The Talent Show_New July 16

Stories about boys ending up in compromising situations, preferably naked and embarrassed, as the name suggests.
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The Talent Show_New July 16

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The Talent Show
Chapter 1. Meeting the Sherman Family

I hadn't known Richmond Sherman for very long, less than a school year. We were both fourteen and recent graduates of 8th grade, hooray and good riddance Junior High I hated that school. I didn't make new friends easily. Maybe I was too picky. Maybe I was too insecure. I became
friends with Richmond when he saw me studying a music book on guitar chords and he started a conversation with me.

Richmond writes songs. I call them songs, but Richmond said good songs are poems set to music. He calls himself a poet, wants to be a writer.
I never met anyone who wanted to write for fun. I was shown a notebook of his musings and observations and some of it I would call poetic.
Some of it I could see put together into a song, with a little tweaking of course. I can sing and play guitar, and Richmond can't do either of
those things so he needed someone who could turn his writings into song form. That is when Richmond first invited me over to his house.

"Hey Austin, would you like to spend the night over at my house. My parents will let us watch R-Rated movies and we can stay up late."

Of course I accepted the offer right away. Only a time or two before was I a good enough friend with someone to be invited to a sleepover.

Richmond lived in a nice house, and he has a nice mom and dad and a sister two years younger named June. When I was introduced to the family,
it was June who noticed that I was also named after a state capital. Austin is the capital of Texas, and Richmond is the capital of Virginia.
Richmond's dad laughed at that, and he called the two of us a bunch of capitalists. I had no idea what he really meant by that.

That Friday, the first night of the sleepover, there was an early dinner of pizza and spagetti, the pizza from Pizza Hut and the pasta homemade.
A couple hours after that, during which we all played Monopoly and Mrs. Sherman proved to be a great capitalist as she cleaned us all out, it was
time for some physical activity. The sun had gone down but the front of the house had a set of lights that allowed for playing basketball on the
driveway with a hoop above the garage doors.

Richmond was a couple inches taller than me, and probably twenty-five or more pounds heavier, but I was more agile and quick of foot. He
couldn't guard me but I couldn't guard him either. Okay, I admit it...we both sort of sucked at basketball but I was staying consistently ahead.
June came out to watch us play after a while and she must have thought our game was a total bore, as she came up with a way to make things
more interesting.

"Make it a strip match. Score three buckets in a row and the other guy has to take something off."
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Re: The Talent Show

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A very promising scenario. Looking forward to the next part.
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Re: The Talent Show

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The Talent Show
Chapter 2. Baskets and Balls

I thought Richmond would laugh at the idea his sister had, that he and I play a game of Strip Basketball. Richmond didn't laugh, but he did
grin and say "That's a great idea. You get the ball first, Austin."

Of course I was disinclined to play such a game, especially outdoors. But as I looked around my surroundings, I see the driveway curves
around to the side of the house, and being nighttime now it's not easy to see the garage from the street. Also playing in front of a girl gave
me pause. I've never done anything like that before. If June was older, like say around fifteen or sixteen, I'd be way too self-conscious about
possibly stripping off any clothes. June is twelve, a tall and athletic girl who has shorter hair than most girls (straight blond hair that barely
touches the shoulders) and hardly has anything going up top. Not having grown tits to a significant degree yet, June almost looks like a boy from
a certain angle.

Not wanting to be the party pooper and disappoint my friend, I said yes to the match. After all, so far I'd been a couple points ahead of
Richmond the entire time and I felt confident I could keep it up.

The rules were simple. Each one of us will take turns with the ball. Each one tries to score three times in a row. I am going first, and if I
succeed in the three scores then Richmond has to take something off, easy peezy. I got two shots off and in they went...swoosh, followed
by another swoosh. I'm on a roll. During the next shot attempt Richmond jumped up high and got a finger or two on the ball, effectively
blocking the shot. June claps her hands, so I know whose side she's on.

Richmond gets the ball next and a couple minutes later, after a bank shot, followed by a layup and then a freaking skyhook of all crazy shots,
I am taking my shirt off. No big deal. It's not cold out, though summer is still a month away. I was more concerned about showing Richmond's
sister how thin I was. But I had to get over that. June was bound to see me without a shirt on at some point during this sleepover. I look over
at June and she smiles and waves at me. It makes me nervous having an audience, even if it's just one person.

It's my turn with the ball again and I got lucky. I made the three shots and made Richmond take his shirt off.

"Nice muscles big brother," June says and she whistles. I wasn't sure if June was teasing her brother or her comment about his muscles
was really an observation of the lack of muscles on my body and was making a comparison. Now Richmond wasn't a big tough athlete, far
from it, but he was taller and heavier without being fat. I'd say he was big boned and hefty and somehow he got real hot with the shooting.
Richmond did another three shot makes in a row.

"Austin takes something off," June gleefully announces the obvious.

