A Tangled Web

Stories about girls getting pantsed, stripped and humiliated by anyone or anything.
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Re: A Tangled Web

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Life’s a dream! Or maybe a movie. Either way the star is my buck naked sister!!!

Mom and Dad have been out and about quite a bit as of late and little do they know how bad they’ve actually punished Bailey. Or perhaps not? I can’t fight the feeling she actually likes it…why else would she constantly put herself in bare ass situations when she knows we’re home alone and I’m going to capitalize?

I’ve reached the point where I have zero inhibitions. Two cameras in Bailey’s room got redundant and I so I dared to do what I’ve been too scared to try thus far – a bathroom cam! It took me a few showers to get the timing right but when I did – oh baby!

Bailey was working out in our basement since she was grounded from using the school gym. I went into our bathroom and let my phone sit on a shelf facing the shower as well as the central area. It was glaringly obvious when I stepped away and I decided it was too risky. In a rush, I cut off the bottom of a bottle of cleaning fluid and shoved the phone upward into it. I crudely poked a hole into the container – large enough so the lens could see out. If Bailey touched this bottle I’d be fucked, but I was banking on her basically never being a cleaning mood. Once I was satisfied with my work, I escaped downstairs.

My sis showered, treated me to a full frontal look on her walk to her bedroom, and shut her door. I ran in the bathroom, grabbed the phone, and went down to the basement to enjoy it.

The view was perfect, I could pretty much see the whole bathroom. Bailey entered in a nonchalant manner – still dressed in her workout t shirt and athletic shorts. Her hair was pulled up into a tight ponytail and she was wearing one of those sporty headbands. She checked herself out in the mirror, and struck a few poses. She reached her arms up and untied her ponytail – allowing her hair to flow messily down to her shoulders. She took off her headband and placed it on the counter.

She crossed her arms and pulled her t shirt up and over her head – revealing to me a colorful tie dye sports bra. I was already hard. The bra came off and her naked cans nestled around on the top her chest. Bailey didn’t immediately go for her shorts. Instead, she did something I hadn’t yet got the pleasure of witnessing. She fondled her titties! I geeked out over seeing my sister jiggle and caress her boobies – Man I need to get myself another feel of these things! She even squeezed them together in the center of her chest and lifted them up to her chin!!! As exciting as that was, the best was yet to come.

Bailey untied the drawstring of her shorts and let them drop to her ankles. She walked around the bathroom dressed in only a pink pair of booty shorts. She pulled the shower curtain open and bent over to turn the water on. The stretchy material hugged her waist and rode up her ass. She moved back to the middle of the room and admired herself as the water heated up. She was talking to herself – or rather singing to herself. She made a variety of “cutesy” faces in the mirror. Bailey’s fingers slid down her flat tummy and found the waistband of her underwear. She peeled the top of the panties down just barely, and some sharp tan lines came into view. She stared back into the mirror and gave a sultry look. Her bottom lip hung low, and then she slowly brought it up and gave it a sensual nibble. Her eyebrows raised in a “should I?” expression. Holy shit she would DIE if she knew I was invading her little private fantasy like this!!! And then…

I felt like a sports broadcaster.


Bailey slid her panties to her ankles and stepped out of them. Well, hello my sister’s lil’ bald snatch! Long time no see, how do you do?!

It wasn’t over.

Bailey continued humming a song and as her volume raised, her hips began to gyrate. There’s no way I was witnessing this.

“I might be bad but I’m perfectly good at it!” Bailey hummed the beat but not the words and as she did, she shook her perky bare ass, her smooth coochie, and her PHAT titties for my camera!!!! She 360ed and I got a crystal-clear shot of all of her. GOD DAMN Bailey can move her body when she wants to!!! She bounced her butt cheeks up and down and I fantasized about them rhythmically clapping my cock as I made a mess into some tissues.

Bailey’s dance ended briefly after. She picked her clothes up off the floor, opened the bathroom door, and cautiously looked out. She hurried out into the hallway, presumably to drop her clothes in the laundry basket. Once she re-entered the bathroom and shut the door, she stepped into the shower and I allowed the video to play through so I could recharge myself.

