over, unfortunately exposing more of my nubile body. I grabbed my shirt and pants and white panties with the floral print. Jimmy was right, they were still too damp and had to go into the dryer. I wondered where he put my flip-flops.

I took the wet bundle clutched in my arms, sidestepping to face the other appliance. The door was low, and I needed to squat down to open it and shove my things inside. After I dumped the three articles, I remained in that crouched position for a moment. One hand on my knee, I ran my other hand through my hair. I could feel my labia unfolded and hang down from my shaved pussy lips. Part of me wondered which parts Jimmy was looking at, and if he knew what they were.

Before I could loose control, though, I forced myself to stand up again.

I turned the dial on low, and changed the setting to delicates.

Hopefully this would only take another ten minutes.

"This is boring!" Jimmy complained.

Boring! Stranded in a laundry room with a buck-naked nineteen-year-old girl. I suppose some things never changed, at least before puberty. The dryer began to hum and churn, and I could feel the surface was delightfully warm to my touch. I inched closer, until my toes brushed against the foot of the dryer. Gripping either side, I leaned forward so that my crotch made direct contact. The machine, grinding, churning, vibrating… felt wonderful rubbing my protruded clitoris!

"Jimmy!" I called out. "Ah… mmmm… why don't you go into the other room?"

Oblivious to the beginning of my secret masturbation, he asked dubiously, "Are you sure? Mom said that you should keep an eye on me?"

I took all the strength I could muster, not to scream out in ecstasy, as I tossed my head back and looked over my shoulder. "Yes! But… mmmm… you could play video games, while we wait!"

That seemed to pique Jimmy's interest. I guess he figured if I was asking him to leave, then I would be the one who was disobeying his mother's wishes. Maybe I would get a spanking. All I knew was that if he didn't get out soon, I was going to have a very humiliating orgasm.

Continuing to rub myself on the front of the dryer, I watched the boy finally yield and get up to walk out of the laundry room. Straining to hear, I thought I could just make out him hooking up his video console, and sort through his collection of discs. Thank goodness! I just hoped he didn't walk back in too soon…

With Jimmy gone, I spun around to fully face forward. My nipples stood out rock hard and erect. I hoisted myself up, and hopped onto the top of the dryer. Legs dangling, I slid my bare heels across the appliance door. My bottom bounced deliciously on the rumbling machine, the heat washing over my body and into my vagina. I leaned back on the heel of one hand to brace myself, and then slipped a finger deep inside my pussy. This was bliss! I must have sat here and toyed myself for five minutes…


All of a sudden, I opened my eyes to see that Alicia had walked into the room. She stood a few feet in front of the doorway, an amused expression on her face. The sight of her there, and being caught masturbating, sent a torrent of emotions through me.

My index finger plucked the nub of my clitoris, lifting, pulling… rubbing it in sensual circles. That sent me over the edge. A single stream a girl juice squirted out of my pussy as I climaxed. That familiar thrill of delight shuddered through my body. Licking my wet lips, I took a moment to catch my breath, and then slid back to the floor.

"That was incredible," I sighed.

On trembling legs, I walked forward, almost forgetting that I was still totally naked. My arms dangled casually at my sides. Alicia stopped my advance, placing her fingers on my soft stomach.

Looking me over, my friend asked, "Erica, where are your clothes?"

I lifted my hands to squeeze my breasts, and turned my head to indicate the appliances behind me. "Had an accident with Jimmy's ice cream."

"And you had to take off everything to wash them?" Alicia continued suspiciously, as if I was a naughty little girl.

"Well, I dropped some ice cream on my pants," I admitted, "and they needed to be washed."

Alicia shook her head, then laughed, "What about your underwear?"

"Jimmy didn't like the flowers…" I answered, thinking how ridiculous that sounded when said aloud.

My best friend pointed at my bare crotch and said, "So you decided to show him that one?"

Blushing, I looked down, to see, that my pink pussy was indeed opened up like a blossoming rose.

"Ohmygosh!" I gasped, starting to realize how much I had really shown.

"What about your top?" Alicia was making me confess everything!

I stood up on my toes, to try and see past the taller brunette. No sign of Jimmy, but I still answered vaguely, "I lost it on my way down here…"

Alicia just burst out laughing. "Oh, you're too much, Erica!"

And then I thought back over everything, the memory of events washing over my mind and body. "Ohmygosh, Alicia! Your cousin had me completely naked! He saw me naked again!"

Alicia came over to stand at my side, wrapping a comforting arm around me like a good friend. "Jimmy thinks you're beautiful, you know."

"He… he does?" I stammered, unsure of what to think.

I felt my face flush, my ears turning bright red. My tummy quivered, and I was still a little horny. Hearing people talk about my nudity, or knowing that people liked my body, was more and more having that effect on me. Suddenly, the buzzer on the dryer went off… my clothes were done.

Alicia helped me get dressed, although I had to be gentle because my pussy and nipples were still sensitive. When I was fully clothed, I looked around for my flip-flops. But they were nowhere in sight. So barefoot, I followed my friend back out of the laundry room. Over in the recreation area, Jimmy was absorbed in playing his video games.

As we passed by, heading for the steps, he glanced my way and muttered, "Your feet still stink!"

Dressed once more in my little pink top that revealed my bellybutton, and summer Capri pants that came down enticingly to just above my calves, I twirled around and skipped up the stairs. Smiling to myself, as I could imagine what he really thought.

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Erica's Eyes

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Erica's Eyes

Part 1

I found myself sitting in a waiting room with my friend Carrie I found myself sitting in a waiting room with my friend Carrie. Things had cooled off somewhat between us, between making new friends at college, and being occupied by other interests. It seemed we hadn’t done anything fun for a while. This morning, when she asked me to accompany her to the eye doctor, I hardly thought anything exciting would happen.


The room we sat in was square, with individuals chairs lined up against the walls to each side. An end table had some magazines strewn about the surface. There was a receptionist’s window off to the left, but the office was lightly staffed today, so she was not at her station. We were the only two patients in the room.


Well, truthfully, Carrie was the only patient. She was here for a routine eye examination, but I think she was dreading the possibility of needing glasses. Although, why she would suddenly develop worsening vision at the tender age of nineteen, was beyond me. I think she really just hated the glaucoma test where they shoot a mist directly into your eye. Anyway, she had appeared nervous this morning, which is why I decided to tag along with her.


It was pretty quiet, and we did not engage in much conversation. More of that had been going on lately, as we had less and less to talk about. Suddenly, as I was flipping through the pages of some reading material, Carrie reached over and shook my arm.


She had a mischievous look in her eye. “Hey, Erica, want to have some fun?”


Lowering the booklet to my lap, I asked, “What could we possibly do for fun in this boring little room?”  

“Let’s take off our clothes!” Carrie giggled.


I gave her a disapproving frown and shook my head. When she only grinned and winked at me, I began to feel my heart pitter-patter. Still, I tried to retain control of the situation.


“Carrie…” I started, “What are you talking about? We’re in the middle of the doctor’s office and anyone could walk in here. The nurse could come back to check on us, or the doctor might be ready for your appointment!”


My friend stood up from her chair and strolled over to look past the glass window and counter in the wall. “Not going to happen. Their schedule was completely open this morning, which is why I arranged to be here so early. No other patients coming in…”  

“Yeah, but that could change. Someone could walk in,” I protested.


Carrie just shrugged her shoulders and walked easily around the waiting room. She was wearing a yellow sweater today and a white skirt. She did look very pretty, her long strawberry-blonde hair flowing down her back.


“My, it’s getting warm in here!” the buxom college girl teased, and then she began to pull her sweater over her head!


I tried to pretend I was unfazed by her casual undressing.

Instead, I went back to reading my book. I mean she had simply removed her outer sweater… nothing wrong with that. She folded it up neatly, and made a point to place it on the chair next to me.


“Now you take something off,” Carrie challenged me.


I kept my head down looking past the pages open in my lap, and at what I was wearing today: a nice black shirt, and a wine-colored sleeveless top. I couldn’t really take off anything, or I would be sitting in my underwear! I told Carrie just that.


