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Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2024 10:35 pm
by Jeepman89
Fantastic chapter. I need to know what happens next.

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Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2024 3:24 pm
by TeenFan
These are short clips of the best scenes that Austin got to see in the Tendres Cousines movie.

Warning: shows an actor of around 15 years old touching an older actress.
The boy is never fully shown in the movie, only the women. ... -1-hi.html ... -2-hi.html ... -1-hi.html

This 1980 French movie has been sold at Amazon and Ebay and is legal everywhere.

Full movie can be seen here (the poor quality is partly be design by the director, from the use of cheesecloth over the lens)

I would not spend big bucks to buy the movie (I did purchase a dvd many years ago), so just watch the free version.

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Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2024 3:43 pm
by tim409
"Warning: shows an actor of around 15 years old touching an older actress.
The boy is never fully shown in the movie, only the women."

Now this is a double standard that should not happen. If a females is exposed, the males should be too and we should see his genitals even if she is only topless.

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Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2024 5:05 pm
by TeenFan
The Talent Show
Chapter 4. Movie Madness

My experience with watching Rated R movies was limited to a degree that I would call embarrassing. Other guys in my grade bragged about
seeing some real sexy girls doing dirty things in movies they watch through streaming services. It seems the movie theaters don't show
movies with R ratings much during these days of comic book characters and fantasy/sci-fi. My dad did say when he was a teenager he'd get
a ticket to a PG movie at the fourteen screen megaplex and then slip into a movie that was rated R.

My parents aren't religious high-rollers, they just don't watch a lot of movies and they put a parental block on any movie that has an R or
Mature rating. I have to get approval to watch any blocked movie and get mom or dad to punch in the override code. Several times, while
watching a movie with my parents I did see some tits or ass, but it was because my parents didn't know such a scene was coming up in the film.
An example of this was "Trading Places". It's an 80s movie with some famous comedians about a law firm switching out their best employee
with a bum off the streets. It's a funny movie but my parents weren't expecting the main character to throw a party where several women
take their tops off and dance with their titties showing for more than a minute! My mom was griping but dad kept the movie rolling and he
even rewound it when Jamie Lee Curtis, who plays a super hot prostitute, takes her top off a time or two.

Richmond took his shirt off before he sat down on the couch next to me with June on the other side of me. There was just enough room on the couch for three people and I was feeling a bit squeezed, being so close to him that I could faintly smell the sweat he worked up during the basketball game and I figured I must be sweaty too. I put all that out of my mind when Richmond presses play on the remote. The movie that he put on for the three of us kids to watch was something unlike anything I'd ever seen before. I guy my age, looking a lot like me and maybe even smaller in size, gets to fool around with several women who just throw themselves at the boy. The kid gets to see breasts and bush and he even squeezes an older teenager's tit.

Obviously, Richmond and June had seen the movie before and knew when the good scenes were going to start. Then they'd talk over the scene,
saying things like...

Richmond: "That dude is so lucky. Bet he got hard every time. I know I would."

June: "He looks so young. I'm not sure those women would like him so much."

Richmond: "All the other men are gone from the village. Those girls don't have any other way to get dicked."

June: "Is that what guys want? All they want is for some tramp to strip down and beg for their boobs to be sucked that what
you want to do to a girl, Austin, suck their tits and grab some ass?"

June says this while looking down at my crotch. In the semi-darkness of flickering lights from the television all she can see is my two hands
over the bulge in my briefs. June placed her hand on top of my crotch cupping hands and she pats my hands, sort of mocking me, knowing all
along that I'm holding myself because I've got something that needs hiding.

After the second steamy scene in the movie, Mrs. Sherman shows up with sodas and a big bowl of popcorn. There are no drink holders so
I have to hold the can of soda in one hand and use the other to grab from the bowl of popcorn which June and Richmond passed back and
forth. During the next ten minutes or so, June "accidentally" dropped popcorn on my lap. She would reach over me to pluck popcorn from the
bowl sitting on Richmond's lap, then several kernels fall down from her hand as she moved the hand across my body. June says "oops,sorry" and
she reaches down to retrieve the stray kernels from somewhere around my bulge. Fumbling around in the dark, her hand would bump into the bulge in the boxer briefs and again she'd say "oops, sorry." I never heard a girl say she was sorry so many times before.