10 minutes later the water turned off. The curtain jostled around for 30 seconds.


It swung open and unveiled my sis’ wet naked body! Her hair was now dark brown and clung to the tops of her chest. She bent forward and wrung it out and her jugs swung down in front of her. Why had I taken so long to go for this?!

She stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself up in a towel cocoon. She dried herself off and I slowly rubbed my dick to the new views and angles I got of her private parts. Once she was dry, she hung the towel up on the rack. She went back to the mirror, and began carefully inspecting her body. I’m not a narcissist, but I like to think she was making sure everything looked good for me! She checked out her boobs and her butt and even took a close look at her pussy.

Bailey readied herself for the show she was about to bless me with. She took a couple of deep exhales and winced – still not fully comfortable with allowing her little brother to examine her in her birthday suit! She swung the door open and exited the bathroom. I’ve been missing out, but this month I am going to feast!


A couple of bathroom spies later I decided I needed to see what was going on behind that shower curtain. I set my phone up and waited about 5 minutes after I heard the water turn on. I went and grabbed my little wire key. I tried to be quiet, but the lock always gives a loud click when it releases. I entered the bathroom.

“Ben???....” I heard my sister’s voice from behind the curtain but she didn’t peek out. I grabbed her towel and tossed it outside the room and closed the door behind me. I maneuvered myself so my hidden phone could still see around me.

“SHOWTIME!!!!!” I ripped the shower curtain open baring my wet nekked sister!

“BEN!!” Bailey screamed and covered her rack.

My eyes darted downward to find her cooch, but I couldn’t see it – because it was lathered with shaving cream!!!


“GET THE FRICK OUT OF HERE, BEN!!!” Bailey still had her arms crossed over her breasts. She saw my child-like glee as I processed her foam-covered snatch – and what it meant.

“Can I watch you do it?” I nodded at her razor on the shower shelf.

“NO!” She spat. “GET OUT!!!”

“Pleeeeeaaaaase!? Just this one time, real quick, and I’ll leave you alone!”

“NO. SICKO!” Bailey reached up with one hand and bits of a nip spilled out. She grabbed the shower head and turned it on me.

“Hahaha you really think that’s gonna get me out of here!?” I jumped out of the water’s path and the floor became flooded around me. “You’re stuck!” I pointed at the empty towel rack.

A wave of horrific realization spread across her face. She gave me her familiar shoulder slump and pouted for a bit. “Fine. You can see my boobs,” she muttered in a pitiful fashion. She reached up, now with both arms, and moved the shower head back into the tub. In doing so, she allowed me to gawk at her sudsy naked boobies! They were wet and soft and soapy and my boner was about to explode off my groin just like her tits were exploding off her chest! I made no attempt to hide my erection and let it point and stretch my shorts out right toward Bailey’s eyes. She scowled at it. “DON’T TAKE IT OUT…” She warned. “You got to see, okay? Now let me finish, and I’ll walk down the hallway for you and you can see the rest.”

“Hmmmm…” I fake-pondered. “NO DEAL!” I reached out and grabbed her tits, one in each hand! They were so warm and firm but still squishy and jiggly and I can see why Bailey plays with them!

“BEN STOP!!!” Bailey squealed. She jumped in shock and her titties bounced but I didn’t let go. I was holding on for dear life.

“HONK! HONK!” I made immature sound effects as I squeezed them one after another.


“You will?!” My enthusiasm caused me to lose hold of her cans and she spun away, giving me nice looks at her athletic bare ass. She turned back to face me and grimaced. “I’m not leaving.” I said.

My sister rolled her eyes in disgust…then grabbed her razor.

Nine months ago, I had discovered she did it. Five months later I got to see her touch it up on camera. Now, I watched in joyful disbelief, as my sister Bailey shaved her vagina barer than bare – right in front of me!!!! Strips of shaving cream were methodically razored clean, and her sexy little coin-slot-slit was slowly revealed in all its glory. Bailey hunched forward with her titties swinging free and carefully tidied up her pussy. When she was done, she scowled at me with repulsion. “I’m done.” She shook her head.