When she continued to pester me, I sighed and offered, “How about just a quick flash, while no one is around?”  

The taller girl walked across the room and stretched, leaning against the opposite wall. She languidly slid one foot out of a shoe.

Then Carrie kicked off her other shoe. She bent down slowly to pick them up, and tiptoed barefoot across the carpet to put them with her sweater.


“No,” she said decisively. “I want to take off everything… all our clothes! Come on, Erica, I’m already beating you two items to nothing.”  

I crossed my legs, feeling myself begin to get a little flustered. Was she serous? What an outrageous suggestion! This was just too crazy to even consider. Finally, when my friend took her seat again, I figured she must have had enough of this game. Her shoes and sweater sat in a pile between us.


My eyes returned to scanning the information in the booklet I was holding. I really had no idea about the subject, or any interest. But I wanted to try and ignore Carrie. I heard some shuffling across from me, and I didn’t even glance out of the corner of my eye. After a moment, I could sense her silently get back up to her feet. She twirled around on her toes, until she came to stand in front of me.


Abruptly, Carrie dropped her silky panties into the book on my lap. I regarded them in disbelief, and then raised my eyes to see the young woman smiling down at me.


“I’m not wearing anything beneath my skirt,” she stated unnecessarily. “Are you?”


“Of course I am!” I replied, half laughing, half offended.


Now I plucked Carrie’s underwear off the pages, delighting in their feel between my fingers. As nice as they were, I managed to put them aside, stuffing the delicate material into one of Carrie’s shoes. But now that she had my attention, I thought I could feel my own nipples harden inside my shirt, so I folded my arms across my chest.


My playful friend just giggled and began to fiddle with the buttons on her long-sleeve white blouse. Starting with the top button, her fingers worked their way down, quickly, and with determination. I wondered how far she would go? It was like I was getting my own private striptease… and Carrie was just waiting to see when I would join in!


With the sides of her shirt hanging open, the curvaceous girl spun around, her hair streaming gracefully with her motions. Now facing away from me, Carrie began to shimmy the blouse off her shoulders. She lowered it down her back, and then began to actually pull her arms out of the sleeves!

One at a time, and then the shirt was completely off. It was tossed away, landing on the collection of her things on the chair. And then she turned around with her hands on her hips.


I did some quick figuring, and realized that she was only dressed in a bra and her white skirt!


“Oh my gosh, Carrie, you’re going to get in trouble!” I found myself embarrassed for my friend, even a little thrilled.


She only pouted and said, “But I’m not done yet…”  

With that confident statement, Carrie reached both her hands behind her back so she could manipulate the clasp of her bra. I guess it didn’t take very long, before she had it unhooked, and let it fall to the floor!


“Carrie, you are so topless!” I gasped in astonishment.


Quickly, I bounded from my seat and crouched on the deep blue carpet. I picked up her bra as if I if I was afraid of it being discovered. Meanwhile, her big bare breasts bounced above me as she ran her hands through her hair. I licked my lips at the sight of her pink areolas and nipples. Catching my look of longing, Carrie cupped her boobs and gave them a good squeeze. Then letting a hand wander down her tummy, she stuck her tongue out at me teasingly.


Next thing I knew, she popped open the button on her skirt and pulled down the side zipper. Releasing her hold, the skirt floated to her feet. I looked up to see her closed pussy lips, crowned with a patch of trim golden pubic hair. Carrie clutched her breasts again, and then skipped out of her skirt, totally naked.


Totally naked! What was the girl thinking? I scurried to collect her skirt in one hand, her bra still in my other. Standing up, I watched amazed as she reclined in one of the waiting room chairs, fully nude.

She arched her back a little and traced a finger across her mound. I hesitated, wondering if I should give back her clothes and urge her to get dressed.

Instead, I returned to my seat and placed Carrie's things with her shoes, sweater, and shirt.


"Um, Carrie…" I started to feel myself heating up and getting wet. I plucked at my top clinging uncomfortably to my body.

"Wow… you are, like, really… I mean, absolutely stark…"


"Not so loud, Erica!" my naughty friend laughed, leaning forward. "You want to tell the whole office?"


She glided off the chair, and I could hear the vinyl upholstery pull away from her bare skin. Carrie wrapped her arms around her shoulders for a second, and then took a few cautious steps into the middle of the room. She was standing in direct view of the door that opened up and led back to the examination area. And I had an unobstructed view of her bare bottom. I almost wanted to reach out and squeeze those full, round cheeks!


Jiggling with each step, she tentatively approached the door. What was she doing? Was Carrie going to try and walk through the office completely naked? Maybe she would be more relaxed if she got her eyes checked without wearing any clothes. I could just picture her laid out on the examination chair, her legs parted, bare toes wiggling…  

I wanted to tell her to stop, but I couldn’t find the words.

It was like I was totally mesmerized by her risky behavior and display of total nudity. She gave me a coy look over her shoulder as if she was reading my mind.


Suddenly, we both heard a clicking sound from the door, the knob being turned, and about to be opened. Not the entrance to the waiting room, which would have been embarrassing enough, but the door directly in front of naked Carrie! I could only gasp, unsure of what to do. My friend, however, was quick on her bare feet. She leapt to the side, squeezing herself into the far corner of the room. The door opened outward… effectively pinning her against the wall. Maybe it was my imagination, but viewing her trapped profile, I thought I noticed Carrie's nipples spring out fully erect at that moment.


The receptionist walked into the waiting room and said, "The doctor is ready to see you now…"


She looked up from her clipboard and right at me sitting with my legs crossed on the chair. The nurse asked me where my friend was. I tired not to give Carrie away, my eyes darting behind the opened door just for a second, to watch the busty blonde's nude quivering form.


"Um… Carrie had to strip, I mean, step out for a moment… to get something to drink!" I finally blurted out, patting my hand on top of her folded sweater as if that explained everything.


The receptionist regarded me curiously and then said, "Well, I'm sorry we kept you two waiting. As soon as she returns, tell her she can come right back to the examination room."


"OK," I mumbled, again trying to avert my eyes from the corner and not draw attention to Carrie huddled with her knees locked together and hands clutching her breasts.


The lady took a step back, and whirled around to walk through the doorway. Her hand casually snaked behind her to grab the doorknob and pull it shut as she left the waiting room. I wondered if Carrie's heart was beating as fast as mine! That was too close.


Placing one hand behind her head, and resting her face in the other hand, Carrie left her crotch momentarily uncovered. I looked and saw that her pussy lips were parted. Then I remembered, that the mere fact of being naked didn't necessarily stimulate a reaction out of Carrie's body, but the possibility of getting caught often led to her arousal. She licked her lips and silently mouthed, "Oh, Wow!"


I felt my own clitoris start to swell and peek out of its hood, especially as I was struck by a clever idea.


Watching my friend approach me slowly on her bare toes, I asked, "You aren't really looking forward to this appointment, Carrie? I mean… it would be nothing to blow it off?"


"What?" She stopped, stark naked in the middle of the room, and shook her head.


Quickly, I gathered up the things that were piled on the seat next to me: Carrie's sweater and skirt, her shoes and shirt, and even her bra and panties! I took all her clothes, every stitch. My mind could hardly believe I was doing this. The nineteen-year-old nude blonde was also shocked, as she could only look over her shoulder, afraid the receptionist might return.

Not so confident now, she looked rather bashful. Her body flushed a nice rosy pink.


With Carrie's clothing bunched up in my arms, I stood and swiftly sidestepped toward the office entrance. My eyes never left her figure revealed in all its curvy glory, as I backed up and reached for the door. In another second, the handle was turned and I flung the door open…  

"Bye!" I said with a giggle and ducked out into the hallway.


I could just make out a harsh whisper behind me, "Erica!"


The eye doctor had his office located in a professional building down town. There were other practices and businesses, which also had their address at these premises. We were on the third floor of the building, and the carpeted hall stretched out before and behind me. It might have been a slow morning for eye examinations, but I wondered if any of the other rooms were very occupied. Walking backwards, I held Carrie's clothes tightly in my arms, and began moving toward the exit. After about three seconds, I saw my friend's toes and fully bare leg stick outside the door.