Every time June's hand played around my groin I could feel my heart pounding. I could feel my dick pulsing down there. I could almost see
the bulge in the briefs flexing. Maybe it was only a trick of the mind. I've had hardons before, of course I have, but never had one for over an
hour. June was constantly touching my shoulder, my thigh, my tummy. Once she even rubbed her hand, which was slick and greasy from the
butter, over my chest and she said my nipples are really pointy. Richmond laughed and he turned my way so he could grab my other nipple
and he gave me a titty twister.

I have to say the movie was quite exciting to watch (at the good parts, the rest was sort of dull) and the tag team touching that June and
her brother put me through kept me on edge for the whole show knowing another tweak or pinch would be coming any moment, even though
I protested and pleaded for them to stop touching me. After getting a second round of drinks, the two of them started tickling me at the
same time and I spilt some coke which landed on Richmond's chest.

It was my turn to say "oops, sorry", but Richmond didn't accept the apology. He grabbed my head and leaned me over toward his body.

"Lick it up," my friend told me.

I'm stunned and shocked. I still have a drink in my left hand. I can't push back and get myself righted. I hear June giggling and then she says,
"Lick my brother's chest. You made a mess so fix it. If you don't...I'm going to pour my can of soda right on your underwear. Trust me, you
know I'll do it."

That crazy twelve year old was going to pour her drink out on my crotch, and maybe tell her parents I wet myself. My face is right up against
Richmond's bare upper body, but no so close that I can't see the trickle of coke that ran from the center of his chest down to his stomach.
Another shove on the back of my head and my face is planted on his skin. I'm stuck with this, no getting out of it unless I kick and scream and
make a mess of things. I open my mouth, stick out my tongue, and I give my best friend a tongue bath up and down a good portion of his chest
and abdomen. The smell of boy's roughhousing sweat was really strong at that moment, and it made me want to take a shower...real bad.

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Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2024 7:48 pm
by Themarble
I can sort of see where this is going. They are going to find a very hidden talent of our good friend Austin and somehow get the poor boy to show it off on stage. I can only imagine what it will be. Or how embarrassing it may be...

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Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2024 10:18 pm
by TeenFan
Themarble wrote: Wed Jun 05, 2024 7:48 pm I can sort of see where this is going. They are going to find a very hidden talent of our good friend Austin and somehow get the poor boy to show it off on stage. I can only imagine what it will be. Or how embarrassing it may be...
You are right. A stage does feature in the story in the near future for poor Austin. So far he's displayed a talent for perhaps picking the wrong

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Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2024 10:24 pm
by TeenFan
The Talent Show
Chapter 5. Bathroom Showdown

Rarely have I ever had to jerk off so badly. After spending a couple hours of being teased, picked on, tickled and practically fondled by
my friend's twelve year old sister I was in a state of hyper arousal. When combined with watching the first erotic rated R movie I had ever
seen, I needed some alone right that moment.

I could see that was going to be a problem, getting some alone time on this sleepover. The only room I could sneak off to, to be by myself
for a while, is the bathroom. Could I get away with it, going into the bathroom and not be missed for ten or fifteen minutes. Maybe they'll put another movie on and some time can go by before they notice I'm not there. I stand up and head for the hallway. The next issue is I see four
doors, two on each side of the hallway, and all four doors are closed. Jumpin' Jehosaphat...I can't walk down the hallway opening every door.
One of those doors might be the bedroom of Richmond's mom and dad. Imagine if they were doing "The Wild Thing" and I barged in and saw
something I shouldn't. Saying I was looking for the bathroom would seem like a lame excuse.

I turn toward the living room to see Richmond walking up to me.

"Which one is the bathroom?" I ask, holding my hands in front of my crotch. It's so bizarre that sometimes when I have to pee it makes me get
an erection. I don't know why, it just is, and I've been having a persistently hard penis for a while as you already know from all that poking and
prodding dealt to me on the sides and legs.

Richmond takes me to the first door on the left. He opens the door, swinging it open and going inside first.

"We have a really cool shower setup here. Come over here, let me show you."

The Sherman house has one of those fancy large square shaped showers with a glass wall. I was used to the old-fashioned tub with a shower
head and a lame ass shower curtain with colorful fishes swimming on it. This see through shower, it was huge and could easily hold two grownups, or three younger people. There was a showerhead sticking out of the upper part of the tiled wall which could be turned on or off, along with a
hose shower head attachment. You could sit in it to use it like a hot tub. Little water jet holes on three sides near the bottom made taking a bath a distinct possibility later that night, or next morning and was something to look forward to.