“I’m not!” I replied. And quick as The Flash, I fired my fingers out in front of me, and groped ALL over my sis’ freshly shaved vagina!!!! “IT’S SOOO BALD!!!” I announced with fascination. And it was warm and slippery and TIGHT :shock: , and a million other adjectives, but I couldn’t get all those words out before bailey slapped me in the face.

“LIITTLE PERVERT FREAK!! FUCK YOU BEN!!!” Bailey grabbed a bottle of her shampoo and squirted it right in my eyes.

“OWWW!!!” I yelled as the chemicals stung and blurred my vision. “BITCH!”




“And YOU deserve this!!” I ripped my shorts down to my ankles and pulled my dick out. I began furiously stroking it.


I blinked the tears out of my eyes and opened them. Bailey had backed herself into the corner of the shower. She was desperately trying to cover up and her eyes were locked on my cock which only made me harder. Harder than I’ve ever been before.

With my shirt still on I stepped into the shower with my sister.

“BEN AHHHHHHH!!!” Bailey squealed but had nowhere to run.

I stepped toward her.

“BEN NOOOO!!!!” She cried.

My rock had penis was only inches away from my sis. She reached out with her top hand to swat at it, while her bottom hand cupped her snatch. Her glistening boobies had a party on her chest – thrilled to be freed once again. I reached out with both hands and pried away Bailey’s last line of defense. Her baby-bald vagina was back on the menu and my eyes and cock feasted. I advanced. My cock was touching her!!! My cock was touching my sister!!! It brushed against her belly button and then slipped upward and pointed at her chin. My shaft lied flat against Bailey’s tummy and my balls pressed against her smooth, pillow-like mound.

“BENNNNN!!!!!” She exploded louder than ever but I didn’t care, I was miles past the point of no return.

I grabbed her ass cheek with one hand and directed my boner downward with the other. I had no idea what my goal was but seeing my rock hard cock centimeters from my sister's smokin hot hairless snatch was pure erotic ecstasy. I continued pressing down on my dick and stepped forward. With how soapy and wet everything was my penis had no issues slithering right on in between Bailey’s legs! OH…..MY…..GOD WAS IT HEAVEN!!!! Warm and snug and slippery and I couldn’t last any longer. My sister clenched her athletic thighs to prevent my penis from moving upward….into you know where. I busted a gallon of hot jizz all over the insides of her legs and she unleashed her wrath on me.


Bailey rained fists down on the top of my head. She said nothing as she did it.

“OWWW!!! OWWW! STOP!!” I pleaded.

She didn’t. She continued to connect on painful blows and I made an effort to get out of the shower. Unfortunately, with how disoriented I was, and with how slick the floor was, I face planted forward when stepping over the tub.

“GET YOUR NASTY PIMPLY ASS OUT OF HERE YOU FUCKING LOSER!!!” Bailey hissed with disdain. She grabbed a bar of soap and chucked it at my back and it hurt like a bitch.

“I’m going, I’m going!” I whimpered.


I obeyed her wishes. I grabbed my shorts and boxers off the floor and ran out of there before Bailey could see the tears in my eyes. I hung the towel back on the rack and locked the door as I left.


I knew I had crossed the line. Not that I hadn’t before. But this was it. I had ruined it for good.

And then I watched the footage.

After I left, Bailey didn’t close the shower curtain. Probably to keep an eye on the bathroom in case I tried anything else. and because there was already a mess all over the floor anyway. She spent a good deal of time washing off the insides of her thighs – understandably – but when she finished...the shower head lingered around her pussy. My jaw dropped to the floor as my sister closed her eyes and breathed deeply, sensually maneuvering the water jet around her clit! Now I don’t know if she came or not, but what I do know is that she certainly wasn’t as repulsed as I initially feared regarding the whole incident. That said, I still gave her two weeks of reprieve – of everything – before she came to me.

“Ben, we need to talk.”
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Re: A Tangled Web

Post by drew »


“You can’t do this stuff, Ben,” I cautioned to my little brother on a late Friday night after my parents had gone to bed. It was a few weeks after he had…well I can’t even say what he did. But it was bad. Worse than anything he’s done before, if that tells you anything. I had avoided him since, and to my amazement, he had avoided me. He hadn’t even sat in his room after my showers.