She managed to pull the rest of herself out into the hallway. Carrie had one arm slung across her boobs, fingers wrapped around her opposite shoulder. With her other arm lowered, she tried to hide her pubic hair. This floor of the building did seem to be deserted, or at least the corridor was empty, as she shuffled forward totally nude.


"Erica… what's gotten into you!" she squealed, hugging her body.


I just laughed and ran all the way to the end of the hallway. When I turned around again, it was just in time to see Carrie running with her arms flailing at her sides, her big tits bouncing up and down. I paused at the door that led to the building's stairs, waiting for her to catch up to me.


Inclining my head at her bare chest, I commented, "Someone looks pretty excited."


"Well, yeah…" Carrie said a bit breathless and even pulled on one of her erect nipples. "It would be even more exciting if you joined me!"


As tempting as that sounded, I only smiled and shook my head. "Since I've got all your clothes, I guess I'm the one in control.

You could always hang around here for your nude eye exam!"


With that, I pushed open the door and entered the stairwell.

I heard the door close behind me as I skipped down the first flight of steps.

Leaning against the wall, I waited to see what Carrie would do. I wondered what was going through her mind. Soon, the door above me opened again, my friend's unclothed form emerging. I listened as her bare feet slapped down the stairs, my eyes wandering up her long shapely legs. Once more, she had an arm held across her breasts, and her other hand hiding her pussy.


"Erica!" she whispered my name, her voice

quivering just a little as each step brought her closer. "Now you've had your fun… let me have my clothes back."


I eyed her up and down from head to toe. Then smiling, I turned and hurried down the next flight of stairs. This was too delicious! I knew she didn't have anywhere to go, and would have to follow me.


"Erica…" my friend called again, Carrie's voice rising as we neared the ground floor of the building.


Clutching her things to my chest, I reached the stairwell door and pushed it opened. I had to peer into the lobby and make sure it was safe. And then I dashed out into the wide-open space. The main entrance had tall, double glass doors. Moving toward them, I could see some people walking by and a few cars passed in either direction on the street. This was probably too risky, and figured it would be as far as I take this stunt. Unless, there was another way out back…


Behind me, the door leading to the stairs opened and closed.

I spun around and watched busty Carrie approach me on tiptoes, still hugging her breasts tight. She came slowly, as if unsure of her surroundings, or who might be waiting out here with me. The strawberry-blonde did a complete turn around as she moved forward, flashing me her beautiful butt. Then she faced the entrance, visible to the street.


"Oh my gosh!" Carrie squealed.


Her first reaction as she froze, was to strike an awkward stance with knees locked together, but bare feet spread apart. Immediately, her hand darted down her stomach to cover her pussy. I wasn't sure if anyone outside caught sight of her from this angle, but she then turned around and crouched down behind a potted plant.


The next thing I knew, a man dressed in the business suit pushed through the entrance and stepped into the building. If he needed to use the stairs, Carrie would be so busted! Instead, he brushed past me taking a side hallway around the corner.


"Excuse me, Miss," he said as the sleeve of his jacket brushed my elbow.


The brief physical contact caused my nipples to stiffen, thinking about my naked friend hiding just a few feet away! But I was also able to better check the layout of the ground floor. There were two corridors that branched off from the lobby we were in. My black pumps clicked across the glossy marble as I walked toward one of the building directories posted on the wall. All of Carrie's clothes were bundled in my arms.


Looking over my shoulder, to my amazement, I saw the young woman slowly stand and start to pad over toward me. She turned her head side to side, making sure no one else was around, but had to use one hand to pull her mass of hair away from her face. This left her boobs bouncing free, while she kept the other hand cupped over her pubic mound. Still, her hips wiggled seductively as she walked forward.


"Look," Carrie whispered in desperation, sliding next to me. "You can't keep me nude like this…"


I glanced down at her trim tummy and long legs, wondering if beneath her palm, her pussy was opening up in arousal. "Why not? You and Alicia and Lisa have left me naked so many other times!"


"But this is different," she pleaded, bouncing up on her bare toes.


Instead of answering, I quickly turned away and hurried toward one of the hallways. It was a good thing I had my hands full, or else I would have slapped Carrie on the ass, just to watch her jiggle. Following my steps, I heard the sweet sound of her feet sticking and un-sticking across the smooth polished floor. Again, I found myself wondering what she was feeling and how horny she really was.


Reaching the side corridor, we quietly shuffled over carpeting once more, passing the closed doors of offices. This way led directly through the building, and to a back door that opened out onto the parking lot.

I skipped ahead, making it to the exit first. When Carrie saw where I was going, she raised a hand to her mouth in disbelief, and let her other arm swing anxiously at her side. Her tits and pussy were out in the open as she slid against the wall.


"Erica… we aren’t going outside? I'm so naked!"

and Carrie rubbed her hands down her body as if to underscore the point.

"I can't be seen like this!"


I positioned myself against the opposite wall, enjoying her display of full frontal nudity. "So how is this different from all the other times you made me run around without my clothes?"


Carrie stepped cautiously into the middle of the hallway, massaging and squeezing her breasts. "Just look at me! I'm positively indecent… I'm all curves and jiggling parts. It's hard to hide my boobs, and if I turn around, you can even see my lower lips from behind!"


"Yes you can," I admitted, breathless, even as she turned and bent down to touch her toes. I was in awe of her incredible body.


Now she stood up and crossed the distance between us, pressing her bare breasts against me. "But when you're naked, Erica, you just look cute. So it's not so bad."


"Yeah, well," I started to reply. I couldn't believe we were discussing this! "What about my long nipples and my… you know. It sticks out too, and I tend to show a lot of pink, when I show everything."


Carrie placed her hand on my crotch and said, "Mmmm… is it sticking out now?"


It was! But I didn't want this going where it was about to.

So I quickly squirmed away from Carrie's touch, and headed for the door. With my foot, I was able to push it open, and then ran out into the parking lot in broad daylight, with all of her clothes.


I scanned the area, and was able to locate my friend's car, near the side road we took when we turned into the lot. Without waiting for Carrie to keep up, I ran over to the car. Leaning against the hood, I watched as a second later, she bravely walked outside the building.


Completely naked!


This was so hot. First she kept a hand clasped over her pussy. Then she used both hands to try and hold on to her bouncing tits.

Finally, she realized that she had to navigate her way over the blacktop on the tips of her toes, so she wouldn't get any pebbles or gravel on the bottoms of her bare feet. The end result was that Carrie did a bashful balancing act past the scattered parked cars, with arms stretched out to either side. But by the time she reached me, she was back rubbing and squeezing her breasts hard.


"Oh, Erica this is too much! People can look out their office windows and see me…"


I nodded my head slightly in the direction of the multi-storied brick building. There was a line of windows facing out toward the lot. I supposed anyone on the higher floors might peer through the glass and see the two of us standing by Carrie's car. But we were closer to the edge of the pavement, rather than square in the middle. Still, she was fully nude and she hugged her shoulders tightly, dancing nervously on her toes.


Suddenly, Carrie ran a hand through her hair, and I thought I could make out a little pearl droplet on the tip of her protruding nipple.


"Oh my gosh, Carrie! Are you… lactating?" I asked, blushing.


The strawberry blonde looked down, then lifted up her tits in both hands and giggled, "Um… got milk?"


I stared at her in amazement, finding it very erotic, and then asked, "You're not… I mean, you didn't get…"


"No, no," Carrie laughed. "This is something I've been practicing all summer. Usually it takes a lot of time and persistence in order to self-induce lactation. I think being naked out here made it happen much quicker…"


As I watched, another small droplet of her breast milk formed on the tip of her other nipple. "Wow… that's kind of… kinky! How does it feel?"


"Hmmm," my friend closed her eyes and purred.

"It's very sensual. And the taste is sweet like sugar!"


Just like that, Carrie raised a finger to flick each of her nipples, and then sucked the finger in her mouth. It was one of the most outrageously hot things I had ever seen. But I didn't want her to see how excited I was, so I quickly turned around, and searched for her keys inside her skirt.