After explaining all the bells and whistles that went with the shower, Richmond stepped up to the toilet bowl and he lifted the seat up. I thought
the toilet must have some fancy gadgets that needed to be explained, but he had nothing to say except for "Oooooh yeah, that feels good"
when he unzipped his shorts, followed by dropping the front of his underwear to take a piss.

Okay...this was weird. I didn't expect Richmond to just whip it out and start whizzing away. That's not normal. What happened to manners?
Looking down at it (how could I not? It's right there in front of me) I was instantly jealous. Not only is Richmond a little older than I am, and
a little taller than I am, but he appeared to be much larger than I am. Not only can I see what appears to be a dick that's at least four inches
soft, but Richmond also tucked the waistband of his briefs under his balls. This made them push forward and those balls could have been used
as a door stop or a hefty paperweight.

All this observation only takes a second or two, and Richmond then says, "I thought you had to pee. What are you waiting for?"

I didn't know what to say. I have a shy bladder. That's a fact. I don't even like to pee into a urinal when some bloke is standing at the one
next to me if there are no partitions in the public restroom. Peeing should be a private matter. School urinals are the worst, being so close
together and some fool is looking around left and right trying to scope out who in the class has a big or hairy one.

Richmond is fourteen, same as I am, and though significantly longer (and bigger balled) he doesn't have more pubic hair, maybe less. Well...
Richmond is waiting on me to say or do something. I step up closer to the proper distance from the bowl, but I don't step all the way up yet.
I'm actually not able to pee yet no matter what I do. I yank down the front of my boxer briefs, exposing my erect penis which is pointing
toward the ceiling. I can't say I can't pee because I have a hardon, so I show I can't pee because I have a hardon.

"Wow, that thing sure sticks straight up."

Richmond continues the one-sided conversation while his seemingly never-ending stream finally fizzles out to drips and spurts.

"Can you bend that down toward the ground?
Have you ever tried to pee with it up like that?
Have you ever hit the ceiling?...
Mine never gets that upright. I guess mine is too heavy. It sort of sticks straight out when I get an erection."

Never have I seen such a talkative pisser. Richmond yack yacks while I stand there with my dick giving him rapt attention even if I'm trying
to tune him out.

My bladder feels like it wants to burst but until it goes down there is nothing I can do. Richmond takes his sweet time, gives his penis
four or five shakes and I may be seeing things, but his dick looks like it got a little stiffer during the prolonged penis pumping after the pissing.
Is Richmond mocking me by presenting his penis for closer inspection? That is what I was thinking. I guess when you got it flaunt it, just like
the sports jock does when he flexes his muscles to wow those with less beefy biceps.

Richmond pulls up his shorts and he steps over to the sink to wash his hands. After drying them he doesn't depart. Oh no, he turns right
around and he comes closer. Richmond takes a seat on the open door frame of the shower, takes a seat which puts him in perfect position
to see the side view of my still too perky to pee penis.

Taking out his phone Richmond punches in a number as I stand there wondering what the bleep is going on. I want to shout at him "Excuse me,
but I need my privacy please!"

"Hey June, yeah it's me...I'm still here in the bathroom. Austin has been standing in front of the toilet for a long time, but he can't go cause
he's got a wicked hardon...yeah, a super hard dick and it won't go down. I'm staring right at it. No wonder he was covering up during the movie.
It's like he took Viagra or some shit."

In the enclosed space of the bathroom with no other sound other than the voices going into and coming out of the phone, I could hear
excitement in June's voice. She was totally thrilled to hear every detail of my pre(dick)ament, and I could not believe what she was saying.

"Does he have a big one?...Is he snipped?...Nowhere near as big as you huh...I thought so, nobody is as big as my big brother...really, it
stands straight up like a rocket ship? I gotta see that."

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Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2024 10:41 pm
by Jeepman89
Don't leave us hanging....with a hardon.

