P.E. by Freddy

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P.E. by Freddy

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Freddy wrote: P.E. by Freddy

P.E. was always one of Emily's favorite classes in high school. Unfortunately for her, today would prove to be one the worst days of her life. To start off, Emily woke up very late. She was rushing to get ready and discovered that she had no clean underwear. No bra or panties. Emily decided she would just have to go without any not thinking about P.E. when she would have to change.
Come time for that class, she opened her locker to find no gym shorts.
"Does anybody have any gym shorts I could borrow," Emily asked. Everybody shook their heads no. Emily went to check the extra clothes bucket. All that was in there was one large pair of gym shorts. "This will have to do," Emily said. She went into the stall to change. Claire wondered why Emily did that. The shorts were much too big. Emily tried tying the knot at the front. But even then, they came half way down her ass and revealed her pussy. While holding them up further, Emily went to ask the gym teacher, Mr. Fredrickson if she could sit out today. "Absolutely not," he said. "You've already sat out too many. Anymore and you will fail this class." Emily did not want that. She decided she would just have to try to hold them up the whole class.
But of all days, today they were doing rope climbing. Emily tried everything she could to put off being the one going up. But for some reason, all the girls were trying to volunteer her. "Ok Emily, you go," Mr. Fredrickson said. Her heart sank. "Please, no," she said. "It wasn't a request," he replied. "NOW!" Emily reluctantly obliged. "This should be good," Claire whispered to Zoey. Emily tried her best to tie the shorts up. She managed to make it pretty tight hoping it would last long enough.
Emily began to climb and almost immediately, she could feel the shorts trying to slip. God no, Emily thought. Anything but that. She tried keeping them up by bending her legs. It was taking a long time for her to climb. "Hurry up Emily," Mr. Fredrickson said. "Others want their turns!" "Not really." Claire said. She went around whispering to everyone about Emily's current situation. They all lit up, especially the boys. "C'mon Emily," one boy shouted out. Emily's legs got really tired and she couldn't take it anymore. She unbent them and immediately, the shorts began to slip revealing the top part of her ass and pussy. Everyone started to laugh. "Somebody forget underwear today," Claire said. Emily turned red faced. She tried again to hold her shorts up. But it was to no avail. They slipped some more. "Emily, speed it up and you WILL fail this class," Mr. Fredrickson said probably aware of her situation. But not caring.
Emily tried to go faster while keeping her shorts up. But it was no use. They slipped halfway down her ass. "Yeah, look at that ass," a boy said. The shorts continued slipping until they were finally all the way off her and they fell to the ground leaving Emily completely bottomless. Everyone burst out laughing. Emily came back down and tried running to the locker room. Some boys and girls chased after her. Emily made it inside. But the girls that followed her grabbed a hold of her. "Where do you think you're going," Claire said. "You gave us a great show. Might as well complete it." The other girls held onto Emily while Claire grabbed the sides of her shirt. "No, please," Emily said. But Claire didn't listen. She pulled the shirt up over and off Emily revealing her big breasts and her completely nude. "I think the boys would like to see," Claire said. She went over to the door and brought some in while the others held onto Emily. "Holy shit," one said. Emily was red all over now. The boys with their bones began feeling her ass and boobs. Emily started to feel wet. "Look," Claire said pointing at Emily's wet pussy.. "She's enjoying it!" "I think she'll enjoy this more," a boy said. He began rubbing her pussy while the others continued to rub her boobs and slap her ass. Emily started to moan. She also began to cry. "Don't cry," one of the girls said. "You know you love it!"
Just as Emily was on the verge of orgasm, one of other gym teachers. She gasped when she saw what was happening. Everyone turned around and immediately stopped. "Hi Ms. Almido," Claire said. "What is going on here," she said. "Uh, nothing." "What are you doing to her?!?" Emily felt saved. "Well," Claire said. "She wore too big gym shorts with no underwear!" "Is that so," Ms. Almido said. "Well," Emily replied. "Yes. But I had no clean underwear and no gym shorts of my-" "I don't want to hear it," Ms. Almido interrupted. "Come with me Emily." "What," Emily said. "What did I do?" "You're in trouble for violating the school dress code!" Emily could not believe what she was hearing. "But they were the ones tak-" "No more buts," Almido interrupted. "We've already seen yours!" Everyone else laughed. "Now, go," Almido said. "Bu-" "What did I just say?" Almido grabbed Emily by the arm and began dragging her out of the locker room. "At least let me put something on," Emily said. "Nope. You wanted to be this way." "No I didn't!" "Now you're just being contradictory. You better stop or your punishment will be worse!" Emily just shut up as the teacher dragged her out of the locker room butt naked. The rest of the class noticed and began laughing hard including Fredrickson.
Emily started to cry again and she was dragged nude into the hallway. Luckily for her, the bell hadn't rung. But of course unlucky for her, she was being dragged to the principal's office for an unfair punishment. When they got there, the principal immediately grew wide eyed. "Emily," he said. "Where are your clothes?" "I can expa-" "No need to," Almido interrupted. "She decided to wear underwear today and long gym shorts so she could reveal herself to everyone." "That is not tru-" "Hush!" The principal thought for a moment. "Well, Emily," the principal said. "Since this is what you wanted, you will let everybody see you nude by doing custodian work the rest of the day." "I already tried telling you this is no-" "Yeah yeah, we've heard it. Now hush!" "Come with me," the principal said. Emily followed him to the custodian supply closet. "Now clean the school," he said. "Can I at least put som-" "Nope. Now do it!" The principal walked back to his office while Emily started cleaning while very tear eyed. Eventually, the bell rang and people came out of the classrooms immediately pointing at her and laughing. Emily tried to ignore them. But then, boys came up to slap her ass and grab her boobs. This happened for the rest of the day. Emily still nude as can be ran to grab her backpack out of the locker and ran to her car with people of course still pointing and laughing and now taking pictures. She got home and her mom was there waiting for an explanation. Emily now crying explained what happened. Her mom immediately called the school for an explanation. They gave the same bullshit story. But Emily's mom was siding with her. "I'm suing your asses for humiliating my girl," she said.
Emily's mom did just that. The teachers and principal each knew the real story. But went against it because they were all perverts and hated Emily. Almido was also a well known sex offender who shouldn't have been able to be a teacher. They were all arrested while the students who were involved were suspended for 90 days. Unfortunately for Emily, the rest of the school saw as well and until she switched schools the following year, she was known as Ms. Nudey Pants and people constantly pulled her shorts and panties down in the halls and lifted up her shirt and bra.
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Re: P.E. by Freddy

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good story even gave an ending nice.
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Re: P.E. by Freddy

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Wow, I forgot this was a story I actually wrote, lol. Damn, I made a lot of mistakes though.
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