"Are you going to drive me home, or are you going to make me drive in the nude?" Carrie asked over my shoulder.


My hands trembled slightly, but I was able to open the electronic lock. I pulled open the driver side door, and tossed all of Carrie's items on the seat: her sweater, her shirt, her skirt, shoes, bra and panties.

Then I shut the door fast, and clicked the lock again. Turning around, I grinned at my very naked friend.


"We're going to take a little walk," I said.


Carrie couldn't help but giggle, causing here breasts to flop up and down. She placed a hand on her stomach, her finger tracing a circle around her bellybutton. Her other hand rested lightly on the side of her leg as she tossed her head back and gave a nervous look over her shoulder. I guess she didn't want to hang around and get caught out here. At least, that was what I was counting on.


Shoving her keys in my pocket, I immediately started to move away from the car. Looking behind me, I saw Carrie hunch over and take some hesitant steps to follow, while keeping her hands on the automobile. But I continued to walk straight ahead, leaving the parking lot entirely. Soon she would have to leave her cover.


I remembered that the road we pulled off of to enter the lot was a quiet, secluded street lined with tall leafy trees. Further down the block would lead us back to the main avenue that ran in front of the office building. But going in the opposite direction would take us further away from town and into a more residential area. I skipped along the side of the road, turning to see Carrie scamper and scurry and try to hide her nudity.


As she had said herself, it was almost impossible. Even with an arm slung across her tits, it just barely concealed her areolas and nipples, which were pretty erect. There was still a lot of cleavage, and not much left to the imagination about the size of her bouncing globes. While she kept one hand between her legs, her five fingers were spread, allowing teasing glimpses of her blonde pubic hair or the pink of her aroused pussy lips. And when she spun around at the slightest noise or sound of voices, there was no hiding that beautiful bare ass. Walking backward to keep an eye on any traffic that might turn onto the road, Carrie was a sight to behold from behind.


"Where are you going, Erica?" she asked, turning to face me.


I smiled and said, "I think the park is only a couple of blocks around the corner…"


"It is?" Carrie scratched her head, looking up and down the street. "How do you know that?"


"Let's just say, I've become familiar with the necessary paths to take, when all your clothes have been stolen!"


I actually shivered, standing in the shadow of a towering elm tree, thinking about all the naked walks home I've had to manage. But now, I was the one fully dressed, and my buxom friend was absolutely nude.

Confidently, I began walking down the street.


At one point, I had to cross to the other side of the road.

Carrie was about to follow right after me, but she was quick to hear the sound of tires on the pavement. I watched her duck behind the girth of a tree, just as a car came driving up behind us. It passed by without noticing us. But regarding Carrie as she pressed her body against the tree, reminded me of the times I had to sneak behind such hiding places. Usually, my pointy nipples or extended clit would rub against the bark. Once, I had an orgasm while waiting for a bike rider to cycle down the road.


When it was quiet again and safe enough, Carrie jiggled her way over to the other side of the street. As we stood on the grass, I wondered if she enjoyed the tickle of the short green blades as her feet sank into the ground. I told her to put her hands at her sides.


"You have to brush off the wood chips, when you stand so close to the trees," I explained as my hand swept between her breasts and down her tummy, until my fingers found her pubic hair.


"Thanks, Erica!" she said, standing up on her toes, almost inviting me to slip my finger inside her pussy. "You really are an expert on this!"


As tempting as her warm slit was, I pulled away my hand and moved further down the block. After we walked past a few more houses, I had to stop again and get my bearings. While it was fun leading Carrie around while she was naked, I had a specific place in mind I wanted to get to.


"All right, we have to cut across this property,"

I said after a moment.


"What?" my friend asked startled. "You mean like we have to walk onto their lawn… into their back yard?"


I nodded my head with certainty. "This house is located right in back of the park's hiking trails. The only way to get into the park without being noticed, is through the woods here."


Carrie clutched her boobs, one in each hand and protested, "So I'm supposed to go trespassing, without any clothes on?"


"Look…" I said, pointing to the empty driveway.

"There's no car. They probably left for the morning already. I'm sure there's nobody home!"


"Well, why didn't you say so!" my friend giggled and dropped her hands to her hips.


To my surprise, she then marched up the driveway completely naked, but then turned onto a little path that wound its way to the front porch. The busty nineteen-year-old girl stepped up to the door, first making sure she couldn't be seen from the street. Then she proceeded to ring the doorbell!


"Carrie! What are you doing!" I called from the driveway. "You are going to get in trouble!"


But she only laughed, not covering up at all. She even put her hands on her head and shook her tits at the door. "What, Erica? You said no one was home…"


Suddenly, we could hear heavy footsteps coming from the upstairs of the house. Carrie and I froze for a moment and exchanged shocked looks. Then I pointed frantically toward the backyard. She read my signal, and came bouncing down the front porch steps. From inside the house, we heard someone calling that they would just be a minute.


"Quick… run into the woods!" I urged her.


When she reached where I was standing, she still looked a little unsure. Keeping one hand between her legs, she nibbled on her fingernails anxiously. Finally, I grabbed her arm and pulled her after me as we ran along the side of the house. Carrie… naked, in some stranger's yard. This was hot!

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Re: Erica stories masterpost

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Erica's Eyes

Part 2

I guess it was fortunate that she had lured the homeowner to the front of the house, as we rounded the corner. If we had proceeded straight onto the property, they might have seen us from an upstairs window. We could just hear the door swing open on its hinges, a voice raised in annoyance at finding nobody there. Carrie and I raced across the lawn, and I had to keep her from slipping on the grass in her bare feet. When we made it safely inside the tree line, I paused and saw that her nipples were very erect. Beneath my shirt, so were mine.


"Wow!" Carrie gasped, holding a hand to her smooth stomach. With her other hand, she teased the ends of her strawberry-blonde hair, looking absolutely delicious.


"No time for that!" I muttered, reaching out to take my friend's fingers again.


Under the cover of branches, we pressed deeper into the woods. I needed to navigate our way onto the proper path that would lead us into the park. Occasionally, leaves would swipe past my face, or slender limbs would snag at my clothes. With one hand, I pushed forward, stepping over roots and the brush that grew along side of the trail. After a few minutes, I heard Carrie giggling behind me.


"What?" I asked, half-turning me head.


Carrie picked some twigs out of her mass of hair and said, "Oh, these woods, Erica! I feel like every branch is caressing my body!

How do you do it?"


"Usually I'm running through here," I confessed to my naked friend, "not taking a leisurely stroll. Still…"


Carrie plucked a stray leaf from her pubic hair, and I could see she was moist down there. "Still, what, Erica?"


"Um… I guess there were some times, you know, when I was just so hot and excited… I would lay down on the ground and masturbate."


"Ohmygosh!" Carrie laughed. "You've played with yourself out here? So close to the park!"


Even though she was the one bare ass nude, I felt myself blush at the admission. All I could do was nod my head. I looked at Carrie with longing, maybe even a bit of envy.


"So where are you taking me?" the long-legged girl finally asked.


I told her that I had a surprise for her. Something to teach her lesson for being so naughty, and taking off all her clothes at the doctor's office. As I thought about it, I was amazed at how far we had ventured away from her things. We had walked at least a couple of miles, and the only clothing to be found, was on me! The idea sent a thrill of excitement up and down my spine. Carefully, I stepped onto the open path.


"Erica… I can't go out there!" Carrie whispered from behind the branches of a young sapling.


I smiled at her and said, "Oh, so now you’ve gone all bashful!"


"It's not that," she replied as she crossed an arm over her breasts and lowered a hand over her pussy. "I already told you that my nudity is really brazen, I mean I'm so out there! But now… I'm also kind of horny!"


Shaking my head to hide my grin, I answered, "Well, that's too bad. You wanted some excitement. Now come out here!"


Meekly, Carrie stretched out her bare leg, her toes daintily finding the light dirt path. It was fun to watch her squirming and shuffling forward, trying to keep her big boobs cradled in one arm. I pointed to a spot on the ground, and made her walk into the middle of the trail. Knowing that just the possibility of being caught increased her arousal, I wondered what would happen if a bike rider or jogger did pass us now. She would probably have an orgasm right in front of me!