“Okay…” he couldn’t look at me.

“I’m serious, Ben. I could literally have you put in jail for what you did!”

“I know,” he muttered. “I’m sorry,” he continued to look down at the floor and there was some uncomfortable silence. “I just thought…you kept letting me see you – and touch you –"

“ - I NEVER let you touch me, Ben,” I said, with as much gravity as I could muster. “NEVER. You did that without asking, multiple times.”

“Okay fine. But you kept letting me see you after that, so I just thought…maybe you weren’t all that mad about it.”

“Ben! I ‘let’ you see me, because you gave me no other choice! You keep barging in on me and stealing looks anyway and it became too much of a hassle to try and prevent it! And I’m scared for you Ben! You are going down a REALLY scary path.”

He didn’t say anything.

“You need to get a girlfriend. It’ll get you out of this…phase.”

“You’ve told me that before,” he mumbled. “No girls like me.”

“Maybe try setting your expectations a little lower? I promise you Ben, there are girls at school that would be happy if you gave them attention.”

“Yeah, total uggos,” he said.

“I mean, that’s a step up from your sister!” I scoffed. “You gotta start somewhere, otherwise you’re gonna be headed to college and your only experience with girls is gonna be…well, you know what,” I shuddered.

“I suppose,” he said. There was more silence. “So,” he started timidly, “does this mean you’re done?”

“Done with what?” I asked, already knowing what he was referring to.

“You know….letting me see you.” I chuckled at the ridiculousness of the situation. It was like he was a normal kid asking his parent for a video game or to spend the night at his friend’s house. He was now looking at me, hopefully.

“You can see me when I walk to my room – THAT’S IT,” I said. His eyes widened and a smirk appeared on his face. “If you enter my room, or the bathroom, or even the hallway – no more.” He nodded excitedly. “ALSO,” his enthusiasm faded. “You have to promise me you’re going to try and get a girlfriend, okay?”

“Okay,” he said.

“I mean it. I want proof that you’re asking girls out – at least once every two weeks. Or I’ll stop.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll do it.”

“And once you get a girlfriend, then, obviously I’m done.”

“Fine,” he said. But I could tell by his expression that he thought this was anything but “fine.”
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Re: A Tangled Web

Post by drew »


“You guys think this thing is over?” I asked Neil and Peter after school. A few weeks ago, our principal had given a stern warning, and this “Twatarazzi” game was no longer being taken lightly.

“Not as long as we stay smart about it,” Neil said. “Might have to lay low the rest of the year though. Have you guys heard much about Craig? Is he taking any blame for this?” He asked.

“Not as much as I’d hoped,” I replied. “Too many of the attacks there’s no way he could have been involved in. Guess I didn’t realize that,” I bemoaned.

“He got called down to Clark’s office the day after the assembly,” Peter said. “And I’m pretty sure it was about the Bailey pic cause the cops were there. But he probably had nothing on his phone so there’s nothing they could do about it.”

“Well regardless, I don’t think we should be posting or trading anything until this all calms down,” Neil said.

“This sucks!” Peter whined. “It’s bikini season, half these hoes can’t wait to take their clothes off, we wouldn’t even have to try!”

“Hey now, just cause I said we shouldn’t be posting anything, doesn’t mean we still can’t do stuff ourselves,” Neil said mischievously.

“What do you mean…” I questioned.

“Ben, you’ve been the GOAT of this thing – even if you didn’t start it. I think it’s time I paid it back, you guys free this weekend?”

“Yes…” we both said.

“Come over to my place, I got an idea.”


The weekend came and I headed to the address Neil gave me. His house was big and nice, not surprising, I think his dad is a cardiologist or something. Peter was already there when Neil greeted me.

“Arnie and Jared coming?” I asked.

“Nah, both busy,” Neil said.

“They’re NOT happy about it,” Peter grinned. “Ben, come on!”

I followed Neil and Peter to the back of Neil’s house, not knowing what to expect.

“Our subjects…” Neil said, pointing to a large picture window in his sun-room.