I had an issue that needed figuring out, and for a moment I only stood there unmoving. If this was indoors and a game of strip poker this
would be easy. I'd take off a shoe. But this is a basketball game. If I take a shoe off how do I make moves toward the basket with one shoe
on and one off? My solution was to sit down on the concrete and take a shoe and a sock off, then put the shoe back on. Bingo...that will do it.

The game went back and forth, staying even and after a number of rounds we both had lost the shirt and both socks. Richmond won the next
round of shooting and I was back at the previous dilemma. It was now a shoe or shorts that I had to choose from. It would be easier to play
with no shorts on and both shoes, but I could not bring myself to remove my shorts before running out of all other options. So I took off a shoe,
and sure enough it sure made for a handicap in trying to play basketball.

I could hear June laughing at me as I hobbled around on legs of different lengths. Running and moving side to side with one shoe missing is
not easy and I could tell on my own I looked like a fool. Being off balance makes my shooting off target. I wasn't coming close to making
three buckets in a row. I got nothing removed of Richmond's clothing and I found myself having to take the other shoe off. At least my legs
are even again and I can at least aim without my body leaning at a weird angle, and shooting a basketball often involves use of proper angles.
I thought to myself if only I knew how to do a one-legged jump shot like the pro players do.

Even when Richmond had only the one shoe on his shooting stayed consistently better than mine. It reminded me of a pool hall, where a
player pretends to be nothing special until money is waged on the next game. I lost again, and being down to my last two items of clothing
I started to think I'd been hustled.

"Yay us your undies," June shouts and she laughs, and this is joined by her brother. Richmond did look confident when he accepted
the challenge of doing a strip game. I felt like an idiot. I should have said "NO". It's such a small and easy word to say. Why didn't I just
say "NO"?

'They'll laugh at me and then this thing will be over', that is what I thought. I'd be down to one thing left and the game isn't going to continue
after that. So expecting to get embarrassed followed by a calling off of the game I took off my shorts. I felt slightly embarrassed of course, knowing Richmond's sister will be giggling at the sight of me wearing Hanes boxer briefs. I was glad I wasn't wearing white briefs. That would be worse. The boxer briefs are red and white striped and fairly stylish I think, but looking down at myself I can see just how tightly the material
hugs the hips and makes the front look bulgy.

"Cool undies," Richmond says, and he shocked me by slapping me on the butt, then he handed me the ball and so much for the game coming
to a quick end.

My buddy wants to keep the game going? If I lose again I'd be... It was unthinkable...I thought Richmond and June would laugh a bit and the
game would be over. Keep going? I felt my fingers trembling as I held the ball. Worse I could feel my balls in my briefs drawing up, the skin
getting tight. Is that from fear?

"Come on Austin come on...Come on Austin. You can do it," June starts to chant over on the sidelines. "No pressure now. Just stick it in the

I have to focus and get my mind right. Ignore the girl nearby. Ignore everything but lining up a shot and making it good. I bounce the ball
several times then take off to get around Richmond's left side as I do better coming toward the basket from the right side. I get past him
and toss the ball up into the air...
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Re: The Talent Show_New June 1

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The game is getting very exciting now!
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Re: The Talent Show_New June 1

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Hopefully a half dozen of June's girlfriends did not show up (she could have called them to tell them to come over for the show) and when Austin ends up naked in front of the girls, his mom shows up and says if you wan to do that, he could STAY naked the rest of the day and if he gives any trouble, he can be naked regardless of who is around for a week. A fitting punishment right?
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Re: The Talent Show_New June 1

Post by Summers »

Love stories like this.

Especially with that extra bit of embarrassment added to by the addition of a girl.

Keep up the good work, and can't wait for the next chapter, and maybe more stories with the boys playing more games with maybe other shy boys.

Thank you again.
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Re: The Talent Show_New June 1

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If anyone comes by, how funny would it be that they tell everyone that he is just a closeted nudist. That stripping in such a fashion was his own idea? I wonder what would happen then?!
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Re: The Talent Show_New June 1

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I know a lot of guys that had to be exposed to girls or woman started to like being naked in front of women and girls. They became firm PURE CFNM advocates like me.
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Re: The Talent Show_New June 1

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The Talent Show
Chapter 3. Minimal Clothing Weekend

I'm taking on Richmond in a strip basketball game, and unfortunately it shows that I don't exactly have talent for the game. I am however
putting on a show as I'm running around nearly naked, wearing only boxer briefs. Only one person is enjoying this show, as Richmond's sister
is the only person watching.

I toss the basketball up and it hits near the top of the backboard, then bounces off the front of the rim, then it goes straight up in the air only to
come down on the back of the rim and luckily it rolls down into the netting. Tough shot but I made it. Even June clapped her hands in
appreciation of the difficulty of the shot. Maybe June is starting to come over to my side. I make three shots in a row and Richmond is minus a shoe and he has to hobble and try not to bobble the ball while dribbling.