Licking my lips, I slowly walked around the girl. Her knees were locked together, keeping one hand over her crotch. So I decided to admire her from behind. Carrie's ass was so round, and juicy. Smooth and golden, I finally couldn't help but place my palm on one of her cheeks.


"Put your hands on top of your head," I said, enjoying this newfound dominance.


She hesitated, and then Carrie shook out her long blonde hair. Reluctantly, she pulled her arms away from her body so that she could lock her fingers above her head. Perhaps out of reflex, she also separated her legs, positioning her feet about shoulder-width apart. A casual glance below saw that her labia were hanging down. I stepped fully behind my friend, and gave her ass a good squeeze.


"Oooooh!" she responded, even arching up on her toes.


Then I walked a few feet backward, leaving her standing there, completely on display. I really wanted to see if someone would come up the path in either direction. She would be so humiliated! I looked over my shoulder, but I didn't see anyone. Another minute passed, and I was getting pretty excited myself, from the anticipation. I could only imagine what Carrie was feeling. Finally, I figured it was time to move on.


"All right," I said as I walked past her, "You can come along and follow me if you wish…"


Stopping with hands on my hips, I flipped my hair over my shoulder kind of like the way Lisa used to do, and looked behind me. Carrie's hazel eyes were wide, and her hands still entwined above her head. With her breasts uncovered, I could see just how hard her nipples really were. I looked her up and down one more time, and then resumed my course down the path.


It didn't take long before the strawberry-blonde was shuffling next to my side, rubbing her bare arm against mine. The physical contact made my heart race, and I could feel that she was hot. She also smelled wonderful, the perfume of her hair mixing with her feminine musk.


"Where are we going, Erica?" she squeaked into my ear.


I said nothing, but continued to walk ahead until the trail ended in a T-section. A path branched off to the left and the right. In the middle, a wooden sign was posted with directions. One arrow indicated the direction to the campgrounds. The other… pointed the way toward a small miniature golf putting range that was annexed to the park.


Turning my head from the sign to smile at Carrie I said, "This ought to be fun!"


And just like that, I skipped down the trail, giggling with the possibilities. Carrie came bouncing up behind me, her boobs undulating and hips wiggling. She had her arms stretched out in front of her and at her side as she crept forward, almost as if she could no longer touch her body.


"Erica… you aren't taking me to the putting green, are you?" she reached out and tugged on my shirt. "There might be people there, and they will see me naked!"


I put my hand on her soft stomach, just above her pubic hair, and gently pushed away. "Maybe they will get quite an eyeful…"


"Oh!" Carrie groaned, but followed after my footsteps.


We rounded a bend in the trail, and I could see that ahead it would be opening up away from the trees. I could also see a small building, with the stand out front where they rented the clubs and golf balls. Feeling a twinge of guilt, I told Carrie to stay put while I scoped it out.


She was squatting in a crouch when I returned to tell her that the putting greens were empty this morning.


"The guy at the caddy shack is pretty cute," I said, smiling down at her. "So here's what I want you to do. While I go keep him occupied, you know, by talking to him about his stick and balls… you can run to the first tee. It's behind a high hedge, completely out of view."


Hugging her shoulders, Carrie tossed her mane of hair back and squealed, "Erica, what's gotten into you! Stick and balls, indeed! You can't honestly expect me to streak across the park golf course?"


"Well, it's not that far for you to go. The area is pretty small, mostly for families and kids." I glanced back over my shoulder, and then turned to my friend. "Just wait for me to engage the attendant."


"Oh sure, and then I'll just run stark naked to the first hole!" the blond girl pouted, even as I noticed a bit of pink peeking between her legs. "He probably goes to our college."


Licking my front teeth with my tongue, I answered, "Yeah… he's about nineteen or twenty. I'll ask him…"


And with that declaration, I spun around and began heading toward the end of the trail. As I had scouted earlier, the building was directly ahead, and the only other person around was inside. While I kept him occupied, Carrie would just need to sneak out and run to the side, around the hedge wall. Of course, she would be out in the open, in broad daylight. But it would be the one chance she would get.


"Hi!" I said pleasantly as I stepped up to the counter of the golf equipment shack.


The young man, lean and sprouting facial hair, raised his head from the magazine he was reading. "Oh, um… hello. Can I help you?"


I looked around coyly, teasing the ends of my shoulder-length hair with one hand. "I'd like a golf club, please."


"You want to play golf?" he asked, confused.

"By yourself? You don't really look dressed for it."


Amazingly, I felt my heart beating fast, as he checked out my slim figure and slender legs. I teased the hem of my skirt a little and said, "Um, yeah… that's all right."


Now feeling more mischievous, I stood up on the toes of my shoes and leaned forward. My elbows were on the counter, and the front of my shirt hung low. I know I don't have big titties like Carrie, but my breasts can be cute and perky. My nipples were sticking straight out at that moment, and I wasn't wearing a bra.


I lowered my eyes to check out the boy's crotch, and said, "I just want to work on my stroke."


The poor guy nearly fell out of his seat! He fumbled and stuttered, and finally asked what size I liked. Blushing, I told him it didn't matter. He then turned his back so that he could find me a suitable golf club.

It was then I turned my head and caught a glimpse of Carrie in the nude, walking out onto the grass. She looked uncertain of which way to go, and paused with both hands cupped over her pussy.


"Go that way!" I called out, swinging my arm to the side.


"What?" the attendant asked, starting to turn around.

Thinking quickly, I thrust my other finger forward, gesturing wildly. "No, that one!"


His eyes were drawn away from the spectacle of my naked friend creeping past the building, and toward a titanium putter mounted on the wall. He went to retrieve the club, and by the time he faced the counter, Carrie had vanished. The young man however, gave me a smirk.


"You like the good stuff, huh?" he chuckled.


I shrugged my shoulders, and tried to act casual.

"Yeah, well, only the best will do."


"By the way, my name is Ty," he then felt it appropriate to introduce himself. "Have I seen you before? Like maybe you go to my college…"


I think I was still blushing, and I answered with eyes lowered shyly, "My name is Erica. I'm starting my second year at school…"


"Yeah, I think you're in my World Literature class, or something! Anyway, listen, this kind of club is actually a little more expensive to rent. And only regular members are allowed to used it."


"Oh," I said in a small voice.


But then Ty leaned in close to the counter and whispered, "I can let you use it this morning, because no one else is scheduled, and my boss isn't around. But you have to promise me that you will return it to me as soon as you are finished, OK, Erica?"


"Thank you, Ty," I smiled at the young man, and then started to leave with the club held tightly in both hands.


"Erica!" he called out before I had even taken a step. "Don't forget your ball!"


Seeing the small dimpled golf ball on the counter, I giggled. I then took this between by thumb and forefinger and thanked the attendant again. He waved, and I kind of backed away slowly, our eyes still lingering. And then I spun around and skipped off toward the first tee with all the enthusiasm of a schoolgirl.


When I ducked behind the high wall draped in ivy and leaves, I nearly stumbled into Carrie. She bounced on her toes, one arm slung across her boobs, the other hanging down in front of her crotch. Apparently, she had stayed just out of sight around the corner, but had watched the whole rental exchange.


"Making new friends, are we?" she teased.


I gave her a wink and said, "I could always introduce you, if you like!"


"Ha ha," Carried laughed, "maybe later when I'm not so bare. Or maybe we could have a threesome!"


"Oh, Carrie, you are so horrible!" I said, using the end of the club to brush her arm away from her body. I touched her pussy with the leather grip.


"Say, that is a nice stick," she purred.


I held it there for a moment, wondering if I could even push it inside her. And then all my ideas, my planning, the whole point of this trip to the park, suddenly came together. I snapped the golf club up, resting it on my shoulder.


"We're going to have a contest," I informed Carrie.


Folding her arms across her tits, my friend said, "I am not playing nine holes of golf in the nude!"