I looked out the window and spotted Anita and Kaila laying out in their bikinis. The intense sun illuminated their already-tanned skin. They were both wearing brightly colored swimsuits that contrasted nicely. While it was hot seeing the two cheerleaders in their skimpy attire, I was somewhat disappointed.

“So….we just creep on them in their bikinis?” I asked, dismayed.

“No, no,” Neil responded. “When they turn over…the tops come untied,” he smirked.

Peter pulled out a bucket from behind the chair. He dug into the bucket and held up two items triumphantly with his hands. “Water balloons!” He announced.

“If we time it right, we’ll get a nice look at their titties!”

“Nice!” I exclaimed, joining the two in their enthusiasm.

We spent the next 15 minutes hanging by the windows, waiting for the girls to turn over. Once they were on their stomachs, exactly as Neil predicted, they reached back and untied their bikini tops.

“Come on! Let’s sneak around from the front,” Neil said.

Peter and I followed him with the bucket of balloons. We walked out the front entrance and ducked behind the Patels’ landscaping. We snuck around to the backyard and the girls were in view, oblivious as to what was about to happen.

“Alright, two people throw balloons, while one films?” Neil asked.

“Sounds good!” Peter whispered.

The three of us moved closer, about to pounce.

“Wait!” I exclaimed.

“What?!” Peter said, annoyed. “You’re not chickening out, are you? Anita won’t tell on her own brother!”

“Fuck you! No! Look!” I replied, offended that Peter was questioning my commitment. “Kaila’s bottoms have strings. If we can manage to untie even one side…”

“Ohhhhh man! Ben!” Neil gave me a silent high five.

“Super risky though,” I said.

“Eh, look at them, they’re about to fall asleep!” Peter said.

“Plus, the music is playing,” Neil added. “You think you can be quiet enough, Ben?”

“Why do I have to do it!?” I asked.

“It was your idea!”

“Peter, you’re the smallest, you’ll make the least noise,” I said.

The three of us looked at each other.

“Alright fuck it!” Peter smirked. “Let’s see some Chinese pussy!”

Peter crept out into the yard. The girls’ music was playing relatively loud, and it was easy enough for him to not be heard. Managing to pull the strings, however, would be a much more difficult endeavor.

He was right behind the chairs that Anita and Kaila were lying on. He looked back and gave us a toothy grin as he held out a thumbs up. Then, he faked spanking the assess of the two smoke shows.

“The fuck is he doing,” I laughed. “Go!!!” I mouthed, and motioned with my hands.

Peter delicately grabbed the sky-blue string of Kaila’s bikini, which was hanging off the side of the chair. With extreme caution, he tugged on the string, and the knot loosened! Once the knot was completely undone, he dashed back to the bushes.

“Alright, let’s go!” Neil said.

All three of us moved around to the front of the girls. Peter and I had three balloons each, while Neil held out his phone.

Neither Peter nor myself are the slightest bit athletic, and we had to get within 10-15 feet of the girls to make sure we didn’t miss.




Peter and I unloaded the balloons on the two cheerleaders. Water splashed, and they jumped up out of their chairs – and out of their bikini tops!

“AHHHHHHHH!!!” The girls squealed.

Anita’s tits are bigger than you would guess – but I remembered that from Neil’s hotel video. They jiggled enticingly for our pleasure before she could compose herself. I took the briefest looks at Kaila’s cute, side-set titties before my eyes dashed downward. Our plan worked to perfection. Her triangle of swimsuit material had come undone and was hanging off the side of her hips – we could see the ENTIRETY of her smooth-shaven pussy!!!!

“Surprise!!!” The three of us cried out as the girls quickly covered their breasts.

“Perverts!” Anita yelled.

“Yes, we are!” Neil said with glee, and I saw why. Kaila still hadn’t realized her coochie was on show! Neil continued to film, his camera pointed directly at the Asian hottie’s box.

“Neil, get out of here you weirdo!” Anita reached a hand out to swipe at her brother’s phone, and she connected. The phone crashed down on the ground and Anita bent over to grab it, but Neil was too quick. While Anita was down on the ground, she spotted her friend’s predicament.
“Bahahahah!!!’ She began laughing hysterically. “Kaila, your bottoms!”