Re: The Talent Show_New June 9

Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2024 4:27 pm
by tim409
Jeepman89 wrote: Sun Jun 09, 2024 10:41 pm Don't leave us hanging....with a hardon.
Now now Jeepman, I am sure you want a GIRL to help you with that, or better yet, a DOZEN girls like in your stories which I have really enjoyed :D

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Posted: Sun Jun 16, 2024 1:59 pm
by TeenFan
The Talent Show
Chapter 6. Pee Time

"Why are you telling your sister all this?" I asked Richmond. "Don't I have the right to some priv - -"

The bathroom door swings open and June comes in like she owns the place, phone still in hand and held up to her ear. I yank my boxer briefs
back up right before she could have gotten a decent look at my indecent exposure (proper for the place, but improper for having an audience).
June closes the door behind her, then steps in my direction.

"Ahhh shoot...he must have guessed I was coming over. Just missed it." June says and she laughs.

I'm still standing directly in front of the toilet, still needing to pee badly. June steps past my backside, her hand briefly touching my ass, and
she high fives her brother. I turn to walk to the door. Needing to pee or not, three is definitely a crowd for a bathroom, even one so spacious as
this one happens to be.

June turns around and she races past me, beats me to the door. She puts her back to the door, arms spread out wide, reminiscent of the pose
and actions I saw in reruns of old episodes of Saturday Night Live. In those episodes Christopher Walken plays this sleazy guy to tries to trick
women into doing things in his apartment. Every time the woman tries to leave Walken's character jumps in front of the door to block any escape.
It was a hilarious riot to watch Christopher Walken do that, but not a great sight to see when some girl does it to me.

"I'm not leaving this door till you do what you came in here to do."

I step back away from the door. Totally perplexed I move back to stand near the toilet and my grinning supposedly good friend Richmond. I
decide to wait it out. They'll get bored and leave if I just stand there like a statue...or maybe sit there like a statue. I put the seat down and
sit down.

"What did you think of that movie, Austin. I wonder how many times that kid got to grab a tit on an actress. We do have more movies sort of
like that one, but I think they are all made in Europe. Hollywood rarely make this stuff."

June was really serious about the subject, "I wish there were more movies were the actor got naked and the girl got to touch him. So many
times they only show the guy from the waist up. It's not fair. I demand equal nudity, more like Blue Lagoon where the guy showed everything
a couple times. I have such a crush on that guy...I love his blond curly hair."

"You know how old that movie is? Like a thousand years ago. I want to show Austin that movie called "Linda". Shows two women making
out and shows everything. The weird part is seeing the actress with hairy armpits. Why do Eurobabes not shave their pits? But that girl
sure had some great tits."

Even Richmond was trying to keep me excited for some reason with more talk of naked girls groped by a teenager like us. I did my best to
tune out the discussion of movie nudity (of which Richmond and his sister seemed to know a lot about), and eventually I felt my erection
losing its robustness. Keeping my mind focused on thinking non arousing things to counteract the arousing talk of artistic use of naked people
in filmmaking, I thought about math problems like how to divide 100 by three and then add 20 x 2 and divide by three again...I couldn't mentally
figure it out but it helped my dick go soft.

Once I lost the hardon I still had to figure out how to pee and get out of the bathroom. June is still blocking the door to any escape. Out of
desperation I figure the only way is to pee and be done with it. However...I'm not going to stand up and pee like a man. Without giving any
warning, I lift my ass up off of the toilet seat just enough that I can slip my boxer briefs down to my knees. Sitting back down quickly I was
seated before June knew what happened.

"Hey...what are you doing? Gonna take a dump?"

"Stay right there by the door. You said you're not leaving that door," I implore of her. Next, I had to focus hard once again, this time to make
myself start peeing. I felt like a silly fool, sitting on a toilet while two people laugh at me, but it's better than whizzing away while standing.
Keeping June from seeing it is still the number one goal.

June laughs again when she hears the tinkle tinkle, and she uses her phone to video me, and she wants me to smile and wave to the camera.
I did not smile. I did not wave. But the hard part was yet to be done. I have to get my boxers back up. I tap tap my dick tucked down
between my legs, then reaching down to grab the boxers I slide them up my legs. As quick as I can I raise up and yank my boxers onto my hips.
I can't get it all the way in a crouch. I have to stand partway up to slide them the rest of the way. June might have gotten a quick shot of
a cock flop as the waistband went past my dick, forcing it upward. I won't know unless I see the video...and I didn't want to see the video.

"Can I get out of here now?" I said as I start to wash my hands. "I'm not used to being in show business."