"We don't need to," I tried to continue.

"Listen, you'll take the first turn. See how many puts it takes you to sink the first hole."


"That sounds dirty," Carrie giggled.


With a sigh, I went on, "Yeah, well, I think I can beat you. How ever many strokes it takes, I think I can do it in less."


"You are the expert on stroking, Erica!" my friend emphasized her innuendo by running a finger through her golden pubic hair.

"So what happens when you beat me? I'm already naked…"


I walked around her, measuring the distance from the starting tee to the first hole. "If I shoot under your par, then you have to masturbate right here on the green… with this club!"


"Oh wow…" Carrie gasped, her eyes wide.

"That's a lot. If I cum right now, I'll have a screaming orgasm! That will be so embarrassing, to do that in public!"


"I know," I smiled, returning to the tee and placing the golf ball.


The strawberry-blonde shyly tip toed over to stand next to me. "So what happens if I win?"


"What?" Momentarily distracted, I hadn't thought of that. I was wondering what the artificial grass beneath her feet felt like.


Carrie stroked her beautiful chin for a moment, and then said, "How about… if I get the ball in less strokes than you, then you have to give me your clothes to wear!"


"What?" I exclaimed again. "They will never fit!"


Cupping her big breasts in her hands and jiggling them up and down, my friend laughed, "I'll make do. But also, if you loose, you have to do whatever I tell you for the rest of the day!"


At this point, I was pretty sure I was going to win. I've played more than a few rounds of miniature golf with my family. But I can't ever imagine seeing busty Carrie doing this. I just wanted to get the whole thing over with, and complete her humiliation. So many times, I had been stripped and forced to pleasure myself, or tricked into playing with myself in front of everyone. Now it was time for me to be in control!


"Sure, sure… whatever," I waved away her stipulation, and presented her the titanium putter.


Since Carrie had to take the stick in both hands, she was unable to cover up at all. I had to admit she did look hot, standing there fully nude at the tee. She rubbed the toes of one foot behind her other leg, bashfully unsure of herself or what to do. Her eyes roamed down the length of the club, all the way to the little ball waiting at her bare feet. It was if she suddenly realized she would have to bend down a little to take a swing, and what a sight that would be!


"Try not to swing too hard," I felt it necessary to give her a bit of advice.


"Thanks, Erica!" she smiled warmly, and prepared to line up her shot.


Her heels were together, and she wiggled her toes on the green felt. Fingers were wrapped tightly around the leather grip of the golf club, one hand just below the other. As she bent forward in order to line the putter up with the ball, her naked breasts hung down. I could see that her pink nipples were still very erect. It seemed like she was taking a long time, almost deliberately drawing this out, but I didn't mind. I walked behind her, and watched Carrie wiggle her hips, her butt jiggling with the motion. From between her separated thighs, I could see her pink pussy lips.


Her stomach clenched, her ass cheeks clenched as her whole bare body tightened up. At the last second, she swung her head to look over her shoulder, as if to make sure no body would see her making this naked swing. Then she brought her hands back, opening up her stance.


It was like watching her in slow motion. With her legs parted, I saw her labia unfold and drop down. Then she brought her arms forward in a vigorous down stroke, the head of the club making contact with the ball.

Her boobs bounced wildly, her bottom undulating with the momentum of her swing.

It was such an erotic spectacle! I felt my own clitoris emerge out of its hood.


The ball soared into the air and made a glorious arch to land within a few yards of the first hole. It bounced on the green… once, twice, and then rolled toward the lip of the implanted cup. The ball teetered on the edge for a second, and then dropped in.


Carrie dropped her golf club and brought both hands to her mouth in amazement.


"Ohmygosh, Erica!" she cried. "Did you see that?"


Speechless, all I could do was continue to watch as she jumped up and down on her toes. She spun around, giving me an unobstructed look at every inch of her. I don't know if she was even aware of her nudity, but as she brought her hands to her head in disbelief, her breasts flopped around in playful circles. Then totally naked, she ran down to the hole in order to confirm her shot. Finally, I was forced to follow after her.


"Ohmygosh! That's what they call, like, a hole-in-one… right?" Carrie could not contain her exuberating joy.


I began to realize that she was not playing me, that this impossible shot was indeed a fluke, a freak of luck. I don't know how she did it, but my inexperienced friend did it, and without wearing any clothes! She was completely nude! I scratched my head bewildered.


"Now it's your turn, little Erica!" Carrie giggled.


Before she handed me the club, first my friend took me by wrist and gently placed my hand on her fuzzy vulva. My fingers sought her inviting lips, her hardened clit, and I could feel how hot and wet she was.


"For luck!" she moaned, and then Carrie kissed me on the lips.


While I was standing there breathless, she then took my hand and thrust the club into my trembling grip. What was going on? Carrie giggled and crouched down, her face just inches from the front of my skirt. But all she did was reach into the cup in the ground and retrieve the ball.


"Here you go, sweetie," she said standing back up with a bounce and a jiggle. "You go and take your shot, and I'll wait here. I don't want to distract you…"


Right. So I numbly took the little ball in the palm of my other hand and began to march back to the tee. I was dimly aware of the dimples being pressed into my skin, and I gripped the putter tightly. All I had to do was make a hole-in-one myself. Then we could play a tiebreaker on the second hole. And I was much better than Carrie at miniature golf. But if I didn't sink the ball on my first swing…


I began to line up the head of the golf club with the ball.

Concentration was key. I just had to take a nice, easy swing, not too hard. The same advice I had given to Carrie just moments ago. As I tried to get into a rhythm and comfortable stance, I realized that it would be tough to make this shot in my skirt. That must have been how my friend was able to get a hole-in-on, since she was not encumbered my pants, or underwear, or anything at all!


With that memory, I glanced up from the ball, and looked down the green fairway. Holding the flag that marked the first hole, Carrie stood facing me, full frontal. I mean, she wasn't covering up her tits or her pussy. Of course, at this distance, I couldn't make out her little pink details. But the fact that she was standing there stark naked, on one of the park's public putting greens, made my hands shake.


Before I could let myself get too nervous, I pulled back my hands, raising the club, and then bringing it down and across in one easy motion.


"Oh shit!" I cried.


Too late, my reckless swing hit the tee, knocking it of the felt surface. The ball popped in the air, slicing about a dozen yards ahead, and bounced in the middle of the track. Nowhere near the first hole. I saw Carrie do a jump in the air, spinning around, and showing me her bare ass in the process.


Part of me was embarrassed that I had made such a pathetic shot. I hugged my shoulders, and turned my head to look behind me. Also, I was worried about Carrie drawing any attention to us over here. As far as the caddy shack attendant knew, it was just me practicing alone on the course. And then I was fearful that other patrons of the park, families or kids, might arrive on the scene at any moment.


"Come over here, Erica!" my friend Carrie waved with her arm.


I hung my head in shame, but began to dutifully plod forward. Halfway up, taking measured steps, I paused to retrieve the golf ball.

I guess I could have taken another shot, but what was the point? Carrie already beat me. Before I knew it, I found myself standing across from her, the hole in the ground between us.


Nude, the strawberry-blonde folded her arms over her breasts and evaluated me. "I think I want you take off your shoes, Erica."


"But they won't fit you," I said miserably.


Carrie looked down at my feet, but insisted. "I want to try."


Well, I had lost the bet, as improbable as that had been, and now I had to listen to her demands. With a deliberate huff, I crouched down so I could undo the strap at my ankle. I unclasped each one, and then standing up, kicked off both my shoes. As I predicted, Carrie could just manage to slip her toes inside, but was unable to squeeze her heel the rest of the way in. My feet are just too cute and little. I also realized that the feel of the felt surface was kind of nice beneath my soles.


"All right, I guess I won't be wearing these," my friend acknowledged. "But I will carry them with me so it looks like I juts took off my shoes for a barefoot stroll."


I couldn't help but giggle, "And a bare everything stroll!"


Immediately, I wished I hadn't said that. Carrie smiled at me and then lowered her eyes to look down the length of her own naked body. She rubbed her hand on her sexy stomach, making a circle around her bellybutton.