“Oh no!!!!”” Kaila squealed as she glanced down and saw her pussy, bared for everyone to enjoy. She frantically covered up while laughing. “Get out of here boys!” She cried.

The three of us sprinted back around to the front of the house, cheering in victory.

“Neil,” I began. “That was…AWESOME!!!”


The very next day, I came in from mowing the lawn, and heard the shower start. Bailey had reluctantly agreed to continue her nude fashion shows – as long as I asked some girls out at school. This was easy enough to fake. I had zero intentions of getting some fat ugly girlfriend and passing on the most desired girl in Webberson showing me her body on a regular basis. Nonetheless, today, Bailey thought she could sneak one in while I was outside. I had other, more devilish plans. I began a text thread with Peter and Neil.

“If you guys want the show of a lifetime you got 10 minutes to get to my house! 3298 Brooksdale Rd” I fired it off.

“Coming!” Peter responded instantly.

“5 min!” Neil replied.

I paced around the kitchen as I waited for my friends.

They arrived, and the shower continued to run.

“Come on, upstairs!” I directed, and they followed me up to my room.

“What’s going on?!” Peter asked.

“Shhhhhh!” I whispered as the shower stopped. “My sis is about to walk out into the hallway…butt…naked,” I continued. “You guys have to be AS QUIET as possible, and you’ll get to see her.”

“How do you know she’ll be naked?” Neil asked. “Won’t she have a towel on?”

“Just…trust me,” I said awkwardly. “When she comes out, I’m gonna sneak behind her and close the bathroom door to make sure she can’t run back in to hide.”

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!” Peter could barely contain himself. He showed us the tent in his shorts.

“Dude!” I whispered with disgust, looking away. I heard the cabinets. “Okay, I’m getting into position!”

I hurried over to the opposite side of the hallway.

Neil and Peter sat in my room, grinning like idiots with excitement…

The door opened. My sister, not thinking anything was unusual, stepped out into the hallway wearing absolutely nothing. Neil and Peter’s eyes burst from their skulls and their jaws dropped to the floor as they soaked in the full-frontal views of Bailey’s buck-naked body!

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” She let out a blood curling scream when she realized it was not me to whom she was exposing herself.

I took a quick glance at her onion-shaped ass before pulling the bathroom door closed – pressing the lock in before I did so.

Peter and Neil were hypnotized and remained speechless. Bailey instinctively spun around to try and escape back into the bathroom. Even though I’d seen in her in person nearly ten times by this point, I was still thrilled at my own shots I got of my sis’ boobs and coochie.

“OH, BEN!!!” Bailey jumped at the site of me. “WHAT THE HECK?!” She didn’t bother to cover and instead jostled at the handle of the door. I ogled at her goodies before deciding to make things even more exciting.


I spanked Bailey’s ass with the palm of my hand! Seeing her jump in the air and squeal before desperately cowering against the wall was so hot and erotic. I was rock hard and I knew my friends could see that but the ecstasy of the situation – the humiliation of my sister – had consumed me. A pink handprint formed on her butt cheek.


I couldn’t resist another!

“OHMYGOD BEN FUCKING STOP!!!” Bailey exploded and covered her ass to prevent more spanks. She ran down the hallway right toward Neil and Peter with both her hands behind her back – blessing them with the tits and pussy show of a lifetime! She turned the corner and the door slammed shut before she started shouting profanities.


Was all Neil said as the three of us stood there in amazement, not trying to hide our boners whatsoever.
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Re: A Tangled Web

Post by Freesub »

We have been blessed! This is getting really fun!

Perhaps Bailey will start allowing Ben to fondle her cans and ass whenever he likes in exchange for not trying to go further?
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Re: A Tangled Web

Post by mikewozere »

I must confess Bailey has gone down in my estimation now. Her humiliation isn't genuine when she's no longer embarrassed.
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Re: A Tangled Web

Post by Freesub »

mikewozere wrote: Tue Jun 11, 2024 12:12 pm I must confess Bailey has gone down in my estimation now. Her humiliation isn't genuine when she's no longer embarrassed.
I beg to differ! She may not be humiliated in front of Ben, but his friends? You bet!
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