A couple rounds later Richmond hasn't made three shots in a row and I'm still in the game. He lost his other shoe and he's down to shorts and
undies, two items to my one. Either the pressure is getting to him or he's doing a good job of just stringing this game along, to prolong the fun
for his sister and prolonging my anxiety.

"Okay bro, put him away," June yells out and quick as can be Richmond swishes three buckets in a row.

Looks like Richmond was dragging the game along, just to increase the suspense. Then at the crucial moment of the game, where I'm thinking
I actually have a chance to pull off a major comeback, defeat slaps me right in the face. I lost and have to take something off and there's only
one thing on me remaining.

"You don't really expect me to take this off do you?" I ask, and I sort of expect them to both laugh and agree with me.

"You lost. Lose those Hanes briefs big boy," June answers the question and she comes over with a hop and a skip to tease me by reaching for
the back of the boxer briefs. I have to twist and dodge to get away from her hands and her brother is laughing. Shouldn't he be on my side? Us guys have to stick together, especially when a girl is after one of us.

"You lost fair and square. Now pay up," Richmond shows no leniency or mercy as the victor.

What a bummer, so much for being my best friend. Grasping at straws I think hard and fast for a way out of this, but nothing good comes to
my mind. It's a total blank for ideas. Now Richmond comes over and he grabs the back of the briefs. His sister grabs the waistband on the
front side and lit looks like I'm about to get pantsed by a double team.

"I can't do this...I um, just can't," I say with my own hands desperately grabbing hold of the waistband, though I know I can't keep them on
if both of them start yanking. "Please no, please."

June lets go and she backs away. She walks over to the piled-up clothes, and she grabs my shirt, shorts, the shoes and socks.

"Okay, Austin. We'll take it easy on you. But you won't get these back till the end of your visit."

"Yes...yes that's better," I said and then I realized what I was saying. This was early on Friday night and I'm planning on being here for
two nights. The sleepover visit won't be finished till around noon on Sunday. Holy moly I'm going to be wearing only my boxer briefs for
another day and a half?

I consider the other option. I could drop my drawers and maybe they let me stand there covering myself up and not having to show myself.
Richmond can see I'm working out in my mind which is the better way to go.

"Or you can take those off now. But you have to let my sister get a good look at it."

I turn my head in his direction. I was so angry at that. "What kind of friend are you?"

"One who just won a strip match. I would have taken my underwear off if you had won. Now are you going to do the show n tell or what?"

Though it might be the quick but painful way out, I just could not go through with it.

"Go ahead, keep my clothes. I'll stay like this for the weekend. These aren't that much different than wearing shorts."

June takes my clothes and she runs into the house. Richmond retrieves his clothes from the ground, puts his shirt back on, carries his shoes
and socks as he makes his way around the front of the house to the front door. As I walk alongside him I realize it's not just my friend and
his sister who will be seeing me this way for the rest of my stay. I'll be going inside and Richmond's parents will be there. What are they going
to say? Maybe they will veto the "Nearly Naked" weekend visit. Maybe the grownups will put a stop to this.

Back inside the house, I follow Richmond into the kitchen, where the bright lights make me so aware how much skin I'm showing.
Mrs. Sherman is standing at the sink washing dishes. She hears us come in and she turns around to say, "June tells me you lost a strip match
of basketball. She said your penalty is to remain as you are until Sunday. Tough luck kid. If you think the air conditioning is too cold you let
somebody know. We don't want you to feel chilled as a guest of this house, and I can see why you might feel cold. You are too skinny."

June comes running into the kitchen. Where my clothes are...that is on my mind. Did she hide them where I can't find them or leave them
out in the open, like on a chair in Richmond's bedroom. The exited little girl grabs my hand.

"We are going to watch a movie tonight. Momma, can you make us some popcorn."

I get dragged off the living room, where the lighting is not as bright thank goodness. Richmond starts browsing through an enormous selection
of DVDs. He picks one out and puts it into the player on the entertainment center.

"This movie shows a boy the same age as me and Austin fooling around with a bunch of girls in a village. It's not in English but who cares."

When I sit down on the couch I ask what the name of the movie is. Richmond tells me it's called "Tendres Cousines" and it has hot teenage
girls who like to get their tits felt by a kid our age. It sounded great to me. June sits down next to me and once again I'm fully aware of how
little I have on, and that twelve year old wants to get close and rub herself all over me. Richmond puts the movie on, and he laughs when
he sees June rubbing her head on my bare shoulder like she's some eager puppy that needs attention.

For the first time I felt myself getting a little aroused. Hopefully Richmond will turn out the lights and it will get dark in the living room
for the movie watching.
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Re: The Talent Show_New June 3

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Great story I love this hot start curious to see what happens next I think he will be naked soon
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