Her pussy was opened up pink, and the sunlight seemed to glisten off her golden pubic hair.


"Time to cover up this girl," my friend declared.

"Erica, give me your skirt."


"Oh, but you know it will be too tight!" I whined, even as my fingers fidgeted for the zipper at my side.


Carrie held out her arm, saying, "I've worn tight skirts before."


Soon, the material slipped through my hands, gliding down my slender nineteen-year-old legs. I couldn't believe I was standing here on the miniature golf course of a public park! Stepping to the side, I looked down to see I was wearing no shoes or socks or pants or skirt. My hands reflexively crossed over the front of my panties.


"You look so cute like that!" Carrie exclaimed, and waited for me to pick up my own shirt and hand it to her. "Just like a little girl…"


Once she had the item, she wasted no time wrapping it around her hips. Of course, the strawberry-blonde young woman was several inches taller than me, so the hem fell just at the top of her thighs. She had to wiggle around a bit, to hold the sides together and pull up the zipper. I told her she was going to stretch the material, but she only stuck her tongue out at me! So much for being a good sport.


Still topless, Carrie placed her hands on her hips and said, "Now give me you shirt!"


"Oh, but…" I squirmed, arching up on the toes of one foot, keeping a hand in front of my damp panties, and the other tugging the bottom of my sleeveless top.


"Come on," she snapped her fingers impatiently.

"You enjoyed a free boob show for long enough. Now its time for me to cover up!"


I didn't know what to do. I was standing here in my underwear. There was no way I could find the words to argue, and besides, I had lost the bet. Slowly, I turned around so that my back was facing Carrie. Now both my hands gripped the bottom of my shirt. I closed my eyes and peeled the material up my body, up and over my head!


"Erica, you're not wearing a bra!" my friend said with a giggle.


"No," I replied, clutching the shirt to my chest.


Carrie continued, "Well, come on, turn around and let me see your titties."


Of course, I had no choice but to face forward once more.

Reluctantly, I dropped my arms to my sides. I know she had seen my small breasts before, but having spent all morning running around with her and her big bouncing boobs, made me feel really self-conscious. And on top of that, my long pink nipples were very erect.


"Precious," Carrie commented as she took my shirt away from me.


Now I was even more embarrassed, as a blush spread over my body from my ears down to the tips of my toes. I shifted my arms, bringing one up to hold across my tits, and I kept one hand lowered in front of my panties.

I couldn't believe I was out here in just a pair of little white underpants!

While my busty friend pulled my top over her head, I looked around nervously, my heart beating faster.


Of course, she was just able to squeeze her head through my top, and it only barely covered her breasts. Her stomach and lower back were in full view. In fact, combined with the tight black skirt that looked more like a belt, Carrie had a very promiscuous appearance. If it were possible, I'd say she looked hotter than when she was naked. But then, at least she did have all her parts covered up. She would have to be careful how she walked.


"All… all right," I stammered, flustered by my near nudity. "Where do we go from here?"


Carrie in fact moved around easily in my ill-fitting clothes, and bent at her knees to pick up the golf club. "First, I think you are supposed to return this to the equipment shack!"


"Oh!" I gasped, immediately bringing my hands up to hide my breasts, just close enough for my nipples to tickle my palms.

"You… you're going to make me return the golf club in just my panties?"


"No, that would be silly," Carrie giggled. "I want you to remove your underwear!"


Now I dropped my arms to my sides again, this time in shock.

Was she serious, or just kidding? I mean, I couldn't show myself to that guy who went to our college! And she wanted me to walk right up to him, stark naked? I just stood there, my bare tits sticking out as my toes curled on the ground.


"What's the matter, Erica?" my friend smiled and started to walk around me.


When she stood behind me, Carrie gently placed the head of the golf club on my back. The cool metal on my skin made my arms spring out to either side like airplane wings. I remained in that position as she traced the club down the supple curve of my spine, as my nipples grew long and hard. By the time she reached the elastic band of my panties, I had arched up on my tiptoes.


I heard the golf club drop to the ground behind me, bouncing to the turf. And then Carrie's hands were on my hips, causing me to close my eyes. Swiftly, she grabbed the silk material of my underwear and pulled down.

They fell to my feet, and I lifted one at a time in order to step out of my last piece of clothing. For some reason, I returned my toes to the ground with legs separated farther than before.


I was naked. Naked on the first hole of the park's miniature golf course! Suddenly, I opened my eyes as if I couldn't believe this was happening, or maybe hope that I would wake from a bad dream. As if seeking more proof, I lifted my fingers to brush my nipples shyly, to run down my stomach and touch my bare pussy, and then slapped both my hands on the smooth cheeks of my ass.


"Oh!" I finally gasped.


Then I bent fully at the waist, letting my hair hang down over my head. I'm pretty trim, so I can easily touch my toes while keeping my legs perfectly straight. Looking upside down between my legs, I could see Carrie laughing.


"Ooooh, what a nice rosebud, Erica!" she giggled.


Ohmygosh, she was talking about my little anus! I was showing her so much, yet I remained in this position, perhaps waiting for my friend to stick her finger in my ass.

Instead, I watched her crouch down carefully to pick up my panties, and then she strolled past me without even a pat on the butt.


Straightening myself again, I stepped fully nude over to her side, and asked, "Where… where are you going?"


"I've got to watch you bring back the golf club,"

Carrie said, while casually dangling my shoes on the tips of her fingers.


I took one look down at my body, and then back at the strawberry-blonde young woman. "You're really going to make me do it? I mean… I am so naked! What was that you said earlier, how it didn't seem right for you to be seen without any clothes on?"


Carrie turned to face me, standing so close that our toes touched. "Yes, but you're so cute when you're nude, Erica!"


"Thanks… but… well, just look at my breast, and how long my nipples are!" I said blushing. "And, and, I'm absolutely hairless so I'm just showing nothing but pink!"


As if on cue, Carrie traced a finger around my bellybutton and down to my most sensitive folds of skin, which caused my clitoris to spring out fully erect. "Yes, it sure looks like he will be getting an eyeful."


And that brought an end to any further discussion.

Speechless, I watched Carrie spin around, moving closer to the edge of the wall so she could peer past the hedges and see the equipment shack. I was at a loss.

But we had made a bet, and I now I had to do as she said. Also, I did promise Ty that I would bring the expensive club back to him. I just never thought it would be like this!


Flustered and nervous, my heart beating wildly, I returned to the golf club lying the ground. The metal was cool in my grip, reminding me of my total nudity. I also retrieved the golf ball that we had left rolling on the turf. This, I squeezed tight in one hand as butterflies filed my tummy. The club I held between my breasts, the head hanging in front of my crotch to hide my little pussy.


"You look so adorable!" Carrie giggled as I slowly walked past her.


Thinking about it, I probably should have run straight over to the caddy shack, so I would not get caught by anyone else, and also to get this over with as soon as possible. But I could not will my legs to move any faster. I was somehow delighting in the sensations of my bare feet when I finally reached the real grass of the park grounds. With measured steps, I walked closer and closer to the small building, completely naked.


I could see the young man, Ty, sitting behind the counter.

He was once more absorbed in reading his magazine. I wondered if I was forgotten already. Glancing to my side, I noted my smooth round shoulder, and the sun beat down on my back and bare ass. I'm really not an exhibitionist, and I was so embarrassed to be doing this.


My feet shuffling through the grass probably alerted him to my presence. As I neared the counter, he looked up from the magazine and then went back to reading. And then he did a double take, unable to believe his eyes.


"Oh… wow!" the young man gasped, sitting up in his chair.


My nude hips were fully in view, of course, as were my small tits with nipples sticking straight out. One arm hung down at my side, and I squeezed the golf ball tighter. But I was very careful with my other arm, to hold the club as still as possible, covering my bald pussy. I realized that Carrie, looking on like a voyeur, had a clear view of my naked little bottom.


Ty, now started to get to his feet and asked, "Erica… what happened?"


"I decided to take off my shoes," I answered, making this up as I went along.


"Your shoes?" Ty pressed himself forward to look over the counter, to see my toes in the grass, and the length of my totally bare slender legs.


My clit pushed against the head of the golf club and I gasped, "Um… yes. My shoes were too uncomfortable for me to walk around on the green. And I was having a hard time practicing my swing, so I took off my skirt, too."


"You took off your skirt…" the young man repeated, amazed.


I couldn't believe I was talking to this guy who was in my college English class, and might be in more classes this year, standing here nude. My toes curled, and my sensitive nipples started poking toward the sky.

Only the wide head of the putter hid my shaved slit, which had opened.


"And then it was just so hot," I continued, "and you said no one else would be around, so I took off my top. But I don't have a bra on today."


Ty gave a soft chuckle, "I can see that."


Ohmygosh! He could also see how hard my nipples were, and I pictured him tweaking them and sucking on my tits. I'm sure he could tell how horny I was.


"Well, I figured, what the hell… you know?" I giggled nervously. "And I removed my underwear."


Shaking his head, the young man said, "So you stripped off on the golf course, and practiced naked? That's pretty hot!"


"Um, yeah, it is… I mean it was!"


A moment of awkward silence passed between us, which seemed to last forever, until Ty cleared his throat. "I suppose I need to take that golf club back from you, Erica."


Realizing that this golf club was all I was wearing, I reluctantly answered, "Oh… right."


Ty swept his palm across the counter and said, "You can lay the club right here."


I lowered my eyes and saw my nipples quivering to either side of the titanium shaft. The head was steady between my legs for a moment longer. I took a deep breath, and then raised the club to drop it on the counter. Immediately, I cupped my other hand, the one that was holding the golf ball, over my pussy. Secretly I rolled the dimpled ball over my clit, making a small moan.


"Was it good for you?" the young man asked.


"What?" I gasped, a little startled, as I hadn't even had an orgasm yet. But I was very close.


Then Ty explained, "The golf club… it's really sweet.

Perfectly balanced, one of the finest pieces of equipment we have. It kind of suits you, Erica."


I blushed, but said nothing.


"I'm going to need the ball back, if you're done with it," he added.


Ashamed because I had been slowly masturbating with the little sphere, I was quick to place it on the counter next to the club. But this time, I brought my hand down, lowering my arm to my side. As I lifted my other hand to tease the ends of my hair, I stood before the young man with everything on display. Nothing was left to the imagination. Shyly, I took a step forward and let my fingers fall on the edge of the counter. Naked, I crouched down, feeling my pink labia hang between my legs.


"Listen, um, Ty… this is really embarrassing," I confessed.


He just smiled down at me for a moment, and then told me I had no reason to be ashamed! He took my little fingers in his hands and asked me to stand up again. Slowly, I agreed, even allowing the young man to lift my arms as I straightened up to stand on my toes. Now I was really showing everything, giving him a good look at my pussy. All pink and hairless, my clit sticking out of its hood. But when he let go his hold, my first instinct was to bring my arms to my chest, crossing my wrists so that the elbows covered my small tits.


I couldn't believe I was just letting this guy look at me!

It felt so dirty, but the sensations I was getting were also unbelievable. When he asked me to turn around, I just dropped my hands to my sides and slowly spun until I was facing the golf course. I closed my eyes, because I half-expected to be a line of people there, witnessing my total nudity. But I also relished the thought of Ty checking out my bare ass, my tight and supple behind.


"Hey, Erica," he said in a husky voice, causing me to look over my shoulder. "Do you want to come back around and hang out inside the shack?"


He adjusted his pants a little, and I knew what he had in mind. Of course, I was very horny too, so the offer was tempting. I wouldn't mind him playing with me, even teasing and fingering me, but I had a feeling it would go further than that. Technically, I was still a virgin, having never been penetrated by a man. And now I was really confused with emotions, between what my body wanted to do, and what my head said I shouldn't do.


I had moved around to the side of the equipment shack, and look inside with longing. Just at that moment, from seemingly out of nowhere, Carrie came walking up to us. Suddenly, I felt all self-conscious again. I threw an arm across my breasts while slipping a hand down in front of my crotch. She had my shoes that didn't fit her hooked on a finger and slung over one shoulder. Dressed in my skirt that was too tight and only came down to the tops of her thighs, the strawberry blonde was all legs and bare feet. And beneath my top that she was wearing, her big tits heaved.


"Isn't Erica just so cute!" Carrie said as she slapped my ass, causing me to bounce up on my toes.


Ty looked from me to my friend, back and forth between us.

His eyes darted from totally naked me, to busty Carrie who left little to the imagination. I think it was just dawning on him that she was dressed in the clothes I had been wearing earlier. He looked very confused.


Meanwhile, Carrie slipped behind me and moved my arms out of the way. She just couldn’t resist the urge to keep me exposed. But then she slid her own arm around my body, letting her hand rub down my stomach. Gently, she used two fingers to spread apart my pussy. I just closed my eyes and whimpered. She was going to masturbate me, and make cum right in front of this guy!


Or so I thought.


Instead, after a moment of holding me in this embrace, Carrie called out over my shoulder, "Sorry, Ty, but this show is over.

Erica is coming with me!"


And just like that, my friend took me by the hand and started pulling me away from the golf course. We were headed back toward the trails that led into the park. She had my shoes in one hand, and naked me following after. It was hard to keep up with her long strides, so I just scampered along with my little tits and bare butt bouncing.


The two of us retraced our steps from earlier in the morning. Carrie even made me stand in that same place in the middle of the path, legs separated and hands on my head. Only this time, after what seemed an eternity of standing there with my nude body on display, someone did pass by riding a bike!


"Eeeek!" I squealed, hearing the tires skid on the dirt trail.


At that moment, Carrie grabbed me again, and took me into the woods off to the side. We ran past the leaves and snagging branches, not daring to look behind us. But all the strain of running and scrambling finally took its toll on my skirt that never really fit the taller blonde in the first place. As we reached the edge of that neighbor's property line, I looked down and saw that it was no longer around Carrie's waist.

"Ohmygosh, you're bottomless!" I pointed and covered my mouth in shock.

Carrie look down and said, "Oh… I know! And I dropped your shoes somewhere back there, sorries!"

OK, so now we were down to just one article of clothing between us. What a sight we made, two nineteen-year-old girls streaking across some stranger's lawn. I could feel the wind caress my completely bare body, rushing past my flapping pussy lips. I wondered what it felt like for Carrie, the wind whistling through her pubic hair.

We snuck behind one of the wide trees that lined the street, in order to catch our breath and appraise the situation. I was just peeking ahead to see if the coast was clear, when I I heard Carrie muttering behind me.

Not thinking anything at first, I reach out to take my friend by the hand, and pull her after me as I stepped into the deserted road. There was some resistance, and then Carrie stumbled along right next to me.

 "Erica!" she gasped.

I turned my head only to see that my worn and flimsy top, stretched beyond possibility when Carrie had been wearing it, had gotten stuck on the bark of the tree and had torn. My eyes shifted, and locked on Carrie's pretty hazel eyes. Then I looked down and saw that she was completely naked again… just like me!

"Come on, I've still got the keys!" she held her fist up triumphantly.

Well, it was every girl for herself now, as we bounded down the street toward the parking lot of the professional office building. My nipples were sticking straight out as I ran, and watched Carrie's luscious bottom bounce. I could just picture her tits swinging up and down wildly.

Needless to say, she was the first one to reach her car. She opened the lock, and wasted no time pulling on her skirt and throwing her sweater over her head to conceal her chest. By the time I caught up with her, she was fully dressed. I was left stark naked and blushing.

She made me stay that way as we drove back to her house. I couldn't believe that she was the one who started all this, Carrie had been the one to strip off in the first place, yet somehow I had lost all my clothes! It just didn't seem fair. But then, by the time we made it up to her room, I really didn't care.

I let my friend make love to me, and she gave me an incredible orgasm. As we cuddled afterward on the bed, her finger lazily tracing my slender body, Carrie cupped my chin and kissed me on the lips.

"You have very pretty eyes, Erica," she said.

Leaving me as confused as ever.

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